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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piece for Peace

It was quite a fine week for Uncle O and his White House crew , as far as domestic and international political stewardship

First Health Care reform that eventually pass the very contentious gridlock oriented House ,despite keen opposition from Republicans. The Israeli PM Netanyahu was in town for a walk through with the President , and all seems well as viewed from the ecstatic smile I see planted on his usually scrolling face.
My Polish American buddy that cleans our building for the past 40 years, thinks that peace is impossible in that country , and firmly believes that Arafat was an idiot for not accepting a hastily put together , disingenuous Olso peace deal that Bill Clinton attempted to push through under PM Ehud Barak ,as Israel back then attempted to take a huge piece of flesh from the President’s heart before Lewinsky , and Hilary did.

The war on terror seems to be going fine, and as such the Commander in Chief took a chance to leave the wife at home , so he can enjoy a quick private trip to see the boys and gals in uniform on location in Taliban laden Afghanistan. Got to give them a moral booster ,since the bearded 6ft something , Islamic, alleged mad man is still claimed to be alive, and kicking with perhaps Pakistan aid , in some Afghan bat cave , hitched up on a dialysis machine to treat his well documented kidney failure issues , or some such malady not covered by US Universal Health Care, adopted in both Asian Muslim countries.
What other conclusions can one draw , if every night CNN, Fox5 , ABC,BBC,CBS , and similar main stream4th Estate media giants, are still living in fear of being scooped in a headline story by popular Middle East new aged media entity Aljazeera . Can you just imagine the reaction to the following:- “global terror honcho Osama Bin Laden is along with anti nuclear ,peace advocate Murmar Quadaffi is leading a international peace conference ,at undisclosed location in Manhattan New York,” en route to checking the status of his billions in one of his numerous Wall Street bank investment accounts.
To think that some naive folks still believe that Arabs Muslims hates America, is beyond me, or any not suffering what I characterize as the ‘ostrich head in the sand syndrome ,’ prevalent in most elite security organization expert circles.
As an Egyptian Muslim colleague reminded me "we love this President Obama guy, , for he understands Muslims and means well unlike the two previous Bushes" . He then added for the benefit of his Republican former Marine pal , "George W Bush hated Muslims ,in almost a perfect imitation of that used by Kanye West ,the media attention seeking freak , whose dramatic post Katrina outburst to the embarrassing refugee-like situations in New Orleans, tugged at the heart strings of Human Rights , Aid , and disaster relief organizations across the globe , but not Prtesident G.W or some still feel most of privileged America, who could not distinguish between white survivors seeking food conveniently lying in broad view for the taking , and angry , stupid , dangerous , and destructive , unpatriotic black looters. You remembered.
As I said , it’s been a good week in ‘BarrackOAmericakingdom,’ and that’s a fine thing even as the good , bad , and ugly are controlling the political intolerance agenda within the Tea-party led by Sarah Palin , in the post GOP / Religious Far right ,Neocon controlled era, and 2012, as well as 16 looms ominously.

The following was specific to urban neglected America, but the author could be speaking about the rest of the globe. Time to offer piece for peace towards the oppressed , neglected masses, as we can all benefit from such changes.
"I see no changes, all I see is racist faces
Misplaced hate makes disgraced races
We under, I wonder what it takes to make this
One better place, let erase the wasted
Take the evil out the people they'll be actin right..
...the only time we deal is when we kill each other
It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other"......

If I die tonight, I wonder if heaven have a ghetto?Tell us Tupac.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hope beyond despair

“A student asked Soen Nakagawa during a meditation retreat, "I am very discouraged. What should I do?"
Soen replied, "Encourage others."
(Essential Zen)

These two words “encourage others,” even as one is striving to find mastery over one’s own demons , best encapsulate the true essence of Buddhism. The journey sometimes starts in the most unlikely places , with empathy , and the quest to look beyond self in service to those in need.
Therefore even if you are not a member of this philosophical thinking, and some might claim faith, you do have the tools to be of some benefit to your fellow human beings , and hopefully in the long run , might help to make the world a better place.
There is no doubt that many folks are locked in an ever turning cycle or even stuck in a deep chasm of hopelessness and despair , and often this is not of their own doing . These folks do not necessarily need our pity, dismissive condemnations., or occasional condescension attitudes. Instead a bit of empathy , and genuine encouragement would suffice.
In light of the recent mammoth and even misunderstood partisan Reform Health Bill , I was drawn to a CNN news story of an unemployed American woman who had in her possession not one , but three college degrees.
This story just might be another transitional everyday drama for the rest of America , but bore greater significance for the simple fact that this woman was African American , and was the daughter of one of the first Tuskegee Pilots that flew the national flags gallantly during WW11 , amidst most of the most horrendous conditions, with little credit for their efforts to help the suffering , especially those millions from the deadly bosoms of Hitler ,the diabolical German ,genocidal maniac.

