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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Political Blowback, in the absence of Peace,& Nuclear Proclivities

 “To talk of maintaining peace through balance of power, or through the treats  of nuclear deterrents , is foolish.The might of armaments can only produce fear, and not peace. Through fear can come only hatred, ill-will and hostility ... suppressed at times , but ready to erupt  and become violent  at any moment.” 
Walpola Rahula 
What the Buddah taught.
          September is always a busy week in New York Manhattan, and no, it is not because Kenyan runners are  suddenly plotting  running strategies around the city, on how to win perhaps for the 20th successive time , another converted NYC Marathon.Let’s face it , but the guys and gals from East Africa are great, and pretty soon Europeans , Americans and the rest of the world might have to send running coaches to the Rift Valley ,to again relearn the art of running. The prize for the American or European to win a race by touching the finish line at number 50 or 55, just does not have the same appeal, but  I however digress. 
    September was particularly exciting this year for several reasons. The first was that the Iranians are in the town , and one can be guaranteed some sort of controversy, to the same extent that one can expect Paris Hilton to flash her colorful underwear while exiting a car en route to Japan or Europe so as to get  her private , as well as airport security in a fit , a fading Rapper call HI , or perhaps TI , on the verge of launching an album, would be caught with a gun ,and a bag of weed, or some spoil half drunk , insecure kid,perhaps  with the initial LH ,would breach some drug probation requirement , and write about it on twitter , to thumb her nose at the system , knowing fully well , she won’t suffer a similar fate as some poor Hispanic slob from South Central , or the leading ,gang banger from Reverend Ike Turner High School in the Bronx NY.
   Fresh from his victory in the Gulf , after defeating the United States again , only this time without loosing a single soldier   like was done during the Saddam Hussain pro American  10 year odyssey,Iran  is riding a high , as President Obama finally decided to  temporarily close shop in neighboring Iraq, and take his carpetbags to Afghanistan , where no oil can be found so as to sustain another war like that which converted Iraq back to the stone age after seven years of fighting.
    You know that you  are in Zoo York when a inconsequential statement by President Ahmadinejad  of Iran ,has blood boiling across the state, to the extent that a gruesome murder in Bronx NY of a  Nicaraguan diplomat can hardly cause a ripple of national  human sensibilities  pulse meter, of the Media /Financial Capital of the world.

   Well, again the murdered victim , is some inconsequential foreigner, and so , it might not matter  to many , when compared to whether Demi Moore, 15 year junior husband finally decided to cheat on her, or a Tea bag Republican NY gubernatorial  candidate Carl Pal, really plans to “take out” a sleazy NY Post reporter , and not one belonging to Fox 5. 
   A minority enclave in the  Bronx , gruesome death, there you go , another drug deal gone wrong many are thinking. One person even question why a member of the diplomatic community would choose to come and live in such a neighborhood, unless he had something to hide- clearly a reflection of how naive folks are as to what transpires in the real world .

Hey folks, all nations are not created equal. In addition , what one group might consider a 4th class neighborhood , or even a Brazilian favala -like slum, others , might just think otherwise.
   Remember when that country Nicaragua was the enemy, and not Iran, or when  President Ron, the Great Communicator  , Lt. Colonel Oliver , Admiral  John  Point , and CIA  DJ  W. Cassey,broke the law, to help one ,via the other? 
    Try and figure that twisted tale ,and I would explain to you why ‘Read my lips George Herbert Bush,’ was selected as Ron’s  VP , and  the reasons for him in turn  extending pardons to almost all the crooks involved in Iran Contra.
    That  historical anomaly stinks from  the Middle East , young  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, high heavens,  all the way to the White House , ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way, thank you very much ,and good riddance  Mr Peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter ,our much maligned , yet  beloved 39th President.
 Talk about Political Blowback. 
   As the Iocquasious leader said, “What right do they have to make such demands on us? Based on what legal system or what international regulation and law? Exactly where do they find the legal basis to demand such things from our people? Whilst they are enjoying nuclear energy, they are telling us not to?” Now what does Uncle O , the Nobel Peace monger , and Commander in Chief, have to say in  return
 It's your serve, Mr President. What’s that senior advisor , you are attempting to make a call to Israel, India, Pakistan- the perpetual ,recalcitrant , anti NPT , non signatory states. Hey EU ,how did you bring recent  American anti nuclear ally Mummer Quadaffi aka the Peace-nick, around to his new way of thinking?
What do we have here, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Judaism, all rooting for war , mayhem , violence and blood-shead. What say ye oooh wise ones!

