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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ironies , & Domestic - com Global Politics: An international interlocking elitist dilemma

         It is claimed by some wiser than my self that  often out of evil, can emerge some good. Having said that let me add that  I never cease to be amazed , but yet  just stop short of being too amuse, by the interplay of ironies ,that continually  manifest itself via  domestic ,and international politics across the ‘Global  Village,’amongst countries , both rich ,and poor, large or small, secular or theocratic alike. Now mind you , the issues were always with us from the inception of time , but I choose today to begin my focus for your edification,  from the End of History,’ or the the dreaded militaristic , ideologically driven,Cold War ,as engaged by two once distrustful enemies  Super Powers, USA , and USSR. For the record, this ghastly four decade political overkill of proxy wars , destabilizations , and people abusing , governmental actions, has  obviously caused much mayhem and destructions across the globe , but don’t expect to hear much acceptance of culpabilities , and or apologies ,from the historical amnesiac perpetrators, anytime soon, but  revisionism  remains  an enigma , and is a different subject, for another occasion.
       Here are some examples of which I speak.The Cold war gave us  strategically important Somalia , laden with poverty , tribally tinged violence ,and economic woes. Enter G H Bush at the end of history , pretending to provide aid for desperate folks , but more concerned about political manipulations . This resulted in Mogadishu ,as American soldiers dragged through the streets , utter embarrassment of a Global power , and some say a blockbuster movie “Blackhawk Down ,” followed closely by the affectionately named  CNN Effects  fall outs ,that resulted in  800 ,000  Tutsi, and Hutu  ,Bantu Africans , massacred in inter ethnic clashes in Rwanda ,while a few sprinkling of  foreign European relief  agents, were dutifully  saved , without a single global leader, raising a finger to provide substantive assistance to the wider ,national victims.  It did not end only there , for ironically ,  in 2011, Somalian  Pirate are not uncommon , and we know what has taken place in both  resource ladened Congo and Sudan , where vast economic spoils are at stake ,and further genocides  are ignored .  
       Today , on the American domestic front, this still powerful country , as sole remaining Superpower ,is undergoing one of it’s worst economic periods in history , reminiscent of the the Great Depression. Some 9 million  of her citizens ,are unemployed, similar figures finds themselves homeless, and  most across the population  from Arizona , to  Washington , New York , or women and children abusing haven, Mormon Country  Utah ,many citizens ,finds themselves walking on egg shells as it were, ladened with  uncertainty, as to  if they are more in danger from foreign terrorist  phantom, or real  treats , or domestically ignored concrete  ones from diabolical  KKK  members ,all the way to  anti government ,border Militia ,angry  war veteran spin offs, and pseudo religious, pro life, gun  nuts , more concerned about  unborn fetuses , than living human beings in need. 
    How did it evolve to this  you ask? Then how about if we deal a blow to phony intellectual revisionism , and put some blame where it is really due. Ever ironic Hollywood , fast talking empty  head guru ,Ronald Reagan, aka the Great Communicator ,’ and alleged figure ,who single handedly end , the Cold War , introduced his now  famous deregulations, cuddled greedy Conglomerate business  entities , with a very friendly policy geared towards  job exports , tax breaks , and fancy feel good nationalistic jingoism ,Conservative ego massaging  ,laden with an un healthy tick slice of  costly trickle down , Voodoo Economics ,Star Wars , militaristic Pork barrel spending  and the rest we can say is history , but few of us are the wiser. No need to bore you with the political lightweights , and  elitist ideological suspects, that choose to grab the Reagan baton , Iran Contra criminal flip flops and all , which all further helped to sink the country into economic and political quagmires.  If you wish to get a clue then simply listen to the loudest hot air pontificators , and loud mouth brayers on the political and media front , as fingers are pointed at the sky, and beneath the surface for phantom reasons for American fast encroaching Third wordlist  debacles. 
