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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pavlov Revisited,and the crisis of Power

   You know I am always curious  about , or rather fascinated by this question of obedience, compliance, adherence , or whatever we wish to call it , to some authority, law, rule , norm , instructions or regulation. Not only  the mindset of those who are forced to obey , but others on the opposite end,  that are granted the power to interpret and enforce  such rules. This situation historically cuts across all quarters ,from the micro levels involving kids ,their  parents,and  teachers , as well as  low end bureaucrats,and   therefore transcends to the wider macro levels ,involving powerful leaders, billion dollar  conglomerates , and others with huge influences on even  life and death situations , for fellow beings like themselves. If you are for example a member of the millions of heavenly , all power God types of believers, then you would be familiar with Adam ,our first ever human on planet earth,  and his dear rambunctious , serpent adoring , apple tasting wife Eve, who dared to disobey , even if they allegedly had a free choice, then to the  consequential impact for  all mankind ever since. 
       Why am I rambling on about this seemingly inconsequential subject , one might ask? Well like that movie , I too am mad as hell , and cannot take it any more, but yet is powerless to do anything but .... Yesterday in  New York   Strong Island,with some 15 minutes before closing time  ,I went to the public library to borrow a book  ,on what to me is a much  ignored subject, that deals specifically with the  draconian ,racially skewed, profiteering , Prison Industrial Complex ,and it’s direct negative impact on mainly poor low caste ,African  folks,as well as  similar others of color ,in  these United States ,ever  since slavery allegedly  ended. 
   Got the book with some  5 minutes to spare, with the  help  of  a friendly Caucasian librarian . Went to the counter,and was told I could not borrow it because I owed a dime ,by a Hispanic young lady trainee. I ran to my vehicle , got the required cash , and returned to collect the book, then thought I have some fun , while getting inside of her head. "You were kidding , weren’t you," I ask? "Oh no," she said , "it’s the rules, "she proudly exclaimed , with two senior female colleagues looking on approvingly , while shaking their heads in ecstatic fashion as to the full compliance of this important  rule .
  " Is it a good rule ," I  further enquired, "and if so why is that so?" "Yes ,"she responded , "because ... it  was always the rule."  "Are you saying that all rules that existed for a long time, is a good rule," I further pressed? "Yes ,"she said, getting a bit agitated . "How about slavery, do you know at one time it was allowed as a rule ,in this country ,and  for a long time , so do you think that was a good rule?" "I won’t answer that," she finally said , glancing at the security , and her senior colleagues for some relief . "No big deal ,and have a nice day to you as well," I said , as I took my book and departed. 
          Three summers ago , I gave up almost a month of my life to grapple with a study in my educational journey ,that focused on leaders of four particular nations , and their  attitudes to one of the most  popular, yet controversial  international laws, of all time, that most nations grapple with. I am talking about  Brazil,Iran, Libya, and North Korea, all of which has made the news repeatedly over the past three months ,and the law, in case you did not know is the Non Proliferation Treaty- the most widely  subscribed  Treaty in History.
   Why I wanted to know exactly ,have 189 states  complied , or not? In the case of one time pro terrorist State Libya , some naively say fear of mighty global hegemon America, doing to them what was done to fellow signatory member Iraq. 
 Iran’s defiance some think, it’s because they see enemies lurking far and wide, starting with the  entire  Sunni Arab population, Western powers , the Jewish State, global non Shiite Islamists , and the list goes on. For North Korea, her actions  too, it is claimed  was due to  her enemies, far and wide, including thousands of American troops fixated for over 60 years on her border, to aid and protect her southern , more economically sound cousins in South Korea and Japan.

   For Brazil , once an ardent , aggressive , dictatorial ,militaristic ,nuclear  enthusiast ,with close rival Argentina, but today a major  NPT  compliance advocate, and  no surprise, is fast emerging as a globally forceful , alternative energy, industrial giant, along with it’s recent first female President , all be it ,amidst growing poverty , structural  violence ,and  other social problems.
