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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resiliency of the Political Blue Blood Bushes:A lesson for Pessimistic Underdogs

           It is sad ,but lofty historians,idle  philosophers,  and  ideological political pundits ,often get it wrong , when it comes to the course of events , or expectations in matters involving us mortals beings. No way is that more vivid , than in my favorite pastime, politics. There is nothing worst than underestimating the abilities of a man ,or a woman , and  often that can come back to haunt one. Take the Bushes, or ‘Blue Bloods,’ as one time  Alaskan beauty queen , and now Reality TV  star,  Sarah  Palin ,prefer to refer to them. 
  G.H Bush , at 19 survived a  WW11 airplane crash ,amongst savage Japanese warlords, return  safely to the USA, abandoned Yankee land Connecticut, for new home  Texas ,and the rest we shall say is history.        
    From oil speculating millionaire, to  Presidential challenger of  fast talking ,Californian Ronald Reagan. Having lost that battle, folks thought that was the end of GHB , especially ,when he lashed out in dismissive  , pro liberalism ,talk about trickle down, Voodoo Economic, on the great communicator’s  economic policies.
     Yet there he was sipping champaign for two terms as a loyal VP pit-bull ,then to usher in a new post Cold War era. Oh yes ,it’s true that  his picture might never join the ranks of Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan , and eventually Barrack Obama on Mt Rushmore, since millions of agitated Americans read his campaign  lips on , “ new taxes!” 
Millions more of fighting men and women in this country remembered him putting the military back into respectability in winning the first war in  Desert Storm Iraq, after the disasters that arduous Vietnam. 
     The coup de Grace was when he suck it to his successor , and dragged  him into another ill conceived war in Somalia , that again ,became a low point for America , as bodies of soldiers were dragged through the streets by emaciated 12 year , bare feet kids  , barely able to lift , much less, load their Kalashnikov. Well, we know that the eventual fall out of that , was  a month long 800,000  Africans slaughtered in Rwanda , and the USA , extremely timid  to venture amongst  angry machete  wheeling Hutu ,and Tutsi, or use it’s clout on the Security Council , like was done on the behest of oil rich Arab , Kuwaiti playboys.Great job G. B, and history proved you right for not killing cousin Saddam . 
   Enter stage right, G.W.Bush. Well, what an interesting Blue blood this guy is. 2010, is almost over , and many are still daring to underestimate the former Commander in Chief and one time Yale Skull and Bones head honcho. Prior to his Texan run , and marriage to the beautiful and loyal Laura, the man was a colossal failure, hands down, thank you daddy for the gold spoon to bail me out each and every failure, and social fiasco. Sorry Ann Richards , you still do not know what hit you in that governors race as yet , huh?
    Well so did the score of  questionable death row inmates , who requested pardons from the GW Christian  camp . GW , was able to beat out , every other governor in the history of America , as he pulled the switch to end the lives of mainly blacks, and  and other selective folks who failed to uphold the law- “give on to Caesar..., and such matters. 
   Al Gore not only lost to him , but Tipper, his high school sweetheart, even if he got a Nobel Prize , and any who can find anything of significance, war hero John Kerry, did since he got  such a  severe shellacking ,form the underestimated  GW, then call me.  As for Dan Rather , the fast talking CBS  TV ,anchor veteran ? He thought he was invincible, now he is doing reruns on QVC to sell Texan steaks , and shoes for lonely housewives at 4 am .  
    Not much took place politically ,during GW Bush reign , unless you wish to talk about his involvement in orchestrating  two wars, that bankrupted  the country, but who is counting?  As for his Democratic  successor Barrack Obama,the only difference between the two commander in chief is that one had two Blue Bloods a parents , and the other unfortunately was saddled with an  African immigrant,  uncaring father, who eventually  used his  lofty ,Harvard  Phd, to light a bond fire, in  a Nairobi shanty town , where he died a dismal failure ,in obscurity. GW did not have to worry about legacy, as his successor supported every policy he pushed over the past eight years , even tax breaks for the rich, and  condescending ,vitriolic attacks, on the same axis of evils, located in Third world countries such as  Iran, North Korea, Iraq, and we can include Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan or  Afghanistan, for all that Saudi ,Wahhabi terrorist supporters , are concerned. 
   Score one for the Blue bloods , and hail to a change in the political fortunes of the Republicans , thanks to their hero , who successfully converted a Clinton Surplus , into a deficit , that eventually became an American recession that Uncle Barrack dare not talk about, or Tea Baggers might get him in 2012. 
    Guess what, GW  new memoir, Decision Point  ,was expected to be a dismal failure , since numerous  critics thought, it would be a bore , and should more fittingly be renamed  ‘why I hate Black people,’ and ‘How to  drink myself to sleep ,or choke on a pretzel,’based on the lasting  impact such had on the former leader. Wrong again ! $2 million in sales since it’s launching in November ,again beating back all  preceding  populist Presidents, from Ronald  Reagan ,to Slick Willy. Not bad ,for a man  with Karl Rove Brain , and Condoleezza Rice back something.
    What do we know, but 2011 is hours away, and I am expecting great things, both for myself , and the nation as a whole. Just might not have the Blue bloods pedigree,but is yet filled with optimism that there is still hope for the underdogs. Let’s go get em people.   