         As a way of putting an informed  contribution to the discourse on the wonderful , yet conflicting political affairs, that is emerging in the always political Arabic world, I have paid much attention to some of the media pundits, in both traditional , and new aged media , and must say that I find  most of their opinions and analysis, at time quite appalling.  You know the world is in trouble when nations that profess to be pro-democratic , are demanding  that  conscionable people  across the globe , should continue to give a dictator a pat on the butt, since they suspect that his more disgruntled  successor , might not be too  beneficial for the interest of his benefactors far, and close. 
Yes folks, America as leader of the free world is heading down a precipice , when it’s female Secretary of State , and once    
Show me your companion , and I will tell you who is a peace lover , or flame thrower. Hey Jimmy Carter , the American people ,in their own twisted manner , probably love you now as much as  they could,  for any other alleged great President  throughout their history. Not sure about Haitians and   their Kidnapped,  democratically elected President  Aristide . 
     Speaking about Jimmy Carter, and  other American Cold War Presidents , post Cold War follies,and subsequent fall outs, what do we have? For the record, Jimmy Carter , did not cause the Iranian revolution. 
    By providing military  aid and support to pro Islamic   guerrilla fighters , as a result of  Leonid Brezhnev directed ,  Soviet 1979  invasions, he  did not   create the seed for  Bin Laden Al Qaida modern  terrorism , as played out in Afghanistan, and Iraq today. That came later due to repeated missteps   towards  once , proud ,victorious  Arabs, South Asian , Europeans , Turkish, Sudanese, Indonesians ,or  Persian Muslims sympathizers . Such preposterous proclamations would really be  right up there with the views that  bearded, sophisticated Afghan Mujaheddin defeated  the USSR on their own, America is a fine integrated,immigration  melting pot,and  racially dominant majority leaders can  finally win any  war ,much less ‘the war on terror ,’  or end international social problems , solely by unilateral actions . In most cases today, that translate to flushing  out every Muslim on  the face of the earth,and or bomb  them  back to the Mohammedan bat cave  they belong, in most estimations.. Another resultant irony , as to what can befall brown , black , yellow , and red immigrants that decides to become part of the American toss salad , aka melting pot , and yet fail to become politically engaged to the extent that they too can have some meaningful influence on national , com international; affairs. 
      Never thought I would in this lifetime see a poll , that showed the mentally challenged , and media cuddled ,Yale / Harvard Fratboy ,Crawford Texan President G.W Bush ,get a higher image approval rating in these United States , than any other living ,or dead President , based on his atrocious ,and  readily unforgettable Presidial stewardship for eight years , but there it is. That title was recently given to Barrack Hussain Obama  -after only what ,three years in power , and more domestic legislative successes that his past 20 predecessors. Unfortunately , this current leader has a few things going against him  such as  the fact that no one can still find his Hawaiian birth certificate , or figure out his lower middle class , Black, White , Asian, religious , national , or foreign agenda  , outside of enhancing the  dominant status quo. 
  Well, G. W has been very good for the Muslim world ,   China , and a host of  pro Reagan  dictators, across the globe , that  it now cease to be even funny any more.  Against the advice of more informed  thinkers, he tried to either be his own man , or maybe in his twisted soul ,tried to  prove  that he was he  was  more  of a  misguided Right Wing  ideologue ,and tough cowboy, than his liberal minded papa G H , or the idolized  Californian Actor turned President, Ronald  Reagan, by invading Iraq. As a result Iran ,without even gaining a sweat, is now the biggest  independent ,yet threatened  political  force in the Gulf region , without a nuclear arsenal at their disposal  to ward off encroaching enemies - as yet  
 Ironies , of ironies  exist in the recent pro democratic  moves taking place ,since  Egypt  ,might soon have a new  leader  -if all goes well-in savvy UN International Diplomat , American  critic, and  one time IAEA  head , Mohamed El Baradai.  
    It never ends folks , but stay tuned , as I your humble ‘ political animal,’ continues to roam , explore , and attempts to put his own spin on what prevails for politics , by a glaringly deceptive ,‘ Global interlocking elite.’ 