  The questions remains therefore as to why North Korea , and Iran ,remains  political pariahs , for seeming non compliance , while non signatories ,and blatant abusing States, such as India, Israel, and Pakistan , are cuddled ? The way the interpretations goes , is that rules are important, but if you never recognize them in the first place , then you are free to abuse them , or something to that effect. The bigger question, for me was , why states with all the means to defy a law such as this , chose not to , and in the process give up part of their sovereignty , and likely power  in the process?  
     The conclusions were that states ,chiefly in non nuclear developing , and emerging industrial countries comply ,mainly because they feel safe , and protected  by more powerful allies ,whose own interest are in turn enhanced- either economically , or politically - for so doing.
   Other states, that somehow cower in fear , because they feel  threatened ,due to either internal, or external insecurity concerns, would instead defy laws , or seeks to circumvent them  , because they are aware of certain historically obvious realities. One is that , no state with a nuclear protected umbrella -of their own -or from another nuclear power , was ever blatantly attacked  by another. Power therefor, or lack therefore, remains a central motivational factor ,in every decision  to comply with a rule.  Since folks , large and small , always seem to want to know , what's in it for me, we should therefore  re-tweek our strategies when trying to encourage compliance, or decide ourselves if we should adhere to a rule when on the receiving end- whether opaque or not, and if capable of dealing with the consequences. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blowback: What you don’t know might hurt you

  Americans are generally getting their knickers ,and jockstraps in a twist of late, and as many experts seem to think ,there are  some justifications for the justifiably revolted at the seemingphysical intrusions on their person, all in the name of security. In the event that you are one of the few that recently landed from Mars , and have no clue as to what delusional me,the global political animal and or voice of reason , is talking about , let me refresh your memory.  Let’s just say that travelers are mad as hell, and just not prepared to remain passive  much longer, even if it means they might be sent to Guantanamo Cuba ,for a bit of anti terror water-boarding torture, due to  any outrageous reaction . 
Hopefully , it did not escape you that security , since 2001,is big business , at exorbitant cost to taxpayers,and with  little guarantees , that folks are actually getting good bangs, for their bucks. 
Tell me , even if you are not too politically savvy, if this does not make you pause to think , who is actually having the last laugh  , during the past 9 years ? You guest it. A six feet Saudi  Arabian guy , hiding some where in a Pakistani , or Afghanistan bat cave , on a kidney dialysis machine, while the war on terror rages on , body bags return home daily, and billions are spent , on two wars , that can never be won, any time soon, and Americans experience their worst financial recession since   FDR and the infamous depressions. 
       This reminds me  that two days ago, one of  America's  favorite authors ,and progressive intellects , suddenly died at 79. He was Dr.  Chalmers Johnson, author of one of my favorite books , entitled,‘Blowback : The Cost and Consequences  of American  Empire.’  This book is require reading for any interested in understanding the consequences of skewed , militaristic  neo imperial activities,or  an imbalanced Foreign policy ,as practiced by the world’s sole remaining Super  Power , principally at the expense of members  of the desperate Global South. 
    This Bestselling classic was published just before 9/11 , when Islamist  terrorist unleashed their venom on an unsuspecting , naive, and innocent nation , unconscious about some of the numerous ghastly actions of leaders ,on their behalf abroad. What on a practical level is blowback?  It is simply as the name implies, a recoil feedback to  Foreign policies . So that  for example , in reaction to the Soviets invasions  in  Afghanistan , the USA gave billions in support to Mujaheddin Freedom  fighters ,and their global  Muslim ,solidarity brothers via Pakistan ,to fight the 'Evil Empire,' then after the USSR crumbled , paid little attention to these  once  friendly allied warriors  ,and so ,a violent , disgruntled ,and angry ideologue named Osama Bin Laden emerged . The results were eventually September 9/11,  as well as his carefully organized , globally interconnected  ,Al Qaeda terror networks. 
   Let us just throw in  the 4th century thinking , democracy hating Taliban , for good measure. In addition to operations in Afghanistan , the harmful effects are being felt on all continents , as governments are daily outspending each other, in efforts to secure their people , often at exorbitant cost. So as you attempt to rush down to a family member to enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner, and like many others , you too are manhandled , poked  at ,and fondled by over, peering eyes  , by over  zealous TSA officials , remember why , and see this as one of the many consequences of a Blowback. 
