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Friday, August 26, 2011

Political De JAVU

       Looks like once more Western powers , led by who else, Pax Americana, are choosing to ignore the settled  tea leaves , and so are jumping into bed with politically traumatized folks in across Islamic world , after bouncing their once cherished leader out of power. The trend started in earnest  during the much revered  Cold War , with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, then decades later it was well , who ever  Pakistan found palatable , in the Post Taliban period .
      The  script is still being written however, on that  craziness, at the exorbitant cost to American Taxpayers in lives, at some $2  billions per week, with no win in sight , for the foreseeable future. That is, irrespective of what the military pundits, and their corporate bosses think, and  or ,say to the contrary.
       I would leave out the political travesty in Iraq , as Nobel Peace  head guru  ,Uncle Obama , is putting the final pieces together to take  that new stoned aged ,Babylonian country , into a future 51st state, of these United States, if only he can exit, maybe two weeks before his second term ends in 2016,without being blamed by every Republican yapper , for also  loosing the Vietnam ,and  Korean war, as well as wars on poverty, drugs, crime.What a sick joke !
  Just imagine for a second if WW11 was fought with such inept leadership thinking, but more importantly ,no meaningful end game strategy.
     How about Egypt? I guess having military elites run that country for another four decades is progress, and a testament of globalization of democracy.Sad, but neighboring Israel is happy , as a strong Arab ally means something , in that politically tumultuous region, where foes and friends can take on differing characteristics ,depending on who is looking.
       So I was watching CNN yesterday , between snippets of an  NFL preseason game between my son's favorite team Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Redskin, as well as the always exciting ,Little League World series , and there was this beautiful  British accented African news anchor, as usual,  parroting her  empty , corporate media lines , about the seemingly successful beat down of another Arab , or is it African State, in  resource laden Libya.
    Amidst the triumphalism of NATO forces, led by USA , and France,for furthering the cause  of democracy, by getting rid of a dictator, and planning ahead ,as to who would get the most of the  economic spoils , after  restoring order , unlike the American debacles  in Iraq,they decided to reveal something of paramount importance.
     No , it was not that alleged kidnapped , embedded journalist, were finally freed , by the African Arab barbarians , but that we should in ever so subtle ways , be  happy about the good leadership of G.W. Bush , and his compassionate conservatism, as opposed to acknowledge the astute political stewardship of Uncle Obama for , doing what even Ronald Reagn could not do, in ending decades of military dictatorship reign by a misguided , megalomaniac .
'Gadaffi not only feared Condi Rice , G.W Bush handpick, first female Afrikan  Secretary of State, but admired her , on how she stood up to Arab leaders.
    There it is  . How dare any one , including book pedaling , political bandit,Dick Cheney , say that Professor , 'Eye Candy Rice ,' was  a clueless political  coward, who served no useful purpose for all of mankind , during all her time in active politics?
We should continue to keep our fingers cross, and see how this entire situation plays out. Namely , will his book make more money that that of fellow criminal pals,   Donald Rumfield,  G. W Bush ,and his Dad G.H, their respective  boss.
    Ok Syria  President Assad, we know that you  and your , barbarian Arab  fiefdom ,is far away from your North Afrikan cousin Murmar, but nevertheless , the  following statement might still be applicable,and here it is for your edification:- "When your neighbor's house is on fire, burn yours......" or is it wet?
      Better yet ,and it's your call , so  pray, and fast during Ramadan -as you continue to repeatedly  murder your innocent citizens ,for demanding freedom , and economic liberation- or ,  that your buddies in Iran, find a way to make the second nuclear bomb , before  US close, non NPT signatory , nuclear  state ,partner ,Israel, resort once more to doing  the biddings of their Washington handlers ,by bombing  their facility, as was done to yours , or is it the other way around?
Just cannot figure out the political machinations of that volatile area.
     Now  you know why going nuclear  technology remains so attractive  folks , when no country in possession of nuclear weapons was ever attacked by another  with one.
 Sorry Gaddafi,it's now  too late, and only a matter of time before you are dragged out of in  Saddam  like fox hole  fashion, by rival  tribes, tempted by lucrative bounties .
 Ah yes, political de Javu, again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Land of the Free, genocidal, and terror minded

