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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Evils of Black Fatherlessness

I have absolutely no interest as to how the overwhelmingly destructive and terrible habit of black fatherless homes began, as I can guess the usual mantra like excuses of colonialism and slavery by our many intellectual apologist, and victimologist.
My prime concern and a profound desire to develop some consciousness among a few in an effort to stem the tide so as to enable black families across the globe to thrive in love, peace, happiness and productive economic prosperity . Without doubt this taboo subject is at the core of several of the social problems that are affecting black relationships, ill discipline , floundering education, and the low self-esteem that permeate the fabric of black lives -from the economic story, to the poverty stricken individual that exist at the lower echelons within the black realm. Mind you, I am not naïve to believe that the problems of absentee fathers are limited to black families .Instead, I am fully mindful that other races are equipped with mechanisms to handle negative issues that emanate from such. The last I checked it was venomous black women across social lines that were frantic to find a mate , as most of her black eligible male counterparts were turned off by her blatant obnoxious behaviors ,and obvious self loathing. Similarly it was the black young male that were failing on the disciplinary, educational, and economic front, due to the absence of authentic mentors capable of providing reliable guidance. As such, frustrated and incapable black women throughout the African Diaspora, are left with the astronomical burdens of wearing the pants, exuding where possible their God given feminine qualities, and execute numerous major functions that females from other races are not always required to do, since they instead can depend on a male supporting cast.

Jonetta Rose Barras in her bestselling book- Whatever happened to Daddy’s Girl: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black woman said the following: “A girl abandoned by the first man in her life forever entertains powerful feelings of being unworthy or incapable of receiving any man’s love. Even when she receives love from another, she is constantly and intensely fearful of losing it. This is the anxiety, the pain, of losing one father.” Unfortunately it is the black male that generally feels the brunt of her pain and anger because she was never fully able to resolve what is commonly referred to as ‘Daddy issues.’ It would be nice if afflicting demons that permeate her soul remains with one generation, but that is not how the world functions. She sends subliminal messages to her several female offspring that the tough, ‘balls breaking,’ high energy, loud mouth, demeaning ,and often sarcastic approach is the best way forward in a relationship. In many male dominated Third world societies, these qualities might remain dormant for a while , but once the couple’s good fortunes changes , and they both gets a chance to permanently shift residence to another country where women are accorded some level of basic human rights – then coincidentally it’s bye, bye to peace and status quo in the family. What therefore results is that a spiraling effect takes place as the young black female replicates such attitudes when she begins her own relationships – even if her economic /social circumstances are totally different from her mom. On the positive side she picks up moms resiliency in the face of powerful odds, but this is offset by baggage of anger, hate, and sometimes acrimonious and bellicose contemptuous attitudes she reserves exclusively for her black male companion that she feels is never her equal, and therefore incapable of measuring up to the more noble, yet similarly flawed males of other races.

Equally devastating, is the negative impact for black males that are the victims of the fatherless homes, as it is very evident from the abundant resulting data, that except for a few cases, black women are totally incapable of raising sound, well balanced, wholesome, and positively responsive productive males by themselves. It has not worked in the many harems of Black Africa where the insatiable black males are free to impregnate and marry as many willing women as he desires. It has failed considerably in developed North America or Europe, and the experiment is a constant tragedy in Latin America and the English Speaking Caribbean where it has become quite the norm since the demise of the barbaric Colonial dehumanizing socio- economic system called slavery. Social class as I have indicated are of little consequences to the negative fallout from female dominated or fatherless black homes for black male youth across the globe. The few success stories that might be proffered by skeptics of my views are therefore mere aberration and exceptions to the rule- to coin a common cliché. It was Dr. Frank S. Pittman, author of Man Enough: Fathers, Sons, and the Search for Masculinity that said the following: “Women, no matter how wonderful, no matter how loving, can’t teach masculinity to us.”If we don’t have fathers, we should have grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, to raise us, from boys to men. If the males we know are other teenage boys or macho heroes from movies, we may get a distorted, exaggerated concept of masculinity.”
Find words I might add, but let me put on record my disappointment in the absence of a coherent supporting role by black males listed as far as the extended family. To put it bluntly ,if black males are generally reluctant to take care of their own , rest assured that they are also going to be missing in action in terms of mentoring and other help for a frantic mother and her son desperate to keep the lure of the ever encroaching gang banger at bay.

The reality in the home for the black young male at the hands of his frustrated mom therefore is as follows: He becomes a useful outlet for all her anger at the absentee father, or in her quest to do what she believe is right she not only overcompensate and smother with so called love, but also elevate him into a semi god position in the house at the expense of her frustrated and growing jealous daughters. The young man on occasions would be told in every heated conversation about how much he is similar to his useless father in every aspect, which can create a ‘self fulfilling prophesy,’ in regards to his future actions. Two things can result from this repeated negative barrage by these over anxious female adults. The young man would virtually count the days when he too can finally escape the insidious clutches of mom to start a relationship of his own with someone very unlike mom in behavior , and possible race, as his naïve mind would let him believe that the ‘angels of other races’ are the solution to all his yearly sorrows and woes. Secondly, he may become totally dependent on the moms pampering and overindulgence towards him, and would attempt to marry a virtual slave to his every whim that also can earn a six figure income .This as most of us can guess is certainly an act in futility, or recipe for disaster, unless you are living in some Third World backwater where female rights are unknown, and thus development remains stagnant.

Please note that it is not my intention to convey the notion that all the ills of society can be linked to the fact that black males have relinquished their sacred roles as fathers, and that millions of black mothers are not doing a credible job under extreme circumstances. The evidence definitely proves otherwise. However a crisis looms, and work must soon be done which begins with acceptance of this fact, and the consciousness and willingness to address and quickly rectify the situation, especially if the black race is to also stake its claim as a useful model. Love, peace, development, positive change ,and empowerment must no longer be limited to others families in the human race from across our global village , but likewise Africans from the Diaspora must similarly play their part .

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Historical Amnesia, and Post Racial Societies.

Abraham Lincoln once said “I do not care what my Grandfather was, I am more concerned about what is Grandson is going to be.” Fine words some cynics would say for the man that successfully traded his early humble log cabin existence, for the illustrious mansion later referred to as the White House, ending up on the winning end of America’s racial segregationist Civil War, got a bullet in his head for his efforts, and finally got his faced on a statuesque rock on Mt. Rushmore. This whole scale historical amnesia trend did not emanate with the 16th President of the United States however, but was habit of one of country’s prominent founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson as well. Who can fail to remember the awe inspiring words of the Constitution writer which began by saying that “All men are created equal?” Though touching to many today, back then another founding father John Adams though enthralled by the brilliance of his political nemesis, and fervent arch rival, he was simultaneously befuddled by the life of contradictions. Adams was said to have viewed the morally bankrupt Virginian political leader Jefferson, with some apprehension, as the latter never had the decency to provide an official pardon for one of his females slave ‘baby mommas,’ and the several illegitimate children he eventually fathered with her. Centuries later, the half black grandchildren decendants had to resort to legal means to obtain the dignity and recognition they deserve, as decendants of thir distinguish white Grand Father.
As the nation prepares to support Barrack Obama in his quest to build what some political and media pundits like to describe as a “post racial society,” I hope that many won’t forget the price paid by black African slaves -and millions of their decedents then and now -in the interest of the nation. Far too often their cries of neglect are ignored by others too quick to dismiss SUCH issues as that of lazy, shiftless, and over dependent childlike adults eager to continue and feed like piglets particularly at the hands of the state. No other race on the face of the earth seemed to carry such a burden, as for generations many sacrificed so much, and received so little in return.
Obviously Historical amnesia is a very pragmatic political solution for budding Utopian post racial societies and world. My only concerns are that proponents are not too selective in dishing off negative labels, and unrealistic expectations of the many that have made the early down payment as they silently provided freely of blood, sweat and tears to build societies, nations and continents, but are still awaiting reasonable, modest, modern returns ,for such early and costly investments.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hypocrisy the Eleventh Sin

Thou shall not commit Adultery and thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife are two of the commandments in the Bible. In my estimation they should add another to cater for the sufferings of many of America’s political wives. It is really getting out of hand now people what some of these prominent and leading women have to contend with just to stay in the limelight. The Irony is that Americans generally look on at their more backward and uncivilized counterparts in African, Asian and Muslim societies and have major sympathy for them because some of these 50 year old women have to compete with 14 year olds that their respective husbands feel the need to include in their ever expanding harem when they finally got tired to experiencing the same types of nightly or daily actions.

