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Saturday, February 4, 2012


     Sometimes I wonder where White folks would be , if there were no Black people on earth, to blame for the problems they, not too ironically , created themselves, to muck it up.Hate to use sports anology , but it's Super bowl week , so what the heck!   Even sports much less politics , cannot escape the social malady,as two years into Jim Caldwell's tenure , and he is fired for the entire  team's  failure, even if other mitigating factors, were  iqnored .
   I however digress, as here is another typical, race mongrel ,placing blame where it is undeserved. Blabbering about a piece of symbolic paper, referred to as the Constitution, whose author Thomas Jefferson, felt that Afrikan  slaves, were none people, and so, they , centuries later , needed a Constitutional  Amendment, by more conscionable , or rather,  pragmatic citizens,  to finally  come up to the level of their White counterparts . "All men are created equal ,with inalinable rights?'  Ah yes, but lest we forgot , he daily raped , and impregnated, several of  his female slaves , and lacked the audacity to even  free them , upon leaving office.
Note carefully , that it is self serving creatures ,such as this artist ,who via their race bating propoganda, have caused the deaths of two mammoth leaders , from within the previously illustrious Presidential  bunch. They were obviously viewed as traitors, were never forgiven  for their humanist attempts, and so paid the ultimate price, yes?
     President's, Abe Lincoln , and John F.Kennedy , where  both  shot ,for daring to throw a bone to Black folks,at very critical periods of the country's history.
The Great FDR Roosevelt , is seen  today,as a National hero, and  justifiably so,  as his face  has been immortalized on Mt Rushmore. In the run up to WW2 however,as Japan , and Germany nibbled on the heals of Americavia pending  world wars , innocent , law abiding Japanese American citizens , in his estimation , did not fall under the ambits of the Constitution, as they were stripped of their rights , while locked in Midwest ,Concentration caves ,and their more previliged ,white German/ Euro- American ,fellow citizens , were viewed as loyal patriots,and so left to support the European homeland .
       There was this General turned  President , in Andrew Jackson , that today, is  so honored, he is placed on a national currency.He however,got sadistic pleasures,in massaching innocent Indians across this great nation, all the while praising his phantom, white ,blue eyed ,sky god, in heaven.Today,we call such barbarisms today, genocide.I guess , the Red Man was not protected under the Constitution. Let the record show, that this was used as a template by Adolph Hitler to murder 6 million , equally innocent Jews citizens, and the rest we shall say is history.
   One hundred years from now G.W Bush would be viewed by objective historians, as the worst President in the history of this great Republic , but the critics, in cluding this creature are silent,as to how both him and cronies, made this country into a convenient corporate comodity to sell to the highest bidder- moving it from a surplus to the worst recessionary state since the early 20th century recession. Someone got this country into two illegal , costly wars, then exit like an MBA bandit , all the while cuddling his Arab oil friends , and similar, fake religious simi facist friends. Some constitutionalist, yes?

     It is not for me to defend this President,as he have his own loyalist to do such , but speaking about Imperial Presidency ,a la ,abuse of powers,it did not suddenly emerge three years ago, when he pounced on the scene ,as  his  country's first Black President's,but the precedent began, a long time ago.His supporters, might justifiably argue, that if for any reason he might be practicing some of their actions,it's just possible ,that these actions, are simply a survival mechanism.
   I have often seen this beat down,  blame game lamentations, and castigation for phantom ills , as practiced, repeatedly,against Afrikans, by  a destructive, numerically dominant majority.They, like this author, developed selective amnesia ,while indulging in their historical revisionism, and how sad, as they do not only  themselves an injustice, but likewise the rest of humanity.
    America deserves a Commander in Chief,and or President ,that not only pay credence to a symbolic paper,call the Constitution, but will so whatever it takes to uphold noble, globally accepted  Ideals, which can ensure World Peace, domestic and International Security, broad based Economic Justice, and Political Empowerment of all people's , irrespective of their respective  race, color, class, gender, or geographical locations. I therefore echo the fine words of Ive leauge educated, Constitutional lawyer ,Black Liberational Theology  Social activist , and President , Barrack Hussain Obama. "Don't Muck it up, "America!Your call.
 Luv Humanity!

Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd Amemdment, Right to death

RIP Don Cornelius , even though you were not a hunter, or in such mammoth  danger, to the extent that you needed a gun to protect yourself in that 25 room mansion, you shared by your lonesome Soul , since the departure of  Russian , ex wife.

Sad ,but 400,000 Americans were killed by guns since Robert Kennedy & MLK Jr. 1968 murdered, and when would most get disgusted enough, to push back against pro corporatist gun nuts, and so demand changes on a no longer valid  2nd Amendment , the actions of  exploitative NRA Profiteering lobbyist, and ,immoral Politicians, who pander, as a way of  survival. For the record, that figure, was more than died  back in WW11. Say yes to life , and no to violence.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Strikes & U R Out!

  I swear , if I hear another politician, or public figure pontificate about taking America back , to some distant era , when everything was fine , as planned by the Founding Fathers , I am going to jump off this planet. Enough already folks, for what America needs , is not nostalgia by self serving misleading elites-hell bent on condemning other obvious elites one might add-but visionary thinking , by citizens who appreciate it's role, as a vibrant ,multicultural , immigrant nation ,capable of remaining an enviable   Super Power, that provides political hope ,adhere to social justice,  and encourage reachable economic dreams, for all irrespective of color , creed , race or class.
   Three items grabbed my attention this week , and the almost putrid reactions to them, by most conscious citizens, was quite  reveling, as to where this country is heading. These were first, the  suspiciously sudden death ,of Penn State legendary , Football Coach , Joe Pateno . Secondly , a  decision by an obviously incapacitated Congress Woman Gifford , to finally resign , so as to recover fully from gun shot wounds , inflicted from the gun of a Far Right , ex military, anti people,Pro NRA , gun nut. Finally, there was that  unexpected victory ,of  race mongrel ,GOP contender,Newt Gingrich , in  an economically desperate ,Bible Belt Christian region ,of South Carolina.
    Italian American Christian, Coach Joe  Pateno, was only the much adored ,longest serving ,and  as I already indicated , the most successful College Football Coach, in all of American History. If memory served me right , this guy was  around on the job so long , that rumor has it , he used to have drinks ,with the late American pioneer Quaker ,William Penn, along with perhaps the most relevant of all the Founding Fathers, in Benjamin Franklyn.
   Unless you were living in a bubble on Planet Jupiter, then you too  would recall ,that after doing his part to elevate the anti education ,elitist ,  racially discriminatory , and exploitative  NCAA fiefdom ,through his stewardship at Penn State, he threw it all away , by proving to be a revolting  , immoral fraud , just like the worst that society can offer.
 How did he do that ,you enquire in dismay? I'll tell you , by standing  silently by ,with his usually loud mouth,tightly  closed, during  well known abuses of male kids by his equally despicable underlings . This power obsessed sporting icon , instead of saving kids through prudent actions, decided to help emboldened criminals , and encourage a farce ,that lofty  higher educational institutions, can stand for something , outside of the neo capitalist ,bottom line, as well as corruption.
His shameful , behavior  was compounded by the misguided  Penn State Students, who took to rioting , once he was fired, and the equally immoral phony journalist,and lawyers , that through faulty spin  ,defended  him, all the way to his  grave.
His sudden death , just a few months after this disgusting , episode , can however have some redemptive end, I believe . A new honest debate can begin ,about sports, meaningful education, exploitations of underaged kids, and the quest for equal justice, against the powerful, and  equally ,for down trodden underclass, insignificant, and weaker, fellow humans. Another area that is close to my heart , is the stewardship of NGO 's , as many have been know to fall  short of expectations , and have therefore like in the case of the protected ,social mescrents, at the head of the Penn State,  pedofiliac debacle ,exploited the needy , under the guise of doing meaningful work , in their interest. This preying and misuese of power , for self gain , must be stopped via some sound Civil Society ,Policing action, as the well known , Global Institution, that's presently  entrusted with this task , has failed miserably.
    As for Blue Dog Democrat Arizonian Congress Woman Gifford , we wish her a speedy recovery from this sad tragedy that befell her .I know for a fact that both her ,and her Astronaut husband, are proud members of the NRA, and support  freedoms of all Americans , to carry guns as protected by the 2nd Amendment.
 Let's for the record state that   destructive gun lobbyist, as well as the politicians they cuddle, should not be allowed to misinterpret , and mislead , as Founding Fathers were not operating in as modern , and militarily strong , security fortress America, las existing  today. The citizens of this country do not need their own guns , to protect themselves due to the presence of a weak militia, when they have the most powerful military on earth , and more law enforcement officials than any other country can imaging. 
 If he end , she decide's to take up the fight to make the NRA obsolete , as well , as strike down the anachronistic 2nd Amendment , then she can be a well deserve hero for millions,whose lives would be saved
both nationally,and internationally.
If she can become a champion for kids , who are victims of accidents, School massacres ,
gang shoot outs, and child soldiers activities, via Small arms Proliferation , then she can be elevated to the pedestal of American  cult status  , such as my all time favorite American female leader, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and United Nations Pioneer. Should we be optimistic on this front?Maybe ,we can try.
   Not much needs to be said about former House Speaker Congressman  Newt Gingrich, except that he is an insecure, bombastic , flame throwing ,immoral ,lifetime race mongering ,politically divisive,opportunistic  creature , of the lowest order.
Any success by him at higher office , can mean only harm for this country , and would simply confirm what many across the globe was fast suspecting . Unfortunately , perhaps ,due to faulty education , ignorance , or just moral decay  , this incipient  , empty ,debase shallowness of the American character ,has taken over , and so many would claim as heoric leaders, some of the most despicable human beings imaginable, only to suffer dire consequences , eventually, as history would indicate so vividly. .
  His success was made possible ,mostly due to the efforts of equally immoral, clueless,self proclaimed , anti Mormon ,phony Christian zealots, coupled with ample  financial backings of Super Pac agents  ,obtained from greedy, Corporate thugs, with too much loot in their coffers derived from runaway capitalism.
  I am optimistic that good sense would soon prevail , and the loquacious , rotund Gingrich ,would be relegated again to the political dustbin of history ,where he truly belongs ,with his opaque ideas, one of which I am almost certain , if granted the opportunity , would be to purge America of any one of color -like a certain German we prefer to forget- and worst yet , if if given a chance, re introduce Euro American ,Southern Plantation ,Barbarian slavery, on innocent Afrikan folks.
 These, events to many , are quite insignificant developments, but big picture guys as I am , it remains my hope that via this medium  , it can help you my readers embrace a new perspective- centered on humanist existence.
Land of the free, opportunity , and justice, should not be empty catch words, but vigilence is paramount. It's a beautiful life. Stay tuned, socially engaged, and while at it, Luv Humanity!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post Depression Politics

