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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Justice and Reconciliation American style: VS Emboldenment, of Global Lynch Mobs

       Many folks often enquire , ‘but  Znend , why are you focusing on America when it comes to their atrocious,racially skewed, Human Rights abuse records, when there are many other countries , that ain’t doing too grand a job themselves?‘     
       Well, I will  often say in response, ‘it was America , and not China that professed to be the bastion of democracy , and land of the free, so China can murder 50,000 Tibetans Buddhists, or execute with impunity , dissidents across that vast lands ,with a bullet to the back of the head , and in their desperate quest for natural resources ,cuddle Sudanese and  similar Third World , political  henchmen ,while protecting them via her lofty positions in unmentionable Multilateral   Chambers ,but  not America. 
 The Russians , their lifetime rivals , under media hound, and former KGB figurehead  Putin, can murder every known  independent journalists , or critic , and bomb Muslims in  resource rich places such as Chechnya ,all they want, while claiming to be democratic nation , but not America. 
    Those French  we know , are still grateful to American soldiers for halting Hitler’s efforts ,in making their country a province of Germany, that would have  deprived us all of the beautiful French language of love. They can afford to treat their once welcomed ,immigrant population across their country as 5th class citizens , and as late as 2010 , still stir the pot of inter tribal ,and ethnic hatred ,across Africa from Rwanda, to the Ivory Coast, but that cannot be the way of  America , a nation - in case we forgot - that was built by immigrants, or particularly,on the backs , and  free blood, of African slaves, as well as their  millions of  still uncompensated descendants.
      As for the ever conniving British, they can pretend to be a civilize , progressive , still flourishing global power , while riding the coat tails  of their  more powerful American cousins, as they  hold outlandish Royal weddings , that will last as long as  two  inches of snow on  the grounds of   Atlanta, South Carolina , Florida , and  similar southern state in these United States. There must  however, come  a time when they too , like America ,would have to  admit their culpable role in creation of the most dehumanizing act of humanity in the African Slave trade ,and the wanton savagery,with the overwhelming trauma that followed  for lifetime victims , even as we speak.
        It is obvious that Britain ,more than any other country besides the USA , and one time Cold War ,arch nemesis, USSR, has  -either directly or indirectly - caused more mayhem ,and destruction across the globe via her Imperial hegemonic expansionist forays ,but has escaped untarnished somehow.
      It is not surprising as to what transpired , why , and the order  in which they occurred ,since  this wanton European savagery ended in America. It began with genocidal  lynching of African men, massive Western , Southern ,  Eastern  Europeans , Jewish , and Asian Immigrations ,to America ,to replace once free labor. It evolved to national  demonization of Africans, as lazy ,criminal oriented ,illiterate , sexually uncontrollable,uncivilized ,kids producing scoundrels . It most importantly included ,a historically white, job enhancement 2.3 million Prison Industrial Complex  cash cow ,that has flourished  in a massive way, and help keep 12% of the US population forever  powerless, when some half of such incarceration figures from within their race.
      America  emerged as a leader , at the end of the WW11 , due to the destruction of the rest of Europe caught up in their intertribal wars . Her position became solidified , in 1989 at the end of a pointless , and globally destructive ,and or wasteful  Cold War, but one constant  factor remained through it all  , and that is ,  African peoples in this country were never made  true stake  holders  in this country, nor even fully appreciated for what they’ve  contributed to it’s development. 
   Every  hero was attacked , as many were scrutinized  beyond measure , then  brandished as traitors , when daring to speak up on historical anomalies , they saw , and that’s a shame. It is evident , that after centuries of blatant disenfranchisements, via deliberate ,racially skewed social policies, today more than ever, even as token leaders such as President Obama , are trotted out ,for display as signs of progress, much is still left to be desired, as far as concrete  social , economic , and political justice in America. 
       It is my hope that the traditional ,dominant white America , can one day come to the full realization, that irrespective of the vast economic ,and political might represented in this country,it  can never fully evolve into a true Democratic ,and respected ,global, moral Leader , until it’s people  addresses  first ,that  atrocious domestic  past , by seeking  to rectify  it’s numerous  ,continued ,racial injustices that exist, then  secondly ,force it’s will on other global leaders , to do what’s  right ,on  a slow moving , rudderless ‘international  community,‘where more  are hell bent on maintaining the status quo , as it serves a particular purpose of continued global domination  of others, they inherently -though  erroneously -feels superior to. Time to join hands together as we search for ways to rectify historical ills, which  often includes , modern elitist , closet  barbarians , with evil intent , in all their  varying manifestations. Stay tuned .  
Justice delayed , is justice denied. 

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