     Speaking about blowbacks, does anyone seriously believe that the Cold War would have ended in America’s favor , if the two Germany's were not united, and the Soviets had prevented efforts by desperate folks to break down the famous walls that Ronald Reagan spoke about?
    Do you think that the two Koreas perhaps would like to experience the same thrills, or does the presence of thousand of American military  troops on the borders of both countries  , contributed to failures , by respective families across both nations ,at pushing for reunification, and so end all the  existing hostilities on all fronts , including the nuclear obsessions by the  unprotected fraction in the North? 
  Just saying, but can you now  observe that both countries are in the news today ,and this might also be a manifestation of a type of blow back, all be it from afar involving allies , and enemies alike. 
  In ending , let me state the following. We need more leaders with what G.H Bush once referred to as “the vision thing.” We also need more independent, and fearless scholars such as Chalmers Johnson, as he certainly brought a refreshingly authentic , and novel perspective, to a usually limited neo realist , big, bad and ugly Americanism , discussions, and attitude,that the like of Henry Kissinger seemed to think  was  best. 
    Johnson's  book Blowback ,had a profound impact on me , and would you as well. Since ‘what you don’t know can hurt you,’ then what do have to loose from expanding your mind on level headed thoughts , which is a sharp contrast from the typical hot air , bubble heads t,hat are bombarding the media fronts today ,especially since the world evolved into such a scary place, or was it always that way?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Professor Sam Cook :Cupid's Love Theoretical Genius

         Ever since Papa Adam woke up in the garden of Eden ,devoid of a rib, next to his beautiful woman  Eve,with promises  to love ,cherish , and adore ,for the rest of his life, we humans have been searching  for that sometimes elusive thing call love. Of course ,things got a bit murky when Eve slept with a serpent, got naked with Adam , produced twins Cain and Abel , only to have the vicious Cain kill his docile brother, then go into a distant land ,to marry a woman , that  was supposedly his sister, since no one else was on earth apart from fallen white turned  Black satanic angels . Are you ready to finally burn that Bestselling ,fictitious, King James Bible as yet?   For some cultures , affairs of the heart decisions  are  made for them , as parents dictates the love matches ,based on families requirements, financial needs ,and  wider political desires.
     For others , blind faith is made to Cupid , the God of love , in the hope that he would do as Sam Cook suggested, of shooting his arrow into the sky , in the hope that it would fly straight to a lovers heart, and so bring  joy to desperate souls. Are you buying? Since like many,  you  too might also  live your life  vicariously though that of celebrities , I am going to highlight the lives of  a few  personalities ,and have you decide  for yourself ,whether Sam Crook theory was correct, and can help you find love via this mechanism. 
  It’s Football season, and Black Quarterback superstar ,Michael Vick is on the verge of full redemption , while located  in ‘The City of Brotherly love ,’ Philadelphia , and that’s a good thing.  Incidentally , I   recently spent about an hour traversing the city ,and had a wonderful time. Speaking of potentially great quarterbacks , anyone recall the murder of former Titans quarterback,Steve McNair , who was found dead in Nashville , allegedly from violent actions of  his  20-year-old  obsess ,Iranian girlfriend? Sorry Steve , for you had to learn the hard way, what the vows mean, “till death do us part.”I am not saying anything , as the FBI , and great Tennessean Cops ,might be still investigating this murder suicide  love feast.

     Nothing makes for more intrigue that politics, and the lives of politician, especially in America. Since we are undergoing a depression ,and experiencing two foolhardy wars today, how can we forget one of America’s greatest President in FDR? Not only did he help put this country back to glory, but married his cousin Eleanor, and cuddled  his girlfriend for years around the white house on his lap ,while riding on a wheelchair,which proves that love is possible under any circumstances , and or condition, agree? 