So if Newt Gingrich  win the South Carolina Primary today, as many suspect he would , what does it say about America as a nation? How about the following for a start? 1. Hypocrisy is alive and well. Sorry Bill Clinton , and Herman Cain 2. Race baiting has it's merits. Hey Juannnnnas , NAACP , poor Black Kids, and your famous Food Stamp President in Chief!!!!3. Religious intolerance is still potent,as Christian fundamentalist dominate the agenda, not only against Jews , or as it was once, on Kennedy  Catholics, but Mormons as well.
   How about Euro American women , many of whom naively think, that unlike other races of women , that they are truly liberated ,because their male better halves ,claim this to be the case, only to see their men ,find ways,to repeatedly press their faces into the dirt?
    About seven years ago , I had a Sociology seminar paper to do, and toyed with the idea of writing about the merits of Polygamy, as practiced in parts of Afrika, Islamic Middle East , and Mormon country America. In   the end ,however , maybe due to  political correctness , or just because I  did not think that such a topic was relevant ,at the time , decided to give it a rest.
With all the infidelity that has prevailed since amongst married couples  , especially by elected officials, I am inclined to think that  most  collections of people who practice this behavior might be on to something positive?
   There are a few folks I would like to ask to put at the forefront of this debate if I had the power , so to do .   As a lead off ,there is  Barrack Obama , our  first Black President. His Kenyan father , had the best of both worlds, and the rest we can say is history. Mitt Romney , came very close to being a Mexican illegal citizen , as his granddad ran to Mexico to escape prosecutionsfor the love of his three wives . He Mitt can idly boast about his loyal wife, and five clone like boys , but thousand of kids in his state of Utah are part of this , and he is a major silent part .
Sly old fox Newt , has dabbled with the wives of so many other folks , and strayed from the Christian part  so much , that he  should be more than willing to sign a declaration on day one ,of his administration, to make the practice legal , if elected.
   Pity former South Carolina Governor ,Mark Standford, as he  could have been the projected winner today as a candidate, if he had not messed up with his Argentina sexual escapades. Today , he needs an escort to go see his own  kids , as the scorned former First Lady wife,  might shoot him, if he cross her part  alone, in a dark back yard.
  As for Sikh Indo American Governor Nikki  Harley , she proved that the American dream is alive and well, as the cheating female  Republican is much adored by her fellow South Carolinian, with all her imperfections.
Well , that Amrica for you , land of the free, and full of hope. Now it's on to Florida.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


