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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hope over Experience

"The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeing new landscapes,but in having new eyes."
   So we now know that Ronald  Reagan trickle-down , Voodoo Economic ,never worked,no matter how much loud mouth, ardent 'Gipper  admirers,' such as Newt Gingrich , and Pat Bucannan screamed to the contrary.
  G.H Bush ,required that we  read his lips ,then taxed us to high heavens, while attempting along with Dan Quale to articulate a complete understandable sentence all through his term of office, even with his expensive overrated Yale  education.     
     Twinkle toes Clinton, during his midlife crisis escapades,was too busy administering to young female interns,barely  old enough, to be his daughter , and if you were not some Wall Street yuppie ,or a pimple face  computer Dot Com Geek , you did not have a chance to accrue any noticeable benefits from his economic bubble. 
    G.W Bush according to controversial  Rapper Kanye West, did not like Black People , or one might add, neither did he care for  white, yellow , red,and brown people , unless they were high end ,Skull and Bones elitist drinking, and bird shooting  pals from his Frat days, or Haliburton ,or Black Water Oil , and Security tycoons executives  , eagerly anticipating the next war  for profit  ,false enemies denunciations, post multilateralism 'Contract With America.' 
What does that leave us with today? Well ,Uncle Obama , is trying to do the impossible while swimming up a piranha infested creek, but has to contend with  9 million jobs that  simply   disappeared,  in a long drawn our recession he inherited, and America is now  in an understandable  foul mood, and close to despair.  With accusation flying left , right, and center ,as to who  is to blame,it is fair to say that a crisis is on. 
    I cannot help but remember the words of an old Coca Cola ,former CEO, Roberto C. Goizueta , who said the following :"Bad things happen because of what we did in good times,good things happen because of what we did in bad times." 
   What does that mean for common folks not named Gates, Trump, Bloomberg,Winfrey ,or the hundreds of millionaires and billionaires capitalist beneficiaries that happened to be citizens?  Well ,they must of necessity roll up those sleeves , so as to etch out some sort of existence .
 Hopefully we can  get those  entrepreneurial juices moving , like was done in the past, when the going got rough . 
Uncle Obama , you claim to be an ardent student of history,an admirer of Reagan , and Lincoln and all that , but it's time to flip the scrip a bit even if it mean getting rid of a few more delusional economic advisors.
 I say , push some 'trickle up economics initiatives,' as spending further dollars on high end Wall Street , and other business entities, so that they can continue to invest overseas , as opposed to the domestically, just won't cut it. 
  Watch out for those rabid Mama Grizzlies , as  alleged  15 million pro  Hilary Clinton, one time  broken pieces of neo  -feminist support , as they are smelling blood." The economist and political scientist are always right in the classroom , but in the real unemployment world , and Red Zone  Iraq war front , reality forces one to  take decisive actions now . 
Yes we can!"

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