    Speaking of Presidential love , and not so Presidential potential ones,Democrats , Republicans , can be   fun to watch, if you enjoy the occasional social macabre . In efforts to jump start his political career in Arizona, Republican war monger maverick ,John Mc Cain dumped his then ailing supportive  wife, after returning from Vietnam fighting  , to marry a millionaire beer heiress. 
    Three Southern gentlemen in Newt Gingrich , John Edwards , and Mark Stanford ,as well as the two North Eastern socially moral stalwarts, Jim Mc Grievy ,and Ellot Spitzer, are the mirror of  love ,and decorum , as to how to  mix love ,and politics , even as Cupid tries to find it’s mark, but don’t try to emulate any of these guys, one can suggest, if there is a heaven , and you plan to go there one day. 
  62 year old Nobel environmentalist , and turn coat sexual predator Al Gore, just dumped his wife Tipper of some  50 years companionship, for an ugly 54 year  masseuse, that looked more like his great great grandmother from Tennessee , by way of the Mayflower. Go figure.
    Now if you thought that Cupid got it twisted when it came to sporting  icons, and power obsessed  political heros, then what would you say about most Hollywood in secured , social cretins ? Yes we were blessed with the Soap Oprah  lives  of Liz Taylor,  Brangelina / Jennifer Aniston , Mel Gibson,  Eva Longaria, and Sandra Bullocks, and Madonna, but they all pail in comparison with the man many Americans claimed is a great actor, wonderful movie producer , and wholesome human being. I am referring of course to Woddy Allen. Let me just state for the record, that I would not watch a single of this  psychologically demented character’s movies , or have him near a living child of mine or even  my enemy, that’s  over the age of 10 , after dark, even if you paid  me a million dollars ,and threatened to throw up into the NY  Manhattan East River blindfolded, and in handcuffs. 
    Then hey , who are we to get between folks, that are simply adhering to the dictates of Cupid , the God of love.  Just sing with me and Sam .“Cupid draw back your bow , and let your arrow go , straight to my lover’s heart ......

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Presidential Pretzel munching chokers , & similar axis of Evils: A G.W.Bush Dilemma

   Americans can be sometimes so forgiving , especially to their political leaders, but I am not too sure if that’s good or bad. They forgave Nixon I am not a crook for his racial tirades,Vietnam , and Watergate, as he appeared strong and patriotic. 
     They gave a pass to Ronald Reagan of Iran Contra criminal Scandal  fame ,since he was a good communicator, and allegedly single handedly, ended the Cold War against the much dreaded Reds Soviets. 
    Several, especially outside of Panama, and Iraq, were prepared to do a wink , wink, on one time CIA head,”read my lips on no new taxes,”liberal conservative elite,  G H Bush,for his pitiful political stewardship , and squandering of Post Cold War opportunities, as he once served his country, and nearly died in the process.
     Many now kiss the feet of a certain bumbling neo spiritual , “lust in my heart ,”Georgia Peanut farmer, based on his post Presidency, philanthropic efforts, of lifetime peace efforts, and actions of helping the homeless.
 As for the ‘crem de la crem,’ in His slickness, Bill  Clinton ,this ,suspect first Black President , could not keep his paws off any naive 16 year old intern, or ugly ,Southern gal with a close resemblance to a young Hilary. However , nuvo rich ,dot com, baby boomers adored him without question. This was  either because he reminded them of another Catholic ,Irish philander President ,from American post  bootlegging  ,Royalty,with a strange penchant for Mafia adoring , mediocre actress girlfriends, or simply because he allegedly did wonders for their bank accounts ,during the 90’s successful tail end, fall outs of Ronald Reagan Voodoo Economics- if neocons, are to be believed.
This now leaves us with the Yankee Fratboy, Skull and Bones , under achiever. I am referring of course to Religious Right poster child,Crawford Texan ,called  G.W. Bush, that was born with the golden shovel in his jaws, as well as the perpetual smirk on his face,and an adoring wife named Laura , who would now be leaving prison,and eligible for parole for her hit and run accident , as a 17 year old youth  , if she was unfortunately  blessed with the same pigmentation, as the wife of our  current President O, or the numerous Afrocentric individuals ,her Bible touting husband , got sadistic pleasures in sending to death row , while serving as governor,  of  racial haven Texas. 
