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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solidarity via Empathetic Activism

"Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks."
Stokley Carmichael  

       Sometimes  without  meaning to , folks  , can be so cruel in our reactions to situations, they  often do not even under stand . No where is it more apparent than amongst  those  , I affectionately refer to as Global Afrikans. About one week ago , a story caught my eyes, and with no real malice,I twitted a  forthright response ,and thought no more about it. 46 year old Milikah Shabazz,a daughter of the late ,Civil Rights , Political activist Malcolm X,was arrested, committing  ,fraud , against the wife of a  former body guard , belonging to her father. In addition, she breach of probation , for traveling outside the jurisdictions of NY State.

I twitted that outside of the musical Jackson family ,  the  Shabazz ,were  the most dysfunctional, in the entire planet. For this ,I was harshly chastised, in a response  , by one of the daughters , eager to protect her family’s legacy.  How dare you , attack my family like that without showing some empathy , and understanding , she  enquired ? I quickly did a double take , and apologize ,in recognition that I might have  gone a bit over the top . 
  Absentee fathers, I believe is the cause of most of the problems across most Black families. Even worst is the case of lingering trauma that persist all the way sometimes to adulthood. Compound that with the taboo , of fear of confronting , much less discussing them , and so I am not too saddened by the response. Dysfunction  obviously, has derogatory  connotations and so ,I am not surprise at the forceful response.  but a way of saying hey , we have a problem that still needs addressing . 
    It unstated , but well known that  these two men, were of the same mole ,and had similar ambitions ,which included  ,  the full liberation of their people , and elevation of America ,to a morally  just, and socially sound  level. They were however treated differently because of their dissimilar approaches . Both , in the end ,received in  the same venomous blow back from the powers that be.  At the peak of their lives , both were cut down tragically , leaving young ,courageous  wives, to fend  for themselves, and kids , then fast forward  today, what do we see? 
   MLK kids are rolling in financial dough, way up , at the Mountain top , their mama died peacefully , and dignity , in the autumn of her life ,they are all  living  purposeful lives  , while obtaining  national accolades , including commemorating not only a national holiday , a  billion dollar memorial , all at no cost to them personally. 

      As for the Shabazz clan ? With few exception , the all female siblings ,have mainly struggled , with little help , or support mechanisms , while still obviously suffering the traumatic fall out of the white tragedy, and Black betrayal of their father.    Since their fathers came to prominence ,via  differing social  back grounds, their approaches  , and appeals , were likewise dissimilar.   
    It’s 2011 , and  as can be gleaned , the issues that both Malcolm, and MLK fought for are sill  unfulfilled .Yes ,a few folks have excelled , but others still languish far behind. The tragedy as played out with  this arrested daughter ,though embarrassing , to any concerned with the legacy of an ‘American  Afrikan Founding Father ,’ should not be a treated with derision ,but cause time for reflections, and action. 
   My concern is encapsulated in a few poignant questions however ,and here they are.  Has  Euro American , divide and rule, ‘worked so masterfully that folks within the Afrikan diaspora , cannot recognize that  they  historically, got  played for suckers , one against each other? Who is responsible for ensuring that all  past heroes receive the same levels of respect ,and dignity,  they richly  deserves, their kids,  conscious intellectuals , middle class folks, or the solely ,confused , hopeless masses ,on the ground, in need of help themselves?
The  need to begin  dialogues as to the merits of  bridge building communications, remain’s critical , if the end goal is the same.  Not only must MLK get his due , for contributing to the fuller development of this country , but so does Malcolm X, Skokley Carmichael ,aka Kwame  Ture, CLR James , and Marcus Garvey , and the reasons are simple. For proper perspective , and self love , our young kids , need to identify with all their heroes, irrespective to how white , numerically dominant  America accept them. Folks like Booker T Washington, MLK,Maya Angelo , Professor Gates, Barrack Obama , Condi Rice, Colin Powell,Herman Cain ,Frederick Douglas ,Clarence Thomas ,  and Michael Steel,must not be viewed as mere appeasers , for choosing their own part to the struggle, that they deem fit. 
     Likewise,  prudent radicals ,such  Stokley Carmichael,Derrick Bell,  Cornel West, Dr du Bois , Louis Farrakhan ,Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kanye West ,  Michael Eric Dyson, and Randell Robinson , must be applauded , for having the gumption to stand up , and demand justice , as they deem fit . 

     Many might not remember ,but Stokley  Carmichael had to run for his life and  live in Afrika ,to escape death or persecutions due to his positions , re struggle for the cause of freedom. Pan Afrikanist Marcus Garvey, along with   CLR James, were both deported, the former with the direct help of NAACP founder ,Dr du Bois, who saw him as a treat . The doctor much later,  in disgust, had to run to Afrika, to live out the autumn of his years
 All due to inconsequential differences ,  Malcolm  and Dr MLK , were portrayed, by white establishment media , as diabolical enemies, as  was Malcrom , Mohammed Ali , and   his one time  leader ,Prophet Elijah Mohammed . Sadly though , divided Afrikans  folks, in 'These United States ,'are  of no use  whatsoever , to themselves ,much less America, and the rest of the global Humanity.
     Without the Black Caucus , SA's Nelson Mandela ,would be still rotting in  Jail , under the American and European supported, savage ,racist ,  Apartheid  system.After years of toiling for the cause of global Afrikans , including against racist Apartheid ,Randell Robinson, packed his bags in disgust, and first ran to Afrika , then settled in the  more peaceful tranquil Caribbean, where he now is  focused on issues affecting troubled Haiti.
'Rise up ye mighty people!'

     With the collective hands on deck, history shows , that  the job becomes much lighter, especially for a people still struggling in pitiful neglect, and self delusional power. A people , must not let others define who they should love ,and adore, when all are fighting in the trenches on  the cause for scio - economic - com political justice. ‘Diasporic Solidarity,’ remains a useful key, as it ‘s all about an ‘end game,’ I say.   
 Luv Humanity! 