   Saw me another debate last night , which might  just be ,about a thousand for me ,  since I began observing American Presidential politics through the years. This practice I think ,began for me , since I was about what  age twenty one? Grew up  observing the likes of media giants, such as Ted Koppel ABC Nightline ,as well as  Sam Donaldson , and William Buckley  Jr.with their respective  roundtable discussions on the state of their country, global politics  , and the role of leaders ,that were necessary  to navigate  therein.Not surprisingly this love blossom into education and careers within the political arena , all the while remaining an ardent admirer of power plays , and the media agents that enlighten us about their actions - some good , others terrible ,one should add.  
    My journey  began with  the historically maligned ,Richard Nixon who ended the Vietnam war,  brought  the troops home, to face a demoralized nation, suffering it's second defeat, under  the hands of colored enemies,many   felt , were their inferiors- especially the Lyndon B Johnson's of the world .'How dare these yellow, and brown bastards ,not bow to the might, of these great, mainly  white  Christian gods ,that dominate  these United States , I could hear the rabid , foul mouth Texan scream?
   Nixon's bold  efforts of  Ping pong Diplomacy , and of course, Watergate over ambition ,resulted in his impeachment,  fall from grace, and convenient Gerald Ford  pardon, but that's another story for pseudo intellectual  historians such as fat blowhard Newt Gingrich, and lofty  moralist, to grapple over, as to it's merits for sending the first American President ,to Alcatraz, for victimless crimes, just  like was done historically , for 75% or more , incarcerated , common criminal scums, across this  nation. 
This action might  eventually lead to the emergence of China today, as an eventual  major , rivaling economic ,and political superpower ,to the  United States, and that some think, might not be a bad development,in an out of control world, where United Nation's multipolarity,is looked at with denison,since,'wink,wink,' and clear precursor, to 'Third Worldism.'  
   Who can forget Jimmy Carter , an ardent Southern Baptist, Georgian  Peanut Farmer, who came to Pennsylvania Avenue  Washington, ladened with outsider Christian idealism ,clothed in an outfit of 'lust in his heart,'moral  purity, and for this paid a  steep price. I am speaking of course of  Political Islam , with all it’s good,or evil  manifestations, from Iranian Ayatollah  revolution , post Shah , to Soviet invaded Afghanistan , Mujahadeen , Saudi Bin Laden , and Taliban,but  again ,who is checking, out side of Italian American Penn State coal mining  political nut job  'Don',Rick Santorum , aka big Government/Contraceptive Police/Mussolini rabid great grand nephew, who does not see in his twisted Christian Catholic soul , an evil Muslim he does not wish to bomb away , during maybe the WW3? 
  We'll give that a rest for now , and just check to see if one of the eight daughters of Santorum, the  fraud , can survive  this election cycle, without  making the pages of the Enquirer magazine ,for unwed , underaged pregnancy, in similar  manner ,to an equally , hypocritical,unmentionable Alaskan suspect Republican,opportunistic, empty suit babbler.  
     I recall Civil Rights activist ,Jesse Jackson ,attempting , and failing miserably ,to do what Barrack Obama eventually  did ,decades later, namely ,breaking  the White male, politically exclusive club barrier,so as to become a rags to riches, President.Notice I did not say Black President , like most so called, color blind Americans , who naively  think, that Black , plus White is still Black. Some fondly refer to  it  as  1%  drop of blood rule, a policy that was encouraged for over  two hundred years, by  conniving ,  barbarian European , with sinister racial puritanical purposes , as they raped , and plunder the lives of their innocent , god fearing , more civilize Afrikan slave subjects , who only help make this country into the shining empire it is today , with never a wee bit of compensation for their efforts. Such a sad , sickening legacy ,and stain on the moral conscience of these United Sates , but who is checking , when this subject, and others linked to economic and social justice , can be discarded to the book shelves of history, as we speculate on the size of  ugly , fake nose ,Kim  Kardashain butt,type of drug Paris Hilton  ,was caught with in her black and yellow  underwear, or better yet if the screaming Minnesota  political victim Michelle Bachman, was kicked off the political stage because of sexism , or due more to the fact that she came across as dumber that  the simulate Sarah Palin , her predecessor for female flavor of the year? You know what I am talking about, from flaming feminist liberal  Geraldine Ferraro,to Political  Carpetbagger  Hillary Tammy Wynette Rodman Clinton , and then Sarah, the clueless , Alaskan Sport caster ,turn NBA's Glen Rice , inept ,close fan?
    I observed the politically complex ,yet fervently optimistic Ronald Reagan ,start his version of a revolution , that some claimed,was the architect for  deregulation, runaway  militaristic deficit spending ,anti poor folks ,business economic greed  , a la ,present day ,Wall Street banditry,and recessionary chaos ,that unsuspecting,yet innocent Americans ,are  sadly forced to endure today, reminiscent to the 1930's depressions, onced experienced by the likes of now  famous Jewish Ponzi Scheming, head guru ,alleged victim,Bernard Madoff when he was a kid growing up in Queens Zoo York.  
  Since in their estimation ,it ended  bipolar ,fear mongering, via the four decades Cold War ,and eventually  the  demise of the USSR , this B class acting Democratic Partying ,Great Communicator, turned convenient Republican anti Red head honcho ,with the help of his adoring wife  Ouija playing Nancy, has achieved almost Hollywoodian cult status, to many, and can be forgiven  for his failings-criminal, though numerous  might be, and did anyone say Iran,drugs for gun scandal? Alas,a different story,for more convenient occasions. 