    Went for my usual Zoo York morning run , and this time , thanks to my Starbucks attendance friend, it was Long Beach ,Strong Island, and low and behold , whoop ,there it was, a craft sale, along with a multitude of people enjoying the scenery, toning up their bodies, and exposing where appropriate, for those that care to look. Had a chat with one of the only few Afrikans on the entire promenade , and she was from Kenya, selling , along with her European friend, lovely handmade crafts, including  of chains, and bracelets. Same tribe as Obama father. How interesting. Kind of reminded me of a close friend I had from her country who died tragically in Kuwait border with Iraq,but another story for another occasion.
 Sorry Starbucks  friend , but $12  per person  , 13 years and over ,to use the beach? Something just ain't right , as that  was too much for me , since the part of the world where I emanated from , it's unthinkable to pay to use natures bounties.
Do you agree that  there is no better medium to make a powerful statement , than via a T-Shirt? If so, glad you did.I have been thinking about venturing down that partway for quite some time, ever since  completing my four hours , Learning Annex class, some three  years ago.
  As I strolled along ,my eyes was caught by two very interesting T -Shirts ,which had me almost grinning from ear, to ear. So poignant were the words, and thus , an  inspiration, for today's blog.
    One read, 'Sure we trust our government, just ask an Indian.' As for the other , it said, 'Homeland Security , Since 1492,' and the picture, had five armed Indians, with solemn , and or menacing looks, holding up their ancient rifles ,that did absolutely nada ,to intimidate 'Old Hickory,"Andrew Jackson that genocidal  criminal, that despised all Indians ever born , with a passion. along with the Afrikan slaves ,that dared befriended them , so much so , that he was an ardent supporter of slavery, and favored the removal of all Indians from their lands of choice , so that his fellow Christian  Europeans cousins ,  could flourish unimpeded.
   Oh yes, 'old hockery,' felt that "the best Indian was a dead one,"and Africans were best to remain as they were, in shackles , since all 160 of his personal slaves , as well as that of fellow Southern gentlemen farming businessmen ,served a useful economic purpose, but don't expect to read about this in any glorified history books , written by those selective amnesiac, intellectuals.
So quite appropriate T-Shirt I  would say, and  I promptly purchased one , with plans to wear it proudly, for the world to see. Ah the life of a political animal!
 Just for the record, the folks who were selling  in this particular booth,were from Central , or is it South America, as their good ,now docile, and very  peaceful, Norte  Americana cousins, were either, high rolling casino owners in New Mexico,and Vargas,real estate tycoons ,who occasionally  would  rent trailer parks ,for desperate European retirees on expanded , tax free reservations , or worst yet , perpetually high, from praying to too many unreachable , Eagle gods, while drinking themselves into a stupor, over the  mere thoughts, of what had become of their cherished homes, in these United States, aka Land of the Free.
Ah , but were , outside of our budding handcraft   entrepreneur, are those Afrikans, either on Long Beach, or in this debate on their rights, past injustices, and possible future compensations? Nowhere to be found , in either case, and how sad. Stay tuned folks , and . did I mentioned that it is a beautiful day?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Post Modern Divide and rule

So when would it end  folks, another sex starved alien decided to end the life of their loved one , and after succeeding , what did they do to cover their tracts? You guess it . Placed  the blame on black males.   Well , now we know what assimilation means in actuality, for some fringe groups that decided to make America their home.
    They jump on the bandwagon , and follow the lead of the  numerically  dominant ,power structure , and so display this by demonizing the one group that everyone gets sadistic pleasure in so doing. Remember Susan Smith?,9171,981921,00.html
 Yes , I know , you still love your  barbarian death penalty , especially if it means , the group that will most likely be affected , are poor , defenseless Afrikan males. 
   What many deemed as still a  racist society , which includes alleged victims like our Pakistani ,Islamist buddy ,and  his criminal girl pal,in addition to  often the entire law enforcement fraternity, the judicial system, and of course , prejudicial juries.  pal 
 This obviously is a Human Right tragedy of mammoth proportion, but let's remain hopeful, over past experiences, yes? 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