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Justice and Reconciliation American style: VS Emboldenment, of Global Lynch Mobs

       Many folks often enquire , ‘but  Znend , why are you focusing on America when it comes to their atrocious,racially skewed, Human Rights abuse records, when there are many other countries , that ain’t doing too grand a job themselves?‘     
       Well, I will  often say in response, ‘it was America , and not China that professed to be the bastion of democracy , and land of the free, so China can murder 50,000 Tibetans Buddhists, or execute with impunity , dissidents across that vast lands ,with a bullet to the back of the head , and in their desperate quest for natural resources ,cuddle Sudanese and  similar Third World , political  henchmen ,while protecting them via her lofty positions in unmentionable Multilateral   Chambers ,but  not America. 
 The Russians , their lifetime rivals , under media hound, and former KGB figurehead  Putin, can murder every known  independent journalists , or critic , and bomb Muslims in  resource rich places such as Chechnya ,all they want, while claiming to be democratic nation , but not America. 
    Those French  we know , are still grateful to American soldiers for halting Hitler’s efforts ,in making their country a province of Germany, that would have  deprived us all of the beautiful French language of love. They can afford to treat their once welcomed ,immigrant population across their country as 5th class citizens , and as late as 2010 , still stir the pot of inter tribal ,and ethnic hatred ,across Africa from Rwanda, to the Ivory Coast, but that cannot be the way of  America , a nation - in case we forgot - that was built by immigrants, or particularly,on the backs , and  free blood, of African slaves, as well as their  millions of  still uncompensated descendants.
      As for the ever conniving British, they can pretend to be a civilize , progressive , still flourishing global power , while riding the coat tails  of their  more powerful American cousins, as they  hold outlandish Royal weddings , that will last as long as  two  inches of snow on  the grounds of   Atlanta, South Carolina , Florida , and  similar southern state in these United States. There must  however, come  a time when they too , like America ,would have to  admit their culpable role in creation of the most dehumanizing act of humanity in the African Slave trade ,and the wanton savagery,with the overwhelming trauma that followed  for lifetime victims , even as we speak.
        It is obvious that Britain ,more than any other country besides the USA , and one time Cold War ,arch nemesis, USSR, has  -either directly or indirectly - caused more mayhem ,and destruction across the globe via her Imperial hegemonic expansionist forays ,but has escaped untarnished somehow.
      It is not surprising as to what transpired , why , and the order  in which they occurred ,since  this wanton European savagery ended in America. It began with genocidal  lynching of African men, massive Western , Southern ,  Eastern  Europeans , Jewish , and Asian Immigrations ,to America ,to replace once free labor. It evolved to national  demonization of Africans, as lazy ,criminal oriented ,illiterate , sexually uncontrollable,uncivilized ,kids producing scoundrels . It most importantly included ,a historically white, job enhancement 2.3 million Prison Industrial Complex  cash cow ,that has flourished  in a massive way, and help keep 12% of the US population forever  powerless, when some half of such incarceration figures from within their race.
      America  emerged as a leader , at the end of the WW11 , due to the destruction of the rest of Europe caught up in their intertribal wars . Her position became solidified , in 1989 at the end of a pointless , and globally destructive ,and or wasteful  Cold War, but one constant  factor remained through it all  , and that is ,  African peoples in this country were never made  true stake  holders  in this country, nor even fully appreciated for what they’ve  contributed to it’s development. 
   Every  hero was attacked , as many were scrutinized  beyond measure , then  brandished as traitors , when daring to speak up on historical anomalies , they saw , and that’s a shame. It is evident , that after centuries of blatant disenfranchisements, via deliberate ,racially skewed social policies, today more than ever, even as token leaders such as President Obama , are trotted out ,for display as signs of progress, much is still left to be desired, as far as concrete  social , economic , and political justice in America. 
       It is my hope that the traditional ,dominant white America , can one day come to the full realization, that irrespective of the vast economic ,and political might represented in this country,it  can never fully evolve into a true Democratic ,and respected ,global, moral Leader , until it’s people  addresses  first ,that  atrocious domestic  past , by seeking  to rectify  it’s numerous  ,continued ,racial injustices that exist, then  secondly ,force it’s will on other global leaders , to do what’s  right ,on  a slow moving , rudderless ‘international  community,‘where more  are hell bent on maintaining the status quo , as it serves a particular purpose of continued global domination  of others, they inherently -though  erroneously -feels superior to. Time to join hands together as we search for ways to rectify historical ills, which  often includes , modern elitist , closet  barbarians , with evil intent , in all their  varying manifestations. Stay tuned .  
Justice delayed , is justice denied. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Power Matters

       It’s  the tail  end , almost , of ‘the season to be jolly,’ for some  that were  able to escape the cold freezing weather, that Al Gore ,and his environmental doom and gloom advocates, repeatedly told us were long gone , but that ‘s  different story , for another occasion. For the record, let me add, that it is not that I do not share the view that the environment is out of sync  , as Nobelist ,New Aged ,Global Warming head guru Al claimed ,but just that I do not believe that it’s principally due to a bunch of starving Amazonian indians lighting wood-fire  in their  jungle backyards , for  food purposes,and survival, against hungry anacondas , or giant poisonous spiders.I prefer to focus instead ,on the thousands of secret  nuclear test that are still  being conducted across this globe, or the multitudes of Air space junk that are floating across the atmosphere led by NASA , in their quest to find elusive life forms on Mars , Jupiter , and the moon , as if such matters. 
   How about that , Governor Patterson  with only a few days left in office ,decided to offer a pardon to a black New York  male ,name white , who was accused of shooting to death a 17year old closet KKK ,racist  kid ,that came to his home ,late one night threatening to harm his family , after refusing to leave the yard of what must be a card carrying NRA member. Score one for the 2nd Amendment,and the actions of those thoughtful Founding fathers, yes?
   Justice  some say, but who is to judge? Surely not us , as fear from a lynch mob ,is something that most of us won’t know anything about , except through the tales of boring historical novelists , and ghastly stories, of still traumatized Afro Americans that experienced their share of American genocides, yet was never compensated . 