Monday, December 26, 2011


         As  2011 rushes to an end , and the wrath of frustrated global citizens are being felt from Russia , to Egypt,Syria, and with few exceptions, the majority of America, we are forced to reflect  on what was , and project onto what can be come January and beyond. Where do you stand in the global struggle, for socio economic  - com political justice, one might enquire? Still prepared to sit on the sides line and pray for relief?  Prefer to pat  yourself on the back, as to your good fortunes ,for being a hard working dedicated soul , as an explanation for your tenuous successes , or ready to roll up your sleeves, and join humanist progressives , in what ever manner necessary, to instill meaningful changes , that are destined to make a dent on advancing the cause for all humanity? 
     It’s your call , but I am reminded about   what the late, great ,Afrikan American Civil Right , activist pioneer, Dr W.E.B. Du Bois ,said about the quest for liberty- not only for his people , but us all. “We must complain , Yes, plain , blunt complaint, ceaseless agitation , unfailing exposure of dishonesty and wrong- this is ancient , unerring way to liberty , and we must follow it.” 
    Do not for one moment think that you have to be a high CEO, to make a difference, or must of necessity, possess the bully pulpit of an ex President, PM , Emperor , or Chief , to instill change . It is equally naive to  likewise think, that your conscience can be absolved ,by  only donating a portion of your salary to charity , then remaining quiet , due to fear of reprisals from power mongrels, on the glaring injustice you see daily?   Nope , such won’t cut it . There is a deeper moral responsibility we bear , and you must find what that is , then do it. 
    Speaking of doing it  for others in needy time, I  am inspired by a  Dr. Nick Spiritos in a tear  jerker ,CBS 60 minutes feature  piece ,about the once prosperous  Las Vegas area. Here, the economy down turn took it's toll in numerous forms. One was the cutting back of service, and closing down of cancer clinics, that could have saved lives of the poor and desperate.    
Front page turning ,billion dollar budget global NGO Charitable  organizations , that were still attempting to save the moon , stars , underwater planktons ,and exotic pine trees ,but as claimed , could no longer deliver on folks in dire need. 
  Confronted with turning away  patients ,Dr Nick , refurbished  a  storeroom in his private office ,with $100,000 of his own money, and began a  chemo clinic for ovarian and uterine cancers.
These patients obviously, were destined for earlier demise were perhaps saved due to this his humane   gesture, and how grand is that?;contentBody

Stay tuned, and remember continue to Luv Humanity!
 It’s a beautiful life. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Politics of Humanist Optimism

        This year I plan to celebrate Xmas a bit differently, by paying homage , and show  gratitude ,to  a few unsound heroes from my past.These are people who directly , and otherwise,  dedicated their lives to the service of others. Often with little fanfare ,  or rewards, they persevered to the end ,in making an impact, for betterment of our planet. Some are now dead, and so cannot really acknowledge my  paltry gesture, others ,are still here with us , and maybe ,I can be presumptuous enough to think, that they , or relatives , and friends , can see that their  sacrifices, were not in vain, after reading this. 
   How many was blessed to have a Grandmother like mine? Great woman , for being a part of my life from 8 weeks , to her  premature death  at a mere 53 years,just as  I turned 16, and needed her most. 
    Not having a mother and father in my life , took it’s toll, but the lessons learned  at her side , were able to sustain , and  therefore made  me the being ,I am  today, namely a caring humanist ,striving to  prudently work, in the service of other , some deem less fortunate. 
   Before NGO’s or rather Civil Society, was in the lexicons , of media pundits, my Grand-mom  , was in the trenches ,working in the cause of young women , by teaching them  life skills to be self sufficient in arts and crafts ,  while using  resources from the land, or fulling her  religious obligations via her Church organization , for common good.   She was a pragmatic neo spiritualist,ardent agriculturist,intellectually curious , resilient character , unwavering in the face of problems, and  a thrifty,  independent entrepreneur , with a healthy work ethic, all fine qualities , she passed on to me, and for that I say thanks. 
      How about four  selfless , visionary ,Pan Afrikanist ,political Statesmen , of international  repute? CLR James , and fearless, re known ,psychologically uplifting author , and liberal thinker ? He chronicled the exploits  of   Haitian anti European ,pro freedom  , revolutionary classic , The Black Jacobins, that remained a model for fight by the masses against social oppressions. 
  He  remained a teacher , and social activist , for global Afrikans, from the Caribbean , Europe , America, and the Virgin Continent, and became a huge  influence on  students such as  fellow countryman ,Eric  Eustace Williams ,the 1st PM of Trinidad and Tobago. 
 Eric  at age 27,  wrote his Doctoral  Dissertation  at Oxford  England , that completely debunked  the then historically popular Euro centric notion, touted by  intellectual elites ,as to the faulty humanitarian, neo Christian ,benevolent explanations , as to why Afrikan slavery ended in the Caribbean. 
   This was entitled ,”The Economic Aspect of the West Indian Slave Trade and Slavery,”  and due to it's content, was  only published decades later in Britain. 
 It was  blatant racism, experienced in Britain , including inability to acquire employment - even after topping his respective , white dominated classes -which prompted him ,to travel instead to the USA , and there taught at Howard, and help shape the impressionable mind of perhaps the greatest , unrecognized ,Afrikan  Civil Right activist, America , and the world ever saw , in yet  another fellow country man , Stokly Carmichael. 
   He Stokley ,at a steep price , and personal sacrifices ,help bring racial pride , amongst historically discriminated,ex slaves ,suffering the ugly vagaries genocidal,of a White  American   Jim Crow system , and in turn, help  elevate ,  the rest of global Afrikans.
Finally on this list is to me the greatest Afrikan leader of all time in Dr Julius Nyerere, an honest , visionary , integrationist politician. 

    Until Nelson Mandela decades later , he was not only the first  President to leave office voluntarily ,but also the only one , to  leave  poorer ,than he entered. His legacy of peace, and Afrikan nationalism , and racial pride ,remain   exemplary .
   An ardent fan of China's Mao,it is felt that  if his self serving, neo  imperialistic  ,fellow Afrikan  leaders , had the courage to rebuff European intimidation , and  instead  adopt his  more progressive, social ideas, then Asia  , Europe , and North America,in 2011 , would  have had, a strong Continental  rival  in Afrika, as far as  global economic - com political  superiority. 
Thanks all. 
       I am talking about  a few former Professors of mine , from  Queens College CUNY , that helped shape my perspective  immensely, in environmental Politics  ,in addition to imbalanced ,discriminatory,  racial , economic ,and political  power  dynamics ,as played out in the Globe ,between  Northern  Industrial countries, led by Western Europe , and North America , and mainly resource ladened states ,of the  Global South.  
 Thanks Judith Kimerling, a 2011 Albertson Medal Winner.  
    How can I ignore , what can best be described as two ardent neo Feminist ,with the humanist touch,  in both  Sociology , and Political Science? These two females,together proved  to me , the merits of pragmatism ,solidarity politics ,  and practical intermarriage of ground level up approaches, interspersed with respectful top down policy approaches ,as  the most effective  mechanism, for  trying to eliminate big  Human Security  problems ,such as for example ,terrorism, economic class inequities,and  lack of political   empowerment , that are connected to  race,  and gender Rights.  
 Much appreciated Alyson.