  Others like my self, and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee ,  prefer to look instead at the efforts of  a youthful , visionary ,Russian Lawyer named Mikhail Gorbachev , the architect of  Glasnost ,and Perestroika , as the real hero that changed the world , but that’s a different story for a different occasion ,as today's economically , and politically constipated Europe  stumbles, while awaiting their lifetime benefactor America ,to rise up again ,and lead from the front, as it was known to have done , when capable for over six decades since becoming a Super Power.   
   The world for almost two decades was subjected to the Bush , Clinton royal dynasties from social Conservative Yankee Blue blood WW2 hero , and  Texan businessman G H Bush , to his  sexually laschievious ,dysfunctional  Irish slickness Bill Clinton , and how can we forget pseudo Christian war monger MBA President G.W Bush. Since one was born with a gold spoon in his mouth, his empty words about reading his lips on no new taxes fell flat. The other for all his good on the economy , took the country back almost 200 years ,and compromised  it  in every way possible ,due to his sexual indiscipline , and inability command the respect of his peers during the power game . Bill Clinton’s, revolting actions as President of the United States , to many much smarter ,and or morally sound than myself , was so harmful , and distracting , was tantamount to an olympian winning a gold medal , and having to give it back in humiliating fashion after being caught using steroids. Again , another story for a different occasion. 
    It is now 2012 , and as per usual , political junkie as  I am, here it is I am once again , observing  with keen interest, the political machinations  of the contenders for the proverbial throne of Commander in Chief, or put more affectionately, the American Presidency.
    Unfortunately , only one person intrigue me in the list of contestants, and his name is none other than  Dr. Ron Paul.  His message is clear, sound, and poignant for our time . He is fervently pro Constitutional what ever that means ,since it's writer,Virginian  Thomas Jefferson, raped , and continually impregnated his female slaves, then refused to free them upon leaving office- immoral bastard as he was- of all men are created equal fame. 
Ron claim to wish to get back to fiscal responsibility , less governmental  regulations, and or micromanagement of citizens lives. Translation of that , might just be pull your self up from your lazy boot strap , and quit waiting on the Federal government to do anything to help you get ahead, but I'll leave him to work out the logistics of such pro Tea bag ideas.
He has  an uncompromising , though seemingly impractical , ardent following who subscribes to demolishing the UN , getting out of NATO , returning of all troops to America where they would join the band of millions of already unemployed .He referent to this as a sure step  for  liberty, and freedom for all citizens , via no USA global Policing , Noninterventionist, Isolationism. 
 Well, this sound good on paper , until 500,0000  war hungry ,well trained ex military folks -1000 or less of which are Generals- start using their skills to attack America instead, as that is all they know , including attempted coups ,and then Super Power China , Nigeria ,Israel , and Brazil, decided to give weakened America ,the middle finger , as desperate citizens beg the international community, to intervene, to halt the clear cut  Genocides, that would inevitable follow, from the social mayhem , caused by Dr Ron , aka the mad Scientist. 
   The sad reality is that Ron Paul can never win , as the power  eliteFar Right , GOP establishment, is scared as hell ,at the prospect of either him winning ,or that  colorless ,morally repugnant , billionaire business elite,flip flopping left of center leaning, Jesus hating  Mormon  guy named Mitt Romney , with no chance  whatsoever of defeating , his rival Barrack Obama, aka the Great White Hope.
   The losers again would be those historically  clueless , emotionally abused , socially confused , politically fractured , neo tribal ,Americans , who brought into the notion that  they still lived in the land of the free, and of opportunities for  all ,from sea to shining sea.
 Stay tune however ,  for my follow up , as to why no candidate standing on the GOP platform ,can ever defeat this incumbent bloke named Barrack Hussain Obama , from South Side Chicago, by way of Hawaii, and Indonesia.Here is a hint , for you less astute. His secret weapon is Michelle Obama ,a one time poor South Side , turned Harvard , and Princeton elite lioness, that would fiercely destroy any who stand’s in her way to plant her White House vegetable garden to end obesity  amongst Black Kids ,not named Malia , and Sasha. I would double dare anyone to halt her effort to bring more wholesome  ,classical artistry, less violence inducing, gender demeaning  music, into the cultural  hearts, of all American kids ,exposed for too long ,on Afrikan Rap ,and Hip Hop music. 
   Don’t wish to give away too much , but just maybe , she can work on the conscience of those numerically dominant , to remind them of the fact that this is Afrikan American time , and the consequence of her people , either switching country , or better yet ,forming their own political party, as a back lash. 
 I remain , your  unpaid socio - political observer , of American realities , remember ,from as far back as Richard - I’m not a crook -Nixon?  It’s a jungle out there people , and someone got to  lay it down as it is ,for the less conscious amongst us, since the corporate , complicit , corrupt main stream media is either asleep , or comatose in flatlined inertia, yes? 
 Luv Humanity

