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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Underdog on top?

Somehow I am beginning to get the distinct impression that Republicans are throwing in the white towel based on some of their recent ways of operation across Washington, especially after Commander in Chief and number one political shooting Guard Obama’s Health Care Reform stunning victory. Why else could they be having the likes of educationally challenged Alaskan Caribou Barbie Sharah Palin ,steal the Conservative lime light ?

How can they allow the sex deprived , phony Conservative Ann Coulter, such free reign to spew her tribalist venom across the airwaves ,and most of new aged media on their behalf?
Come on folks ,if these guys were really serious about posing a challenge to Uncle Obama and his South Side Chicago Queen Michelle in 2012, or 16,don’t you think that they would have found a way to either lock away loud mouth, empty vessel ,former welfare beneficiary , hypocrite ,DJ Rush Limbaugh ,into some mental asylum , or punish the physically humongous ,indiscipline eater by now , via perhaps deprivations of his favorite Big Mac and French Fries meals by now ?

Why else would these three comedians be allowed to destroy the party that Obama’s plantation owing competitor , and RNC Head Michael Steele, is trying to shape into a winning , and more palatable broad base - but doing such a terrible job at it-political product?

As most of you in “progressive Humanist Monk” land recalled , this Steele character was supposed to be the Republican equivalent of Democratic Obama , but of course each time their insecure , chip on his shoulder , fringe lunatic, opens his trap to speak , one is not sure if he is about to call for some members of the old Southern Federalist flag waving ,lynch mob brigade , or a closet KKK ,2nd Amendment fanatic to attempt the unthinkable , God forbid- as the blowback from such stupidity would be too much to even contemplate.
Sometimes I pity that guy Steele .
He unfortunately sits In the same delusional chair, and drinks the same tasteless Gatorade like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice , Colin Powell ,and similar convenient apologist, that would conveniently sell their collective souls for a tiny fraction of 30 pieces of silver, while the rest of America decides if the elusive 30 acres and a mule, as promised by another Chi Town resident Abraham Lincoln is still feasible, for great grand children of American genocidal acts of dehumanizing slavery.
This however is a different story for a different day,and you can bet , I'll get back to you on it soon.
The good thing ,is that the first Mt Rushmore poster resident AL failed to deliver , but his successor Obama is trying to do the right thing.
First, it was Health Care reform. This will be closely followed by Immigration , and Social Security reform , as well as action on long overdue domestic social justice , as well as progressive human rights , and beneficial foreign policy abroad, that can all aid in advancing the national interest of the USA -unarguably the greatest nation on earth.
That’s unless of course, the long lines we noticed outside the Chinese , and Russian embassies are visitors looking to someday soon make one of those democratic fiefdoms their permanent home? Hi Chetnyans , and independent Russian journalist , and her worried EU/ NATO neighbors . Hello Tibet, Taiwan, and a billion desperate Chinese folks ,who wish to get free access to Google , like the rest of us across the living planet, in the 21st century.
I stand corrected.

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