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Friday, September 3, 2010

"Proliferation Stability, Instability Paradox." One down , whose next?
    Amazing the way of the modern world today, for what do  we have here? A known/ unknown nuclear power, and non signatory member of the NPT , that is attempting to enforce the  treaty's clauses , on a signatory member, in an already volatile region,  with futile talks  of war. The debate therefore never ends .
Would this now turn out to be the "mothers of all wars,"to steal Saddam phrase? 
  Who can soften the rhetorics, between Islamic Iran, an obviously scared , yet bellicose , theocratic regime, and that of an insecure,regionally  threatened, Jewish State in Israel,when  both are  in possession of influential military organizations, and limited , sustained , civilian control?
 For the record , Israel has the fourth largest army in the world, although only the size of New Jersey. Iran is an isolated, Shiite Muslim nation , with a former Superpower as n enemy since 1979, suspicious Arabs Sunni neighbors lurking, one of which engaged it in a pointless decade long war, and was in turn  bombed back almost  to the Stone age , in a seven year battle  with a common enemy, and global hegemonic power. 
      Since nuclear deterrence worked in Europe,and no nuclear power has ever attacked another, is it time to dismiss the ethnocentric , Western , neo-imperilist view that " nuclear weapons are a superb deterrent," but only  for Europeans - and in the case of Israel, Pakistan , and India friendly allies-as advocated by a few theorists?
Where are the Peace Envoys, and is this annual Palestinian /Israeli  photo opt, and drawn out  issue, the most important matter that should be on the agenda, when WW111 might be only a bomb away?,0,4968169.story

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