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Saturday, March 20, 2010

If I rule the world

I like millions across this land and the globe in general love this guy Obama , believed in him and what his plans were while he battled on the campaign trail , but I tell you the man got to take a reality check and decide what he is about. Got to look out for the brother , even if his fashionable , ‘slim armed wife,’ is more of a Pavarotti than a neo Hip Hop hard core , Young Jeezy fan. One of the first lessons I learned in life at the feet of my wise grandmother, when I was still a tiny bitty ,wet behind the ears kid , was to "pick your fight." This Health care reform deal that he is obsessed with ,in the words of one of my more knowledgeable , and astute work colleagues , might just be the "make or break," to any Presidency situation, the aftermath he might find most challenging to deal with, for the next few years he holds power.
Remember 1979 ? We had an Atlanta Georgia, spiritualist , naive , peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter,at the political helm , and the embarrassing Iran hostage crisis occurred ,along with the Leonid Brezhnev Afghanistan invasion. You should remember ,for both American responses , produced unfavorable political blow backs, and some more informed pundits are convinced hat they were the fertile soils from which the seeds of today's much dreaded , pro Islamic global terrorism emerged , and were allowed to germinate. Carter was never able to recover from the aftermath of those two fiasco's , although he was not personally responsible for the creation of any, and that's sad , for it was misguided politicians , close advisers , as well as CIA ,and other major so called intelligence agency organizations ,that were asleep at the wheel long before him, coupled with the fact that America was considered weak and wounded after the Vietnam , and corrupt Nixon, I am not a crook , national deflation moral escapades, took their tolls on the collective psyche.
Now if I ruled the world , like Obama is presently doing. I'll reappraise my domestic and international positions . Win or loose come Sunday -on this divisive issue- count your losses , and play ball. You are a basket baller , and like Michael Jordan , now owns the team , so get to work on critical issues that matter, and can produce winners for this nation. Americans generally do not care about Health care business . It is too complicated .Our old citizens for example , enjoys the weekly drive up to Canada to get their cheap prescription drugs for chronic Alzheimer disease , blood pressure , diabetes , and occasional sexual dysfunctions. Contrary to what you were led to believe Mr. President,hospital across the nation, do not have a problem in accepting shot ,and maimed ,uninsured, inner city , gang bangers to their emergency rooms on an hourly basis . What they really despise is the bunch of immigrants , especially escaping voodoo loving Haitians , and Mexicans still nostalgic over American fairly obtained lands. Please sir, let it go. If I rule the world , and that included America , I would do something to end high school drop outs amongst blacks, and millions of other non European American in this country. I would also do something about growing indiscipline , juvenile delinquency, and total disregard for law and order by tomorrows leaders. I would do everything to ensure that American kids appreciate the strength of being an immigrant in a diverse nation , and the responsibility that comes with being the globally accepted leader of the free world.
How would I achieve this? In a simple and cost free methods,and by the way , I am glad you should ask. Now you can set to work and fire those elite status quo ,advisers you are laden, and or enamored with .
The first is to demand that no child in America can graduate from any high school or college unless they undergo a minimum of six months training in one of the branches of the military. To do that , I pull 80 percent of our military personnel and officers from overseas - particularly in the two un-winnerble wars-and placed offices strategically across every school in America. Trust me , that would work, for I and many others are living witnesses of the power of the uniform.
Secondly , I would give the highest awards for schools that excel in teaching non revisionist history , and authentic geographic lessons , as well as increase the budget for JFK instituted overseas Peace Corp program. Again, ' you ain't' getting that high school, or college diploma, unless you do a year in some desperate Third world country while I President Obama is in charge. Travel gives one's perspective , and as your personal experience proved , make folks more appreciative of the great country that the USA is .Less pompous , elites future leaders, can save this country numerous heart aches down the road . Most importantly , seal your fate as a great leader , and in position for a place for your face on Mt. Rushmore.
By the way , I'll tell the G.W.Bush fan club that no Mr. President we do not “miss you yet,” and never will.

Keep working on that curve ball in the Crawford Texas future Presidential oil library, and Laura , please watch him with the booze , the Bible , or Dick Cheny quail hunting rifle ,all three can be extremely dangerous , and or deadly, in the hands of the delusional. If I ruled the world! Thanks NAS .
I wish you well Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

Neal I disagree with your your opinion on the need for healthcare reform. Healthcare is critical, many hospitals are going bust as a result of the high numbers of uninsured.The high unemployment numbers only add to hospital defcits.Healthcare impacts businesses small and large as the escalating cost adds a major burden to the budgets of corporations and small business. No college educated person would accept a positiion without healthcare and this could become a reality in the longtearm. Healthcare cost is a mojor reason corporations take production oversees in addition to lax enviromental and human rights laws. The President must stick to his agenda and he will win. The error for the Democrats is that they took too long to respond to the garbage that was spewed by the Republican enthusiast , most of it misinformation. Healthcare companies have been discriminating against the sick for a long period of time.

Nrayprof said...

Does "President's agenda," in plain language ,means the people's mandate? If so, then he is doing the will of most Americans ,that voted for him, if I am not mistaken, and that's what one require form politicians that are sent to Washington.
America remains the greatest country in the world, despite any criticism to the contrary. It must therefore get back it's Mojo as a leader ,after eight years of ghastly , subpar ,Republicanism politics ,led by fratboy ,elite , G.W.Bush .
Most progressive developed countries ,possess some form of universal health care program , and America can be no exception , or continue to ignore the plight of the weak, and unfortunate, devoid of some form of respectable health care- jobs flight or not.
Is it costly? So is exploring outer space, the war on terror , two un -winnable wars, and unnecessary aid to ungrateful countries .
Get with the program guys. Bill Clinton would have passed his own socialized medicine, if only he could have kept his pecker concealed ,for only Hillary his charming wife , as opposed to constantly getting down and dirty with ugly interns, and Southern constituency ladies some of whom has certainly made Hillary and Chelsea look like Miss Americas in comparison. Think beyond self, and remember a healthy America , is the blueprint for a strong and productive America.
I stand corrected, anonymous.

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