    We can only speculate what would have occurred , if the  political situation was different  ,so that   Andrew  Cuomo, the Mayor elect , or his dear compassionate neo liberal  Papa Mario , was in office, and the situation was reverse whereby New York’s first black governor was on the verge of assuming power. Let’s just say the Black governor’s numerous enemies , are in  attack mode, and he won’t hear the last of  their contempt , even as we watch the mug of his predecessor Elliott Spritzer  aka George Fox,extoll  the virtues of justice nightly, on CNN. Well , everything ain’t black and white , as Client 9 proved. Again, another subject, for another occasion.   

    What do you know, it’s the season of redemption, and not one to be left in the dark , America's  increasingly popular President , Uncle Barrack , is  using his Presidential bully pulpit ,to speak out on issues of critical social  importance, to the nation,- at least for some. One such was to show some love for Eagles Quarterback  #7, and possible NFL’s obvious  2010 MVP.
        America favorite sports darling, is reveling in redemptive aura, but don’t tell that members of the Peta animal rights activist, who believed that he should be sent to the gallows ,in like manner as he did to numerous dogs on the loosing end of his underground canine  fighting ring,  and  fervently supports  a Federal Judge's  decision, to disallow him from ever owning a  dog -even for his loving young daughter.  By the way, the recent Olympics in China was the best in it’s history  of the games, and was enjoyed thoroughly by dog lovers, even as many knew of the atrocious track records to  animals in that country , most of which are eaten for food,.  
   Just so you know, many animal rights lovers, and activists, are  also gun owners, and ardent hunters - especially with high calibre automatic weapons . Wake me up when a national movement is started to end violence on bears,  Alaskan Caribous , ducks , Quails, foxes, or worst yet wolves , who incidentally ,are cousins of dogs ,yes?

Hey President to be  Palin, your call,as Barrack , your rival , is getting warm . Ahhhh, the season to be jolly, so let’s forgive! Speaking of which , I just stole a cake recipe  from from repentant  TV personality , the former  Wall Street insider and Federal inmate 55170-054 ,Martha Stewart.
 You should remember her, if you ever lost a dollar on the Wall Street  NYC corruption , unregulated Express, where white color crooks and bandits , ran rampant during the Texan MAB President's noble  reign , that today are forcing Americans  to reminisce about the great depression, when inflation , and runaway poverty was the norm. A few criminals are sleeping better tonight, most likely because of her  post incarceration  thirst,for prison sentence reform .  

That is if anyone is listening , like NY first Black Governor. 
Power Matters , yes? 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Global Bonafide Hustler : A Peace Dilemma

    “Best wishes to you and family,” said a colleague of mine, in the spirit of good will, and tidings during this recessionary times that many of us are grateful to still hold a job , and remains cheerful about. “Same to you I responded,” then added in my typical politically provocative manner I am capable of , “we certainly have much to be happy about, and could be worst  off , like our cousins in Cote d‘ Ivore,remembering that he had  spent some two years in that country attempting to foster peace while working for a premier International organization. “Oh yes indeed,” he said , and we were off to the races . We both did a back, and forth trying to understand how a country could  find itself in this state , after a closely monitored election that saw democracy thwarted again , as one leader even after five years of unconstitutional power, and international cuddling , still refused to hand over power. 
    What do we have here in terms of  problems you ask ? On the surface, it  appears as if this will be just another African nation about to succumb to violent inter-religious , ethnic savagery, as  regional leaders under the African Union , and ECOWAS watchful eyes ,as well as global power brokers ,simply  twiddle their thumbs ,so that similar  Rwandan , Congolese ,and  Sudanese style , inter tribal abuses  escalates ,with the usual Bantu body counts following in it’s sway. 

   Should the international community get involve as was done in Iraq , Panama , or Haiti ,to get rid of politically unpalatable dictators? Is it troublesome  Francophone  Colonial masters, that again were  fueling the disturbances, as was done in Rwanda , so as to justify their presence, and stranglehold on the allegedly independent country? Can any moral leaders emerge from within the entire 54 nations in Africa , that can encourage the defeated President Lanrent Gbagbo's to leave office , in favor of former PM Allasane Quattara? How about the country’s military leaders, are they   justified to stay out of the political fray, perhaps tired of accepting repeated blame ,for the sad  state of the country ,after too many foreign backed coups? You be the judge , as the scramble for Africa continues unabated , with abduction, killings, and torture  becoming more routine from the land of the largest exporter of cocoa. 

     There appears to be an urgent  need for new solidarity movement embracing folks across the diverse continents battling similar struggles of neglect , exploitation, sometimes with the help of destructive neo colonial elites .It was some 107  years ago that W.E.B. Du Bios , admonished us in  his book , the Soul of Black Folks ,to recognize that "the problem of the twentieth-century is the problem of the color line — the relation of the darker to the lighter races of men in Asia and Africa, in America and the islands of the sea."
   Not much it appears ,has changed in the 21st century , as now the situation is even more critical, as the  issues as clouded by religious, and political ideology, class , cultural superiority challenges , as suspect allies, and foe alike , try to work their magic.
   What does Israel, Lebanon, the Gaza, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India,Cote d Ivore, Sudan , Chad,  Nigeria, Iraq,Congo,North Korea,Thailand, Afghanistan ,Burma,Iran, inter tribal /gangland USA, China,Guantanamo Bay Cuba,South Korea, Tibet, Russia ,Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe,Chechnya,Mexico,Columbia, and old Europe ,all have in common? They are experiencing  either full scale wars, and ethnic conflicts, or simmering problems destined to destroy us all , if given a chance.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Progressive Pragmatism , or Non Transparent Kumbaya , in 'Americana'