First along the prominent list was Hilary Clinton. Every one including the Yale Law Professor knew that Bill was cheating on Hilary since Law review class , but Hilary decided this was the man she wanted , drunken father and all, as the ambitious young Republican saw Presidential potentials for them both , even as far back. Well, she was able to achieve half her dreams, as he became President, and she never would. Let’s me just say the following for the record. A woman, who cannot get a license to drive in Saudi Arabia, stands a better chance of becoming head of state in that country any day than Hilary or any liberated woman of becoming President in democratic America. Strike one for ambition and hypocrisy by so called powerful feminist liberated, Tammy Wynette, “Stand by your man,” “baking cookies,” types of American women. My Nigerian Muslim friend told me all is fine on the home front for even males that cannot afford to, are still inclined to have a harem. He just celebrated the birth of his first son in America, and is quite happy as he just took out a loan to send for his 65 year old father to celebrate the birth of his tenth child born from his fourth wife. His mom the first wife will take care of the arrangements. Talk about civilize.
Poor Elizabeth Edwards, a few months she was the toast of the town and the Democratic Party, today she is Persona Non Grata. Why? Her cheating, lying, snake oil sales man husband was just exposed for having a long term affair that produced a baby for an extremely ambitious and what now appears as a callous and conniving lonely woman. Elisabeth’s crime was she knew all along, but decided to put her ambition over principle. Not only did she loose any chance at measuring the White House drapes, but any sympathy sentiments for her cancer afflictions are thrown out of the window as Obama and the Democratic party machine would not even flash her picture on the screen during the big revolution convention to topple Hilary and her angry 18 million , chiefly ultra feminist supporters ,that felt their own candidate Hilary needed another stab at decorating the White House again , instead of Obama baby mama ,affectionately described in close quarters as that uppity , 5 ft 11th Harvard and Princeton elite , bossy black female drama queen from the South side of Chicago. Go figure that one out for civilize liberated women that are not black or sick or cheated upon, or simply inclined to stand by their men. Strike two for hypocrisy.
Then there is the case of the governors of New York and their lovely wives .Talk about confusion. Silda Alice Wall Spitzer stood dutifully by her husband Eliot as he made a fool of himself and tried to defend how he could leave such a beautiful Harvard educated, to pay an ugly, pimple face, snotty nose call girl over $5, 000 a pop, to have sex without the use of a condom. This arrogant and over ambitious governor had no chance to redeem himself like Clinton, or Republican phonies like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and ex-Speaker Newt Gingrich. The reason being was that he had too many enemies. The rule of thumb for all future players and macks, if you want to play this broad based sexual game like the big boys in politics choose wisely – no overpriced chicken head whores allowed please. Now if the governor had his game down tight he would have followed the lead of his blind replacement Lt. Governor David Paterson. He cheated on his wife, but never paid any money, and because his wife took advantage on his disability and also cheated, he got a pass and is now the first Black head of state in New York. Talk about Hotspur by this new Governor and his wife Paige. It’s why I tell people that Black women don’t need any liberation movement , as they know fully well how to keep their men in check , just mimic all his moves, and call the white law authority if you sense he want to do an OJ on you in retaliation. Strike three for hypocrisy and liberation. My former Kenyan girlfriend would have viewed this as craziness. She related that her father dealt with an outside child the African way , he raised the child just like “a village” along with many other children in the community as he was a respectable Principal that ensured his own beautiful daughters go to clean cut British Boarding schools far from that sort of barbarism his wife and sisters endured. Now I see where Hilary pilfered the title for her bestselling book – “It takes a village.” This might just be a case of the uncivilized aiding the liberated perhaps.
Finally the Gov. McGreevey of New Jersey he was ousted as a result of a homosexual relationship with a this foreigner, a Israeli military operative that he desperately wanted to give a high level homeland security position in breach of the country’s basic national security rules. His wife Matos a Portuguese a former immigrant, stood dutifully at his side with the plastic fixed grin of adoration common to these ambitious women in thirst for power. As soon as the cameras turned off however , she sprinted to her publisher and lawyer to write a tell all book and demand every penny she could derived for the now distraught gay ex governor for both her and her six year old daughter. The matter is now tied up in court as the Judges and both lawyers try to decide how much more money might be needed for future psychological help for the daughter -until she reaches sixty perhaps- to deal with some of the viciousness and unpleasantness that are presently being unearthed by her two equally foolish and imbecilic yet highly civilize parents during their expensive divorce. Lesson of caution, to future players such as the ex -governor look alike New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, leave these foreign women and lovers alone, as they play by different rules. The Congressman as some might remember is demanding that national immigration rules be softened to allow only young leggy European blonds and brunettes models into to the USA, so as to obviously boost his economy . Strike four for hypocrisy and liberation. I am not a lawyer like most of the culprits listed in the examples, but I hope I made a good case for the creation of the eleventh sin of hypocrisy. While we are at it any legislator brave enough to give some serious tough to the uncivilized practice favored by most Muslim and African countries of Polygamy? As a rider I’ll suggest that the law should be crafted in language that the millions of American women could understand. For example, it will relieve stress, enhance dignity, and most definitely prolong the lives of million of neglected and often scorned middle class liberated and civilize women.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is Ignorance Bliss?

I am not too sure where blame if any should be leveled but there are many grossly important things that Americans are unaware about ,that could have serious implications for long term well being. Now don’t be fooled by any media hype to the contrary that attempt to convince you that such ignorance are limited to only high school drop outs, blonds, and kids of wealthy elites destined to be future leaders that are guaranteed success, power , and upward mobility irrespective of how little they actually know about the world they wish to control. Did someone silently whispered a certain Yale Yuppie, Texas Ranger manager, and now Bible trumping Crawford Kid in Chief with a couple million innocent lives at his disposal for war mongering games?
Since most of us know by now that what’s goes up, must come down, we’ll start at the top with present Presidential contenders Obama and Mc Cain. One can only hope that by now the Black Senator from Chicago knows that race still matters in America, and that the King of Pop Micky Jackson made a false proclamation that it “ doesn’t matter if you Black or White.” Should he Obama continue to refuse to control that feisty ‘baby mama’ until election come November, the only new drapes he’ll be measuring in January 09 will be at his 2.5 million dollar posh residence on the rich side of South Chicago.
By the way, he did look good on what Republican enemies called his political rock concert tour across the globe. He needs to however to ask himself whether eloquence before 200,000 screaming and ecstatic Europeans dying for a leader with a pulse, or as he remodeled his speech between Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew while traversing the West Bank can translate to votes in middle America that hated his memoirs about ‘dreams of my father,’ and anyone south of France and closer to his African grandparents homeland.
Incidentally my dear buddy’s African American girl friend and her mom, have not registered to vote as yet , nor do they apparently have any idea where the Democratic or Obama Headquarters is located in their district in New York . They however claim to be ardent Clintonites over the years, as they did well by black people. What fallacy I thought.
As for the veteran Arizona Senator, former Navy Captain, Son of an Admiral, and war prisoner, he believes that such credentials set him apart in terms of experience. He is also of the view that he really possesses a much better grasp of the racial problem in the country than the partial black Senator because his own wife adopted a black baby from Bangladesh long before Madonna or Angela Jolie decided that such practices were vogue and could bring huge dividends. On the matter of his political strengths – the 100 year war in Iraq, he does not know the difference between the two major fractions of Sunnis and Shiites Muslims, but can talk adlib about surge successes and Paris Hilton Bikini waxes as she rival the celebrity Obama who is not in Mc Cain’s words fit to lead, because he is too popular. One should not be too though on the maverick seventy- two year old Senator that graduated 894th out of 899 in his military academy, as Blond hair lawyer Dan Quayle , former VP for Bush 1 could not even spell potato and so never got the chance to even vie for commander in chief.
If however you thought it was rough at the top, consider the dilemma at the lower spectrum of the food chain. Take a matter such as women’s health care and in particular cervical cancer that is killing some 3,700 death out of 9,710 new cases per year in the US alone. It might be surprising to know that average high school age girls does not know or cannot differentiate between a Pap smear and flu shot. I recently overheard a conversation between two young ladies that were obvious high school drop out and frequent recidivist prisons practitioners. The conversation went something like this, “Do you know about Pap smear, or ever had one?” The first asked. “Yes,” was the reply,”while I was inside, they placed me on these stirrups, opened me up and poke something inside of me. They thought I was pregnant, although I told them I could not be.” She exclaimed. “I had to give the old creepy doctor the evil eye because he was staring too closely at me down there. I still prefer male doctors she finally ended with a giggle and a pop of her chewing gum. The Pap smear is no big thing,” she finally said. Thus ended an important health lesson in modern America in the 21st century I believe.
Again , I won’t be too tough on these young troubled kids ,as the black Afro American girl friend of my buddy holds a 4 year degree from a good University in America, and has no idea what the Black Power movement was all about, or who exactly was Afro Caribbean Trinidadian born Stokley Carmichael its creator ,when asked . As a matter of fact she might just believe I know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were the real pioneers of the Civil Rights movement. Breaking news , even with the Florida election charade that allow George Bush 2nd to acquire power she would still have no idea that black men are disenfranchised as a result of incarceration and perhaps could care less , since as I indicated she did not register to vote ,or knows not where to go. Martin and Mr. X must be turning over in there graves, as this ingrain cancer call ignorance is gaining huge grounds , but is it bliss I pondered once more?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bigotry, the 1st Amendment & dollars