What the unemployed daughter was implying in her lamentations is the fact that dominant, uncaring ,racist ,white America, repeatedly screwed her father and his generation , and they were doing the same to her today decades later.
Who is going to tell that woman that America could care less about her plight, as they didn’t when her father enlisted, or perhaps grand father did ,during the American Civil War.If I could speak to her I'll say rise up mighty woman, and make something happen , create situations , if it does not already exist . Crying would be of limited help, and you are already ahead of the game with the means to survive , via your educational acquisition.
She is not alone. Within the past 24 hours I spoke for the first time in close to eight years ,with a woman with a Masters of Psychology from guess where , the elite NY Educational institution of Columbia University. She was at the moment without a home, working as a nurses aid of a miserable aged person , without substantial insurance , afraid to use the house phone to talk.
Can you believe that John Hamilton , and our present Commander in Chief Uncle O went Columbia? One turned out to be perhaps the smartest of the Founding Fathers never to become President of the United States, and the other a byproduct of an African immigrant and a Mid west white parents , born during tumultuous , segregated ,America, who eventually journeyed from the poor ghettos of Chicago where he aided the needy , neglected and poor , to eventually parlay that to become President of these United States.
What a tragedy indeed! This lady in question went to one of the most prestigious educational bodies in the land and had little concept of networking , as she did not even own an Facebook account. I had to remind her that without Facebook Obama could not be President today over a millionaire lifelong military leader dynastic figure , or the political heiress of a former popular President.
Now if folks with such abilities are in such psychological despair, what can we expect of our young people , many of whom were high school drop outs and made numerous unwise life decisions , simply because they saw little benefits in educational achievements and sacrifices? There is much hope for although my friend is ladened with the students loans, and her back is against the wall as it were, she cares and want's to do something for overwhelmed pregnant women many of whom are in need.It is a start , I believe.

Let’s continue to encourage others , provide solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems , and yes do our part to make a difference .
It was Charles E. Mac Gee one of the former courageous Tuskegee’s Captain, and later retired Colonel who said , “you can attain your dream if you try and focus on the positive , and not let obstacles in the way, change your course of action in realizing your dreams , of realizing and accomplishing something important to our society, and the strength of our country.”
Now if they could succeed even then, then why now you and I today? Yes we can, but only through prudent and smart efforts!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Underdog on top?

Somehow I am beginning to get the distinct impression that Republicans are throwing in the white towel based on some of their recent ways of operation across Washington, especially after Commander in Chief and number one political shooting Guard Obama’s Health Care Reform stunning victory. Why else could they be having the likes of educationally challenged Alaskan Caribou Barbie Sharah Palin ,steal the Conservative lime light ?

How can they allow the sex deprived , phony Conservative Ann Coulter, such free reign to spew her tribalist venom across the airwaves ,and most of new aged media on their behalf?
Come on folks ,if these guys were really serious about posing a challenge to Uncle Obama and his South Side Chicago Queen Michelle in 2012, or 16,don’t you think that they would have found a way to either lock away loud mouth, empty vessel ,former welfare beneficiary , hypocrite ,DJ Rush Limbaugh ,into some mental asylum , or punish the physically humongous ,indiscipline eater by now , via perhaps deprivations of his favorite Big Mac and French Fries meals by now ?

Why else would these three comedians be allowed to destroy the party that Obama’s plantation owing competitor , and RNC Head Michael Steele, is trying to shape into a winning , and more palatable broad base - but doing such a terrible job at it-political product?