      No labels movement a Woodstock for democracy one of the leaders claimed. Quite appropriate I thought , based on who were the folks that dominated that movement . 
I so happened to be surfing my TV to see if one of my favorite basketball , or NFL team is on, and so happened to pause on  CSPAN , to see a new movement , in the vain of the recently successful Right wing  fringe group called the Tea party , being launch in Columbia University New York. The ideas as touted by the leaders were ,let's   bring folks of all different  political ,and social stripes together, to work for real changes in Washington , in the interest of all America. Instructive,and interesting , was -rhetoric's aside-that we can all achieve changes for good , without those  sacrificing narrow interest of elite power structures  .These included , say no to   all labels , no to gridlocks, find commonalities , and new space for effecting honest  changes beyond race, differences as laid out by Republicans ,and Democrats alike. They even stole the music  and label from  a song by black Hip Hop superstar, Akon. 
         What was dramatically evident , was the fact that missing from this embryonic operation, once more, was racial diversity.  Perhaps I should reiterate , to dominant America , Hey folks , you cannot effect real changes in this society , while trying to advocate changes without recognizing that this is a racially complex society!  Conservative journalist David Brooks, talking about patriotic founding fathers, such as moderate one time  immigrant, Hamilton, and wise leaders such as Adams, and Jefferson ,is not enough I think. Lofty speeches by talk show host  Michael  Smecconish. Nostalgic pontifications , coupled with calls for grassroots  movements ,by  politicians  such as Nancy Jacobson, and Dan Glickman , are great , but insufficient.  So we listen with interest to  founding members Nate Garvis ,Nancy Jacobson,William Galston, and Dave Morin , and similar passionate leaders , while asking with a tinge of skepticism , who is really looking out for whom, even if in true Margaret Mead like  fashion , can come together to make a difference? 
       Can you advocate social , creative , bipartisan ,collaborative changes, in this or any country , capable of impacting the rest of the world -including powerful global organizations-by only adhering to the narrow views of one race of people ? I would think not, since all domestic , and international issues are inextricably tied up in who we are as a people - a multifaceted , and diverse bunch , with various norms and historical values. So on a day when this country’s politicians have buried the Dream Act , that would have given relief to millions of American kids , whose families, so happened to be illegal  immigrants to this country , while at the same time celebrating a new law that would open up the rights for special groups within the military, is eye opening.
   What apparently occurred here was a case of misguided so called Reagan Republicans ,failing to have the courage and understanding of their country , so as to do the right thing for decent people ,like that of their one time popular leader , is a sad shame. What we saw , here was that  a bunch of cowardly , gutless ,liberal Democrats , unable to shape the agenda , and so allay fears of Republicans that the millions of grate beneficiaries of this Bill ,would not suddenly, only  vote for the  Democratic Party. As for the recent bill just passed however , was this simply a transparently easy vote by pandering politicians on both sides , looking for a way to appear tolerant to certain segments of our voting  society , without seriously focusing on broad based weak and neglected , all over this country? You be the judge. 
  So hopefully you  too can be encouraged to  build new  movements with other  folks , that’s aimed at progressive pragmatism, as a prerequisite for truly advancing a  nation with it's collection of peoples , but also to propel it , into a somewhat neglectful role, of pressuring  global leaders  ,to push a new agenda for peace ,security ,and development for us all. Let's keep an eye open. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Truth & Social Justice Spotlight

   Ever wondered when alleged progressives in Liberal and  Conservative social ,or traditional  media would shine a light into past , and on going wrongs at home , as opposed to only highlighting the atrocities across the globe , that - surprise , surprise -works to their benefits? 
"Throughout the world, 250 million 5 to 14 year olds are employed; one half of these work full-time.  Many children work in industries where they are exposed to harmful chemicals or other dangerous conditions."  
 One cannot also help but be repulse at the efforts of those that have likewise  suddenly hijacked  Civil Society , in their efforts to perform well appreciated ,good -again- far and wide , but yet  fail to either place the hands of their own business and political leaders to the fire , or tackle blatant social , economic and political injustice closer to  home . we'll start with gun manufacturers and the politicians that cuddle them.
 If  soccer balls are produced en-massed for Nike in Pakistan , and  America baseballs manufacturers grew rich off  child labor   in non democratic Haiti,while both had staunch political and economic   support from America, then who holds some culpability?
Care to guess what became of the kids of Miss Essy , and her husband  with the wonderful scars that resulted from violent abuses at the hands of savage  European plantation owners?
For the record, his descendants were never compensated for the free labor they gave to the development of this country as well as all of old Europe, and that’s a tragedy that should not be condone. 
Did you know  that "American prisons produce 100% of US military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens." They also supply 98% of equipment assembly services, 93% of paints and paintbrushes, 92% of stove assemblies, 46% of body armor, 36% of home appliances, 30% of headphones, microphones and speakers, 21% of office furniture, and much more?” 
   Now ask yourself , if this 2.4 million ,of which 15% are wrongfully convicted prisoners are unable to vote , as well , then what kind of government are you electing, and who benefits when race , and class , as depicted  by  black  ,brown ,red,yellow citizens /immigrants ,and a few poor  whites ,are  thrown into the equations ? 
  Speaking of concerned for kids ,worst yet ,7.3 million children have at least one parent in jail or prison. Tragically  70 % of  the kids , would follow such a parent along that career part ?  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alexis de Tocqueville Truth-sayers ,on Pressing , Historical ,Neo -Racial Affairs.