It never ceases to amaze me as to the level of tolerance that African Americans possess for blatant daily acts of bigotry that is often perpetuated against them by the dominant white majority in their own country. Now don’t get me wrong, ever so often a fortunate elite disgruntled member of the black caste, aka Clarence Thomas my speak out when something is done personally towards them, but generally a deafening silence remains whether through fear or intimidation one never knows for shameful behaviors by conniving proponents of despicable behaviors towards them. A useful ploy for most of the characters is to hide behind the 1st Amendment and use the free speech shield argument in defense when challenged. To illustrate I’ll take the case of Doron Braunshtein, an Israeli native transplant and now an American T-shirt designer. Like the New Yorker magazine publishers and editors, Don Imus, Fox 5 and countless others prejudicial media freaks, this conniving entrepreneur too is grasping an opportunity to exploit, while denigrating African Americans for a buck. In this instance he is making a lucrative killing as it were, by selling T- shirts for $69 a pop with inscriptions like “Obama is my slave,” “Obama = Hitler”, “Jews Against Obama”,and “Who Kill Obama”. In his defense, he claims he does not like the Senator because he reminds him of Hitler, and not because he is allegedly Muslim or black. Most Americans do not see a future black President when they look at Obama, but a slave. I say, tell that to Obama white Kansas and Midwest ancestors. Only in ‘color blind America’- black and white equals black.
Ironically enough, the only reason we heard about this despicable piece of exploitation was because one of his many white customers was accosted and assaulted by four African American females for daring to wear one of his merchandise in public. This says a lot for America and freedom. I could not help but wonder what might have transpired had the situation been reversed and a black Senegalese vendor was pushing T shirts stating that Hitler was their hero for orchestrating the murder of millions of Jews. One could have clearly anticipated the swift response to his defense of political satire and 1st Amendments rights , as a Jewish and African American cop arrest him on directions possibly from the Mayor and have him on the next boat back to Africa.
As I have said, occasionally a bit of outrage occasionally takes place, but it is haphazard as best. There is a failure to understand that the behavior starts at the micro levels then expand to the macro to reach even global in reference to foreign policies. Often the defense comes from some of the most unlikely places. Let’s me just throw a few examples your way to gauge your reactions. Kathrina, Haitians boat people, hanging chads in Florida, millions of blacks’ racially motivated incarcerations, lost of rights to vote as a result of incarcerations, reordering of districts because of bolstering of prison populations, 800,000 Rwandans dead as the UN Security Council led by the US remains asleep, blatant acts of discriminations perpetuated against Ethiopian Jews in Israel by the dominant majority after they had fulfilled their political purpose of ensuring the American financial aid gravy train to Israel continues unabated, Professor Leonard Jefferies relegated to an empty shell at CUNY for preaching racial and ethnic pride, while Charles Murray of the Bell Curve fame was applauded for saying that blacks are genetically dumber than whites with overwhelming lower IQ’s. I hope that the picture is getting clearer for a few too weak or scared to stand up and be counted. It is the responsibility of all African Americans to stand up where ever they are to blatant bigotry, institutional racism, and similar discriminatory actions by individuals in the media, businesses, and general society or at the political realm. By first doing this at home, it gives them the legs and moral authority to fight and be counted at the global levels when similar acts are done to others across the Diaspora, especially where America is debating its national interest before taking action. Let’s not make the work of good folks like Marcus Garvey, Stokley Carmichael of Black Power fame, Malcrom X, Martin Luther King, and, Thorogood Marshall go in vain. Others have stood up is a united and economically vibrant Europe thriving Russia, and evolving Asia. The Daron Braunshtein’s of the world must be reminded that without the free sweat and blood of African Slaves, America would not eventually become the global power it is today. Remind him that many of the slaves ancestors helped liberate some of his ancestors from Hitler’s Europe encourage the creation of his homeland, and sacrificed millions of tax dollars years to ensure its survival. To be forewarned is to be forearmed I believe the saying goes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Biting off More than One can Chew, or the Audacity to Dream

“Barrack will rid the world of nuclear weapon the headline,” screamed the headlines. Now did, I hear correctly? That’s a very tall order I mused, or is it simply that some liberal media editor pro closet Clintonite is at it again, practicing another alleged satirical move aimed at destroying this noble Senator future Presidential legacy. One cannot help but bring out these conspiratorial theories every now and again. At the same time I feel a bit of sympathy for the confused national media, as they are not used to this brashness, and really have no old playbook from which to deal with him and his spunky wife. Could you remember how similar enemies -or friends if you feel helped put the nail in the coffin of the President’s father in the 80’s before the ‘end of history’?
Yes ,this Yale old school liberal Republican made some funny comment about “Read my lips, no new taxes”, and had the audacity as well to say it on record -and the rest as we say was history. You might recall this was soon after the Reagan’s revolution that he called ‘Voodoo economics’ even as he fervently smiled and supported it for 8 years as VP. We all know how that turned out for the former CIA Chief that made history in being the first head of state, to arrest a sitting head, bring him for trial to his own country , convict and put him away for close to 100 years . The American people had as much sympathy for the Mr. H Bush come reelection some four years later, as they had back then for Noriega the ‘School of the Americas bully,’ and Panamanian drug lord. We’ll leave out for the time being as irrelevant how he got to power.
Let me categorically make this claim here and now. People are beginning to get a bit wary about this Obama kid. Some are starting to worry if he can be able to finish a first term at this rate. He was against the war and did not vote for it. He supported spending because he is for the troops. He promised to bring home the troops within the first few days of office. He wants to talk to Iran and Cuba. He is angry at being called a Muslim by the New Yorker. He is against turbaned women in his picture on TV. He believes that many good Muslim Americans are out there and love them all. He believes Israel is under treat. Now this historic pronouncement, the very week he plans to go to the Middle East region to break bread with the troops and attempt to convince them that the man who spent 5 years in a prison camp don’t really care about them , but a double Ivy leaguer that never wore a boys scout uniform have their backs .
Americans have been generally very proud of their achievements since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since those two atomic weapons fell in Asia her supreme position on power has rarely been tested. The USSR is no more, and the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan is moving smoothly according to most distinguished military and political circles. A significant part of this had to do with the presence of 35,000 nuclear weapons that still existed in the world, with 5,000 warheads still on trigger alert since 1998. Many would be trilled to know I am sure that the combined explosive yield of these weapons in the stockpiles of eight countries led by the USA was estimated to be approximately 5,000 megatons, or about 200,000 times the explosive yield of the bomb used in Hiroshima. Better yet, most will be overjoyed at the fact that since the end of the Cold- War , 13,000 of these weapons are deployed with 4,600 on high alert and are ready to be launch within minute’s notice. The UN,Non – proliferation Treaty or not, moral responsibility aside, Iran, North Korea double standards, whatever, Americans generally enjoy the sense of power they have rightfully owned. One man wants to do end all that sacrifice, by getting rid of nuclear weapon. Let’s wish the future President luck, as he would need it. Americans would have to get use to the optimism once more by a young idealistic President. Hey, they went to the moon with the first Irish American President, any this is possible. I still believe that he has bitten off more than he can chew, but so did the Clinton’s party machine and 20 million ardent supporters. So also did the other five guys he beat out for Harvard Law Review President. Talk about audacity- of hope I mean.

Tattam, Amanda. "Call away from nuclear arms to doctors.(News)." The Lancet 352.9144 (Dec 12, 1998): 1918(1). Health Reference Center Academic. Thomson Gale. City University of New York. 17 Sep. 2006

See Summary of Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission Reported entitled Weapons of Terror: Freeing the world of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. 2003

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sports trancendent powers from CLay to Shih Tzu

Many people do not treat sports in exactly the same way that most American do, but there is something about these events and favorite pastime that transcends a mere game. In this country, guys can become instant millionaires before they can fully comprehend how to analyze a grammatical sentence or work fully a fraction to perfection. A few high school drop outs have been known to make just as much or even more than some fortune 500 CEOs and even the President of the United States. It is in the political and social arena however that sports in this country have been able to have its greatest impact. Let me throw a few images at you, Mohammed shouting I am the greatest, even while he was nearly incarcerated for daring to defy the draft authorities with the claims that innocent Vietnamese people did him no harm. At the kids of countless American elites were safe in the colleges through deferments, and even volunteering for soft assignments in the National Guard and other nonsensical areas .He thus became a useful symbol for social justice across the nation and is revered even as we speak today.,6903,1072751,00.html
Remember Jackie Robinson becoming the first to open the doors for other blacks in America’s favorite game baseball? How about Michael Jordan becoming the idol and basketball icon that allowed his dark skin to be almost irrelevant as most across the globe wanted to “be like Mike.” Today outside of soccer, basketball is perhaps the most popular sports in the world-and gives true meaning to the expression world champion when a team’s coach need 12 dictionaries or he must be multilingual to organize a practice among his globally diversified team. Can you remember Jesse , as he made the fool and buffoon Hitler looked like an idiot by destroying his quaint superior Aryan race ideology, by beating every white German athlete to walk away with every medal , all the time knowing fully well that most of his own white countrymen harbored similar prejudicial and discriminatory views about blacks.,6903,1072751,00.html
Then what about that black power salute by a few defiant black Americans willing to pay the price and make a stand against perceived injustices at home. Then there are the Williams sisters in tennis, Tiger Woods in golf and the 2008 Boston Celtics champions. The first two sports have changed dramatically and might never be the same the actions of them all. Their total domination against overwhelming odds, proved once and for all what can be done via commitment and strong spirit. Two decades ago one token black or more would be wearing a Celtics uniform as they dominated the game year after year in an overwhelming Irish and often racist state. Today , with the exception of the general manager and owner , the entire victorious team that took to the floor including the coach ,to again bring a championship to the state were black and no one gave it a second thought as it is seen as the norm.
The world is catching up, but perhaps not fast enough. With the Olympics fast approaching a billion people in China are walking on eggshells as it were for fear that thousands might make a political move reminiscent to that which was engineered by Americans in boycotting the Moscow Olympics. The issues, China, prevailing human right record at home especially against dissident groups like the Tibetans , and her tactic supports for tyrants such as Sudan that are presently committing similar acts of genocide that mirrors that which took place in Rwandan, Kosovo, and Hitler’s concentration camps. As a first sign of contrition or is it a PR stunt by the political savvy nuvo rich emerging capitalist, the country has decided to ban one of its favorite meats in restaurants during the Olympics . The objective I believe was, so as not to offend the sensibilities of foreign tourist. Now one good deed deserves another, so the Western powers, United Nations and others remain silent as China weald his economic clout and global big stick in its stance against sanction Zimbabwe, and Sudan. Some things just take a bit longer to accomplish , but no one can really deny the global interconnection and soothing influence of sports in the past, and most definitely today.