       In the aftermath of 9/11, G.W Bush ,America’s 43rd elected President, after first patiently listening to an entire kindergarden , heroic goat story in a Floridian primary school, sprung into action . He made no apologies for not seriously  searching/ going after  , mostly well known ,Saudi Arabian  terrorist,  first in Afghanistan , then eventually in Iraq.    Ably led by Karl Christian Rove , co president, Dick Pork Chops Cheney,  criminal manipulator, fringe lunatic Donald Rumsfeld , and white ,pseudo intellectual, Russian Expert,Auntie Condi, his  callous ,unsavory actions ,  unfortunately, resulted in  the deaths of millions of innocent, exorbitant financial waste,and lost of global soft power respectability , the effects of which are still been felt , especially today for his successor.
Did I mention that Americans , enjoy putting their faith in the hands of  morally repugnant, often second rate  leaders,some suffering the well noted, insecure social malady described as‘delusion of grandeur?’ Well , I just did , and G.W. Bush epitomized this type to the fullest. 
    His 8 years of office were unsuccessfully shaped by  mismanagement, runaway corruption, economic deficits spending, and bankruptcy for millions of Americans. This was due in great measure because of an unwholesome, horse with the blinders obsession,in  his attempting to  reign in three alleged , axis of evil ,nuclear ambitious   nations , in addition to finding an elusive  six feet , bearded ,criminal Wahhabi molded Saudi millionaire terrorist, living on a dialysis kidney machine ,locked in some Southern Pakistan bat cave ,and ironically , with  access to millions of dollars ,scatters across US, and European banks. Go figure. 
       Fast forward to   2010, as  ex President G.W. Bush , not contended to live out the rest of his days in obscurity , in gratitude that the International Court of Justice tentacles are only limited to leaders of Third World countries, so that both him and other political criminals   that hides behind toothless ,Multilateral laws, is still defiantly holding his grounds,  as he touts his soon to be Bestselling Book,’Decision Points,’obviously  written by grateful  GOP , ‘pre tea bagging  handlers,’such as Condi Rice,  and company, with an eye on his tenuous legacy . 
   At the same time this  President , along with many of his supporters ,demands  an apology from Rapper Kanye West ,who once famously  claimed ,that  "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people," in reaction to the President’s  subpar actions in dealing with suffering people during Katrina Hurricane disaster, when compared with others in similar situations across the nation.
   Sorry Kanye the only person that would be apologizing on the grand stage, especially when it relates to anything involving Black People, Bill Clinton our truly First Black President, who apologize for slavery , the day he was kicked out of the lucrative West Side Manhattan, then  forced to  set up residence in gentrified  Harlem , as  phony neo - feminist Hillary, launched her New York Senatorial candidacy. 
Sorry Kanye, I am not apologizing  for calling Bill our first Black President. Guess what ,if Toni Morrison says so , then it’s so. Who should I believe , Nobel Peace  Winner Obama  ,or Nobel Literature Toni ,and Oprah, who was blessed with ‘the bluest eyes?’
 I am not apologizing for disagreeing with the hypocrisy of calling the 3rd President Thomas Jefferson great, simply due to the fact that he was eloquent enough to say that “all men are created equal.”  Instead I will proclaim him as the most immoral President that ever lived for failing to  free his own personal  slaves after leaving office , even the slave mistressSally Hemings , and  the numerous bastards kids, he produced with her ,after nightly rapes . 
    I am not apologizing for agreeing that G.W did not care about not only Black People, but  our children, as many were left behind educationally, during his term of office, and underground in Iraq, and Afghanistan , during ill conceived  wars , that can never be won. 