“In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships.
     There is something so fascinating about the American Presidency , that their lives makes for such political intrigues long into their retirement, and even their deaths,burial, and afterlife-if such exist. Take Thomas Jefferson, who is only the most savvy writing President, that ever emerged from 'these United States,' simply  for his efforts in   penning  the world famous , Declaration of Independence , but made education his lifetime priority , by  selflessly putting the wheels in motion, at great sacrifice,  for the   foundation of the  University of Virginia. "All men are created equal,"makes for  riveting reading indeed, but  remember he always butted heads, with his more morally sound rival John Adams , for many things. The  most frequent was not having the gut and moral fortitude , to even free  his numerous , dehumanized African slaves,  after leaving office -including the bastards off springs, he co produced ,after repeatedly raping  our  dear sister ,Sally Hemings ,his lifetime concubine-when  leaving office.  

       Unfortunately the tail end of this unsavory,  ghastly, revolting , and hypocritical  tragedy, was felt in good old 1% black  blood , hating ,'Americana,'  centuries later, and how sad , not for then 3rd  Aristocratic President , but the more allegedly pristine , and pure , blue blooded  relatives , that Tea Bagging head mouth piece , Mama Grizzly  Sarah P, spoke so eloquently about , while rebuking the adorable  Barbara Bush? 

     Although he never wrote even a kindergarten play ,Most Americans still  , somehow adore the fast talking, B- Movie, California former lifeguard, ideological feel good ,Cowboy ,Ronald Reagan ,for what naive, suspect  historians, like to believe , his  single handle acts of  freeing  this scary,  convoluted  world, of the dreaded Soviets  Evil Empire, principally with no help from Gorbachev , with that faulty, socialist , theoretical  Glasnost ,& Perestroika mantra. Yes, Americans are still basking in the glory of his  big militaristic  stand  on one time African Arab oil laden terrorist, Qaddafi. They like the fact that  Grenada is now liberated from the dreaded Castro’s socialist influences, and feels good that Lebanon is now free from Pro Arab /neo Shiites/ anti Israel  henchmen terror squads, and the kind  Butcher of Sabra and Chatila ,Ariel Sharon.

     Many are ecstatic that no one went to serious prison, especially convenient fall guys,Admiral  John Pointdexter ,and failed Virginian Senator ,in unscrupulous  Marine Colonel  Oliver North,  over Iranian/ Sandinista drug ,and arm dealers, Ronald the Gipper's law breaking ,well controlled shenanigans. Most importantly, they are enjoying the tail end of his much touted  deregulations ,job exporting to China , trickle down, Voodoo economics escapades ,all with the help of Sinatra adoring wife  Nancy’s ,  Ouija Boards maneuvers  , and loyal side kick VP “Yankee / Texan Blue blood,” George Herbert Bush - a one time CIA head, and Chinese Ambassadorial appeaser, and intense rival. 

   JFK , and Slick Willy were ok political peas of the same cob  guys , who had  achieved cult status, both in and out of office for similar ,and quite different reasons, but we won’t fault them for being American modern , and post modern Royalty, amongst competing Yankee, Elizabethan, you guessed it - thanks to Mama Grizzly Palin-  “Blue bloods.” Let’s just say both had lonely White-house wives, and their names still surprisingly ,invokes  sentimental palpitations amongst diehards ideologues , for diverse reasons. 
        Now to the two must important  Presidents, in American history, I believe. They are none other than ,  Jimmy  “sin in my heart “Carter, and perennial Frat boy,’gold spoon in the mouth , goofball,’ Born again,Crawford Rancher  , G W Bush.  As you might recall ,the latter  is  the only  Harvard / Yale educated President ,to start , two ill conceived wars , choked on a pretzel  during a drunken stupor, and have a  memoir out at the same time ,with an Alaskan female , educationally challenged VP,that  barely completed Community College , yet her book ,might be outselling his, at 5 to 1, go figure. 
    For the record ,according to some , the only matter that is of some worth  in his boorish  book , was his contempt for Black Hip Hop artist Kanye who called him out on too much shrub cutting , and or ,love for kindergarten story telling ,during national crisis , and his full admittance of really  loving Black People Refugees, in French named, neglected , decadent  places called New Orleans. 
      To many political Pundits ,  neo spiritualist  Jimmy, was a dismal failure , for dedicating all his political post decadent Republican  Nixon,  life in the power , furthering the  interest of Peace , between marauding hate-mongering Arabs , and the citizens in the State of Israel , that unfortunately resulted in Egyptian lifetime dictator Hussein Mubarak , and  globally unite  Islam, from both  Teheran Iran ,to Kabul  Afghanistan.  Many , including selected beneficiaries ,  dismissed all the noble guys actions ,in terms of   global peace,security , good governance , socio -economic justice- com political justice globally, that it is little wonder the Nobel Prize  Committee folks , not do the unprecedented thing ,and recall his Peace Prize, for turning out to be an impostor.  