Sports power from Clay to Shih TZU

Many people do not treat sports in exactly the same way that most American do, but there is something about these events and favorite pastime that transcends a mere game. In this country, guys can become instant millionaires before they can fully comprehend how to analyze a grammatical sentence or work fully a fraction to perfection. A few high school drop outs have been known to make just as much or even more than some fortune 500 CEOs and even the President of the United States. It is in the political and social arena however that sports in this country have been able to have its greatest impact. Let me throw a few images at you, Mohammed shouting I am the greatest, even while he was nearly incarcerated for daring to defy the draft authorities with the claims that innocent Vietnamese people did him no harm. At the kids of countless American elites were safe in the colleges through deferments, and even volunteering for soft assignments in the National Guard and other nonsensical areas .He thus became a useful symbol for social justice across the nation and is revered even as we speak today.
Remember Jackie Robinson becoming the first to open the doors for other blacks in America’s favorite game baseball? How about Michael Jordan becoming the idol and basketball icon that allowed his dark skin to be almost irrelevant as most across the globe wanted to “be like Mike.” Today outside of soccer, basketball is perhaps the most popular sports in the world-and gives true meaning to the expression world champion when a team’s coach need 12 dictionaries or he must be multilingual to organize a practice among his globally diversified team. Can you remember Jesse Owen , as he made the fool and buffoon Hitler looked like an idiot by destroying his quaint superior Aryan race ideology, by beating every white German athlete to walk away with every medal , all the time knowing fully well that most of his own white countrymen harbored similar prejudicial and discriminatory views about blacks.
Then what about that black power salute by a few defiant black Americans willing to pay the price and make a stand against perceived injustices at home. Then there are the Williams sisters in tennis, Tiger Woods in golf and the 2008 Boston Celtics champions. The first two sports have changed dramatically and might never be the same the actions of them all. Their total domination against overwhelming odds, proved once and for all what can be done via commitment and strong spirit. Two decades ago one token black or more would be wearing a Celtics uniform as they dominated the game year after year in an overwhelming Irish and often racist state. Today , with the exception of the general manager and owner , the entire victorious team that took to the floor including the coach ,to again bring a championship to the state were black and no one gave it a second thought as it is seen as the norm.
The world is catching up, but perhaps not fast enough. With the Olympics fast approaching a billion people in China are walking on eggshells as it were for fear that thousands might make a political move reminiscent to that which was engineered by Americans in boycotting the Moscow Olympics. The issues, China, prevailing human right record at home especially against dissident groups like the Tibetans , and her tactic supports for tyrants such as Sudan that are presently committing similar acts of genocide that mirrors that which took place in Rwandan, Kosovo, and Hitler’s concentration camps. As a first sign of contrition or is it a PR stunt by the political savvy nuvo rich emerging capitalist, the country has decided to ban one of its favorite meats in restaurants during the Olympics . The objective I believe was, so as not to offend the sensibilities of foreign tourist. Now one good deed deserves another, so the Western powers, United Nations and others remain silent as China weald his economic clout and global big stick in its stance against sanction Zimbabwe, and Sudan. Some things just take a bit longer to accomplish , but no one can really deny the global interconnection and soothing influence of sports in the past, and most definitely today.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shame and Non- Empathy in the Family.

The first Black female Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was high in praise for her bosses’ administration decision to wage the preemptive Iraq war in his effort to retaliate against Saudi Terrorist Bin Laden for his attack against the United States in 2001. It is also the 53 year old view that the world is much safer as a result .This 2003 invasions has produced some 30,000 wounded US soldiers along with 4,107 official dead ,as well as countless Iraqi civilians displaced and killed. To the former Ivy leave Professor, all is still fine , as she keenly look forward to heading back to the quite peaceful life she left in academia at the Stanford campus to continue to be “active in educational causes” , particularly for “underprivileged kids”.
Let me throw some stats to the Professor who entered college at the ripe, mature age of 15 some 38 years ago. The incarceration rose from 300,000 in 1970s to 2.2 million today , but has not produced much of a dent on crime .Further, reports by the WHO indicates that US youth homicide rates is 10 times that of all leading industrial nations with 1 out of every 100 is now under the control of the prison system. Each day in America, according to President of the Children Defense Fund Marian W. Edelman, 4,302 children are arrested. That is further broken down to 1 in 3 black boys in their 20s as opposed to 1 in 17 black girls. By midyear 2006 approximately 579,000 Black Males were serving sentences, while only 48,000 earned a bachelor degree that year.
I am extremely happy to see a caring black leader like this is about to head back to this premier educational institution to deal with some of these underprivileged kids. I certainly believe that they would welcome some attention as they were certainly neglected during her stewardship. The violence in our inner city has been appalling, and every day at least 80 people are killed with guns, which is the leading cause of death in the country. I would hate to make too much of a stretch here , as I know that the psychologist , social workers and other social science experts would be quick to focus only on the many economic disparities that exist which may be true . Some may lament the intervention failures, and emotional imbalances that might force kids to act out violently against each other. I wish however that few patriotic psychotherapists will pay some attention to hasty decisions to run to war by out elected leaders. What message can that send when the world sole superpower is not afraid to be too quick on the draw with limited facts, and less regards for consequences.
We demand that out kids use restrain and dialogue to deal with problems, as well as frown on bully like behaviors when they occur. But next time Johnny girlfriend refuses to kiss him and he exercise his recently upheld Constitutional Rights to have a gun, and he decides to do another Columbine or Virginia tech massacre remember where the precedent was set. It was in the corridors of power in Washington, with the support of Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court warp up in one. It is a case of “do as I say, but not as I do,” perhaps. I am happy to know that the President’s personal advisor, national security adviser, and Secretary of State will now give some attention to this problem in 2009, as she expressed interest to return and refocus on educational causes, and underprivileged issues once more. The last few years rather,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A word to the wise is enough

Recently in Denver, black Jazz singer Rene Marie was nearly tossed in jail, and given life imprisonment, followed by the death penalty for committing the most abominable and possible outrageous crime in the history of the State since Basketball player Koby Bryant alleged rape of a white groupie hotel cleaner, and local all star player Carmelo Anthony was pulled over for driving while drunk and black simultaneously. Her crime was, having the gall to switch on local officials at the Mayor’s State of the City address and sing the black national anthem instead of the familiar nation’s national anthem. This ordeal or for many of the distinguished and white official was endured for some three minuets and the Mayor speech 12 minutes and caused and uproar that nearly necessitated the intervention of the National Guard all the way from Iraq where they are all now stationed. Denver as many know might be a liberal and tolerant state that might allow 5 year old Sally to have two mummies and all such freaky things such as hugging trees and saving spotted owls, items are all geared to send the blood pressure of any Republican up the roof, but are not interested or find in amusing to tempt fate and their patriotism in that manner.

There definitely seem to be something wrong in this era with these liberated Afro American females, some Denver citizens must be thinking just at this very moment. First it was the uppity Ivey leaguer, Michele Obama debating her love for America even when she works last earned $500, 000 per year, no longer live on the South Side of Chicago, owns a house valued at close to 2 million and may soon be allowed the privilege to hang the colorful African Kenti cloth in the Lincoln bedroom. To compound that, black men are no longer joining the military in droves, her husband wants to end the illegal war on day one, and might just be secretly contemplating allowing in 2009 Mexican illegal immigrants the chance to be recruited from near the Arizona border across from and just to irritate Senator Mc Cain and his ultra patriotic millionaire wife Cindy.
The Obamans might well be forewarned, there is so much Americans can tolerate, but this is not one of them. Now it’s possible that every right wing nut, from Bill O Riley to Hannidy to Rush might just blow a fuse in outrage. If this singer never gets another musical contract in her life just like those exotic Country and Western gals Dixie Chicks -who dared to condemn next door Texan neighbor , the Crawford Kid sanity for taking the country to war- then she have no one to blame but herself , and further would not be able to cry discrimination . Let me let her know as well that the Supreme Court is soon going on vacation and have no intention of hearing her future case when she appeals the life and death sentence that she’ll get because her state appointed free legal aid lawyer gave her shoddy representation. She could have gotten the best lawyer that money can buy just like P Diddy, or Snoop, Buster, or Foxy Brown but believing that jazz is still important as hip-hop she took a chance. Would you care to bet that even she cannot tell when was the last time she sold a record, perhaps at her 16th birthday some 30 years ago? All I can say to Ms. Marie is that this is a shameful act and she might have to own up her responsibility and faces the consequences for her oversight and blatant non patriotic fervor so blatantly.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Passing the Buck, Loyalty & Merit of Ouija Boards

Every once in a while a few media pundits and historians enjoy putting out their love fest meter and try to decide who was a great President and who was a dismal failure. It doesn’t really prove anything or change the minds of ideologues within the fan base of both prominent political parties , but makes the so called experts look important so that they can get invited to future conventions, Presidential libraries christenings, and funerals where appropriate. Almost like what occurs often with movie and food critics, if you get my drift. Can I say free passes to watch more boring movies, and extra portions of tasteless foods in the future for doing hatchet jobs on the opponent’s movies or restaurants? I am also talking about Presidents that blatantly break the law and try to weasel their ways out either with a brazen lie , feign ignorance, or to simply pass the buck to some low level , non elected official that quietly resign and await a Presidential pardon down the road.

Now that the war drums are being pounded in Washington and parts of the Middle East for another preemptive strike on another troublesome nation, it is not a bad time to reexamine the twisted legacy of Ronald Reagan. To many American that experienced the humiliation of Vietnam, Richard ‘I am not a crook’ Nixon, and the Bible toting Peanut farmer peace nut from Georgia, the entrance upon the stage of Reagan was welcome. Yes he was a two bit second rate actor from Hollywood that many knew was not too bright, but he looked good , said his lines well and in essence worked the script that was trotted out ever so often by his handlers correct? Hey he was believed to be a though guy, and that’s all you need to put the fear in hearts of the loonies in places such as Iran.

