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Friday, August 26, 2011

Political De JAVU

       Looks like once more Western powers , led by who else, Pax Americana, are choosing to ignore the settled  tea leaves , and so are jumping into bed with politically traumatized folks in across Islamic world , after bouncing their once cherished leader out of power. The trend started in earnest  during the much revered  Cold War , with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, then decades later it was well , who ever  Pakistan found palatable , in the Post Taliban period .
      The  script is still being written however, on that  craziness, at the exorbitant cost to American Taxpayers in lives, at some $2  billions per week, with no win in sight , for the foreseeable future. That is, irrespective of what the military pundits, and their corporate bosses think, and  or ,say to the contrary.
       I would leave out the political travesty in Iraq , as Nobel Peace  head guru  ,Uncle Obama , is putting the final pieces together to take  that new stoned aged ,Babylonian country , into a future 51st state, of these United States, if only he can exit, maybe two weeks before his second term ends in 2016,without being blamed by every Republican yapper , for also  loosing the Vietnam ,and  Korean war, as well as wars on poverty, drugs, crime.What a sick joke !
  Just imagine for a second if WW11 was fought with such inept leadership thinking, but more importantly ,no meaningful end game strategy.
     How about Egypt? I guess having military elites run that country for another four decades is progress, and a testament of globalization of democracy.Sad, but neighboring Israel is happy , as a strong Arab ally means something , in that politically tumultuous region, where foes and friends can take on differing characteristics ,depending on who is looking.
       So I was watching CNN yesterday , between snippets of an  NFL preseason game between my son's favorite team Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Redskin, as well as the always exciting ,Little League World series , and there was this beautiful  British accented African news anchor, as usual,  parroting her  empty , corporate media lines , about the seemingly successful beat down of another Arab , or is it African State, in  resource laden Libya.
    Amidst the triumphalism of NATO forces, led by USA , and France,for furthering the cause  of democracy, by getting rid of a dictator, and planning ahead ,as to who would get the most of the  economic spoils , after  restoring order , unlike the American debacles  in Iraq,they decided to reveal something of paramount importance.
     No , it was not that alleged kidnapped , embedded journalist, were finally freed , by the African Arab barbarians , but that we should in ever so subtle ways , be  happy about the good leadership of G.W. Bush , and his compassionate conservatism, as opposed to acknowledge the astute political stewardship of Uncle Obama for , doing what even Ronald Reagn could not do, in ending decades of military dictatorship reign by a misguided , megalomaniac .
'Gadaffi not only feared Condi Rice , G.W Bush handpick, first female Afrikan  Secretary of State, but admired her , on how she stood up to Arab leaders.
    There it is  . How dare any one , including book pedaling , political bandit,Dick Cheney , say that Professor , 'Eye Candy Rice ,' was  a clueless political  coward, who served no useful purpose for all of mankind , during all her time in active politics?
We should continue to keep our fingers cross, and see how this entire situation plays out. Namely , will his book make more money that that of fellow criminal pals,   Donald Rumfield,  G. W Bush ,and his Dad G.H, their respective  boss.
    Ok Syria  President Assad, we know that you  and your , barbarian Arab  fiefdom ,is far away from your North Afrikan cousin Murmar, but nevertheless , the  following statement might still be applicable,and here it is for your edification:- "When your neighbor's house is on fire, burn yours......" or is it wet?
      Better yet ,and it's your call , so  pray, and fast during Ramadan -as you continue to repeatedly  murder your innocent citizens ,for demanding freedom , and economic liberation- or ,  that your buddies in Iran, find a way to make the second nuclear bomb , before  US close, non NPT signatory , nuclear  state ,partner ,Israel, resort once more to doing  the biddings of their Washington handlers ,by bombing  their facility, as was done to yours , or is it the other way around?
Just cannot figure out the political machinations of that volatile area.
     Now  you know why going nuclear  technology remains so attractive  folks , when no country in possession of nuclear weapons was ever attacked by another  with one.
 Sorry Gaddafi,it's now  too late, and only a matter of time before you are dragged out of in  Saddam  like fox hole  fashion, by rival  tribes, tempted by lucrative bounties .
 Ah yes, political de Javu, again.

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