      Well yes, I too fell into the trap of the blame game , finger pointing , cyber whining, via repeated complaints ,as to why the poor  seems to be getting poorer, the plight of the weak ,and disenfranchised no better,  and worst yet,the coffers  of those entrenched power brokers , and their middle class  agents , much heftier.   We all know the drill, it’s racism, colonialism, cultural defeatist  mindsets, failed governments, insularity of tribes, greedy dispositions of  corporations head gurus , and constipated global organizations, that are no longer useful , and needs to be eradicated forthwith  as a result.
   For some past 3 , and a half years , as I however, did my ever so secret, ethnographic  observations , whether up close, or  from afar , I sense that often what you see ,and hear , often ain’t what is necessarily  , and so, one needs to roll up one's  sleeves, and get down to work - if one wish to be of any use.
  Of course a few stinging , and pointed remarks by a few of my cyber friends , and foe alike ,never hurt  as far as nudging me in the right direction. 'What have you done Znend , outside of cheap talk to change anything,' they rightly enquired, with unabashed delight at my weak knee squirming at the stinging blow to my solar plexus ?   I started out to prove whether most middle class elites were  selfish , uncaring souls , only interested in self aggrandizement , and furtherance of their own interest , and that of their kind. The answer  is ,yes , and no.  Looking out for one self interest , is common, but many care . Some  are powerless to do anything, due to circumstances . Others are willing to give , and share their time and energy, to help the cause , but are caught up in their own rat race  scenarios , where  class survival  is at stake , and thus , just lack the will, or energy. Given the right encouragement, more would do for the other  when nudged , I concluded. Score one for humanity , and the positive qualities of most.  
     A look across the landscape of the North/South divide , and one would observe that there are thousands of folks, that have started projects , and organizations, that are  already making a difference , but many such bodies -whether through mismanagement , or sheer financial desperation- are  stuck , and their  well intentioned creators ,are on the brink of  giving up . I am talking about my  two Kenyan friends , who while living millions of miles away in America , is using their  hard earned salaries, to  help send girls in need  to school, back home, or working with leading doctors , and organization  to start  providing medical assistance to the needy kids , and parents in that region. How about another , who has help organize sporting , and academic scholarships , for hard working kids back home in Kenya  , at Universities and Colleges in the developed part of the globe? 
   Then there is my Ugandan cyber friend, that saw a need for the prosecuted ,Batwa tribal peoples , and so  with much personal sacrifices ,formed an organization towards that end.  He took a page out of the book of another, now famous Ugandan who likewise started a thriving organization , to build schools and community infrastructures  for orphans of Aids, that can now be a model  for others so desirous. 
I cannot forget a passionate journalist , from a tiny Caribbean ,resource laden ,Twin Island Republic-I am so well acquainted with - that tries to bring the news to the neglected people of his tiny island enclave , but due to financial constraints ,and inability  to purchase necessary equipments ,finds it difficult . The result of this ? You bet . The truth then , cannot be told as effectively to the masses, on the  blatant  injustices, they continually experience ,at the hands of self serving  politicians , and business entities , in a racially calamitous environment , and such is a tragedy. 
   I cannot forget  another friend  in the USA , whose unemployed wife got her first job , as at a recently created organization aimed at helping to empower former  sex slaves , and exploited women  from Asia, and similar regions. 
      Obviously ,it is not only in Africa, and Caribbean , but  across the much  wider global community  , where folks are trying to make a difference, but there is the biggest irony. The situation remains the same whether in the developed Industrial North , or developing global South. Desperate folks are homeless, hungry, psychologically ravaged, discriminated, exploited, hungry, abused , and uncompensated by exploiters for centuries , with little relief in sight. The few courageous ones  that dare take a stand , are in need of help, and naturally ,this remains financial.  The problems might be created in the under developed worlds , but will eventually spread via refugees , political hatred and anger ,as globalization is not only limited to business enterprises as narrowly interpreted , by naive intellectuals.  
     How therefore do I see myself in this mix , of trying to help, for each of these groups mentioned , and several more have reached out to me for financial help .  I too have contemplated the creation of a few organizations to address issues of critical importance I have observed across the social landscape. After all , the inspirational work of NBA Star Mutumbo can spur any into action, as he through grit , and efforts created a hospital in memory of his late mom in war torn Congo, most with the help of donations from global friends, who understood his vision.  What role do I see my self serving most effectively in? Rapper Wycleff Jean , before he naively dabbled in Haitian convoluted , political mumbo jumbo , was an NGO force to reckon with, and likewise inspiration.  
Znend is, and why not?  

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