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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Equal Rights and Justice

It's a beautiful day in these United States , and that's besides the rhetoric of the usual 'self aggrandizing doom and gloomers,' that you are only too familiar with, that there is simply no need to bore you with any of  their names, agreed?
    In an effort to appeal to the conscience , and moral decency ,of the seemingly heartless across the global village ,South African Archbishop , and eventual Nobel Peace Prize winner, Desmond Tutu , a very  staunch opponent of  his country's   barbaric ,and dehumanizing  Apartheid system,  was forced to say the following:-  “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
 My question is leveled at you fellow global citizens - where do you stand on glaring unresolved INJUSTICES AND ATROCITIES  that are still existing ,starting at home ,and including  the entire spectrum of  the developed industrialized , Global  North , all the way down to those insignificant ,developing/ emerging ,members of the  Global South ?
For the record , many of the problems I am referring to , threatens to make Apartheid  SA back then ,or early pioneering American or Canadian neo genocidal Cherokee nation land grab,   appear like a Mother Theresa Sunday School picnic in comparison.
    I know that  you were  not hiding under a rock on Planet Pluto ,for the past two decades since "the end of history," when the two alleged global Cold War enemies decided to start their tribal  love feast, after decades of ideological divisions ,  proxy wars, as well as exploitations for human, and or  natural resources , often via  enabling of  brutal regimes , 'primarily' amongst black , brown, yellow , and red folks outside of Europe.  
   As you tune in to the useless baseless  shenanigans of the complicit, conglomerate , corporate media  agents , you are more confuse ,  overwhelmed, and suffers more from  a sense of intellectual fatigue, coupled with powerlessness , to do anything tangible, and so you fall for the many typical excuses in explanation. 
   Many of the assertions are familiar , and might have emanated from your own mouths occasionally , I am certain. These include , but are not limited to the following:- 'They don't like us ,and our ways of life.' 'These folks are simply uncivilized ,hopeless , unrepentant ,savages.' 'We already have enough on our own plate to deal with , and so cannot afford to grapple with the problems ,and challenges that others are left with- even if our respective leaders were the initial causes of the present social maladies.' 'Our respective countries should do whatever is necessary to ensure that our immigration laws are tightened ,so as to ensure that such stay miscreants and their degenerate off springs ,stay away from our continent, as we do not wish that they eventually try to impose their will, and way of life upon us.' Sound familiar?
Now that's the easy part, but what about the plight of freedom loving , conscionable ,second and third generations folks  that are either born , or lived here for decades ,who  are troubled at prevailing affairs both domestically, and internationally that affects others that look like they are?
 You justifiably denounce and punish the overzealous amongst them that choose to resort to illegal , unlawful methods, to make perceived  wrongs right, but what about that decent, caring ,social and political activists, that views peace, security, and sustainable development  for all, in a more progressive , all embracing , mutually respectful way? Time to take a stand , by deciding to get socially and politically engaged beyond the typical narrow, pro- tribal, ideological , or class oriented premise.The reasons  are simple - a family, society,nation, or world  cannot fully strive and  reach it's full potential , if any of it's respective members are left behind, or stuck in hopeless socio economic , and or political state.
 Let me in ending leave you with a letter along with the admonitions of two courageous members of Blacksungod nation, as they play some role in uplifting an oppressed people ,and making America much greater  , by taking moral stance in the quest for peace , security ,and  justice via political empowerment. These are Dr MLK Jr, and my dear loving  Brother, Stokley Carmichael.
 I wish you well. I wish you well.

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