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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blowback: What you don’t know might hurt you

  Americans are generally getting their knickers ,and jockstraps in a twist of late, and as many experts seem to think ,there are  some justifications for the justifiably revolted at the seemingphysical intrusions on their person, all in the name of security. In the event that you are one of the few that recently landed from Mars , and have no clue as to what delusional me,the global political animal and or voice of reason , is talking about , let me refresh your memory.  Let’s just say that travelers are mad as hell, and just not prepared to remain passive  much longer, even if it means they might be sent to Guantanamo Cuba ,for a bit of anti terror water-boarding torture, due to  any outrageous reaction . 
Hopefully , it did not escape you that security , since 2001,is big business , at exorbitant cost to taxpayers,and with  little guarantees , that folks are actually getting good bangs, for their bucks. 
Tell me , even if you are not too politically savvy, if this does not make you pause to think , who is actually having the last laugh  , during the past 9 years ? You guest it. A six feet Saudi  Arabian guy , hiding some where in a Pakistani , or Afghanistan bat cave , on a kidney dialysis machine, while the war on terror rages on , body bags return home daily, and billions are spent , on two wars , that can never be won, any time soon, and Americans experience their worst financial recession since   FDR and the infamous depressions. 
       This reminds me  that two days ago, one of  America's  favorite authors ,and progressive intellects , suddenly died at 79. He was Dr.  Chalmers Johnson, author of one of my favorite books , entitled,‘Blowback : The Cost and Consequences  of American  Empire.’  This book is require reading for any interested in understanding the consequences of skewed , militaristic  neo imperial activities,or  an imbalanced Foreign policy ,as practiced by the world’s sole remaining Super  Power , principally at the expense of members  of the desperate Global South. 
    This Bestselling classic was published just before 9/11 , when Islamist  terrorist unleashed their venom on an unsuspecting , naive, and innocent nation , unconscious about some of the numerous ghastly actions of leaders ,on their behalf abroad. What on a practical level is blowback?  It is simply as the name implies, a recoil feedback to  Foreign policies . So that  for example , in reaction to the Soviets invasions  in  Afghanistan , the USA gave billions in support to Mujaheddin Freedom  fighters ,and their global  Muslim ,solidarity brothers via Pakistan ,to fight the 'Evil Empire,' then after the USSR crumbled , paid little attention to these  once  friendly allied warriors  ,and so ,a violent , disgruntled ,and angry ideologue named Osama Bin Laden emerged . The results were eventually September 9/11,  as well as his carefully organized , globally interconnected  ,Al Qaeda terror networks. 
   Let us just throw in  the 4th century thinking , democracy hating Taliban , for good measure. In addition to operations in Afghanistan , the harmful effects are being felt on all continents , as governments are daily outspending each other, in efforts to secure their people , often at exorbitant cost. So as you attempt to rush down to a family member to enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner, and like many others , you too are manhandled , poked  at ,and fondled by over, peering eyes  , by over  zealous TSA officials , remember why , and see this as one of the many consequences of a Blowback. 
     Speaking about blowbacks, does anyone seriously believe that the Cold War would have ended in America’s favor , if the two Germany's were not united, and the Soviets had prevented efforts by desperate folks to break down the famous walls that Ronald Reagan spoke about?
    Do you think that the two Koreas perhaps would like to experience the same thrills, or does the presence of thousand of American military  troops on the borders of both countries  , contributed to failures , by respective families across both nations ,at pushing for reunification, and so end all the  existing hostilities on all fronts , including the nuclear obsessions by the  unprotected fraction in the North? 
  Just saying, but can you now  observe that both countries are in the news today ,and this might also be a manifestation of a type of blow back, all be it from afar involving allies , and enemies alike. 
  In ending , let me state the following. We need more leaders with what G.H Bush once referred to as “the vision thing.” We also need more independent, and fearless scholars such as Chalmers Johnson, as he certainly brought a refreshingly authentic , and novel perspective, to a usually limited neo realist , big, bad and ugly Americanism , discussions, and attitude,that the like of Henry Kissinger seemed to think  was  best. 
    Johnson's  book Blowback ,had a profound impact on me , and would you as well. Since ‘what you don’t know can hurt you,’ then what do have to loose from expanding your mind on level headed thoughts , which is a sharp contrast from the typical hot air , bubble heads t,hat are bombarding the media fronts today ,especially since the world evolved into such a scary place, or was it always that way?

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