I remembered well that immediately upon recognizing that Uncle Ron would assume power handed over those poor suffering embassy officials, did he not? Not only that, it was the Gipper’s toughness that solely won the Cold War correct? I say to hell with Gobachev and his Glasnost and Perestroika mantra. What do Nobel revisionist freaks know? It was Ronald’s command to ‘break those walls down,’ or else, that did the trick. But I digress; Reagan was great except for one small blimp. He broke the law and it involved Iran, Israel, Nicaragua, Contras, anti- Sandinista, Oliver North, National Security Council, illegal weapons sales, anti-communism, allegations of arms trade for hostage, destruction and withholding evidence from Congress, acceptation of some culpability for misdeeds by the President , fourteen administration officials charged , eleven convicted and eventually pardoned, including the Secretary of Defense. Not a bad record by one of Americas great President I think.

Now let’s fast forward to today and see what we have. The ugly specter of Iran looms again. We also have two pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that threatens to make Vietnam, and WW 1& 11 together look link spitball child’s play in your backyard as you await another portion of smoked ribs. You have a restless and agitated Israel, jittery and humiliated Sunni Muslims, and scared Shiites especially in Iran looking up in the skies to see when they are going to get attacked. Most importantly you have and American people that are paying dearly in the high prices of oil and gas, as well as a stagnant economy and lack of national guards as well and depleted resources to strengthen domestic infrastructures, that will ensure concrete protections at home against natural and man made disasters. You also have a Best Selling Author and generally incompetent former press secretary about to testify in Congress as to whether he know for a fact if the President or one of his Machiavellian hatchet men and or handlers ,ousted a CIA operative in some sort of vengeful and vindictive retaliation for her political cantankerous husband.

Now there are those that find politics to be boring and lacking intrigue, but yet would sit for hours and watch a car race four hundred times around a track, or grown men beat horse race to a finish line - go figure. For guys like me and the perhaps the late Tim Russert, politics is everything, and can get your adrenaline flowing to almost similar degrees as shall I say sex? Anyway think of the ironic role of winning the Presidency and its importance for a Presidential pardon. Without President Ford, Nixon might have become the first President to go to jail. Without G H Bush half the Reagan’s administration would have also followed that route, and now without John Mc Cain the President would have to see his future grand daughter from prison after impeachment for an illegal war. No, I do not mean that, as American Presidents do not go to jail, but their underlings do. Watch Karl Rove, you have been warned. There is more than adequate time to still find a country that does not have extradition treaty with the USA. You got to move quickly however, these countries are running out. Libya is no longer a rogue state; they are now our good guys since Qaddafi saw what happened to Saddam and changed his ways. Remember if Obama wins so would Iran and Cuba, as he enjoys talking and open negotiations. Say no to covert operations. It rhymes well with “say no to drugs,”doesn’t it? Hey, who moved my Ouija board? They can be so useful when trying to figure out important domestic and international affairs. At least that’s what a famous First spouse of a great President thought, and it just might still work.

Bono wants United States of Africa

How commendable that once more it is taking a European to push for what every sensible African should have had the common sense to recognize by now. My question is why is this always the case? How does it feel to always be stretching out one’s hands for some aid or pittance from abroad , and who will be accountable for the billions of aid that are delivered each year? Some years ago I was in Angola and started a conversation about slavery and its impact on Africans across the globe, the reactions were typical denunciations and disgust as well as little inclination to discuss the issue or give any real credence to the role of African leaders to the trade or the plight of bothers and sisters whose ancestors were dragged kicking and screaming across the Atlantic in ships. It was interesting to see however the enthusiastic reactions to talks about reparations for Africa.

The people who reach out to help Africa should be encouraged and even applauded for efforts in many cases. I sometimes wonder however, if it is often acts in futility. How committed are Africans themselves to concrete development I wonder. Take Oprah’s initiatives in South Africa, what I often ask is the end goal? To spend 40 million dollars to build an elite school that is geared primarily for girls when women are still treated as second and third class citizen? In 2005, South Africa had the highest Aids epidemic in all of Africa, and the world at large. It figures were estimated as five and a half million living with HIV, or roughly 1,000 deaths every day. [1]Yet its President was living in denial as to the authenticity of the HIV/ Aids claim. [2]At the same time young virgin girls were being raped by male AIDS victims as this was profess by some to be a cure.[3] Unfortunately, the outrage throughout the continent, remained limited is virtually non- existent.

Millionaires like Ms. Winfrey should be free to do what ever they wish with their money, but to spend such exorbitant figures on a country that is as wealthy as SAs and with such a callous attitude to girls and health is a travesty. More than 90 million women and girls are survivors of female genital mutilation; close to 49% are victims of violence, with 1 in 4 doing so within the past 12 months.[4] The gestures again are excellent, but can achieve very little if a culture of full equality and economic development for all not become the norm.

The genocide which took place in Rwanda, as the world stood silent, took some 800,000 African lives. The same is occurring in Sudan and Congo with similar reactions. Angola, Liberia, and Sierra Leonehave seen its share of barbarism with halfhearted responses by the global bodies. What was even more frightening is the tentative role played by the African Union as it awaited the world to do its biddings. Unfortunately Africa will never be a priority because Africans themselves condones the behavior and fail to see the citizens as a priority.

So guess what, Bono would soon get his Nobel Prize, Oprah and her entourage can bypass other African trouble sports with her billion dollar plane as she lands in Joburg or Pretoria in route to one of the American styled five star hotels that flourished during Apartheid.

. The African people must decide that tyranny will no longer be a fixture on the continent. They must also dismiss as outright useless religions such as the Catholic and Islamic faith that push selective moralist values as abstinence as opposed to condoms uses. Bumbling anachronistic buffoons and puppets such as Daniel arap Moi should be stripped of power , stoned in the city square, and family members prevented from enjoying his pension accumulated after over four decades of tyranny and corruption in Kenya. It was this fool that suggested that Kenyans abstain from sex for two years, because he did not want to encourage government plans to import 300 million condoms as a preventative mechanism against the spread of AIDS and to appease the sensibilities of Sheik Mohamed Dor of the Council of Imams. The latter saw this policy as encouraging sexual experimentation among young people, and in essence committing suicide.[5] Yes Sheik Mohamed, you certainly have a problem with sex by the young. At the same time a man is free to have 10 wives if he wishes, with each being 20 years younger than the previous. Likewise the Catholic church can allow pedophilia by morally sound priest to run rampant in Third world countries especially in Africa, while they forever preach abstinence among the flock. I wonder what Mr. Bono, Angela Joli or Madonna would think about that. Not much I believe. I will hold my breath for a united Africa. Away with Anglophones and Francophone, correct? Care to end the charade?







Prioritization, Empathy ,and the quest for sound leaders

It is interesting to see how sometimes issues can be jolted into the limelight by a simple comment or actions of a prominent figure, while others languish. Makes you wonder what really the driving force is. Is it you ask the issue itself, whose actions brought it to the fore, or the medium. Let’s for example take issues such as immigration, crime, religion, race, or social class. These are three hot button issues that have received some level of attention throughout the media, but not with the special focus that is often required to achieve any reasonable solution. The discourse tend to be elevated somewhat especially come election time and especially a Presidential one. As a political junkie myself I usually have my antenna up for such type of attention actions. I was not disappointed.

Immigration and the need for reform was the first issue that got some attention outside of the usual CNN’s Lou Dobbs obsessions, and pretense at outrage about border patrols, illegal nannies and Militia men AKA minutemen rights to shoot and kill anyone that tries to enter the USA outside the Canadian frontier. 43 year old eligible bachelor, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner suggested the need for new legislation for 1000 ailing clothing industry. [1]Apparently demands far outstrip the 165,000 available slots, but think how much attention immigration could now achieve because of personal yet important action by a Congressman.

I am sure that many of you cannot remember the last speech political leader made in a Church in the past 50 years of Presidential elections. Guess what, Barrack Obama is about to change that. He took a crack at AWOL fathers that abandoned their kids to moms and grandmothers in a sermon at his new Church on of all day -Fathers day. Can you imagine that in one swoop this 47 year old Senator that last saw his father at the age of two could highlight something that many of us suspected but lacked the courage to say? One of biggest crisis in the country and perhaps the world at large are absent fathers. I have always suspected that the cause of the high crimes statistics can directly linked to absenteeism by many of our black fathers , -or for all races as the problem is not limited to only one demographic.

Now I am almost sure that more American would be happy to see more social scientist enter the country to focus on pressing social issues of the day agree? I am a bit bias to sociologist and political scientist. Why should all the techno geeks, entertainers , sports figures , engineers ,and business men have all the fun.It is evident that the media has not done a credible job of educating the public as to the immigration crisis beyond sound bites by self serving politicians. Few know the history of immigration, and how it was always linked to the economic needs of the society starting from the end of slavery. Fewer understand what outsourcing, globalization mean to them except that their jobs are gone and a child in Sri Lanka is sewing their clothes, an Indian is processing their tax return or trouble shooting their computer while pretending to live in Utah, and a Chinese man is working for three dollars per year to manufacture his car.