Friday, January 6, 2012


    It is so sad that some naively think that self love translates to hatred of the other . Far from it , as psychologists have repeatedly shown us that  folks who project hatred of other races, and ethnicity's, are sending a not too subtle message as to how they think of themselves. A look across the historical landscape , and we can observe examples of   attempts to mask some of their covert, and overt manifestations of evils. 
   These range form slavery , cultural, and ideologically  tinged race wars, drastic economic   exploitations, and even barbaric cohesive sanctions , but we refuse to be fooled.  Sadly  enough , sometimes decades, and centuries of acculturation  of elements of hate , evils , and oppressions , can result in one group full acceptance of this as a norm. It then comes as no surprise that they in turn , would resort to the same action on the other , once in any position of power themselves. There is a moral responsibility that is necessary by us, the more  morally  astute humanist ,to expose  all forms of evil , and the perpetrators ,as best we can, in  what ever form necessary.  

    For American Europeans , it  began almost 200 years ago, during one example of  wider European Imperialist aggressive invasions  , against a harmless, welcoming  people, without whose efforts , this great nation could never have  fully emerge.
 It did not stop there however, for what else can one call two and a quarter centuries of free labor , under the barbaric system called slavery , followed by  continued ,systemic , and institutional destructions , with no compensations for past wrongs, by one group of the other?