   Just  today , I spoke with a  young lady  about a million miles away ,who is now  dreading another boring Xmas. Hopefully ,my example , can help reinforce some of my thoughts to her , on the true essence of this season. 
To reiterate , it's giving , sharing , appreciating , and being exemplars  to others in need , while finding ways to still serve, beyond self,yes? 
Luv Humanity , as it remains a beautiful life!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Illusionary Power Brokers

     It’s a good day some say in these United States , as race is seen as almost a thing of the past , and for what reasons you ask?  Barrack Obama sit’s in the White House, and what does that mean others wish to know? Well , ain’t he doing fine on both  domestic economic, and international political  front, some enquire? After all ,the gays are happy , especially across the Fox holes of the military killing fields  ,where they had to not tell ,if asked before , correct? 
    Additionally ,a few thousand troops are returning from Iraq , only to be replaced by highly paid private security - a left over from Dick Cheny, and his  Halliburton, and Black water  gang, but that’s fine , since the waring Sunnis , and pro Iranians Shiites ,would neutralize each other , via suicide bombings. 
    Did I mention , that this was an alien concept, to Iraqis ,before the successive invasions by waring Presidential Blue Blood Royalty , the Bushes?
   Enough of that , for some’ too big to fail,’corporations ,were taken care of, and pretty cars are rolling off the plants in Detroit once more , but  thank goodness , it ain’t  disparaged , Mexican , undocumented immigrants ,doing their jobs .
   Serve you right China , go mess with someone else , maybe lifetime Russian President to be , Putin. Good gracious, how much for a new Air Jordan, and what’s that , gunshot were heard by customers fighting to purchasing the long retired,NBA superstar’s shoes?
 The power of Black folks to shape popular culture , yet never anything of significance to enhance the lot of their  own , never fail to amaze me. 
    Speaking about purchases , GOP Tea baggers  in the House were  flexing their muscles, and this nearly caused another gridlock shutdown , in true Newt Gingrich fashion , but such was thwarted  , due to timely nudging by President Barrack, not planning on missing out on his Xmas Hawaiian sun and fun.
     It  would have been sad to see a couple millions Americans deprived from getting a whopping $40 :00 more ,in their pockets , in efforts to shop for this jolly season , I think. 
    Now here who remained  happy.Raul ,for getting   his  $60:00  XBox Live Call of Duty 25 war  Game . Jenny from Ohio ,her $200  a pop ,  she thinks is  hot Christian Tim Tebow Jersey. 
   To top it off, front row seats for the LA  NBA Xmas game ,to see Kobe, who like his pal Tiger , will  try to play ball , in his case ,while thinking about the US$160 million ,he has to shell out , to Vanessa , since she decided  to say No mas, to  him ,and his well known ,veracious sexual proclivities, in fluent Mexican Spanglish, one might add. 
 Incidentally, just got it from reliable sources ,on the first lady detail , that both  Michelle, and adoring kids ,often  spend that exact amount ,as  dog manicure tips,  for  Howie ,the  high breed  black dog, that occasionally  pee’s ,on the White House lawn, during photo ops , and vegetable garden  planting, media extravaganzas.
   Good for  obese kids.The jury , is still out for the rest. Stay tuned. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


             Thought I would use this incident of alleged police malfeasance, as it is related to   a shooting of an Afrikan American male in Maryland. This I am thinking can be   my jumping off point, for a  new aged, social activist movement, I found myself toying with for quite some time .  Well ,let’s just say that I have to go into overdrive , since sometimes 'what you see ain’t what you get ', as  some things  tends to be more complicated, than   they appeared at first glance,on the surface. 
 Do me a favor  folks, and turn on any news  forum across America , or rather , scout through the achieves  of  the top 100 news organizations, in the country ,for the past twenty five years , and see how many  cases  of police  brutality , much less murders ,ou'll find of anyone , that is not an  Afrikan male.Just ain't happening. Ok, occasionally an unfortunate hispanic kids form some neglected neighborhood , might get caught in the cross hairs , but more the exception than the rule , I think. Trust me on this. 
    Not saying that Chinese , Koreans, Italians, Irish, Scandinavians, South Asians, and Latinos do not get into tassels with the law , mind you , but that it does not often lead to premature deaths, from thasing, choke holds, or gun shots. Thanks Rodney King for being the poster child of what is terrible of law enforcement in America.
       Recall that recent  I presented to you about  a 19 year old kid, who  ,it was claimed , entered a store that was being robbed , quickly exited , confronted cops , who tased , then shot him in the head, as he was running away?  Well , something did not add up , and being an old school crime fighting guru myself, I  decided to do some facts checking , and low and behold, a different story is evolving as we speak. In short , the dots are just not connecting. 
   In cyber Columbo digital fashion , and other piecemeal info gathered on the streets, it turns out from the authorities standpoint ,   that he tried to rob someone of their Poshe vehicle, while the guy was purchasing gas. The car owner got stabbed  with a steak knife ,in a struggle ,and is now hospitalized in in critical condition . Not fully satisfied , he  decide to take his own vehicle , and  rammed the man’s vehicle, then fled the scene. 
  Here is where it get’s interesting , though murkey. Police arrived upon the scene , after giving chase  of this determined young man, who only halted , due to the fact that in was involved in a three car collision.   
         A good samaritan Afrikan America woman, tried to offer help , but almost got her red BMW hijacked , but this was only thwarted, when a Hispanic male, came to her aid.  
 A female Police Officer finally caught up with him , but he began running away , as she followed. She then got close enough to tase him, but he still resisted , and fought her on the ground. Up came her partner , who requested that he stop, which he refused to do. He in turn then shot the perp. Tell me  something however , can Scorsese, or Tarantino , top that , even with all their Hollywoodian excesses? Did I say his car flipped  over?  Reminds me of Arnold in Terminator 25 , when that alien character refused to die, yes? I am thinking fringe lunatic, or some spaced out destructive drugs folks, so stand by for follow ups on my end.       I  Promise to keep snooping around for the fact on this case , as again , something does not smell too well. An allegedly  good son, still in college ,  aspiring  musician , who lives in the  Maryland suburb with  single mom ,  and a teacher , resort to this ?
  Info reveled that he simply visited a relative in DC , and is now dead, just like thousand of young unfortunate males, unable to understand the words , halt, hand in the air, or where we can see them, and your face to the ground? 
      Breaking news  for your information , that might just spice up the brew, and raise more red flags.Two weeks before , said innocent kid ,  confided to a male cousin, that he was  seriously thinking about selling drugs, which he was allegedly advised not to do.  He was likewise   fired from his job one day before this incident. 
   Reverent Al , Jesse Jackson , is this what it’s like? I just wish to say I have a much more profound respect for you guys. 
  America , we have a problem . 
  Young Black males are endangered , sometimes it’s their doing  as they lack the skills to maneuver,  in the wider society in which they reside, with others restless youths like themselves , brought up on cultures of violence, instant gratifications , and escapist pipe dreams.Other times it’s the actions of over zealous law enforcement officials , who view them as treats. 
There is much work to be done, and folks with conscience , cannot make it business as usual , all while as  an Afrikan Prince ,and Princess ,is sitting in the White-house. Then of course , the jury is still out on .........? Stay tuned  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Which way is up!

