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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alexis de Tocqueville Truth-sayers ,on Pressing , Historical ,Neo -Racial Affairs.

“In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships.
     There is something so fascinating about the American Presidency , that their lives makes for such political intrigues long into their retirement, and even their deaths,burial, and afterlife-if such exist. Take Thomas Jefferson, who is only the most savvy writing President, that ever emerged from 'these United States,' simply  for his efforts in   penning  the world famous , Declaration of Independence , but made education his lifetime priority , by  selflessly putting the wheels in motion, at great sacrifice,  for the   foundation of the  University of Virginia. "All men are created equal,"makes for  riveting reading indeed, but  remember he always butted heads, with his more morally sound rival John Adams , for many things. The  most frequent was not having the gut and moral fortitude , to even free  his numerous , dehumanized African slaves,  after leaving office -including the bastards off springs, he co produced ,after repeatedly raping  our  dear sister ,Sally Hemings ,his lifetime concubine-when  leaving office.  

       Unfortunately the tail end of this unsavory,  ghastly, revolting , and hypocritical  tragedy, was felt in good old 1% black  blood , hating ,'Americana,'  centuries later, and how sad , not for then 3rd  Aristocratic President , but the more allegedly pristine , and pure , blue blooded  relatives , that Tea Bagging head mouth piece , Mama Grizzly  Sarah P, spoke so eloquently about , while rebuking the adorable  Barbara Bush? 

     Although he never wrote even a kindergarten play ,Most Americans still  , somehow adore the fast talking, B- Movie, California former lifeguard, ideological feel good ,Cowboy ,Ronald Reagan ,for what naive, suspect  historians, like to believe , his  single handle acts of  freeing  this scary,  convoluted  world, of the dreaded Soviets  Evil Empire, principally with no help from Gorbachev , with that faulty, socialist , theoretical  Glasnost ,& Perestroika mantra. Yes, Americans are still basking in the glory of his  big militaristic  stand  on one time African Arab oil laden terrorist, Qaddafi. They like the fact that  Grenada is now liberated from the dreaded Castro’s socialist influences, and feels good that Lebanon is now free from Pro Arab /neo Shiites/ anti Israel  henchmen terror squads, and the kind  Butcher of Sabra and Chatila ,Ariel Sharon.

     Many are ecstatic that no one went to serious prison, especially convenient fall guys,Admiral  John Pointdexter ,and failed Virginian Senator ,in unscrupulous  Marine Colonel  Oliver North,  over Iranian/ Sandinista drug ,and arm dealers, Ronald the Gipper's law breaking ,well controlled shenanigans. Most importantly, they are enjoying the tail end of his much touted  deregulations ,job exporting to China , trickle down, Voodoo economics escapades ,all with the help of Sinatra adoring wife  Nancy’s ,  Ouija Boards maneuvers  , and loyal side kick VP “Yankee / Texan Blue blood,” George Herbert Bush - a one time CIA head, and Chinese Ambassadorial appeaser, and intense rival. 

   JFK , and Slick Willy were ok political peas of the same cob  guys , who had  achieved cult status, both in and out of office for similar ,and quite different reasons, but we won’t fault them for being American modern , and post modern Royalty, amongst competing Yankee, Elizabethan, you guessed it - thanks to Mama Grizzly Palin-  “Blue bloods.” Let’s just say both had lonely White-house wives, and their names still surprisingly ,invokes  sentimental palpitations amongst diehards ideologues , for diverse reasons. 
        Now to the two must important  Presidents, in American history, I believe. They are none other than ,  Jimmy  “sin in my heart “Carter, and perennial Frat boy,’gold spoon in the mouth , goofball,’ Born again,Crawford Rancher  , G W Bush.  As you might recall ,the latter  is  the only  Harvard / Yale educated President ,to start , two ill conceived wars , choked on a pretzel  during a drunken stupor, and have a  memoir out at the same time ,with an Alaskan female , educationally challenged VP,that  barely completed Community College , yet her book ,might be outselling his, at 5 to 1, go figure. 
    For the record ,according to some , the only matter that is of some worth  in his boorish  book , was his contempt for Black Hip Hop artist Kanye who called him out on too much shrub cutting , and or ,love for kindergarten story telling ,during national crisis , and his full admittance of really  loving Black People Refugees, in French named, neglected , decadent  places called New Orleans. 
      To many political Pundits ,  neo spiritualist  Jimmy, was a dismal failure , for dedicating all his political post decadent Republican  Nixon,  life in the power , furthering the  interest of Peace , between marauding hate-mongering Arabs , and the citizens in the State of Israel , that unfortunately resulted in Egyptian lifetime dictator Hussein Mubarak , and  globally unite  Islam, from both  Teheran Iran ,to Kabul  Afghanistan.  Many , including selected beneficiaries ,  dismissed all the noble guys actions ,in terms of   global peace,security , good governance , socio -economic justice- com political justice globally, that it is little wonder the Nobel Prize  Committee folks , not do the unprecedented thing ,and recall his Peace Prize, for turning out to be an impostor.  

     Let’s just say , that the life of an ex President , or rather ,the Stewardship of one still riding the crest of unpopular , popularity , while sitting in office , can be quite challenging - depending on who we are referring to. Is it, ..."Yankee  Blue Bloods," dynasties ,Star gazing Hollywood , pro Ouija actors , Guinness loving,Highland , sex fiends, or peace loving Peanut Farming  spiritualist , that can miraculously -while still alive- be  reincarnated,into  our present 50% half Blue Blood , Euro -African American,  ,Commander in Chief. 
      Stay tuned,  for these and much more of   ‘ZNENDRYE,Alexis de Tocqueville Chronicles,’ as 2012 evolve into a no contest, ring down , gridlock fight , between Uncle  Obama,versus  GOP’s  Newt Gingrich,  plus millionaire  Beer heiress  , another clueless , airhead VP , in  Meghan Mc Cain , daughter of a much despised , liberal Republican Maverick , desperately fighting for the conscience of America, to bring it back from Dancing with the Stars runners  up  ,tea bagging vote seeking, prospective  first daughters. 
Heavens forbid, that  such should ever become a reality!

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