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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

“From my Cold , Dead Hands”

It was the sort of welcome ,rally the troops ,war cry ,that was expected at a 2000 NRA Convention ,by an excitable national gun obsessed crowd , and they were not disappointed by their aged , respected , Conservative Hollywood icon, and NRA President Charleston Heston ,aka Moses .
On April 5, 2008,the much beloved NRA lifetime member ,Mr. Heston passed away peacefully at the ripe age of 84. Unfortunately, millions of innocent victims to gun violence , won’t be so lucky . With some almost 109,000 shot per year , a few would obviously fall through the crack.
9 people are now dead, after 10 were shot in a 45 minuets workplace hunt ,in Manchester Connecticut by an angry co worker.
In Chicago , the Commander in Chief is about to eat a birthday cake all by his lonesome, as the family including his lovely girls, are away on summer break. 113 people have lost their lives in the murder capital of America , most are innocent kids. This prompted two lawmakers to suggest the introduction of the National Guards to rectify the problem , after the Supreme Courts in all it’s wisdom, overturned a recent handgun ban.

It is not only at the domestic level that the impact of guns have caused havoc , but many countries mainly in poor developing countries in the Global South.
Is it time to make non proliferation of small arms , a priority , like that of dangerous WMD nuclear technologies?Perhaps . Stay tuned.

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