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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piece for Peace

It was quite a fine week for Uncle O and his White House crew , as far as domestic and international political stewardship

First Health Care reform that eventually pass the very contentious gridlock oriented House ,despite keen opposition from Republicans. The Israeli PM Netanyahu was in town for a walk through with the President , and all seems well as viewed from the ecstatic smile I see planted on his usually scrolling face.
My Polish American buddy that cleans our building for the past 40 years, thinks that peace is impossible in that country , and firmly believes that Arafat was an idiot for not accepting a hastily put together , disingenuous Olso peace deal that Bill Clinton attempted to push through under PM Ehud Barak ,as Israel back then attempted to take a huge piece of flesh from the President’s heart before Lewinsky , and Hilary did.

The war on terror seems to be going fine, and as such the Commander in Chief took a chance to leave the wife at home , so he can enjoy a quick private trip to see the boys and gals in uniform on location in Taliban laden Afghanistan. Got to give them a moral booster ,since the bearded 6ft something , Islamic, alleged mad man is still claimed to be alive, and kicking with perhaps Pakistan aid , in some Afghan bat cave , hitched up on a dialysis machine to treat his well documented kidney failure issues , or some such malady not covered by US Universal Health Care, adopted in both Asian Muslim countries.
What other conclusions can one draw , if every night CNN, Fox5 , ABC,BBC,CBS , and similar main stream4th Estate media giants, are still living in fear of being scooped in a headline story by popular Middle East new aged media entity Aljazeera . Can you just imagine the reaction to the following:- “global terror honcho Osama Bin Laden is along with anti nuclear ,peace advocate Murmar Quadaffi is leading a international peace conference ,at undisclosed location in Manhattan New York,” en route to checking the status of his billions in one of his numerous Wall Street bank investment accounts.
To think that some naive folks still believe that Arabs Muslims hates America, is beyond me, or any not suffering what I characterize as the ‘ostrich head in the sand syndrome ,’ prevalent in most elite security organization expert circles.
As an Egyptian Muslim colleague reminded me "we love this President Obama guy, , for he understands Muslims and means well unlike the two previous Bushes" . He then added for the benefit of his Republican former Marine pal , "George W Bush hated Muslims ,in almost a perfect imitation of that used by Kanye West ,the media attention seeking freak , whose dramatic post Katrina outburst to the embarrassing refugee-like situations in New Orleans, tugged at the heart strings of Human Rights , Aid , and disaster relief organizations across the globe , but not Prtesident G.W or some still feel most of privileged America, who could not distinguish between white survivors seeking food conveniently lying in broad view for the taking , and angry , stupid , dangerous , and destructive , unpatriotic black looters. You remembered.
As I said , it’s been a good week in ‘BarrackOAmericakingdom,’ and that’s a fine thing even as the good , bad , and ugly are controlling the political intolerance agenda within the Tea-party led by Sarah Palin , in the post GOP / Religious Far right ,Neocon controlled era, and 2012, as well as 16 looms ominously.

The following was specific to urban neglected America, but the author could be speaking about the rest of the globe. Time to offer piece for peace towards the oppressed , neglected masses, as we can all benefit from such changes.
"I see no changes, all I see is racist faces
Misplaced hate makes disgraced races
We under, I wonder what it takes to make this
One better place, let erase the wasted
Take the evil out the people they'll be actin right..
...the only time we deal is when we kill each other
It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other"......

If I die tonight, I wonder if heaven have a ghetto?Tell us Tupac.

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