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Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd Amemdment, Right to death

RIP Don Cornelius , even though you were not a hunter, or in such mammoth  danger, to the extent that you needed a gun to protect yourself in that 25 room mansion, you shared by your lonesome Soul , since the departure of  Russian , ex wife.

Sad ,but 400,000 Americans were killed by guns since Robert Kennedy & MLK Jr. 1968 murdered, and when would most get disgusted enough, to push back against pro corporatist gun nuts, and so demand changes on a no longer valid  2nd Amendment , the actions of  exploitative NRA Profiteering lobbyist, and ,immoral Politicians, who pander, as a way of  survival. For the record, that figure, was more than died  back in WW11. Say yes to life , and no to violence.

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