     Let’s just say , that the life of an ex President , or rather ,the Stewardship of one still riding the crest of unpopular , popularity , while sitting in office , can be quite challenging - depending on who we are referring to. Is it, ..."Yankee  Blue Bloods," dynasties ,Star gazing Hollywood , pro Ouija actors , Guinness loving,Highland , sex fiends, or peace loving Peanut Farming  spiritualist , that can miraculously -while still alive- be  reincarnated,into  our present 50% half Blue Blood , Euro -African American,  ,Commander in Chief. 
      Stay tuned,  for these and much more of   ‘ZNENDRYE,Alexis de Tocqueville Chronicles,’ as 2012 evolve into a no contest, ring down , gridlock fight , between Uncle  Obama,versus  GOP’s  Newt Gingrich,  plus millionaire  Beer heiress  , another clueless , airhead VP , in  Meghan Mc Cain , daughter of a much despised , liberal Republican Maverick , desperately fighting for the conscience of America, to bring it back from Dancing with the Stars runners  up  ,tea bagging vote seeking, prospective  first daughters. 
Heavens forbid, that  such should ever become a reality!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


     I recently joined a wonderful group  called  ‘Pro Do-GoodUs Philanthropic Advocates.‘  This is not  your typical do good folks , but a globally progressive , community , totally committed to service to others, primarily because we recognize the psychological, over any other benefits  to us. So what are  we really about you ask? Well , to coin a common expression, we tend to ‘have each other’s back,‘when folks in the media , twisted thinking politicians, and some others say,  conniving  business entities ,tries to  disparage , and or attempt to throw a monkey wrench into our stellar operations,while questioning our motives. 
    Even if I was thinking about making this move for some time, I was still a bit hesitant, as it was laden with so many famous, celebrity  folks. Ah never me and that media hugging , self indulgent , ego inflated group , I thought ,back when American Hollywood darling Mia Farrow , nearly had a nervous breakdown, as a result of the devastating revelations, that  her live in boyfriend , or was  it husband Woody Pink Panter Allen,  as  this pedophiliac   , scary, and psychologically twisted  miscreant was it ,observed in the hidden camera  fondling on one  of her very young, many adopted kids Soon-Yi , who , surprise, surprise ,eventually became his wife, and heavens forbid, child mother? The usually strong ,caring ,  and forceful Mia , was so distraught, that this organization- which  dates as far back  as  the Quakers America -was forced to give her solace , just like folks from the North ,had to perform during the barbaric system of Euro-American slavery. You remembered that period , yes? 
I came close on another  historic occasion, when this my  new  found organization , had to jump to the aid of a fellow member .It was at the cabinet formation stage of Uncle Obama’s new government , when a member of the Clinton political tag team was in problem , and under the spotlight , due to his global philanthropic efforts of one half.  "Who is contributing to his global initiatives , the media wanted to know, and would his charitable acts , and fund raising groupies, help  compromise America , and Hilary his his wife’s  ambitions to be a  real , independent ,political player?" These were some of the numerous concerns, but , unless you lived on Mars over the past 2 years, then you’ll  know how that was settled, no? 

  This great organization was there for Madonna, when jealous punk rockers , questioned her motives for trying to adopt a Malawi Aids baby all in front of the media, just as her marriage was on the rocks , while also  striving to begin a Kibbutz in Israel under her new found religious faith,and  was it with  the watchful eyes of perennial play boy ,second tier baller, Alex Rodriguez? They stepped up each time Angela and her 10 multiracial , adopted kids , and Brad Pitt  were about to separate , as the media predicted, and now Hollywood famous unmarried couple , is busy saving the world, pushing out movies , and babies of their own as well. More power to them, I say!  
   Two event  made me almost commit, and  the first was the  disastrous Gulf BP oil spill recently ,and the finger pointing that followed against  politicians, conglomerate executives, and obviously , caring environmentalist of the philanthropic fraternity, who many believe were brought, and sold by oil and gas energy dollars.   
   The second was when our socially conscious , millionaire , Grammy winning , Hip Hop  buddy Wycliffe Jean , was  demonized by main stream media , for double dipping ,in the cookie  a la the funds  that were given to him,  to assist  desperate  Haitian countrymen, then to compound it all ,he made the most ludicrous decision in his life ,  to run for office as President  of that country.

  The last straw was when of all people ,Don Cheadle of  Hotel Rwanda fame , was accused of genocide in Sudan that to date saw the death of some 250,000,at some 5000 per month , and displacement of 2.5 million . You remember Don , as he acted in that wonderful movie Hotel Rwanda,and the depiction of  a  certain Canadian General seen  running away in fear ,with his large tanks , and numerous Europeans aid workers in tow, while 800, 000  Tutsi , and Hutu Bantu Africans , he and his bunch, were mandated to protect, hacked each other to death , all in one month. China was cool, the other four sleeping members of the international community , are fine, crazy African  Arabs Muslims were OK, the sleeping pan African, and African Union organization folks , are great,  but the Don, got  blame  for encouraging genocide to make his relief efforts, and proposed movie ventures  more profitable. Go figure. Suffice it to say , ths was too much , and I jumped into the brew , after too much past procrastinations.  

 I became very excited after  my membership  application was accepted , by this prestigious organization, and guess what, just in time to throw in some support for the greatest  female tennis player of all time Martina Navratilova , after  her   illness, and  hospitalization, after a failed Kilimanjaro  climb, to raise funds for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation . Talk about a trail blazer, this woman. Get well Martina. We are with you every step of the way. 