   It’s  a beautiful day for  sustainable peace , environmental security , socio economic  justice, and political empowerment of the weak- irrespective of where they reside, yes? 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Economic & Social injustice ,in the face of Twisted Pro Realist , National Interest

     Ever wondered why many elitist  backward  dictators ,often keep their citizens clueless and uneducated , while continuing to ensure that  their close relatives , and cronies, both  domestic, and international, are taken cared of ? If so then look no further than first North African Tunisia , then Egypt ,Yemen ,  Jordan , and Lebanon,  so as to  observe why , as often these present realities as revealed across our media, are the real  consequences , for doing otherwise. The  oppressed masses  at the bottom of the socio economic ,and political ladders , would finally get some relief , as those  middle class with the means  , and abilities to effect changes , would be agitated enough to stand up and push back  oppressors , once they recognize that their narrow interest are inextricably intertwine with those historically left behind. It is a wonderful wind of change that’s blowing across  North Africa , as well as a few choice spots in the Middle East,and it’s welcome indeed. 
  Some how we do not know how things would work out , but never the less are excited , and optimistic about the outcome. Now if only a few of our intellectually lazy political Science , International Relations , Foreign policy  experts, and Media editors sitting on their lofty pedestals in the Globally developed North ,could quit sleeping , so as to lend moral support to these noble struggles , like was done in 89 when places like Czechoslovakia  had their  Velvet revolution to end 40 years of pro Communist  oppressions under the USSR. If only we could see them lick their chops as when that Berlin wall was about to fall , to make Ronald Reagan into a global hero ,for as claimed,single handily ending the reign of the folks that dominated the evil Red empire. Well, we eventually saw how authentic non revisionist historians more impressed with Gobachev's Glasnost , and perestroika thought about such American revisionist folly. 
      We saw them get excited when  Boris Yeltsin a  half drunk, stood on a tank and defied the military  of his country ,that was set to do what Egyptian American supported generals under 90 year old Mubarak , are close to now doing against innocent civilians ,once they get the green light perhaps from their Washingtonian  benefactors on Pennsylvania Avenue. Again ,in 1989 , we remembered how they danced in eager anticipation of the collapse of the entire  Maoist enchilada ,during the June 4th Tienanmen Square China youthful uprising.  Now as we continue to bite our nails and watch this event unfold , the big question would be what will be the outcome , another Iranian disaster, or Tienanmen square  1989 massacre ?
    The Egyptian and Tunisian people would not be deceived anymore . The world at large is hip to the fear-mongering anti Islamist political driven propagandas, that has been continually  used from Egypt, to Algeria, Turkey , Lebanon, and  Palestine  to justify decades of  financial, and military supports to undemocratic leaders, and why. 
   Unlike their more sophisticated, and allegedly peaceful Western democratic friends in North America ,and Europe, who tries to spread their brand of Democracy with billions daily on useless , non winnable wars in places such as Iraq, and Afghanistan, Pro Muslim leaders, have shown  us a much different side to their way of ensuring democratic rights , and no thanks to traditional media , but due credit to regional social media entities,  we are the beneficiaries.
Once again , it seems as if complicit corporate western non objective  traditional media  is playing the embedded game ,as Wikileaks founder contemplate's  his fate. 
 It’s a good day thus far in the world  in the cause of freedom, as we await either President Mubarak ,or  recent benefactor Barrack Hussain Obama , to see who would first break the  silence, and stand up in favor of economic and political justice on behalf of freedom hungry folks.
   Just wish someone could send an SOS and inform President Obama , Joe Biden , or Hillary Clinton of one major fact, and here it is. The Chinese were maybe entitled to stand up against their people  will, and might have gotten away unscaled back in 89  as the oppressed were attacked publicly ,  since  it was their own military, and  paid for  by their own dollars. Egypt in contrast -second only to Israel in terms of exorbitant aid from exasperated US Tax payers - are dependent on some 2.5 to 3 billion dollars annually from the US government , and one can bet,as to who  would eventually be blamed, as the blood shed inevitably  flows. 