I say bring it on Obama and Wiener -the children of immigrants for their efforts at drawing attention to matters of great importance. Some might be tempted to question their individual motives. In the case of Obama it could be to get the ultra religious votes that Mc. Cain cannot attract, or even the Clinton female voters. In the case of Weiner his quest to finally acquire a grateful wife in the way another famous New Yorker have done so skillfully over the years through the purchase of the Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss Teen America franchises. Way to go Rep Weiner. America will be the beneficiary after the power moves by our astute politicians.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Win, Win on the Virgin Continent

A question was asked recently in one of the popular black journals magazines as to why South Africa is the most popular choice of destination for most Black American whenever the thought is made to visit or do any form of investment in the Virgin continent. My response is usually the same, make a visit to South Africa and you can recognize why. It is the most developed and advanced in all of Africa and a stroll down the streets of Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town, would clearly indicate why. One can easily mistake it for any large US metropolis such as New York, Miami or Chicago. On a more important level, it is the African country that African Americans feel the most affinity with, and this is for several reasons. The African American history is one of struggles, trials, and tribulations. It was laced with blatant racism, and subhuman behavioral treatments at the hands of a majority Europeans population and power. The fact that many have been able to overcome it with an unbroken spirit while still holding on to the fundamental ideals of the country is a testament to an ingrain resiliency and strength.
In similar fashion, black South Africans have experienced the same problems and are attempting to forge a life of their own in peace, dignity and respectability after years of the an exploitative ,bloody ,racist ,Apartheid system . It was the sustained sacrifices and efforts of many African Americans both in America, and collaborating with their South African counterparts that those fundamental changes for the betterment of Black African occurred. A common bond has been forged that I hope can be encourage for some time to come. Think of the mutual love admiration and connections between Nelson and Winnie Mandela, as well as Oprah Winfrey, the Black Caucus, Randall Robinson and Miriam Makeba as the first step in a budding relationship that I believe should be the way forward to shaping a renewed American interest as it benefits in the process of helping the Virgin Continent reach it true potential in much the same way that Churchill’s England played for the devastations caused in Europe after the WWII destructions . It is that serious.
I for one have given much thought to this issue for some time, and firmly believe that the only way for African American to fully advance as a people is to first understand their prime roles and responsibilities in helping America to again assume a sound and prudent leadership role in the world while simultaneously fully enhancing the lives of all its citizens and peoples at home. It cannot be done by ignoring Africa. Imagine if you will what America would be today without the strong and vibrant Europe that has emerged today all because of the sacrifices made since 1945.It was this consistent foreign policy that supported financial Aid packages like the Marshall plan, created the UN and all its sub agencies, placed undue military pressures on the former USSSR in her back yard Europe that enabled the USA to remain the sole Super Power along with a multilingual Europe.
Can you imagine for a moment, Europe where the sole language was German because Hitler and his henchmen had their way? It was primarily because of this commitment with Europe that America was able to flourish. It was first able to provide a haven for some of the best minds that Europe and the former USSR had to offer as they flew as immigrants from the tyranny and degradation in Europe for a more stable and young vibrant emerging power. WWII helped stimulate the US economy as they country serviced the war. Women were empowered in the absence of their fighting men in Europe, and upon their return the GI bill was created and helped promote the emergence of a grate generation of emerging and educated middle class that American historians often boast about.
I am almost certain that certain levels of racial pride exist by Euro American when ever thoughts are made by them on the state of Europe today. With few exceptions those feelings are certainly mutual. It is that same that can ensue should African American and by extension its political leadership can develop, if a closer bond can be made in defense of and promotion of Africa. It can be troubling at times to see the pragmatic and close relationships that are also taking place between Asia and the USA, both economically and politically. Sure there are fall outs from the Cod War, but the Asian Tigers, as well as China and India have still emerged irrespective of the presence of benevolent despots that gives lip service to Human Rights in the region. In the Middle East the relationships are chiefly economic and strategic due to the presence of vital oil resources, as well as close bond with Israel.
It is time to redefine American vital interest. No better place is more poised to lead the way than the Virgin Continent building on the backs of trailblazing leaders before. The time is ripe for a more realistic immigration policy that might prove beneficial for all concerned including future elected officials. Africa is known to be the richest continent in the world with lots of human potential and natural resources. This can only be exploited in a positive manner, when peace and yes security prevail. No one wants to trade with Africa, yet few mind making links with some of her more dangerous leaders to benefit from its natural resources with limited returns for the people. This can change as peace security and economic prosperity takes on new meaning. Who said a win, win situation cannot prevail?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Free Lunches Here.

"For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." -- Luke 12:48

I recently came upon a debate on of all places a sports forum that focus on what the writer considered a flaw in black culture. I just could not resist following the thread to the end. You’ll be surprise at the amount of serious issues that are sometimes discussed on these seemingly insignificant areas. It is important to remember that sports and their heroes are treated seriously in this country call America. Let’s take for example the greatest boxer of all time- Mohammed Ali aka Casuis Clay. Remember that he got his fame and notoriety not only from what he did in the ring, but also outside. His refusal to fight in the Vietnam War and the economic price he paid as a result is a case in point. Today he is lauded, but back then was vilified as a selfish coward by the white power structure. The writer wanted to know why black folks are so cheap when it comes to tipping. He was a Pizza delivery guy and suffered dearly at the hands of these cheap skates. Of course he was chastised by an obvious defensive batch that did not like the fact that all blacks were stereotyped into this single group. Someone even counteracted by saying that it was white women between the ages of twenty-five and fifty that are the cheap ones, and his family is black and middle class and are excellent tippers at restaurants, cleaners and the occasional delivery men.
It was then I decided to give the story a rest. I for one recognize a simple fact, it is that without black people, the lives of whites would be very boring indeed as they’ll have nothing to talk about, compare with, and rile against. The President went all the way to Israel recently to talk before the political leaders at the Knesset chamber , and guest the first words to come out of his mouth, you guess it Obama – a black man. Don Imus might just get into trouble again and, get fired and in the process make more money again while he improves his ratings. It is alleged that he asserted that being black is synonymous with being a criminal. This of course came in the wake of him calling a few masculine looking college basketball elite black girls, “nappy headed hoes”. A few years ago in the US Open Tennis tournament, Serena Williams was vilified for the paltry sum of I believe $100:00 per ace she promised for Katrina flood and Hurricane victims. This was seen as insignificant when compared to other white athletes that also made public gestures.
I have however done my own silent survey, as I am very concern about issues that the average guys ignore, but perhaps that makes me a bit special. I make this point nevertheless; many in the black middle class family are extremely selfish. They simply do not fully understand the concept of giving back as other races does. You see it everyday. Only recently I observe a situation outside a Wal-Mart store. An old African American lady was sitting in a wheel chair and requested the use of a cell phone of an African American female. Her response was a resounding no and told her she did not have one to ease her conscience.
I do not believe that it is always necessary to always give large sums of money, as time and other acts of generosity can be just as good. It is so thrilling to read stories after stories of people that have volunteered, doing well by helping and giving back to others. They always comment on the wonderful feeling that results. Too often we have to wait for something tragic to occur to spring into action. So there it is the cure for stress, is now within our reach, and it is right next door.

Pulling the Rug

“We create an environment where it is alright to hate, to steal, to cheat, and to lie if we dress it up with symbols of respectability, dignity and love.”

-Whitney Moore, Jr.

Are the rules different for black politicians and their families in America? One is tempted to think so. In my conversations on the subject of race in the past, I’ve always tried to make one significant point. It is that any abhorrent subtle racist behaviors you notice in any institution within the society, is merely a reflection of the underlying problem that exists throughout the country as a whole. It is the bogeyman that we refused to address since the end of the official end of slavery and the Civil War, but which refuse to go away anytime soon. It can be seen everyday within the job market, judiciary, law enforcement activities, politics, sports, or most importantly the media. ‘Obama opted out of public campaign financing,’ is a recent headline that is getting a big play by our present Republican Presidential nominee Senator John Mc Cain and his cohorts in the media.

The implications of these reactions are to indicate that the Democratic nominee is a liar for reneging on a promise to forgo public financing on future Presidential campaign that he made in 2007. In his defense Senator Obama claimed that 1.5 million grassroots members of the general public helped finance his primary campaign via small donations on the Internet, thus setting a new trend and record amounts of money for his campaign. He was not prepared to removeany possible advantage he possessed and give up the vast money chest. In the Mc Cain case he had talked a lot about campaign reform, but did very little to change it through the years. He is the beneficiary of the old Republican money machine and has enjoyed it for decades. Do not forget that like former Democrat nominee John Kerry, he has married well, and his wife Cindy like Teresa is a multimillionaire. This was however been completely ignored by the media at large. It is the public that might be the losers on the score unfortunately.

Another issue that has me somewhat perplexed is the almost silent role of the feminist movement that was so vicarious in trying to make a case of sexism by the media against Hilary Clinton each time she had a negative comment or portrayal made against her. Today Michelle Obama is fair game for all, even the gentile Philanthropist and beer heiress Cindy Mc Cain. One can remember the exuberant and unscripted Michelle indicating that she was very happy after a recent State’s victory for her husband, and “for the first time really proud of her country.” This was interpreted by a few sleazy politicians, and the media talking heads, that she was unpatriotic. It is unfortunate that political ambition has overtaken the wife of Senator Mc Cain for she too has jumped on the bandwagon to declare that unlike the Ivy League graduate Michelle, she loves her country. I guess that the cat fight will commence, as the millionaire and Ivy League try and decide who loves their country more. Remember there was also a veil attack by a certain Admiral’s son, as to who more deserved to be President because he wore a uniform, and served in Vietnam? O what a difference eight years can bring, now the victims of smear campaigns and attacks by Republican political enemies are the aggressors. O what a great Republic indeed!