                   I don’t wish to go off  on a rant here , but  nevertheless I will. Am I the only one who find's this tattoo obsession favored by too many phony celebs , and their adoring mimic fans ,a bit repulsive? Worst yet , tell me , how the hell can Afrikan people not see the symbolic stupidity , and neo slave behavior of such actions? My  6ft 4 , 14 year old, came to me recently , and whispered that he too  was contemplating going that route,after also  piercing his ears , because it looks good. I did a double take , then  indulged in a short reflective  pause ,before responding, but let me admit  , that it  took all of my reserve ,to not throw him through a window, civilize guy as I am . All I needed to do however was to point at my body , and he got the message. 
       So horrified was  I , at  his request, which forced me to ask the following question :-Where did this come from from? I Don’t wish, to sound like the old nut case  pseudo intellectual, immoral  phony, Bill Crosby, who forgot how he, back in the day , well... , you can fill in the blanks on all the not too concealed foibles of Dr Huxtable , aka  one time Black , comedic pimp of his community, and now convenient spokesman for white , suspect conservative , ‘we are wishing for those good old days  of morally sound America,’ mantra, which is hardly convincing. 
    Just wish to remind my Afrikan young princess ,and prince , that this  maiming , via branding of your  beautiful chocolate  skins , is an alien practice, to your ancestors,but was only introduced when they emerged on the European Massa plantation. It was then only used to distinguish them as  property for a particular owner, and nothing else. 
   Well, I take part of that back, and will say this  instead. If you wish to find yourself divided along neo tribal lines , by yes  ,barbaric body desecration practices , and similar unwholesome habits,like early ancestors , then go for it . Not certain how it aided  Afrikans still living on the continent, or how it can assist you on whatever new one you’ve landed on. Need I say genocidal savageries from  Rwanda,to  Sudan, Sirria Leone, Liberia , Nigeria , Kenya,Somalia , Congo, and continuing? Oh by the way , I am about to run  for Congress, on a platform that would make genital mutilation ,and polygamy  mandatory for all Afrikan families , how do you like that as well, ladies , and gents, with daughters ? Don't worry, I know the answer , as to what you think about traditions.    
      Yes I get it, that this is a psychological sign of  modern day defiance against the phantom enemy, to prove that Afrikan folks are in charge of their own bodies, which is right up their with excessive piercing of body parts, and  proud public usage of the N words, along with oapaque hair styles that Continental Afrikans themselves, have no conception of unless for those still stuck in rural , almost  prehistoric  , economically  desperate  enclaves. .
 It is however time to reclaim some sort of sanity, and dignity , and it starts with influential leaders , even if some  are unaware that they are. It involves parents , who likewise got to place the foot on the breaks by educating our kids as to what time it is. Fighting senseless symbolic wars with 'could care less Europeans,' takes Afrikan folks ,nowhere to the future, of this you can be assured.  Going back to the future is an exercise in futility. 
Well, again , that’s assuming that some do know , which way is up,and are ready to chart a road map to take us all to a future which is now , today , and  therein lies the dilemma.  Stay tuned. 
 Luv Humanity

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


                  Forget all that you hear by the various talking heads, across America today on the question of the sad state of the economy , failure to ensure real security, wasteful spending in unnecessary aid to foreign undemocratic countries, and difficulty in holding back China , as the new Super Power. There is absolutely nothing as important ,for advancing this country again, and so make it , that  great enviable nation it once was , than matters relating to much ignored immigration.  
    Are you falling for the all that empty political rhetorics ,about building walls across the border, or rounding up 50 million souls , and send them back to home from whence they came? It’s not only silly, but impossible to push through , due to it’s exorbitant cost , and  logistical  impracticability.
 Can someone tell proponents,, that the majority of immigrants that come to America  , cannot even find Mexico on a map , much less climb  any wall , or  mow  a lawn, if their survival depended upon it. Immigrants for a long time , are folks that looks like you ,me , of all  of us , of different colors , stripes , and social economic backgrounds. 
    Immigrants are generally law abiding , hard working  folks ,that keep the economy of America going. They work under difficult conditions ,often in several jobs, to make ends meet, and without governmental supports , as often claimed .   They are pioneers, that  purchase  items ,and save their dollars, exports items to far off places  back home ,to places like the Philippines, Jamaica,  Ireland, Pakistan, Columbia, Egypt, Sudan , and Israel.
   Immigrants are the business innovators, that help stimulate the economy. Without them ,more than half of America’’s institutes of  higher education would be closed. Only recently ,I observed a study which  showed that almost 15 out of the top 20 Presidents across the Third World today , went to school in America. 
    It’s understood why this occurred , but this unwarranted onslaught on immigrants must not be allowed to continue unabated, especially at the hands of pandering politicians , unable to appreciate big picture magic. From founding  Alexander Hamilton to  German Physicist Einstein ,Black power , civil Rights activist, Stokely Carmichael, and Madeline Albright ,most immigrants once given the chance, would move on to  make America proud, and that tradition should not be discouraged in any fashion.  Take a stand in solidarity with others. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Silly Season , in the Global Village

        Don't you like me think that the America public interest can never be fully served , due in great measures to the silliness ,  most are exposed to  under the guise of proper media analysis, mostly at the hands of  corporatist, elitist?
   Just heard a few today on the boob tube, bellyaching , over the entrance on the grand stage, of the 27year old new leader of North Korea, due to  the sudden death  his father Kim Jung Il .' He is dumb , and unknown  some  claim , having educated in  some inconsequential part of Europe .
   Yes, but big deal, Koreans got their royalty , and so did America, in GWBush , an  MBA playboy,who only destroyed the economy, support his self serving cronies , working under the guise of some glorified Far right ,Christendom?  
  Last time we checked, he GW ,helped  bankrupt his country , and  in the process,made it more vulnerable to outside treats, via  faulty policies and war adventurism .
  Much fuss was made of North Koreans  patriotic spirit ,with depiction of them ,as a  cultish people, with no political acumen for  resisting tyranny ,  and worst ,almost  that foolish penchant , for crying over the death of their nepotistic  leader, who  it is claimed ,has singlehandedly caused more death via his medieval policies, than could be imagined? Well,giive me a break, ain't Americans still moaning over JFKalong with his girl friend Monroe , drug fein rock and roll crooner  Elvis, as well]l as  Ronald Reagan ,the great trickle down, voodoo economics communicator  , who help launch political islam , starting with his  Iran/ Contra drugs for guns criminality ?
  These  experts  further anticipate  dangers ahead , because  the resource starved  country North Korea, remain  obsessed over nuclear technology, even as  28,000  US soldiers ,are firmly planted on the country's border, two decades after the Cold War. For the record , no country with nuclear technology was ever attack by another  with similar weapons, yet many here are concern about the North Korea's  quest to still advance it's nuclear program. By the way , it is not lost on North Koreas staunchest ally China , the fact that USA only recently began flexing it's muscles in South Asia , amongst  Beijing's allies, a a stone's throw away.
 Sadly enough, the international community will , as customary within states  they deem as insignificant ,drag it's feet, and fall into warlike posture , as opposed to stepping forward to influence the suffering people of that country ,to elevate themselves towards the new century.
     I could have asked South Korea's own Ban Ke Moon, the present United Nation  Secretary General , to start the process of  solidifying  his  own legacy ,as a real leader for Asia, or take a more forceful stance,  in providing  support of Arab Springs protestors, in their reach for  long over due ,democratic freedoms. His predecessor  Kofi Anan , an Afrikan , unfortunately left office , with his ancestral continent , in a worst off position, than he met it upon assuming power.
 Let's those of us with a conscience , continually strive to shine a light into those dark corners, historically ignored by leaders with nothing to fear from  a sleeping media.In shot , the silly season must end, as too much is at stake.
 Luv humanity.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Empathy R US