As most of you in “progressive Humanist Monk” land recalled , this Steele character was supposed to be the Republican equivalent of Democratic Obama , but of course each time their insecure , chip on his shoulder , fringe lunatic, opens his trap to speak , one is not sure if he is about to call for some members of the old Southern Federalist flag waving ,lynch mob brigade , or a closet KKK ,2nd Amendment fanatic to attempt the unthinkable , God forbid- as the blowback from such stupidity would be too much to even contemplate.
Sometimes I pity that guy Steele .
He unfortunately sits In the same delusional chair, and drinks the same tasteless Gatorade like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice , Colin Powell ,and similar convenient apologist, that would conveniently sell their collective souls for a tiny fraction of 30 pieces of silver, while the rest of America decides if the elusive 30 acres and a mule, as promised by another Chi Town resident Abraham Lincoln is still feasible, for great grand children of American genocidal acts of dehumanizing slavery.
This however is a different story for a different day,and you can bet , I'll get back to you on it soon.
The good thing ,is that the first Mt Rushmore poster resident AL failed to deliver , but his successor Obama is trying to do the right thing.
First, it was Health Care reform. This will be closely followed by Immigration , and Social Security reform , as well as action on long overdue domestic social justice , as well as progressive human rights , and beneficial foreign policy abroad, that can all aid in advancing the national interest of the USA -unarguably the greatest nation on earth.
That’s unless of course, the long lines we noticed outside the Chinese , and Russian embassies are visitors looking to someday soon make one of those democratic fiefdoms their permanent home? Hi Chetnyans , and independent Russian journalist , and her worried EU/ NATO neighbors . Hello Tibet, Taiwan, and a billion desperate Chinese folks ,who wish to get free access to Google , like the rest of us across the living planet, in the 21st century.
I stand corrected.

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Saturday, March 20, 2010

If I rule the world

I like millions across this land and the globe in general love this guy Obama , believed in him and what his plans were while he battled on the campaign trail , but I tell you the man got to take a reality check and decide what he is about. Got to look out for the brother , even if his fashionable , ‘slim armed wife,’ is more of a Pavarotti than a neo Hip Hop hard core , Young Jeezy fan. One of the first lessons I learned in life at the feet of my wise grandmother, when I was still a tiny bitty ,wet behind the ears kid , was to "pick your fight." This Health care reform deal that he is obsessed with ,in the words of one of my more knowledgeable , and astute work colleagues , might just be the "make or break," to any Presidency situation, the aftermath he might find most challenging to deal with, for the next few years he holds power.
Remember 1979 ? We had an Atlanta Georgia, spiritualist , naive , peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter,at the political helm , and the embarrassing Iran hostage crisis occurred ,along with the Leonid Brezhnev Afghanistan invasion. You should remember ,for both American responses , produced unfavorable political blow backs, and some more informed pundits are convinced hat they were the fertile soils from which the seeds of today's much dreaded , pro Islamic global terrorism emerged , and were allowed to germinate. Carter was never able to recover from the aftermath of those two fiasco's , although he was not personally responsible for the creation of any, and that's sad , for it was misguided politicians , close advisers , as well as CIA ,and other major so called intelligence agency organizations ,that were asleep at the wheel long before him, coupled with the fact that America was considered weak and wounded after the Vietnam , and corrupt Nixon, I am not a crook , national deflation moral escapades, took their tolls on the collective psyche.
Now if I ruled the world , like Obama is presently doing. I'll reappraise my domestic and international positions . Win or loose come Sunday -on this divisive issue- count your losses , and play ball. You are a basket baller , and like Michael Jordan , now owns the team , so get to work on critical issues that matter, and can produce winners for this nation. Americans generally do not care about Health care business . It is too complicated .Our old citizens for example , enjoys the weekly drive up to Canada to get their cheap prescription drugs for chronic Alzheimer disease , blood pressure , diabetes , and occasional sexual dysfunctions. Contrary to what you were led to believe Mr. President,hospital across the nation, do not have a problem in accepting shot ,and maimed ,uninsured, inner city , gang bangers to their emergency rooms on an hourly basis . What they really despise is the bunch of immigrants , especially escaping voodoo loving Haitians , and Mexicans still nostalgic over American fairly obtained lands. Please sir, let it go. If I rule the world , and that included America , I would do something to end high school drop outs amongst blacks, and millions of other non European American in this country. I would also do something about growing indiscipline , juvenile delinquency, and total disregard for law and order by tomorrows leaders. I would do everything to ensure that American kids appreciate the strength of being an immigrant in a diverse nation , and the responsibility that comes with being the globally accepted leader of the free world.
How would I achieve this? In a simple and cost free methods,and by the way , I am glad you should ask. Now you can set to work and fire those elite status quo ,advisers you are laden, and or enamored with .
The first is to demand that no child in America can graduate from any high school or college unless they undergo a minimum of six months training in one of the branches of the military. To do that , I pull 80 percent of our military personnel and officers from overseas - particularly in the two un-winnerble wars-and placed offices strategically across every school in America. Trust me , that would work, for I and many others are living witnesses of the power of the uniform.
Secondly , I would give the highest awards for schools that excel in teaching non revisionist history , and authentic geographic lessons , as well as increase the budget for JFK instituted overseas Peace Corp program. Again, ' you ain't' getting that high school, or college diploma, unless you do a year in some desperate Third world country while I President Obama is in charge. Travel gives one's perspective , and as your personal experience proved , make folks more appreciative of the great country that the USA is .Less pompous , elites future leaders, can save this country numerous heart aches down the road . Most importantly , seal your fate as a great leader , and in position for a place for your face on Mt. Rushmore.
By the way , I'll tell the G.W.Bush fan club that no Mr. President we do not “miss you yet,” and never will.