 So that’s it  folks..., we are looking for many more members. Doing  good is , well, a good thing, but the reasons, can be different for everyone. My hope is to make a noble contribution, of keeping the players honest, and motives clear, as we all within the  global village give aid , and help to others, in moments of need, while serving indirectly as catalyst for positive change. What say ye? 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Picking One's Poison within the American Tailspin

    Ain’t life grand in these United Sates? Many folks are now getting quite bent and out of shape because of the many embarrassing revelations, that are emanating from  new aged social media,WickiLeak's efforts, that has recently emerged as a result of this here Aussie chap , referred to as Julian Assange. Like everything else that takes place in this blessed ‘land of the free.‘the folks that says yea ,or nay to one side or the other on the question as to support castration , jail, and then public decapitation Saddam style ,for this cyber terrorist , are with few exceptions , stacked up according to political ideology, and therefore  economic class , power of influence , or to put in simple words - who has more to loose or gain ,according to these honest  communications, moments of truth.  
   For folks like myself, only  with a keen interest in freedoms , social justice , and the role of our corporate complicit , embedded , traditional media,  this affair has much deeper values, and so I observe the social tailspin ,with a mixture of bemuse apprehension, tinged with horror. 
       Let me for the record state clearly, that I personally could care less about an iota of the horrid communications  information ,that these millions of documents revealed , as I am in no way surprise as to what my fellow humans do, and say , in secret anymore, from the Commander in Chief  of the most powerful democratic country on earth, to the most barbaric Third world back woods nation, headed by some tin pan dictator. As a political animal myself,I subscribe to the well tested  philosophical view point , that “man is by nature evil.”    
    Some nine years after the now famous 9/11  Islamist terrorist drama,Americans are finally becoming a bit wary of  their politicians, business class ,and high end, over the top security experts , and  military elites alike. Pro Christian ,religious fear-mongering ,political deceptions, and anti foreign, unilateral  rhetoric, that was once the  order, no longer has the same appeal, to desperate citizens tired  of wasteful, costly spending on two  pointless wars ,or overarching , intrusive ,domestic security surveillance umbrella initiatives , with no benefits for any ,but the  typical political spin doctors,and other power brokers suspects, more concerned about their expanding fiefdoms, then the public’s welfare.    
   I must once more place on record that I too feel that when it comes to the truth , I do not believe that  the end always justify the means , and certain levels of propriety , and code of ethics ,are needed -including respect for the laws by any proclaimed professional , when doing their job. Therefore, if it can be established that our Aussie friend  Julian , with the Swedish  sexual passion ,broke any real   US national laws ,then he  should be prepared to face the consequences. 
   Having said that , it is important to emphasize my strongly held view that I find it reprehensible when folks display acts of selective outrage , on critical issues that affects us , based on their own personal interest , ideology, or other less  tenuous reasons. My firm stance in this case , should be obvious , as one who threads down this partway , opens the door for serious malfeasance, by skillful power manipulators ,that can be harmful to us all. So if for example ,the American public could live with the fact that greedy ,callous ,gun manufacturers could sell their weapons of death , while waving the 2nd Amendment in our faces, with  little regard to the devastating  impact small arms proliferation, has on domestic ,and international murders and violence , then Julian Assange   perhaps too, deserves a break. We lived with Presidential Cowboy Ronald , who broke US  laws to sell arms to Iran , and dabble WITH  South, and Central American drug lords, and so this  ghastly acts by  the Aussie foreigner , and his half English military gay conspirator,Bradley Manning  too,  can be tolerated. 
        In the aftermath of Vietnam , and while America slept, it’s military were finally allowed to sharpen their skills in an invasion of Panama to capture it’s leader  Manuel Noriega,and  eventually lock him away in a US prison, under the guise that he was a drug kingpin supporter,even if he was trained ,encouraged , and molded by his former CIA boss, who happened to be the 41st President , that had a problem with Noriega ,for demanding a return  of rights  ,and sovereignty over his Panama Canal, in like manner to China , in HongKong. Few raised an eyelid, as 800,000 Africans died in  a one month ,Rwandan, inter ethnic  massacre, and leaders in the world largest free nation , quibble internally ,about lack of national interest ,in the aftermath of a Somalian public military  debacle  while publicly blaming , obscure international laws , on weak ,multilateral, interpreters, and powerless bureaucrats , for failure to agree on required , mandatory, anti genocidal actions by a comatose international community.  
    Many , did not see a problem when the first democratically elected Haitian President Aristide  was kidnapped by operatives and shipped abroad , then replaced by  ideological puppets, but many seemed surprised as to the political state of the country today in the wake of overwhelming natural disasters.An over zealous Islamic dictator named Saddam Hussein ,became the fall guy, as well as a  few sheep herding, Poppy cultivating ,  Afghan illiterate tribesmen blamed, for all that was wrong with today’s world , Islam,and poor security ,  while their respective countries were  converted to  stone aged fiefdoms ,simply to appease  more American friendly Saudi Arab cousins, even if none of their fingerprints, could be found on any of the three  planes, that brought   
   The list goes on , a Turkish humanitarian ship laden with supplies for desperate refugees in Gaza , was attacked by Israeli security elites, and NGO’s murdered mercilessly, as they attempted to defend themselves against  such , well calculated invaders from a historically threatened people, and nation. For mere political reasons , a CIA  female operative was  outed ,with little regards ,by well placed  politicians, and handlers, then the culprits pardoned , and or, patted on the wrist by their exiting President, so that life can go on in a once Far Right ,Neocon  administration, and yet, Julian Assange is carded now for the gallows. 
      The jury is still out on nuclear ambitious Iran, and North Korea, resource deficient China the new super power is in no mood to slow down any time soon whether in genocidal have Sudan, Congo , or any where if feels a buck can be made , and it’s power can be solidified, at the expense of a weakened Super Power. We should continue to keep our eyes focus on this growing , made for reality TV , soap Oprah involving our Aussie friend Julian Assange , as he threatens to make those authentic media characters, that gave us the scoop on  the Pentagon Papers, as well as Watergate Scandal look like Santa Claus , CNN probing truth seeker Larry King ,or even Jerry Springer in comparison. 
 Stay tune for real justice in this American tailspin, as it’s getting hot , or cold in here , depending on who is asking. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pavlov Revisited,and the crisis of Power