Battle for Hearts and Minds

Is America safer today than it was eight years ago? It’s the sort of question that the crafty Ronald Reagan asked to Jimmy Carter and turned him into a smiling soft Buddha in front millions, and so forever doomed his reelection chances. In 2008, the Republican nominee cannot dare asked a similar question and risk further tarnishing his image amongst the staunch Reaganist and Conservative fan base that are concerned about winning and the prospects of stacking the Courts with more judges. Likewise Obama the Democratic nominee must thread cautiously as the country has changed considerably since the Clintons held office. If he does not want to be stuck with the Carter label, then he must remember that a henchman with a similar sounding name to his masterminded one of the most devastating terrorist attack on the USA with far reaching implications.
It resulted in two ongoing wars, millions of resources and finances, and the country in a more tenuous and precarious economic situation the likes few have ever seen except in the history books about the depression. The big question that is now posed in the media and before the people is, who can make you safer? Is it the old school, hot tempered fiery maverick with the foul mouth that can keep his powerful wife in her place, or the young charismatic idealist that finds this task to be a challenge without the help of Woppi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Joy Bahor to rein her in?
Mr . Mc Cain is proud of his history and boast of defending his country in a war that was lost, and believe that the experience should serve him well in the next war that the country is carded to be involve with for the next hundred years. He has the confidence of the Generals in the Military because he was one of them. He has been around the political block on Pennsylvania Avenue for over four decades, and believes that he has the track record to reach across the isle and get thing things done with little efforts. He is confident that he has no racial skeletons in his closet as he is the proud father of a black Indian baby and was very moderate on the immigration border issues much to the wrath of his own party and a few minuet on the Arizona are Mexican border. Obama likes his chances, as the agent of change that is geared to shake Washington up, and his failure to be enamored by any special interest lobbyist with their pocket full of money and kickbacks. He believes that as long as he stays on message, and gives hope the people’s revolution will succeed.
Back to the safety issue what should now be considered is to what extent does wearing a uniform and waging in battles make you a better candidate to run the country? To Obama camp the track records of former Generals who became commander in chief are not always pleasant for the country. It should be noted that it was under General Ike that the first CIA orchestrated coup ever took place by America on Iran some 55 years ago. The US then continued to pump millions of economic and military aid including nuclear technology to help bolster the image of the puppet regime by the western educated dictator, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. This massive militarization and spending enabled the emergence of the Shah as a regional super power and “policeman of the Persian Gulf.” The blowback led to the fist psychological victory by militant Islam against American Super Power in 1979 when 52 of its citizens were held captive for 444 days by a mob. To counteract Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini “fanatical Shiism,” a barbarian Iraqi Arab call Saddam Hussein was created by the Americans. This presented even more danger in the world as he soon began four successive wars in the next twenty four years that have surely contributed to further destabilization of an already unsafe world- especially for the world sold Superpower and global police.
Both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq it seem is heading no where soon towards a positive victory, and so much was lost with very little achieved. Both leaders at times have appeared to be very disingenuous and have flip flop on stated policies even before assuming office. On the domestic scene the nation have been lucky thus far, thanks perhaps to the vigilance by law enforcement officials, or is it that the terrorist bad guys have learned their lessons. It is at the foreign policy levels where the mettle will be tested. Anyone that can be more trustworthy to safeguard the country with prudent leadership, as well as firmly define what constitute the national interest, will be the real challenge.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

The religious grey zone-a-paradox

Do not refuse a wing to the person who gave you the whole chicken.

R. G. H. SIU

Can anyone please show a little love and understanding for the African peoples in the global village when it comes to the delicate matter of God and religion? By this I mean that historically, every other conceivable race on earth was blessed with some distinctive religion that they can consider their own. We all as you know clamor for some type of belief in a higher being during times of struggles. What is the religion for African peoples scattered across the globe? In Africa the problem is simple to analyze as over 85% of them combined are Christians and Muslims. [1] Both are religions of conquest either by the invading Arabs that introduce slavery, or European colonizers that suppressed, divided, and exported them for profits to the colonies in the West Indies and North America. Not surprisingly, Africahas witnessed some of the worst atrocities by the hands of Africans on Africans, be it white or black. Political ideology could not bring the many tribes together as it often did in similarly fragmented continents. It is why today fellow Americans should find it in their hearts to give a bit of breathing room to Obama our future Commander in Chief. He has successfully meandered his way around several silos that were headed his way on many issues, but one more persist in representing his Achilles heels for the next five months before his swearing ceremony. His acceptance or not of Black Liberation Theology principles as practice by arch guru Rev Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr. of the Chicago Trinity United Church.

I do understand the paradox of religion as it relates to the lives of African Americans. You can bet your life that most Americans that graduated beyond high school also understand the powerful influences of the church for a people that sees themselves as oppressed and are striving for a piece of the American pie. Even if some respond in disbelief, America as a nation of immigrants has always treasured its diverse religions and the freedom to so practice. I’ll reiterate again, religion brings people together, gives them a sense of connection and history, keeps them focus on goals and helps them handle the daily earthly struggles they encounter each day. It was European religious persecution and pride that help create America over 200 years ago. It was that connection and consciousness that helped saved countless Jews and millions of Europeans during and in the aftermath of WW11. Need I say The Marshall Plan, forty years of political protection from communism, and the formation and support of Israel, and creation of the United Nations? Can any one remember the protestant ethics and its links to American and European capitalist rise by Marx Webber? These are all noble things that one can point to and give credit to religion as an influential catalyst .I need not say more.

To African Americans however, the Euro centric religions contributed to their plight and ensured their perennial state of second class citizenry.[2]Many today look with mixed feelings at the roles of Malcrom X, Elijah Mohammed, Farrakhan, and the likes of Martin Luther King, and yearn for a religion that can do for them in similar fashion that Judaism did for its main advocates, and what Christianity did for Europeans and Europe. They therefore ask what about me? Why were 800,000 Christian Africans allowed to die in Rwanda, millions of Christians and Muslims Africans in Sudan, Thousands of Nigerian Christians and Muslims devour each other and Kosovo and the Middle East receive the entire spotlight?

Can you begin to understand the dilemma for a young Obama and millions of ex African slaves dispersed across the globe from America to Europe and the Caribbean? Those two religions in their purest forms just won’t cut it for Black people. Like sheep lost in the wilderness they tend to experiment and dabble with every conceivable form of religion, but nevertheless emptiness and disconnect exist and perhaps more than anything can explain the multitudes of social, economic and political problems that is encounter everywhere.

To illustrate my point as to some of our problems, let me give an example. Approximately thirteen years ago I was fortunate to be part of a security detail for a UN Peace negotiating team in Afghanistan. The objective then was to spearhead the peaceful handover of power from the dreaded Mujahadeen that chased the Soviets out, to a new mutually acceptable government. At the same time the UN contingent had to keep a close eye on the then mysterious Taliban tugs or scholars – depending on who is doing the defining- that were successfully fighting to overrun the country. An amusing story was one day told to me about an unfortunate Sudanese Christian man that served in Afghanistanat one time. He had tried for some time to pass himself off as a Muslim to one of the former Prime Minister and a major Commander Gulbadin Hekmatyar . One day he was requested to lead a meeting in holy pray but was detected as an imposter. His folly and fraudulent ploy was discovered as he tried to mimic the traditional Islamic rituals which he knew nothing about. This action nearly cost him his life as he was beaten mercilessly to almost an inch of life, and then eventually kicked out of the country. So much for solidarity, but some people, particularly Afghans Warlords, take their religion very seriously.

I as a result of this story made sure to set the record straight for any of the hundreds of Kalashnikov carrying young men that approached be to ask if I was Sudanese. My answer was always an emphatic no, but a Buddhist and man of peace. I simply had no intention to experience a similar fate. So these are some of the predicaments face by people of African descent due to the absence of a concrete religion of their own. Surely we can now almost have some sympathy -thanks to what I have now alluded to- for the Democratic Presidential nominee Barrack Obama on his religious associations’ foibles. Both him and his wife take great pains to remind every that he was that skinny mulatto kid from Hawaii with the large ears, Kansan adventurous mom, absent father that did well by hard work and education. He found his way on the South side of Chicago and ran smack in to charismatic Black Liberation Theology advocate Rev Wright. The man was able to offer spiritual and social guidance to a young man suffering an identity crisis. He could have made millions in the corporate world, but decided to follow a different cause of service in much the same way as others before him.

To address matters of alienations, poverty, despair, and hopelessness and not be affected in some fashion is akin to making an omelet without breaking an egg. Priest, Reverends and participants in the social and political struggles, have no choice but to roll up their sleeves, get into the trenches, and dirty their hands. A funny kid with an exotic name, raise by Caucasian grand parents has political ambitions as well. They do not however have the luxury to marry elite girlfriends from the North Side of Chicago and chart an easy part to the White House. They cannot use the power of ex Presidents to charm themselves into receiving millions, and help propel billion dollars philanthropic enterprises into the American consciousness. Instead they have to use what is available to them the power of spirituality as it is unique to a people. Yes, Black Liberation Theology gave Nobel winner Desmond Tutu the power to help focus on and eventually end barbaric Apartheid in South Africa. Haiti’s Father Aristied withstood Pope John Paul and the Vatican establishment until he was overthrown from power. For a moment the struggling people of Haiti that started this movement some 207 years ago as the first liberated slave colony thought they could find their own promise land on earth.