Pay attention to the present  GOP Primary election campain, and you would see how  fake Christians, and Mormon  candidates, are jumping over each other ,to up the ante ,when it comes  to  rhetoric , as to who loves the state of Israel more, or rather ,   can lay  better claims to becoming a  friend of  historically victimized Jewish people, but should they be trusted?
     In the interim , a blind eye would be turned to ending injustice , against the other , by a most powerful force , that will not hesitate to resort to  the most savage actions , of over kill - all the while using questionable logic to justify same , and not hesitating to call to  denounce any ,who  they perceive , are trying to stand in their way.

The question remains, can they win? I say never,as evil can never triumph , irrespective of where it emerged from.

  Not to be out done is the actions of their European counterparts , based in present day Russia, and former USSR , as well as old Europe.  Millions have died globally during the Cold War, under proxy wars, but since it's ended, maybe twice that amount have likewise  exited the face of the earth , via the same evil , and destructions , as played out in the twisted souls of a people, , with no concern for the other .

The political blow backs across the Islamic world , in the form of the Arab Spring Revolution is welcome, as it  gave us another  glimpse into  the twisted soul  of a few leaders that wish to sow evil , while preying on the innocent. Since the end of the Cold War, opportunistic  intellectuals,led by revisionist historians ,have been trying to convince us that Islam is the evil enemy that  was mysteriously unleashed on the world. Far from it , and a bit of careful research would bear this out. Evil knows no boundaries , and only vigilance can curb it.

      Let's make 2012 , the year that we try to put a halt in some form into the efforts of  those who with misguided intentions , that are hell bent on impeding human progress . Often it's by their words you can pinpoint them. Never hesitate- due to intimidation , and fear of retributions- to expose the actions of powerful entities , be it the sole remaining Super Power , rivaling nations , entrenched as puppet masters within the United Nations , or influential profiteering conglomerate , corporatist  thugs, whose sole aims, are selfish personal aggrandizement, at any cost.
   Instead , take a stand for Global Justice, Peace , and Prosperity for all- including the historically  weak, maligned , and ignored .
 Luv Humanity! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