  Ok then, I can forgive my dear and special friend , for her curiosity in  going out and purchasing the Book decision making ,as it would save me the trouble of so doing. Hi dear friend can you wake me up when you reach the chapter , paragraph and line that , finally gives  us a peak into the twisted  mind of G.W. Bush ,and  hopefully offer some  explanation as to how a grown man, and Commander in Chief  could have choked on a Pretzel. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

By any means Necessary

  Omaha, Nebraska produced two great heroes that should also be on Mt Rushmore , but they won’t for a host of reasons. As can be expected , most of white  American enclave  , will proudly boast today of billionaire Investor, Industrialist, and Philanthropist, Warren Buffet , as that national  treasure   that did well. Many Black and white came to eventually  know of  Malcolm Little, and would under different conditions give him mix reviews , both as a human being, and that of a noble American, and some would say that this is  indeed a major tragedy.  
     It is always intriguing  to hear what an individual can take away from an experience  that some consider  good , or  bad ,whether it was   direct or indirectly connected to them.It was Alex Haley who in 1965 , penned the Best Selling Biography of the life of a  a complex , and courageous individual  call ,Malcolm X ,one of Black America’s ,true founding fathers , and social  revolutionaries.
     Being the ardent Alexis de tocquevillen  social observer that I am , not surprisingly  I was one of the first in line to see  this Spike Lee,s  ‘40 acres and a mule Oscar hopeful  Joint,’ 1992 directed movie interpretation of a fine book and life ,staring  Academy nominee Denzel Washington. My interest was  peaked when  , when after watching the movie a young lady was questioned  by a reporter , about what she took away , and she proudly exclaimed “ by any means necessary,”which was quite funny , except it was not funny one bit-,if one should  think about it seriously. No , no no ! I bellowed uselessly at the TV , this man made the untimate sacrifice , and without his efforts , along with Marcus Garvey his father’s hero, Dubois , Stokley Carmichael , and similar freedom fighters , Dr. MLK , would not be accepted as a more palatable kind of Eurocentric ,American, and Norwegian  hero  dear innocent , naive girl. 
     As shown by Alex in the book ,Malcolm ,for the majority of his 39 year life -before and after  finding the part - this stalwart , yet unsung hero liberator, fought  battles, and or wars. These were not only in  direct confrontations with white America , but indirectly , yes, likewise  with white and Black America ,via the traditional elites of Dr King, and his Black  Civil Rights Movement ,then  the still misguided, elements of then American Black Islamic fiefdoms , as represented by the Nation of Islam head guru, and mentor , Elijah Mohammed.  As a kid he lost his home to a suspicious  fire  , then at six ,a Baptist Minister  father to murder, and over time, three , of his four uncles in similar fashion , via  white ,racist miscreants, in then pro  genocidal , Christian ,Bible touting  America Nebraska. He and his 7 brothers and sisters  eventually lost their mom, who suffered a mental breakdown ,as a result of the stress brought on by  such dehumanizing  intolerance. By 20 like many young men of his race ,he lost his freedom , and with another 6 years of his life wasted through incarceration,in the post slavery ,  job creation , Prison Industrial Complex , America is world famous for . 
    Eventually , at 39 , he then  lost his final battle , as his life was finally snatched away , when he found himself at the  receiving end of one of 15 bullets , again , under extremely mysterious and suspicious  interplays of obviously  scared ,divide and rule America, not prepared to tolerate the growing influences of  a bombastic  Civil Rights leader , who changed from a policy of  non - violence , to another strategy encapsulated under a neo -nationalist , Black Supremacist slogan of  “ by any means necessary,”to inveigle a desperate people, still barely surviving in an America ,that still considered them to be worst than intolerable , unwholesome maggots, who it seemed , dared to bring themselves by the millions , bounded, and  chained like crazy animals , on crowded ships, to the land of the free, so as  to toil for centuries , then ungratefully demand their freedoms , just like the rest of the civilize  nation.  
  Unlike that young lady , I  took away quite a lot more ,from the short life of this great,  and yes, patriotic , American hero ,Malcolm X after reading this book , and watching the follow up movie about his life. The  first was the resiliency and triumph of the human spirit , and the transforming  qualities of education , that he became a living testimony of , due to his efforts , after youthful mistakes.
   Secondly,  I saw the value of making a correct choice  ,when it comes to having a strong , supportive spouse , as played out by a  then young nurse Betty Jean Sanders Shabazz, who eventually died tragically in 1997, not at the hands of  terrorist KKK  members , like that which wrecked havoc on his early  family,but his own grandson.