Yes the Black Liberation Theology principles and concerns are alive and well in America today as they were in Martin Luther’s time. For the record, millions of passionate and patriotic young black men have joined the Black Muslim faith in America. More than half including Malcorm X was as a result of incarceration. Contrary to fervently held media portrayals, they do love their country and would do nothing to harm it. However like others in the Christian realm they too want to see positive things done both for themselves and communities. We have therefore seen manifestations of black pride, consciousness, giving, and caring for their fellow human within their milieu, and globally people’s struggles are in existence. It is what all good decent Americans would like, and have done through the decades. The now respected pro- Vietnamantiwar proponent, Mohammed Ali would agree. The torch has now been extended to this Immigrant descendant Barrack Obama. It is left to be seen, if Americahas matured as a nation. They did not allow phobia of Catholicism to prevent them from electing another descendent of Immigrant in JFK. Let’s enter the Religious Grey Zone that has repeatedly manifested itself in the fabric of American politics. We will observe where it leads as matters of character, vision, change, strength and security are resolved. The world I believe is desperately waiting for leadership and the results of collectively progressive forces.




Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reconciliation, an upward spirial

On June 11th 2008, Canada’s Prime Minister created an historical act by apologizing on behalf of his nation for abuses and other atrocious that were committed against some 100,000 native children during the course of the country’s short history. In the past many of the nation’s aboriginal children were forced to become fully integrated into the culture of the Canada through special educational. It is believed that this and other form of sexual abuses and isolation of their children have forced many of the aboriginal groups to become victims of drug abuses and other social problems. It is not unlike similar force integration movements that were fostered on Australia’s aboriginal groups and their children by European conquerors and colonizers. That society has experienced similar social problems of alcoholism and other forms of drug abuses.

Canada closest neighbor is the USA. They too have an aboriginal population that has suffered immensely from similar forms of forced assimilation and efforts at social integration into main stream American society. In America is a special place in that it has always been the place where millions of immigrants have sort refuge and the chance of a better life. It is a challenging prospect for many, a can be even greater based one education or socio- economic as well as social support mechanisms that are in place to aid the transition. It is clearly the case that American immigrants more than most in other industrialized countries, tend to experience an easier part to assimilation especially if they are prepared to buy into the age old notion of ‘The American dream.’

Afro Americans are a unique group when it comes to this complex debate assimilation verses immigrants. Contrary to the distorted portrayals in the media, most are very conservative, law abiding, spiritual, family oriented, enterprising, and goal centered people. They are passionate in their views and with few exceptions love themselves and their culture- whatever that is. A huge paradox prevail however that can explain the dichotomous behaviors that was brought out in public in the recent Rev Writ diatribe on his beloved country. Many can be very critical about this country particularly with respect to domestic policies-but at the same time are very passionate about it and will defend its name and honor at every given opportunity. After all, who would not want to defend the name and honor of what is perceived as the greatest country on earth. In addition this country is all they know- and that is one of the paradoxes. The second one is, tied up in the question of who really is an American. How many generations must past before that honor is bestowed upon a group?

I was quite amused recently when I listened to a speech of a strong and respectable reparation proponent that wanted monies bestowed on descendants of exslaves in this country based on how many generations the family lived in the USA. So let us look at that long forgotten promise of ‘40 acres and a mule.’ In today’s language it might represent a Lexus and perhaps a million dollars. That is, if you can trace your ancestors back to the plantation. If not…… well you can imagine how complex this can be both from a logistical and political stand point.

So where does that leave this much maligned, disgruntled and neglected group called African Americans? The point is that this group has exhibited many of the same issues and deep-rooted social problems that are experienced by the several aboriginal groups that I referred to earlier. In addition they too in many cases and with few exceptions are reluctant to adopt most of the values and cultural patterns of behaviors much favored by the mainstream, dominant majority and- in their case- ancestral slave owners. The results are a very large underclass population. Many are suffering bouts of despair, anger and frustrations that have transcended several generations. Not surprisingly, some of the harshest critics to immigration of all races and classes are African Americans. The problems are that many are clueless as to why. It is surely a classic case of misplaced venom. Where there should be solidarity, divisions prevail. The greater complications are the identity crisis and other prevailing problems that are creeping in to the lives of children of Immigrants groups that belong to the Diasporas from African, Caribbean and other places across the globe. We certainly have much more work that needs to be done. ,but I am an optimist.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crisis Management from ‘personal troubles to public issues.’

A few years ago the internationally recognized and famous basketball superstar Charles Barkley made his now famous quote of not being a role model and was applauded by many in the main stream dominant media. Sir Charles of course like many other black middle class and highly successful Americans has always poke fun and often uses irreverent humor to make statements on topical issues of the day. In this case unfortunately it was at the expense of the millions of poor, urban and less fortunate lost souls who too yearn for a small piece of the American pie that quite often can appear as a mere illusion.

No where in the history of the world, has any oppressed groups escaped their plight without the aid of a vibrant and conscious middle class that was prepared to think beyond self by giving back and providing aid and support to the masses. One of the last remnants of slavery across the Diasporas is the growing menace of female dominant single parent homes. For this reason I contend that others and need to step up and fill the gap wherever possible.

In many quarters our heroes are being attacked across the media as villains, crooks and miscreants irrespective of positions. This unfortunate position has force many in the wider society to ask “where are my……… heroes?”

It is why that one can not help but be proud of the efforts of a special Presidential candidate’s effort in trying to go where others were fearful to trespass before him. I am speaking about Mr. Obama , the son of a black immigrant father and a white Kansan mother. The reactions of main stream media are quite revealing. He has been vilified, and castigated as a mere neophyte who should relax , bide his time and garner some experience. What is intriguing to me here is that the same education that is touted as the way forward to obtaining that American dream for others is not given similar credence for a son of the soil because of what he is or might represent.

My question at this time is, if not him then who has a chance from within his ranks? Black men should also be encouraged to excel in other pursuits besides entertainment and sports. I believe that this individual is the perfect role model that is needed to display the value of service and sacrifice for a nation. I admonish others to follow up this blog with a reading of Dr. King’s 1963, ‘Letter from Birmingham jail.’ It was a call to order to the wider community to takepositive steps and recognize that the time was ready for concrete action. Today more than ever such a mindset is needed. It is imperative that some credence be given to real heroes and role models that care for all. No longer should a people be relegated to second class citizens as the world watches on in horror. The fact that a few have benefited and are fearful to stand up for true justice , economic prosperity, and political empowerment for their fellow human beings should not deter real progressive minds.

The time for action is now.

Take the House but Leave my Guns

My attention was drawn recently to another tragic news story involving the senseless murder of what appear on the surface to be an innocent 18 year old Afro -American young man and father. He was stabbed allegedly by gang members as he sat on the stoop of his apartment complex in Brooklyn New York. It is claimed that he was seen taunting these gang members for wearing a T-shirt in tribute of one of their own members that was killed last spring. What a relief! Not another shooting I thought.

I am positive that this story was not a major one as far as the main stream media was concern. After all, it was simply the life of one of those useless punks from the inner city that really counts for noting. I can almost envision the editors as they ponder the story before giving the green light to put on page 18 behind the important story of Obama’s Anti -American Pastor, Rev Wright. This editor might well be saying-‘They have no values; they do not vote, work, or make any tangible contributions to society except produce other miscreants like themselves.’

Fortunately for the young man his mom was a NYPD Cop, and this gave the story a nice twist and some credence. It was also useful for stirring up the venom and contempt of many readers. Some took it as an opportunity to lambast that other trouble maker ‘Bell guy’ that got shot in Queens NY by cops the night before his wedding. Where is that racist Sharpton now? One asked. Why is he not demonstrating, or does he only get excited when it is a Cop involve? I am sure he was a gang banger himself another claimed. How stupid can he be to taunt gang members, especially being the son of a Cop? Why is this fool a father at this early stage, and who is the idiot girl to get pregnant for him when he is not working? This prompted the young man child’s mom to jump to the defense in honor of her baby daddy. ‘Oh he was a good boy sometimes,’ she claimed even though we had our problems. ‘He loved his child,’ she exclaimed trying her best to sound convincing to no one in particular. As expected the many defensive blacks were quick to put things in perspective and condemn all these commentators as white uncaring racist that had no sympathy for the dead and a troubled mother.

I am always intrigued by these types of stories for several reasons. It is clearly revealing of several underlying problems which is affecting this great nation and requires immediate attention and rectification. It shows the ugly side of many of us today especially as the country goes through it economic hiccups and insecurities. Note the callousness and lack of empathy for the plight of others that are suffering unless they look and sound like us. At the same time such persons will spend their last dollar to aid a child suffering in Congo, Malawi, Haiti, and Myanmar or some distant land.

One should not fail to recognize the crisis that’s facing us when it comes to youth culture. There is loyalty, misplaced but genuine. Many will destroy their lives for the support of that group. There is self hatred as manifested by the ease in which a life is taken for such a dumb reason. You can rest assured that none of the Characters involved finished high school or plan to go to college. In the case of the dead man, having a mom in law enforcement did not save him. One should not conclude that so call bad kids all come from bad homes. The media one can sense salivated at the chance at channeling their energies at a story that allow them to show focus as human depravity without much accountability and attempts a providing tangible solutions. How about the question of guns and its impact on lives in inner cities – especially New York? In this case it was a Knife involved, but in hundreds more it is a gun. Life has become very cheap and the prevalence of guns has made it even more so. I look forward to the day when more young males can look forward to living long healthy lives like the late NRA President Chalton Heston.

As the economy tumbles, Americans are loosing there houses by the thousands through foreclosures, Congress is trying to pass a bail out Bill that the President has threatened to Veto. We have a choice, behave like the Ostrich and hide our heads in the sand in pretense that we are safe. On the other hand we can become mobilized and connect with progressive minds and show that we care for each other. In short, show love for our neighbor. To do otherwise can have dire consequences for us all. Please note my emphasis – us all.

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