 Long live democracy, and may the people’s will  always prevail.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Soul of White Folks: In America, a land of transition, from Melting Pot, to Toss Salad

We are still conditioning people in this country and, indeed, all over the globe to the myth of white superiority. We are constantly being told that we don't have racism in this country anymore, but most of the people who are saying that are white. White people think it isn't happening because it isn't happening to them.”
-- Jane Elliot
             Is there something simply wrong with the Soul of  White folks , or is it that the air that they breed in the state of Arizona, and similar anti Immigrant border regions ,is  causing too many of them to behave in vastly irrational ways when compared with the rest of  normal people in the North East, and similar  seemingly civilize ,tolerant , and progressive quarters?  After all we do have our own  problems here , but never  will we  resort to some of the draconian measures they seem to enjoy, like become lifetime NRA members, shoot Congresswomen , and  other innocent bystanders,declare war on all immigrants, and show such contempt for the Federal government, because we hate the color black, that so happened to be the pigment of the First Lady, and her two daughters. Just could not help but think about this, as I stood for almost 25 minutes, surfing the Internet for some quick news on my expensive Blackberry smart phone. By the way, this escapade found me in a line that upon reflection  seemed   ,as  long as Mt Everest ,but  which  crawled along  in snail spaced fashion ,  and included a vastly mixed race bunch of hungry  patrons ,so diverse ,that they  could have  rivaled anything , as complex , and or multifaceted , as a UN  middle September ,General Assembly  tea drinking break  session ,during a lull in proceedings  ,to discuss how  to implement long overdue  sanctions on those delinquent Iranian nuclear obsessed nuts, or the rabid  pro Islamist Afro Arab Sudanese religious cousins , that has committed gross acts of genocides on peaceful Bantu Christians for 5 decades , without even a slap on the wrist by the comatose world community. This lovely ordeal ,was  incidentally ,at one of my favorite Long Island Mexican  restaurants ,I occasionally frequent ,for my weekly  dose of  very tasty vegetarian  burritos ,tortillas , enchiladas, and  other healthy concoctions, served naturally to my pleasure ,  by enticing looking  friendly Chiquitas , no less, thank you very much. 
        Some folks in Gotham City environs and beyond ,   are hooked on NY Post Page 6 , and that type of empty ,escapist Peoples Magazine, ‘which Hollywood ,Alaskan reality TV, Broadway , or Sporting Star, is cheating on their significant other , or similar  escapist distraction ,but not me  ,’Political Animal ,’as I am , I go straight for the good , yes , political  stuff. Not surprisingly , the headline for a Tucson story caught my eye , as anything involving that crazy Arizona would , where young , delusional , gun crazed , dysfunctional , white , lonely ,militia type Christian kid , ran a-mock,and murdered six people , and unfortunately , presently forced  a Blue dog Democratic ,Jewish Congresswoman life , to be teetering in a precarious balance , while his lawyers are diligently striving  to ensure justice  is done, and find a good enough Psychiatrist, to convince kind hearted Jurors ,to save him from the electric chair, since one , according to the media pundits ,  must be certifiably mad to take a gun, and act out their  rage ,on everything good from innocent immigrants, to rising politicians.
 The headline read as follows:-“Tucson Teachers Fight to Overturn Ban on Mexican American Classes,”and the follow up went on to explain how that state was trying to push back hard fought and won rights, and privileges achieved by progressives across the state , to welcome colored  tax paying neighbors , and citizens . At the heart  of the debate was Tom Home ,  an opportunistic, former School Superintendent , turned Attorney General , who like many GOP extremist  , race mongering far right , obviously Tea Bag Party fraction , wished for a time when America was allegedly pure, lily white , perfect ,and welcoming to all Jews, Irish ,Eastern Europeans,  Italians , and none Christians,just like they were for Western European Scandinavians early settlers. 
