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Friday, March 19, 2010

False assumptions

False Assumptions Mar 18, '10 12:57 PM
for everyone Ever made a stupid and yes false assumption in life ? How did that turn out in the end , good or bad? So today a further conversation with my alleged Irish colleague proved that I was wrong , and now I am feeling like something mushy , and ugly one stepped on in the park, where callous dog owners roam.Turns out that he is of Hungarian American background, but well ,no harm done at this point . "Which of the two dominant stories on the front pages ,and across most of main stream media ,have you more rilled up," I wanted to know?
On the one hand you have post sex addict Tiger Woods ,about to kiss and make up with his Nanny Scandinavian wife , and bigger news, play golf . On the other, is Democrats and their President ,perhaps on the brink of victory - depending on who is asked-re this much delayed Universal Health Care Bill passage .
"I do not care about this Health care snoozer he said , as I am covered , my wife is unemployed but also covered , and further, it cannot work since only the greedy insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies will benefit he exclaimed." As for Tiger , enough already! Sex addiction, he grumbled ,what is the world coming to , and men in particular, he exclaimed? I was a proud member of the greatest military in the world, and have the sexual scars to prove it from Japan to the Philippines , Iraq and Germany. Iraq I thought, remembering that all women in that part of the world had to wear chastity belts unless when with their families indoors.
I was however abruptly stopped when he belted out , "by the way , I am going to an anti sexual trafficking benefit tonight to support my wife in a noble cause," he said. Millions of women he added , are being exploited , especially from Asia , led by China. We are looking to find relief to these women who sometimes are forced to become prostitutes in America to pay off debts to save their families back home.This is very tragic he added. But aren't many of these women here illegally in the first place, just like Mexicans from across the border that many Americans want to remain behind that expensively constructed wall, I naively enquire? Does Americans have the guts to challenge power conscious and socially sensitive China today when Americans are indebted and totally dependent on them , I wanted to know? Yes, he agreed , but look how we are taking care of Cubans that landed here , and how productive they've become .Um hum I thought ,Cuba's and it's population that still remains on Castro's neo socialist fiefdom , can fit into Staten Island, with room to spare , China has over a billion people according to conservative estimates, and are capable of producing another billion in the next decade being so creative and all. True I said . Many Cubans have become big financial backers to Washington politicians as well, I added , hence to favorable policies.
Hey ,he joyously added, by the way , I recently read that because the US economy is in such shambles , Mexicans are returning home to their country ,since low end jobs that were once available in the US are being snatched by desperate Americans. Go figure ,he said smiling.
Once more I shook my head in agreement , along with a sly smile. I just could not continue to antagonize this good man when there was work to be done. I was tempted to remind him that youthful sexually liberated spring break tourist numbers crowds are down in Cancun and Acapulco , as they are competing with armed police , and Mexican drug gangs laden with the most sophisticated small arms weapons , most of which were obtained from across the US borders, where the NRA Second Amendment advocates rule the Washington roost.
It is a beautiful day.,and yes I promised , no more assumptions, as this can be costly.

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