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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sustainable development is not a catch phrase

  I like the speech very much, and feel happy for the fact that she is indirectly speaking truth to justice, for the millions of voiceless Native Canadian Indian kids,and their parents  ,that are still treated as 4th class citizens in their own country , by the kids and grand kids of colonizers.
 I myself always  find it intriguing when the poor , backward countries in the  Global South are used as examples to shock the conscience of the world and spur them into so form of action in terms of perhaps  aid , yet at the same time little is mentioned of the deprivations, Human Right abuses , and other forms of wanton neglect  at home within the enclaves of the Global North. 
We do have an obligation to enlighten our kids  such as Severn Suzuki,and make them understand that charity can begin at home,and likewise the abuses , and callous activities that commence at home, often can  be translated to a skewed Foreign Policy that can contribute to destruction of the global environment .It is for this reason that civil society needs to be monitored , so as to ensure that false values, and will are not imposed on others , under the guise of development. 

Did anyone tell 13 year old Severn Suzuki  about the genocide , and   real history about the aboriginal folks in her country, at the hands of her ancestors?

I too grew up reading the fairy tales about indigenous folks causing global warming as a result of lighting a few log wood fires for cooking and warmth.

 The quest for sustainable development , in the face of lies and half truths can be very challenging indeed. I am to continue a dialogue on these and similar subject as we move forward, for yes we are indeed happy to see efforts aimed at the poor that are far away,but  unless a charitable spirit is developed at home, much progress will not take place. Take a stand against all from of injustice. 

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