   You know I am always curious  about , or rather fascinated by this question of obedience, compliance, adherence , or whatever we wish to call it , to some authority, law, rule , norm , instructions or regulation. Not only  the mindset of those who are forced to obey , but others on the opposite end,  that are granted the power to interpret and enforce  such rules. This situation historically cuts across all quarters ,from the micro levels involving kids ,their  parents,and  teachers , as well as  low end bureaucrats,and   therefore transcends to the wider macro levels ,involving powerful leaders, billion dollar  conglomerates , and others with huge influences on even  life and death situations , for fellow beings like themselves. If you are for example a member of the millions of heavenly , all power God types of believers, then you would be familiar with Adam ,our first ever human on planet earth,  and his dear rambunctious , serpent adoring , apple tasting wife Eve, who dared to disobey , even if they allegedly had a free choice, then to the  consequential impact for  all mankind ever since. 
       Why am I rambling on about this seemingly inconsequential subject , one might ask? Well like that movie , I too am mad as hell , and cannot take it any more, but yet is powerless to do anything but .... Yesterday in  New York   Strong Island,with some 15 minutes before closing time  ,I went to the public library to borrow a book  ,on what to me is a much  ignored subject, that deals specifically with the  draconian ,racially skewed, profiteering , Prison Industrial Complex ,and it’s direct negative impact on mainly poor low caste ,African  folks,as well as  similar others of color ,in  these United States ,ever  since slavery allegedly  ended. 
   Got the book with some  5 minutes to spare, with the  help  of  a friendly Caucasian librarian . Went to the counter,and was told I could not borrow it because I owed a dime ,by a Hispanic young lady trainee. I ran to my vehicle , got the required cash , and returned to collect the book, then thought I have some fun , while getting inside of her head. "You were kidding , weren’t you," I ask? "Oh no," she said , "it’s the rules, "she proudly exclaimed , with two senior female colleagues looking on approvingly , while shaking their heads in ecstatic fashion as to the full compliance of this important  rule .
  " Is it a good rule ," I  further enquired, "and if so why is that so?" "Yes ,"she responded , "because ... it  was always the rule."  "Are you saying that all rules that existed for a long time, is a good rule," I further pressed? "Yes ,"she said, getting a bit agitated . "How about slavery, do you know at one time it was allowed as a rule ,in this country ,and  for a long time , so do you think that was a good rule?" "I won’t answer that," she finally said , glancing at the security , and her senior colleagues for some relief . "No big deal ,and have a nice day to you as well," I said , as I took my book and departed. 
          Three summers ago , I gave up almost a month of my life to grapple with a study in my educational journey ,that focused on leaders of four particular nations , and their  attitudes to one of the most  popular, yet controversial  international laws, of all time, that most nations grapple with. I am talking about  Brazil,Iran, Libya, and North Korea, all of which has made the news repeatedly over the past three months ,and the law, in case you did not know is the Non Proliferation Treaty- the most widely  subscribed  Treaty in History.
   Why I wanted to know exactly ,have 189 states  complied , or not? In the case of one time pro terrorist State Libya , some naively say fear of mighty global hegemon America, doing to them what was done to fellow signatory member Iraq. 
 Iran’s defiance some think, it’s because they see enemies lurking far and wide, starting with the  entire  Sunni Arab population, Western powers , the Jewish State, global non Shiite Islamists , and the list goes on. For North Korea, her actions  too, it is claimed  was due to  her enemies, far and wide, including thousands of American troops fixated for over 60 years on her border, to aid and protect her southern , more economically sound cousins in South Korea and Japan.

   For Brazil , once an ardent , aggressive , dictatorial ,militaristic ,nuclear  enthusiast ,with close rival Argentina, but today a major  NPT  compliance advocate, and  no surprise, is fast emerging as a globally forceful , alternative energy, industrial giant, along with it’s recent first female President , all be it ,amidst growing poverty , structural  violence ,and  other social problems.
  The questions remains therefore as to why North Korea , and Iran ,remains  political pariahs , for seeming non compliance , while non signatories ,and blatant abusing States, such as India, Israel, and Pakistan , are cuddled ? The way the interpretations goes , is that rules are important, but if you never recognize them in the first place , then you are free to abuse them , or something to that effect. The bigger question, for me was , why states with all the means to defy a law such as this , chose not to , and in the process give up part of their sovereignty , and likely power  in the process?  
     The conclusions were that states ,chiefly in non nuclear developing , and emerging industrial countries comply ,mainly because they feel safe , and protected  by more powerful allies ,whose own interest are in turn enhanced- either economically , or politically - for so doing.
   Other states, that somehow cower in fear , because they feel  threatened ,due to either internal, or external insecurity concerns, would instead defy laws , or seeks to circumvent them  , because they are aware of certain historically obvious realities. One is that , no state with a nuclear protected umbrella -of their own -or from another nuclear power , was ever blatantly attacked  by another. Power therefor, or lack therefore, remains a central motivational factor ,in every decision  to comply with a rule.  Since folks , large and small , always seem to want to know , what's in it for me, we should therefore  re-tweek our strategies when trying to encourage compliance, or decide ourselves if we should adhere to a rule when on the receiving end- whether opaque or not, and if capable of dealing with the consequences. 

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