American politics  is at a wonderful crossroad , and this upcoming election in November might prove how many are prepared to choose the right part  to regain , and help put their country back on the pinnacle , as a globally respected  , shining leader. Yesterday’s  primary elections in Iowa, was quite revealing, both for who won , and loose. The biggest winner for me was Dr.  Ron Paul, a savvy , principled politicians, if ever there was one. First of all , if he is successful, which most establishment groupies are horrified at , he would be one of the first leaders ,who served the military , not as some privileged , calculating  elite,trying too desperately to be one of us - the common folks. 
    Thank goodness we were saved from the likes of  political bozos such as John Kerry , and John Mc Cain.   The former threw away his Vietnam medals long before GW Bush swift boated him , then married his first millionaire wife, on pal Ted Kennedy  expensive yacht, all the while still professing to be a good  pro abortion Catholic , liberal Christian ,that can feel the pain  of ordinary Americans. For that he paid the eventual ultimate price to America's first Yuppie MBA , Yankee -Texan President .
   The latter, stayed three extra years in a Hanoi torture chambers, than he should , then two days after returning home to  America , married a billionaire Beer heiress , after dumping his sick wife , that stood by his side through all his struggles. As for Newt Gingrich , a war monger , broad themes Reganite intellectual? He just avoided his military drafts cycle,  but now does not see a war he does not like , as he  reminds most of  us of a runny nosed , fat , aged   Chuckey doll , with evil intent for young poor lower caste kids, with no role models like his military father, and suicidal mom  was. This serial philandering creature , served divorce papers to his first  wife, on her hospital bed, with no remorse. He then cheated on his second wife while , attempting to impeach the sex fein Bill Clinton.  We  got lost, and really like most , do not care  as to how he evolved into  hooking up with his last wive. Was it before he too became a Catholic  contrite Christian ?Again  we are lost on the actions of political frauds. 
   Good riddance to Michelle Buchman , and never though I would say , I miss Sarah Palin. Let me add , a person who cannot win the state in which they were born,  does not deserve to be taken seriously, as a Presidential contender. It is sad to see reality show , hysterical ,gender politics played out on the grand stage , as this  seemingly educated ,American non feminist , claim that she is the  modern representations of  Ronald Reagan , and his clone ,Margaret Thatcher , her heroes ,all moped into one.  Would have been nice to hear that she too had a scandal  of some sexual nature.
 She reminds me of movie character , in her case it was , Fargo. Bomb Iran , get rid of Barrack Obama  Care at all cost, get government off our backs, pro gun, pro death penalty, pro expensive  wars, pro life ,less tax , especially from the rich, build up America, and all, from a clueless tax lawyer Congress person , vowing to continue as a none politician. Sarah Mama Grizzly ,had her moment on the reality sun , selling books , and parroting ugly ideologies, so watch out for the Bachman psycho team ,  on Dancing with the Stars.
     Not to be outdone, is the calculating, competing  millionaire Mormons  , Mitt Romney , and archenemies ,John Huntsman. Guess what, America hates these two characters , but  both are  sadly ,still pretending as to why this is so, and yet claim to be successful, job creation , business executives.  Sorry guys , ET , and Elvis Presley, has  better chances of being the next  two President of the United States , over you both. One is we believe , dead from overdosing on cocaine,while on his Graceland orgies,  and the other ,is languishing on Mars. 
   You are both from a State call Utah, and part of a religion which condones polygamy, child  brides  practices, and incest,therefore no way does America other 49 states, wish for that  to become the norm , on a wider level. Both gives off a certain aura of sleazy , immoral dishonesty , that many right thinking folks  today, find most reprehensible . Two billionaire business tycoons,that benefited immensely, from Federal , and State governmental pork, yet pretending to be some outsider ,who has the people’s interest at heart. 
   Both inherited their papas money , and privilege , so as to  avoid military service , and hooray for them , but not for millions of other American not so fortunate. Romney crime is to pretend to be  a Conservative , while being Governor to  Massachusetts ,perhaps the most liberal state in all America , and working to out shine the most liberal politician in all of America , in Ted Kennedy. 
    Fast forward to 2012 , and he is pretending that it was Elvis  Presley ,his brother who  created Romney Care, while distancing himself from his past record . Huntsman  in contrast, used his wealth to become a Corporate Diplomat for various Presidents, including the incumbent President , he is now attempting to do a 360 on. 
    This leaves us with the surging Italian , son of an Immigrant, who today promised in true pandering fashion , that if elected , he would  be tougher on mostly colored  Mexican immigrants , than any past  President , including Obama ,h is virtual enemy. You might be correct , that it’s difficult to build walls across JFK,  to keep Europeans out of America. 
       Why do I still feel deep in my  guts , that for all his tough guy , down to earth, media posturing , most American are seeing another opportunistic corrupt , Rudolph Giuliani, each time he speaks- without the pissed off ,ex wife and crazy kids ,that wish him dead ,for screwing around on their  equally crazy mom, of course.
      Just wonder what a Bill Clinton would say to Jennifer Flowers  today  in an unguarded moment ,about this flamboyant Italian , if  he was again  lying in some Motel 6  bed?  Oh yes , he too ‘act like a Mafioso,’ and  therefore , you know what folks across the Bible Belt Southern sports across wider America would be thinking. 
One thing you can count on with these politicians, is their love of an aggressive , robust war ,some where in a Third World country , mainly inhabited by colored , none Christians.
    In 2008 , one nutty  GOP , war monger  elitist ,promised to bomb  Iran back to the stone age , just like was done to Iraq , and Afghanistan , by another elite . 
   Not surprising , Santorum is ready for war with  Iranian  mullahs ,for trying to protect their air space , and oil fields , all under some foolish pretense of preventing them from developing nuclear , and so protect Israel.
    Did I add that there is already a Jewish , Muslim , and Hindu bomb , and all were obtained by folks who gave the middle fingers at the entire international community? 
 2012 , will be an exciting year for Barrack and Michelle Obama , as they redo the curtains for the White House, to start off another four years .Republican are getting adept at proving themselves to be losers, are they not? 

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