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Saturday, February 4, 2012


     Sometimes I wonder where White folks would be , if there were no Black people on earth, to blame for the problems they, not too ironically , created themselves, to muck it up.Hate to use sports anology , but it's Super bowl week , so what the heck!   Even sports much less politics , cannot escape the social malady,as two years into Jim Caldwell's tenure , and he is fired for the entire  team's  failure, even if other mitigating factors, were  iqnored .
   I however digress, as here is another typical, race mongrel ,placing blame where it is undeserved. Blabbering about a piece of symbolic paper, referred to as the Constitution, whose author Thomas Jefferson, felt that Afrikan  slaves, were none people, and so, they , centuries later , needed a Constitutional  Amendment, by more conscionable , or rather,  pragmatic citizens,  to finally  come up to the level of their White counterparts . "All men are created equal ,with inalinable rights?'  Ah yes, but lest we forgot , he daily raped , and impregnated, several of  his female slaves , and lacked the audacity to even  free them , upon leaving office.
Note carefully , that it is self serving creatures ,such as this artist ,who via their race bating propoganda, have caused the deaths of two mammoth leaders , from within the previously illustrious Presidential  bunch. They were obviously viewed as traitors, were never forgiven  for their humanist attempts, and so paid the ultimate price, yes?
     President's, Abe Lincoln , and John F.Kennedy , where  both  shot ,for daring to throw a bone to Black folks,at very critical periods of the country's history.
The Great FDR Roosevelt , is seen  today,as a National hero, and  justifiably so,  as his face  has been immortalized on Mt Rushmore. In the run up to WW2 however,as Japan , and Germany nibbled on the heals of Americavia pending  world wars , innocent , law abiding Japanese American citizens , in his estimation , did not fall under the ambits of the Constitution, as they were stripped of their rights , while locked in Midwest ,Concentration caves ,and their more previliged ,white German/ Euro- American ,fellow citizens , were viewed as loyal patriots,and so left to support the European homeland .
       There was this General turned  President , in Andrew Jackson , that today, is  so honored, he is placed on a national currency.He however,got sadistic pleasures,in massaching innocent Indians across this great nation, all the while praising his phantom, white ,blue eyed ,sky god, in heaven.Today,we call such barbarisms today, genocide.I guess , the Red Man was not protected under the Constitution. Let the record show, that this was used as a template by Adolph Hitler to murder 6 million , equally innocent Jews citizens, and the rest we shall say is history.
   One hundred years from now G.W Bush would be viewed by objective historians, as the worst President in the history of this great Republic , but the critics, in cluding this creature are silent,as to how both him and cronies, made this country into a convenient corporate comodity to sell to the highest bidder- moving it from a surplus to the worst recessionary state since the early 20th century recession. Someone got this country into two illegal , costly wars, then exit like an MBA bandit , all the while cuddling his Arab oil friends , and similar, fake religious simi facist friends. Some constitutionalist, yes?

     It is not for me to defend this President,as he have his own loyalist to do such , but speaking about Imperial Presidency ,a la ,abuse of powers,it did not suddenly emerge three years ago, when he pounced on the scene ,as  his  country's first Black President's,but the precedent began, a long time ago.His supporters, might justifiably argue, that if for any reason he might be practicing some of their actions,it's just possible ,that these actions, are simply a survival mechanism.
   I have often seen this beat down,  blame game lamentations, and castigation for phantom ills , as practiced, repeatedly,against Afrikans, by  a destructive, numerically dominant majority.They, like this author, developed selective amnesia ,while indulging in their historical revisionism, and how sad, as they do not only  themselves an injustice, but likewise the rest of humanity.
    America deserves a Commander in Chief,and or President ,that not only pay credence to a symbolic paper,call the Constitution, but will so whatever it takes to uphold noble, globally accepted  Ideals, which can ensure World Peace, domestic and International Security, broad based Economic Justice, and Political Empowerment of all people's , irrespective of their respective  race, color, class, gender, or geographical locations. I therefore echo the fine words of Ive leauge educated, Constitutional lawyer ,Black Liberational Theology  Social activist , and President , Barrack Hussain Obama. "Don't Muck it up, "America!Your call.
 Luv Humanity!

Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd Amemdment, Right to death

RIP Don Cornelius , even though you were not a hunter, or in such mammoth  danger, to the extent that you needed a gun to protect yourself in that 25 room mansion, you shared by your lonesome Soul , since the departure of  Russian , ex wife.

Sad ,but 400,000 Americans were killed by guns since Robert Kennedy & MLK Jr. 1968 murdered, and when would most get disgusted enough, to push back against pro corporatist gun nuts, and so demand changes on a no longer valid  2nd Amendment , the actions of  exploitative NRA Profiteering lobbyist, and ,immoral Politicians, who pander, as a way of  survival. For the record, that figure, was more than died  back in WW11. Say yes to life , and no to violence.

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