Keep working on that curve ball in the Crawford Texas future Presidential oil library, and Laura , please watch him with the booze , the Bible , or Dick Cheny quail hunting rifle ,all three can be extremely dangerous , and or deadly, in the hands of the delusional. If I ruled the world! Thanks NAS .
I wish you well Mr. President.

Friday, March 19, 2010

False assumptions

False Assumptions Mar 18, '10 12:57 PM
for everyone Ever made a stupid and yes false assumption in life ? How did that turn out in the end , good or bad? So today a further conversation with my alleged Irish colleague proved that I was wrong , and now I am feeling like something mushy , and ugly one stepped on in the park, where callous dog owners roam.Turns out that he is of Hungarian American background, but well ,no harm done at this point . "Which of the two dominant stories on the front pages ,and across most of main stream media ,have you more rilled up," I wanted to know?
On the one hand you have post sex addict Tiger Woods ,about to kiss and make up with his Nanny Scandinavian wife , and bigger news, play golf . On the other, is Democrats and their President ,perhaps on the brink of victory - depending on who is asked-re this much delayed Universal Health Care Bill passage .
"I do not care about this Health care snoozer he said , as I am covered , my wife is unemployed but also covered , and further, it cannot work since only the greedy insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies will benefit he exclaimed." As for Tiger , enough already! Sex addiction, he grumbled ,what is the world coming to , and men in particular, he exclaimed? I was a proud member of the greatest military in the world, and have the sexual scars to prove it from Japan to the Philippines , Iraq and Germany. Iraq I thought, remembering that all women in that part of the world had to wear chastity belts unless when with their families indoors.
I was however abruptly stopped when he belted out , "by the way , I am going to an anti sexual trafficking benefit tonight to support my wife in a noble cause," he said. Millions of women he added , are being exploited , especially from Asia , led by China. We are looking to find relief to these women who sometimes are forced to become prostitutes in America to pay off debts to save their families back home.This is very tragic he added. But aren't many of these women here illegally in the first place, just like Mexicans from across the border that many Americans want to remain behind that expensively constructed wall, I naively enquire? Does Americans have the guts to challenge power conscious and socially sensitive China today when Americans are indebted and totally dependent on them , I wanted to know? Yes, he agreed , but look how we are taking care of Cubans that landed here , and how productive they've become .Um hum I thought ,Cuba's and it's population that still remains on Castro's neo socialist fiefdom , can fit into Staten Island, with room to spare , China has over a billion people according to conservative estimates, and are capable of producing another billion in the next decade being so creative and all. True I said . Many Cubans have become big financial backers to Washington politicians as well, I added , hence to favorable policies.
Hey ,he joyously added, by the way , I recently read that because the US economy is in such shambles , Mexicans are returning home to their country ,since low end jobs that were once available in the US are being snatched by desperate Americans. Go figure ,he said smiling.
Once more I shook my head in agreement , along with a sly smile. I just could not continue to antagonize this good man when there was work to be done. I was tempted to remind him that youthful sexually liberated spring break tourist numbers crowds are down in Cancun and Acapulco , as they are competing with armed police , and Mexican drug gangs laden with the most sophisticated small arms weapons , most of which were obtained from across the US borders, where the NRA Second Amendment advocates rule the Washington roost.
It is a beautiful day.,and yes I promised , no more assumptions, as this can be costly.

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