         19 year old Keston Lewis ,borrowed his cousin's girlfriend's car , to take a quick spin thorough a DC neighbor hood , then decided to enter a store, to purchase some inconsequential  item , but that was the last unfortunate act he did , outside of quickly running back outside , after pouncing upon a robbery in progress, upon a robbery in progress,only ,it was later revealed ,to be shot in the back of the head, and tasared.
      Not sure in what sequence,  as  the tale has no logic ,but  just like  an NYPD murder of Sean Bell , who was simply  ejoying his  bachelor party , while  unknowingly enduring surveillance , by white ,over zealous Police officers in a Queens club,  or  that  similar senseless murder ,of Afrikan immigrant native ,Ahmadou Diallo , as he was about to enter his home , and reach for his keys.

   For the record , officers involved in both  cases ,were able to walk free, since mainly White juries could never accept that that good people, looking like they do , could ever be doing anything , but upholding the law.

       Speaking once more , about death, it's 3 pm in Italy , and Keston's 27 year old brother ,who is on a final phase,  of his  military career , when he got a buzz from his phone, indicating that a text was  sent. Thinking it might  be  his girl friend, calling him, to ask , for , or remind him of something , he took a peek , only to see it was from a cross atlantic  cousin in   the USA.
    Your brother was murdered, was all the text bluntly indicated, from someone not cognizant of the destructing effects, of  shocking words ,  be it  uttered indirectly ,over social media , or  in person . It took three colleagues, to restrain the young army sergeant   , from going berserk.
   Less than 24 hours later , he  was greeted at the Ronald Reagan /Dulles International Airport  , by his aunt , who had to postpone a Caribbean  vacation  trip.  8 years ago , her  ambitious son ,was attacked and shot multiple times, by alleged strangers in his apartment, building block, leaving him handicap , dependent on others, and stymying his then education . 
   Every day, she  would look into his fast fading  , hopeless eyes, as  her insurance becomes less useful , , and  seemingly  callous police, drag their feet in the investigation- since to her , Black folks , especially men lives , are expendable , and utterly useless.
       I could not help but  remember that  female California interns name Sandra Levy, whose crime was to   sleep  with married Congressmen ,Gary Condit, then disappeared off the planet, forcing some to speculate  her murder by  her male , influential Congressman pal . Not certain what justice the family got, which might prove something about justice, and sanctity of life.
      Whether it is the demise of young mostly Afrikan males , thousands of  dead war heroes ,  hard working dedicated cops patrolling our streets in efforts to make us safer, a possible innocent victim across the American State murder injustice system , I for one,  just wish many more people would recognize the importance  of a life , and the impact it's loss, can have on remaining family members, once tragically taken away.
 All lives are sacred!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Roomy Elephants

      It is obvious to any but the blind ,that 98 % of the  publicly proclaimed , reality TV foolishness,masquerading as politics, across the entire resource ladened ,Middle East region ,and fast expanding globally ,  is  partially linked to the State of Israel, it’s relationship with America ,and subsequently Arab , Persian, and Turkish  Muslim neighbors. What is ignored , under this drama however, are several other  realities, and here they are, for you the clueless, or where applicable, disingenuous.  Islam remains  a  fractured  religion. All Muslims  States , are not equal ,economically. Ethno- regionalism , is alive, and well, between rivaling competitors , which has absolutely nothing ,to do with  the Jews , and their alleged special  gifts from God, of a particular homeland.  
         Tell me folks , but am I the only one, who think's  that conflicts would continue across  the Middle East , and throughout the entire  Muslim world , even if every Jew was to leave that region ,by traveling maybe  to Mars, or heaven’s forbid ,the  political side show that is Newt Gingrich became  the next President of the United State? 
    By the way, do you anticipate much change by the anti Child labor Professor , who purport  to be   concern for governmental waste, and the plight of poor kids ,deprived of proper role models ? I am speaking of immediate cessation of exorbitant military , and economic aid to Israel, Saudi  Arabia, Egypt,and Jordan , who have cost the American tax paying population billions , with limited returns. I doubt it, as theory and reality , often never mix too favorably, especially for $60,000 per speech, ex speaker turned , unacknowledged Washingtonian lobbyist.  
     Not sure how many of us would be surprise , if we work up in the morning , and either read , or see on our Television,  all of Iran ,smothering in rubble , and  oil smoke, after , a Jewish , or  another Christian bomb, was unleashed on them ,while their Mullahs sleep.
    Guess who would be most happy about that fact, outside of a few nutty generals in America, or Tel Aviv? You guessed it, the entire Sunni dominant ,Muslim World, who recently gave tyrants Saddam  Hussain ,and fake Beduin, North Afrikan  cousin Qaddafi ,to NATO , Euro Christian, dominant West, on a platte
     If there is one thing we know about Islam, or Christianity ,  as a religion,  is the fact that adherents historically  , tended to rally around each other, once a common enemy becomes visible. During  WW2 , the unstated enemy for Europeans ,  were Jews , and so,Hitler was ignored, along with the Russian Gulags , and  Whalla ...., the State of Israel was born. 
    For America ,the clear enemy, in contrast , was Shinto Buddhism  , led by then ,  Japanese , suicidal Kamikaze flying , terrorist, al la Pearl Harbor , Hiroshima , and Nagasaki , thank you very much Mr Truman  , for a  convenient ploy, to save billions of young American lives, and prevent the USA from becoming just another Sushi  loving , Asian dominated,  subservient country, to possible Super Power, Japan. During the hight of the Cold War Socialist Soviets , remained the enemies of America, and the so after Afghanistan invasions, neo political Islam new enemy. 
       Fast forward to 2011, and common enemies, have evolved , via the  89 demise  of the USSR ,  are the norm, as  the results , of  successive  war wounded shows , and so called pro democratic interventions made clear , even for the comatose  blinded .
    Sunni globally , naively think Shiites minorities ,led by Iran, are their enemies . Jews think Pan Islamist, are their enemies , and would not hesitate to use every unacknowledged Nuclear bombs, in their possession ,to  either prove that point, or defend their sky God  ,decision to single them out as  his  chosen people. 
   The capitalist militaristic ,war machine Industrial Complex , covered under the cloak of racial  Christian hood, would not hesitate to maim, hurt , destroy, and annihilate every Muslim fiefdom , back to the ice age existence ,if necessary, and no cost ,politically  agitated citizen,recessionary ,economic desperation  , would halt present , and prospective  Commander in Chief , and their Euro Nato Counterparts. No disgruntled, post communist , pseudo capitalist, suspect democratic  China, or Russia , can stop them , irrespective of their influence on the global stage. 
   Did anyone  mention multilateralism,United Nations recently? Oh , I see ,no , because that body is on it’s last breath , in terms of relevancy? 
    Let Peace reign , while  saying  no to  ideological dogma , and self serving egotism. 
  The elephant in the room can be identified , and tamed , in efforts  to prevent it from trampling us all underfoot. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