A Call to Action

  "Intellectuals deal with ideas--with recollections of the past, definitions of the present, and images of possible futures. By intellectuals I mean scientists and artists, ministers and scholars; I mean those who represent the human intellect; those who are part of the great discourse of reason and inquiry, of sensibility and imagination that in the West began in Jerusalem and Athens and Rome, and that has been going on intermittently ever since. They are the organized memory of mankind, and such cultural apparatus as it has they create and they maintain. If they write, paint, speak, if they create and distribute images and ideas, their work is publicly relevant. In so far as it is attended to, it focuses the views of men; and it distracts attention from that which it ignores. It justifies ideas of authority or it criticizes them. 
     Every time intellectuals have the chance to speak yet do not speak, they join the forces that train men not to be able to think and imagine and feel in morally and politically adequate ways. When they do not demand that the secrecy that makes elite decisions absolute and unchallengeable be removed, they too are part of the passive conspiracy to kill off public scrutiny. When they do not speak, when they do not demand, when they do not think and feel and act as intellectuals--and so as public men--they too contribute to the moral paralysis, the intellectual rigidity, that now grip both leaders and led around the world" 
   Wright Mills Sociologist
The Causes of World War III
   The time is long gone  for sitting idly by ,while straddling the fence ,in the distorted notion that all is well, since we as individuals are fine, or  appear- on the surface at least- to be immune from society's   prevailing problems and wider issues.
  Seek out fellow progressives, then strive to get engaged on the pertinent affairs of the day, in effort to encourage positive change where necessary.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Money Luv ,from Americn Heartland to Black America Pigford II, and beyond


 Twenty Five years ago Wllie Nelson spearheaded a live aid , all star open - air music concert , in an effort to give some sort of help for struggling American farmers that were waddling in social ,and economic  despair throughout the country.
  Many were loosing their farms, some were committing suicide , due to indebtedness , and the barrage of uncaring behaviors by  selfish business , and politicians , that somehow   reminds one of   what is occurring today in America the Land of the Free, as we speak. Loosely called Farm Aid ,these  efforts were able to spur huge reliefs, and support for working families as a result of the initial $9million  they were able to  garner.
 Not surprisingly , Willie , and other American Rock icons were able to parlay this into a well established movement , and organization, to continually build , and continually  give back.Having raised some $37 million to date since 1985, and pushing the drive for expanding family farming , away from the narrow interest of corporate industrial  agriculture , Willie and his fellow musicians,thus showed what  good can occur ,if socially conscious folks in any walk of life.
  Today the farming industry is as vibrant as ever, and is one of the backbone of American society. It  can perhaps only be rival by that which exist in Europe- in terms of power and influence-so much so that they are in turn playing their part in helping the  less fortunate starving across the world , by giving where necessary when called upon.
  I am however concern about a small group that seems to be left in the shuffle by equally callous politicians,and  bureaucratic legal agents , and some might even say uncaring  community leaders , or  hard core  activist ,even if they too have needs, and are  crying  out for social justice , with little to show in returns.
 I am referring of course to some 30,000 American Black Farmers  that recently won  $1.25 Billion ,in a long overdue  settlement, the results of decades of blatant USDA discriminations, that was repeatedly  extended to them , as opposed to others.

   What say ye America?

 Now I am thinking that  we cannot sit idly by ,while the hands of governmental institutions are being held to the fire, as Uncle Obama ,  work out his priorities , for white , brown, yellow , and red America. In the interim , there are countless  possible ,immediate actions, that can be undertaken  in terms of help. Here is a suggestion ,a couple of our successful R&B , as well as Rap Artist can swing into action . It is your call Birdman,Lil Wayne, Young Jezzey,  and Teflon Don Rick Ross. 
Brother Chris Brown, we feel your pain ,as there seems to be  no redemption locally ,or internationally for you,  after  your domestic abuse breakdown on Caribbean , musical beauty ,Rihanna, but here is your chance , to forget about the postponed tour that was carded to take place later this Fall  with the ever popular Usher.
   Take the lead , in like manner to Willie Nelson and fellow Rock Pals -to throw some ‘money luv’ outside of corporate America , instead ,towards addressing  issues of   importance. .
 Just think of the likely positive fall out for a United America, folks.
   Folks such  as Whyclef  Jean ,with his Yele Haiti Foundation , and post Katrina fund-raising efforts by David Banner,Master P,Juvenile, Twista, Common, Kanye West, Mos Def, andTalib Kweli , proves what can be done if the will exist.
It's our call people, so let's make it happen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hope over Experience