    Finally , we saw an example of a  great, relentless,morally strong,  discipline ,and selfless  organizer,and leader, that place his own interest secondary, over that of his fellow human being. 
      World renowned investor ,Warren Buffet ,survived the  1929 American com global Depression ,and today ,it's Deja vu time again , as his war prone country, is tittering on the verge of yet another depression, as 80% or more of his fellow Americans, are knee deep in muck, and debts,way  below the poverty line,  the  80 year old  proud  capitalist ,is quite a successful billionaire , who recently  made a pledge to  give away all his wealth before he died, and  has work assiduously ,in  sterling  efforts ,with  others of similar privilege , such as Bill Gates,  in  using their resources for doing both national ,and global good.
  Malcolm X ,if still alive ,would be 83 years old  today. He would have been able to see a sort of tail end of his legacy in 2008 , when America’s  first Black President, in Barrack Obama   got elected .To his credit , Barrack Obama -always the savvy politician-publicly paid tribute to several Civil Rights giants, on whose backs he  most definitely, rode all the way to prestigious Ivy League Harvard Law Review Presidency , and eventually, the White House, as the Commander in Chief .
 It is to America’s credit, that both Omaha  Nebraskan’s  Malcolm X , and Warren Buffet were able to  grace this land.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The good, bad , and ugly

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." 

    Has Generation X, and Y lack of concern for  seemingly boring , scio - economic com political affairs , after the euphoria , and groundswell of support for Obama in the last General election, a better explanation for his party’s polling misfortunes yesterday?
      As many of you might recall, technologically savvy , first time young voters ,played a significant role in helping to propel newcomer Obama to the pinnacle of political stardom, over much more experienced candidates Hillary, and Johnny Mac the Arizonian millionaire , gunslinging lifetime political Maverick. 
    With the help of Facebook , the skinny kid from Hawaii ,armed with His Harvard / Columbia Ivy education, and a former South side Chicago babe ,with the well chiseled  African body,and equal educational pedigree, was able to  outspend and out-message all contenders, and the rest we shall say is history- health care reform overhaul, car manufactures /banking bailout ,stalled  stimulus package , Afghanistan war expansionisms , Iraqi base construction, Iran war posturing ,yes we can for the Middle Class , Upper Class and anyone else that cannot vote since they remain locked in prison, and such contentious political affairs. 
 How are you feeling today I enquired from a  decent  guy that works in my building , the day after the much anticipated Mid term election?Well, I am happy , and have bragging rights on my Democratic colleagues , and the Republicans are back on top in the House , he said. ‘  
 ‘So you are anticipating another Newt Gingrich Revolution  Gridlock  ,’ I further pressed, remembering the sorry state of affairs that occurred in Washington , when the then loquacious  Speaker of the House , felt he was capable of parlaying his insignificant position as Speaker all the way to the Presidency , over His Slickness,Clinton of Mc Donald French Fries fame, with the then Hillary  - com-Monica 4 am problem , no pun intended? ‘I think that the GOP learned their lessons back then he countered, and would be acting more responsibly this time around,’ he countered.
 We continued along this amiable back and forth vain for a while ,as I shared a laugh with him about his  extremely liberal  son  who he claimed was a  pro tax , present Columbia law school student, who he had to remind that he  as dad had to subsidize his education , and still keep his room ready , in the event he decided that the grind of life was too much ,and he wanted to return home.
 "That’s kids for you," I reminded him. "Very little care of the ever shifting realities ,and so their ideological experiments."    We both agreed that the next two years are expected to be very interesting ones, for all concerned, from the President and his party , as well as his competing rivals from the GOP , and equally potent Tea Baggers.  Will America shift to the Right , or the Center , and will it be  good , bad , or ugly for ordinary Americans?  
Stay tune for further analysis, on the just completed  4 Billion dollar Midterm election, as well as other insignificant affairs ,in the Land of the Free , and or Plenty,as well as home of the Brave ,yes? 


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