      It’s called global solidarity , and really reflects the disconnect that folks are feeling across international borders .Many are now saying , ‘ your struggles are also mine. By that they mean , cheap labor across Asian countries such as China, India, Bangladesh,and Mexico , affects North Americans , and European workers alike  ,with  their fast diminishing  expectations , for  decent livelihood as well. 
   As folks in the Industrial world , led by Europe ,and America recognize that they are experiencing a double whammy cost for stupid , senseless wars , whether via lost of lives,by fighting citizens , or billions to support  destructive war machineries , they are also saying, 'no mass,' and the reasons are clear, and that is , one of the inevitable fall outs,  from wars , are  fleeing humanitarian  refugees , who we often have to deal with under different names , such as immigrants. 
    In the aftermath of the Cold War, one of the most devastating effects ,  was the rise , and competitive drive  towards  proliferation ,and  trade of  small arms from the former USSR ,satellite states in Eastern Europe  ,and emerging powers such as China, Brazil ,and even India ,  many of which found their way to even less  developed  countries . 
  So while  we hang our heads in shame, at the humanitarian devastations, environmental  carnage, and abuse of kids in the form of Child soldiers ,in exotic, resource ladened states, such as ,Sudan, Congo, Liberia, Angola , and Sierra Leone, do not simply see the problem in a vacuums,but understand the correlations, and impact of governmental activities in the larger prosperous , peaceful Industrial Northern States , and that of emerging, and volatile regions locked in senseless battles, and fears of old ideological demons , and ethnic rivals., but devoid of once dependable protectors. 
    As you look on at the seeming impotence at  the premier global   organization entrusted with ensuring peace, and justice, a la The United Nations, do not think that such issues, are a mere coincidence, but  instead , under stand,  that it can well orchestrated ploy ,by five nations , who have divvied up the world , to suit their own narrow interest, and so will cajole, and manipulate , both weak, and strong alike,where warranted , and if allowed so to do. 
     The positive blow backs we saw within the past few months, that started initially in Iran,simmered for a while,then erupted in full blast again, starting in Tunisia , then spreading to Egypt,Libya,Syria,Yemen,Bahrain ,and counting.It was given a nice catch phrase ,called the 'Arab Spring,' and was credited to  everything ,from ,social media , to liberal education, women power, Civil Society influences.What however gave the victims in the struggle , and the agitated , locked at the  bottom of respective, socio economic pile, the impetus to continue , was the  solid responses they obtained from others living seemingly ,  much more comfortable lives, millions of miles away.
     Not surprising, politicians of what I amusingly call ,a 'global interlocking elites' bunch, were spurred into collective actions,some positive ,while others not , depending on narrow interests. Another ironic fall out however , was the fact that folks from within the Global North , began embracing the spirit , and actions of their brothers ,and sisters, across the bridge on to the Global South , and so many brought the fight at home, into what is recently  called the Tea Party on one side ,and   now 99% Occupy movements. 
    Moving forward, December 12th  2011, Oakland , will see a massive strike in solidarity ,with Union workers of that state. One of the issues they are fighting is the question of corporate greed , in respect to the seed industry. 
     This obviously will bring a smile to the faces of poor struggling farmers ,on both sides of the struggles ,as they found themselves at the mercy of  profiteering , subsidized seed producers . Guess who would indirectly benefits? You bet ,it's  we the food  consumers. In short , win, win. 
   As Americans take a stand against Police brutalities in  their streets, and likewise states private prisons , correction abuses , they are also drawing much needed  attention , to detained war prisoners in Iraq, Cuba, and other parts of the world ,where G.W. Bush and his pals might soon have to rebut accusations of retentions,and other forms of Human Rights abuses ,such as torture , mainly due to race wars, and resource grabbing banditry. 
     For the record ,this concept of solidarity , is not a novel one , but has worked to perfection from support of Europe , by Americans before and after WW2, to creation of the State of Israel,Irish peace initiatives , by Americans,  Political Islam rise in  , along with it twin brother terrorism .
   How we continue to work together, on all fronts to address common problems , be they economic , political, natural , or man made environmental catastrophes ,spread of ugly diseases , that still plague us ,or Security, and Peace , will be worth observing, but that we must continue to do-  which is to work in solidarity , for common good.
  How old organization can be molded into relevancy, or recalcitrant can be discouraged from attempting to destroy us all, though faulty  thinking, and priorities , will be the challenge.
    I myself ,am committed to the struggle , and would be using my acquired skills , and  reaching across the globe ,to find  fellow  'social progressive humanist,' committed to  this common , positive end.
 Too much is at stake, and so the question remains, ‘were are you,’ in the struggle, and on which side of History do you plan to be caught in ? 
 Time to jump off the fence , and take a stand , as too much is at stake for complicity , and none empathy. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Iranian protesters storm UK embassy - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Iranian protesters storm UK embassy - Middle East - Al Jazeera English Unfortunately ,many American and loving British cousins, are unaware of global history , and especially the role of their respective leaders, in impacting the world , in not always too positive fashion. The victims, however do. One cannot however condone any kind of behavior ,that contravene's mutually accepted ,international conventions,and norms , especially as it relates to country's embassies , and it's protection. The reaction to today's British embassy storming , is understandable , bearing in mind what occurred in 1979 , between USA , and Iran.
It is still not fair , for the corporate, complicit media ,to dismiss agitated protesters , as mere mobs, but one's own , or close allies, as prudent ,pro democratic activist. Here is a book worth reading, which explains in detail the first CIA orchestrated coup, that ever took place , under the rule of WW2 hero, General Ike , on behalf of those kind peaceful, and Brits , whose leader, Winston Churchill, felt democratic Iran , was not toeing the line enough ,when it came to sharing their country's oil wealth.
They also know that the demonization of Iran's ambition presently by the five headed elite Security Council monster, while simultaneously cuddling , none signatory NPT abusers , such as Israel, India, and Pakistan, is not only ridiculous , but hypocritical , since America was in bed with the State of Israel close friend , in the tyrannical Shah ,to give Iran , what they are demanding today, peaceful nuclear technology , as laid out under the Non Proliferation Treaty.
Be aware, and love Humanity!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