"The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeing new landscapes,but in having new eyes."
   So we now know that Ronald  Reagan trickle-down , Voodoo Economic ,never worked,no matter how much loud mouth, ardent 'Gipper  admirers,' such as Newt Gingrich , and Pat Bucannan screamed to the contrary.
  G.H Bush ,required that we  read his lips ,then taxed us to high heavens, while attempting along with Dan Quale to articulate a complete understandable sentence all through his term of office, even with his expensive overrated Yale  education.     
     Twinkle toes Clinton, during his midlife crisis escapades,was too busy administering to young female interns,barely  old enough, to be his daughter , and if you were not some Wall Street yuppie ,or a pimple face  computer Dot Com Geek , you did not have a chance to accrue any noticeable benefits from his economic bubble. 
    G.W Bush according to controversial  Rapper Kanye West, did not like Black People , or one might add, neither did he care for  white, yellow , red,and brown people , unless they were high end ,Skull and Bones elitist drinking, and bird shooting  pals from his Frat days, or Haliburton ,or Black Water Oil , and Security tycoons executives  , eagerly anticipating the next war  for profit  ,false enemies denunciations, post multilateralism 'Contract With America.' 
What does that leave us with today? Well ,Uncle Obama , is trying to do the impossible while swimming up a piranha infested creek, but has to contend with  9 million jobs that  simply   disappeared,  in a long drawn our recession he inherited, and America is now  in an understandable  foul mood, and close to despair.  With accusation flying left , right, and center ,as to who  is to blame,it is fair to say that a crisis is on. 
    I cannot help but remember the words of an old Coca Cola ,former CEO, Roberto C. Goizueta , who said the following :"Bad things happen because of what we did in good times,good things happen because of what we did in bad times." 
   What does that mean for common folks not named Gates, Trump, Bloomberg,Winfrey ,or the hundreds of millionaires and billionaires capitalist beneficiaries that happened to be citizens?  Well ,they must of necessity roll up those sleeves , so as to etch out some sort of existence .
 Hopefully we can  get those  entrepreneurial juices moving , like was done in the past, when the going got rough . 
Uncle Obama , you claim to be an ardent student of history,an admirer of Reagan , and Lincoln and all that , but it's time to flip the scrip a bit even if it mean getting rid of a few more delusional economic advisors.
 I say , push some 'trickle up economics initiatives,' as spending further dollars on high end Wall Street , and other business entities, so that they can continue to invest overseas , as opposed to the domestically, just won't cut it. 
  Watch out for those rabid Mama Grizzlies , as  alleged  15 million pro  Hilary Clinton, one time  broken pieces of neo  -feminist support , as they are smelling blood." The economist and political scientist are always right in the classroom , but in the real unemployment world , and Red Zone  Iraq war front , reality forces one to  take decisive actions now . 
Yes we can!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

'DeBlacksunGod ' Reincarnation

     From Sudan to Nigeria, across Black America's  Prisons , and  the  rest of world where Africans were dispersed ,it's the same old story , and  the impact of religions has made a mark. Can you believe that the black man had a religion  for over 2000 years before the derivative imported , transplanted and imposed nationalist ones  came to be accepted, via conquest, enslavement, or conversion. Notice as well that everybody ,but Africans, worship’s a god that physically resembles them . What exactly occurred, and how has this affected Africans psyche? 
      In keeping with the tenets of basic Human Rights, we should defend the right of everyone  to  practice a religion of their  particular choice , however one would be remiss in not trying to enlighten oneself ,as to the distortions that exist across the globe, when it comes to the question of religious history , as it affects Africans.
   We know for example ,of the Queen of Sheba, and her links to King David  and Judaism , allegedly via the Bestselling , but questionable, Christian Bible. It was due to a Liberal Republican G H Bush meltdown , that the State of Israel embarked on a wonderful PR exercise to bring their Jewish Black brothers to Israel , in like manner to their white counterparts across the globe- and for that they were handsomely rewarded, as these new transplants were relegated to fourth class , lower caste citizenry- and that's a tragedy.
   Who can forget a few  African American transplants that miss the Guyana Jim Jones airplane , but landing in the land of Israel , after  giving up their country of birth , for another ,they perceive as their home.  