      Just a few years before he died ,due in part to what some said was wanton drug intake ,mainly introduced by some Caribbean doctor, Michael Jackson ,reveled that while still a tiny bitty kid, he  was abused by his loving father ,but  many of us laugh  at the thought that his talented billionaire , who  went on to married the Lisa Marie ,daughter of the King of Rock and Roll  Elvis Presley ,could ever be abuse  in animal like fashion ,like so many  lower caste unfortunate kids, Maybe he was  just that  typical ,opportunistic, media punk , trying to find some solace , sympathy , and excuse, for the questionable  , missteps , and or allegations, he too was accused of  committing ,towards  kids , while  humming, and gyrating to to ‘beat it,’ yes? ‘
      Well true though this might be , but ever think that just maybe , color blind, Michael , wanted to go out side, to play ,and have fun ,just like his less talented siblings Jermaine, La Toya, or then , flat nosed  ,innocent, Janet, and not instead help, be the cash cow to bolster a dream of his  driven , lazy parents, only , some maybe correctly think , were prepared to pimp their brood ,for a few dollars more , as opposed to working the Afrikan  American  concrete cotton fields? Too late now however, so time to move on,RIP Michael, and thank goodness your white adopted kids , would be less unfortunate, on all scores, as they publicly cry on TV to show their adoration for you, a supposedly  great  dad.
  How about Oprah Winfrey , remember her lamentations later in her life , while  peach at the pinnacle  of her billion dollar empire, where no other white , black , yellow , brown , or even  red Pocahontas like  woman ,ever stood? Oh yes, Oprah , told her audience,she was abused  to no end, and so it forced her to become promiscuous, over eat, and  become career driven , to be better than ever human on earth , irrespective of color.
     Well, many of us thanked Oprah , for drawing  our attention ,into an issue ,that too many prefer to pretend only existed on the slave plantation , and not the homes of decent Americans, the torture chambers of juvenile delinquency facilities, by sadistic officials , or who ever felt kids ,were easy fodder for their own perverse pleasure. Yes , pseudo journalist authors such  Kitty Kelley , has  tried to present a different picture , with her alleged objective book , but who cares to tarnish the image , or incur the wrath of Queen Oprah? Definitely not her family, lifetime boyfriend Stedman Graham ,  some jealous school mate, or octogenarian CEO , who gave her that first taste of stardom , back in Mississippi , or is it Chicago, as we have lost track?
      My only reason for bringing  up these two celebrities  ,is to show that abuse  is not an easy problem to eradicate , as there are often numerous taboo cultural explanations  for causes,that the social scientist aren’t interested in , and worst yet, lawmakers are less concern on serious persecutions , once more for logistic , political reasons, for why when Kids are none voters , and  memories can fail them , should most believe them is the thinking. So what some say,if   Mormons, and Catholic clergy engaged in sexual  outrages, just leave it along , no? NGO mismanaging freaks,  at Penn State ,that abused the trust of  desperate kids  decades ago, followed by  institutional , cover  ups, of  the barbarianism  acts  , to protect iconic Football coaches? I’s an aberration , and not the  American  norm , they add. 
       For the records , let me add, that kids are maimed , and murdered daily across , not only America , but globally , and  remember ,race ,class, color, or ethnic  backdrops are of little consequence. 
    Such crime means nothing to a Christian Texan religious cult bum David Koresh , of Branch Davidians  FBI fame ,who was himself parented by a 15 year old  .
      America media frauds would ask Mormon Republicans all sorts of nonsense, about their hatred for Jesus and such but nothing about their state’s ,love for polygamy  , and pedophiliac cults , that encouraged the likes of  sex fiend , baby marriage  cult fringe   Warren Jeff, who love to indulge in group sex with 12 year olds, but that’s the American way, so what can one say, but fortunately these two former Governors would never set foot in the White House come 2012. 
      A Pakistan child labor CEO, means the same to Western powers , as under aged girls working the brothels in India, China, Thailand , Brazil , or Kansas. 
An NRA  Corporate , gun nut billionaire , hiding behind tenets of his  so called 2nd Amendment Rights, or  empty ultra Libertarianism  dogma ,would not loose much sleep ,if his weapons are used by Child soldiers, in  in Congo, Sierra Leone, or Sudan. All Afrikans are savages , and expendable in his opinion. neither would his loving christian wife at the loss of a few Colombian   under aged drug mules, or Mexican rival gang kids , get caught in the crossfire of the finely manufactured   made in American weaponry.
    The past three Presidents of the United States ,and now Barrack Obama ,as well as  his future rivals, in the Republican Party, to the world ,    most of Europe ,but to them, and Nato counterparts , decade old wars , and  draconian  economic sanctions , to combat American hating Muslims ,from  Afghanistan, Libya ,  and Iraq,are quite acceptable , even if millions of under aged kids were  murdered in  the process. 
  I know what you are saying , what does this have to do with abuse , when evil acts such as  genital mutilations in Kenya  , as well as South Afrikan male  rapes of baby virgin girls , needs our pressing attention? I am with you, but again , my concern is to give an over view as to  how complex the issue  of  child abuse ,can be for us all ,when we become selectively outraged , and use our  culturally leveled ethnographic scales, to  decide ,what  entails abuses , where it  is taking place  place, and how it can be erradicated.  
    We should not be afraid to confront this scrooge  ,when we observe it, be it something as simple as Corporal punishment, of not only celebs , but seemingly, insignificant humans , wherever they exist on the planet. Say yes to justice, and save the tears. Many have moved on with their lives, fortunately , but as for others ,the pain lingers on, and so they must be encouraged to stand up , and speak out , so that culprits would acknowledge wrongs done, pay a price where still possible , as this would remove the shame from victims , embolden silent sufferers to   push back, and not only create closure , but halt the cycle , when victims become the eventual aggressors. 
     Got to run , my little sister  of two teenaged kids herself , wants some help from me ,  in  researching an over due , Criminal Justice paper ,she has to write , on the topic , ‘should  under aged criminal kids ,be tried as adults?’ My work is a bit difficult ,as she is convinced that they should , as some are born evil,and must be taught a lesson. Did OI mention , that she was abused as a kid herself? Oh yes , without the knowledge of their father ,at nine ,her step mom ,would repeatedly  flog, both  her , and  not much older brother , then further humiliate them , by forcing them  to go naked  out of the house, amongst  the general public. Well, it’s  the way of  the world,but stay tune , as we build bridges to the future. 
Luv Humanity! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking down Walls

     To be or not to be , is that the question, for former Speaker  Newt  Gingrich , or his fellow rivals, in last night's debate.  I have a confession to make , and it is that beyond my previous apprehensions  ,I must conclude, that the debate was an enjoy last night's CNN  Heritage Foreign Policy  GOP debate. With few exceptions,most of the candidates accounted well for themselves.
  Newt was the obvious winner to many , in terms of delivery , and mastery of his facts, intellectual as he is. I would have Ambassador Huntsman coming in a very close second,  a spirited ,steady ,fervent Libertarian, pro constitutionalist advocate,  Ron Paul , third , with the rest  of the bunch , all tied for last, lying Willard Romney included.
    Say what you wish about Newt , but it  would certainly be interesting to see him spar with Barrack Obama come next Presidential debate , dirty laundry and all.  I must admit , that again,  like most, I too, was not  a big fan for the most part ,,of the 'Grinchster ,' but I am fast coming around , just like many Denver , and desperate  NFL  enthusiasts  ,who think that  suspect Quarterback ,Tim Tebow ,is the real deal, irrespective of all the evidence to the contrary.
  Well , he too is winning , even as the media pundits , and sporting gods ,highlight his flaws. We will see how both cases plays  out.
 One of the criticisms that tend to burden most of today's politicians , is that they lack moral character , and so , often flip flop, when it suits them. It is the prime reason why Willard Romney, will never be  anything but viewed as a  pro Wall Street ,anti People ,millionaire ,closet Liberal , forever pretending, to be an exemplary  , compassionate Republican, with a vision for America, and his desperate party.
    Newt as I said, has his issues , and though on the surface appears a bit substantive in a Mc Donald ,destructive calories ,fast food manner ,  fool's no one on his outsider , anti establishment, media savvy  rhetoric's, but one still can gauge where his heart is.He however threw a nifty , possibly touchdown  pass, in the arena, last night , due to his novel stance, on immigration , that might give a few million illegal  immigrants, across the country a bit of hope , since Barrack Obama seems scared to touch the matter until his second term begins. 
  Let me add for the record the following. The most important issue that would be at stake ,come next election is that of immigration , and humanist  justice ,for the millions stuck in a state of ambiance in America, and the reasons are simple. America as a nation, is undergoing some of it worst economic periods since the depression. Part of that is due to economic  mismanagement,  questionable prioritization  by political leaders, and  unregulated ,corporate greed,  on the part of those  symbolic  1% , business entities ,who have made off like  bandits, at the expense of the majority.
   As citizens hurt , they seek causes for their pain , therefore , immigrants become convenient scapegoats. This country via misguided Foreign policies, has  interfered in more countries across the globe , than can be imagined to the un initiated thinker , this obviously, has  fall out implications, some good, and others no so.
 One of them is  runaway  immigration, as victims from drug haven , gun ladened , economically desperate Mexico , to Pluto , Sudan , Egypt , Iraq , Columbia , and counting.
   Since slavery ended , and genocidal Jim Crow began , immigration has always had some impact in the Land of the free. We need visionary leader to take bold stands. Many of the present crop of candidates , including Obama their rival , has always paid tribute to Ronald Reagan , so let see how much they mean it.
 Not many folks know that Newt Gingrich had a major role in enabling millions of illegal immigrant ,a chance to regularize their status under the Ronald Reagan amnesty program in the 1980's.
    Let the wall breaking begin, as it is less costly than constructing border barriers , especially since the majority of immigrants, do not jump fences  to enter this great country.
Love Humanity!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

War ,Peace , & Economic Justice

         Well ,once more it’s another of those myriad of Presidential primary debates, that we the people will be subjected to. The theme this time, we were told by CNN, would be  Foreign policy.  What do we know ,former House Speaker ,Newt Gingrich, perhaps  the most immoral political figure , that ever ran for higher office, is in the lead, and  I am reminded of another speaker in Tip O’ Neal  who once advised us in words that “all politics is local.” Hopefully the prospective candidates, are aware of that.  So what are  the biggest stories across the international community , that  any  real leader , should be concern about , and or ,must address either presently, or in the future. There are thousands of agitated , economically struggling American citizens , operating using  Occupy Wall Street , as a background theme to vent their anger , and what they claim are a greedy 1% business class, who reap most of the  country’s wealth, while they the 99% ,do all the hard work, and pay most of the taxes, to keep the country alive, or support  too many foreign bums, and indulge in useless wars? 
   Ordinarily these fights are limited to workers , dealing with the daily grind, but today there is a new twist , as change has come domestically , for these are  mostly folks who were energized to take action in support of their own interest outside of a narrow ballot box . Many of the them are young people, who voted for the first time in 2008 , for Barrack Obama , but have seen their standard of living fall drastically , as campaign promises continually got broken , and gridlock became the norm between a partisan Congress , and Senate , to unlike anytime in previous history , are willing to deliberately destroy the political chances of a sitting president , by opposing every policy he put forth to bring relief to the nation. Not surprisingly ,he has resorted to a more robust Foreign policy , to  remain relevant, which obviously bring us to the present situation. Across the globe , we have the tail end of an unruly Arab Spring  movement , where advocates , are finding , just like their American counterparts , that progress towards meaningful changes , are dripping along slowly.
   There is  the American supported , 2 billion dollar per year  ,military junta  in Egypt, that prods along , and desecrate the rights of agitated , protesting  citizens. Iran in a devastated Iraq, is seen by all as  the evil  empire , about to acquire dreaded nuclear weapons , and so destroy the entire world , including the  historically abused Jews , from the State of Israel, who for the record has enough unacknowledged  nuclear weapons , that that destroy Iran , and every perceived  Islamist enemy , 5000 time. 
   All the candidate would follow Barrack Obama lead and pledge domestic and foreign allegiance to  Israel, and even with all the domestic  economic woes, would instead cut every social domestic service , and entitlement of benefit to American citizens , as opposed to touching the  3 billion yearly,  in aid to a close ally.
   Fast forward to Syria , and we see a Assad regime, that can fast make Qaddafi  in Libya , look like a  peaceful Boys Scout  Jamboree , in comparison  in terms of abuse and violence. We know how the latter ended , for a one time Islamist terrorist  Quaddafi, but can you , I , any of the 2.6 million  American  incarcerated , mainly  high school drop outs, and more importantly , the several candidates  vying for power explain  why no interventions would be forthcoming soon? 
  Speaking of domestic and foreign politics, can America remain a global leader, and bastion of capitalist democracy , if  it fails to address the rights of citizens suffering  at home , or folks abroad , who  leaders ,enjoy aid , and military support? Did I mention that Europe is at present ,in turmoil economically at prese, as it’s leaders grapple with a growing global recession, that befuddles elite economists? 
   Can America remain a leader , so as to hold back, fast encroaching  China, Russia, and neighboring Brazil?  As the moderator stated in the build up to the debate, who has what it takes to unseat Barrack  Obama come 2012? I will be tuning in to see , who panders, flip flop, or cares about being a real leader, both domestically , and within the global community?Let the game begin!

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