How the   fate would play out , for both discriminated groups in the Land of Israel, Christians and Islam  ,is anyone's guess. Die by the Islamic , Asian , Arab , European , Russian ,and  Persian bomb , or the Israeli non existent bomb.  
The records on  the atrocities committed on behalf of Islam are legendary from Sudan to Nigeria. As one leading Historian scholar  claimed ,many of the Black Muslims , as Arab  rape byproducts  , are often , more Arab, than the Arabs themselves, and that's the tragedy. 

   As millions are slaughtered in the two largest states in Africa, and corruption,as well as blatant Human Rights abuses ,and mismanagements continues, Arabs, whose ancestors  contributed to the problems initially in the Continent of Africa, stays on the sidelines ,and twiddle their thumbs , while a multitude of scapegoats are brought to the fore ,as explanations for the unending tragedies. 
In the mean time such Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria ,Yemen, and the likes , expects global sympathies ,as Americans with Europeans  help , in turn, attempt to bomb them back to the stone age, Bedouin life ,for pro terroristic  behaviors, practices, and support. That is indeed , a sad tragedy.  
 Finally, it’s Christianity’s role in helping the profiteers of  African slavery, and subjugation of a people, both physically,and psychologically.
 True, Christianity did do some good for the Virgin Continent, but equally, that religion in subtle fashion ,has contributed to a great degree , in  whole-scale destruction of a people, as many deviated aways from known,tested, and tried, useful traditions, and that too is a tragedy.  

 In both the Caribbean , and the Americas -the predominant slave destinations ,for imperial Europeans-all traces ,and links to a religion as derived from Africa have disappeared.  In Africa today, indigenous religions are almost dead,or performed in the secret closet ,once the invasion of Africa occurred by others.
  Not surprisingly, Africans, are forced to grasp at straws ,as it were , to acquire some sense of self, dignity , and pride. 
Perhaps it's time to reconnect to that which is true and noble ,namely , the lifestyle and teachings of 'DeBlacksunGod,'as given to us all ,  in the Cradle of Civilization. The fact that all mankind ,and by extension religions ,emanated from Africa , maybe that a fine place to start. It is time to put an end to the tragedy. 
Hear ye the voice of  'DeBlacksunGod.'

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Proliferation Stability, Instability Paradox." One down , whose next?
    Amazing the way of the modern world today, for what do  we have here? A known/ unknown nuclear power, and non signatory member of the NPT , that is attempting to enforce the  treaty's clauses , on a signatory member, in an already volatile region,  with futile talks  of war. The debate therefore never ends .
Would this now turn out to be the "mothers of all wars,"to steal Saddam phrase? 
  Who can soften the rhetorics, between Islamic Iran, an obviously scared , yet bellicose , theocratic regime, and that of an insecure,regionally  threatened, Jewish State in Israel,when  both are  in possession of influential military organizations, and limited , sustained , civilian control?
 For the record , Israel has the fourth largest army in the world, although only the size of New Jersey. Iran is an isolated, Shiite Muslim nation , with a former Superpower as n enemy since 1979, suspicious Arabs Sunni neighbors lurking, one of which engaged it in a pointless decade long war, and was in turn  bombed back almost  to the Stone age , in a seven year battle  with a common enemy, and global hegemonic power. 
      Since nuclear deterrence worked in Europe,and no nuclear power has ever attacked another, is it time to dismiss the ethnocentric , Western , neo-imperilist view that " nuclear weapons are a superb deterrent," but only  for Europeans - and in the case of Israel, Pakistan , and India friendly allies-as advocated by a few theorists?
Where are the Peace Envoys, and is this annual Palestinian /Israeli  photo opt, and drawn out  issue, the most important matter that should be on the agenda, when WW111 might be only a bomb away?,0,4968169.story

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