    Apparently ,the anti Mexican xenophobia, goes way back , and so now bilingual education ,which includes , Latino Literature ,History ,Mexican -American Studies, and any efforts aimed and encouraging racial pride in their own heroes ,such as pro immigration  civil rights activist ,and trade union hero  Mexican -American César Chávez,is viewed as not only taboo, but grossly anti American, and by extension anti - white  , ethnic chauvinism ,-and God forbid - separatist. Well , in a population of 6.5 million in Arizona , where 30% is Hispanic , you do the maths and so as to attempt to figure out if concerns of , God fearing , threatened white folks are justified.
      Let me add , that I would not be too hard on these good white folks ,that make up the great state of Arizona, as yet , for I think our dear Hispanic friends made a big boo boo, as a strategic maneuver , but  if they should  hire me as a consultant  moving forward , I can  teach them a lesson or two as to political strategies , ‘political animal as I am. ‘ 
   I certainly believed that they were doing fine all along once they pushed those wonderful areas  mentioned above , but where they veered off course, was to try and inveigle  African Americans, to join their  political solidarity bandwagon ,not by encouraging a few Hip Hop guys to flood Arizona , and begin dating  their  vivaciouswomen , or through employing a few  desperate out of work brothers from the hood, in their Tacos joints , and similar thriving restaurants , but by directly attacking white folks where it hurts, referring to one of their much loved Founding Fathers  Benjamin Franklin , as a low life racist, simply because he happened to  own a few useless African slaves, and having the audacity  of accusing white folks of being victimises ,and beneficiaries  of  special  privileges , due perhaps to their already dominant majority position in these United States? 
 Sorry , I  too am forced to agree with threatened White Arizonians in Tuscan, that this could set a bad precedent , and thereby push the buttons of racial intolerance too far, and if not curtailed, might even lead to full fledged revolution and or overthrow of the Federal government ,in some backward Third World  Tunisian  style development. 
After all America ,what next , an ardent push  for  Constitutional changes to make ‘Cinco de Mayo,’ as the day of Independence ,and not July 4th as practiced for centuries, or  worst yet establishment of  state holidays ,for the birthday of   César Chávez ,like the guy Arizonians despised with a passion , I am of course referring to the Black activist, ‘ last state to recognize his birthday,’Martin Luther King.  
 Thank Goodness I am thinking , most of us are fortunate to live in the State of New York. Let’s go Jets, and more importantly ,much adored Mexican -American Quarterback ,Mark Sanchez .
Just bring us that Superbowl ,Vince Lombardi championship Trophy my brother , and we would make you a national hero, invite every Mexican to leave that uncivilized border state  where they shoot folks with impunity, or better yet start a petition to name one time Attorney General Alberto  Gonzales , and GW right hand State Lawyer as a Republican candidate ,challenge Uncle Obama,in  the 2012 Presidential election, as he can do a much more commendable job  than Ronmey the love /hate Utah Mormon, Alaskan Affirmative action beneficiary ,and Beauty Queen Palin, or the vastly immoral , former Speaker of the House ,Newt Gingrich.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ballers vs Shot Callers

              Could not help but be slightly amused as I observed three major, and important  international political players ,operate within the borders of these United States recently, as it was an art form in stagecraft in political com social maneuvers , as played out via distinctive cultures.  The first in my line up was the act of symbolically flipping the bird to Uncle Obama by China’s President Hu Jintao, as both leaders  went through their public, and not so  private media posturing  for the consumption of domestic and wider global audience , in efforts to  as it were , indicate who has more ‘Cohones,’or none. The other showed why it's no mystery that some folks, and not others ,led the pack as the top  millionaires , in post  Communist USSR . 
  As I have indicated previously in another of my social commentaries ,  China today is the big economic enchilada on the grand stage, and the rest of the world is visibly impress from Africa to Latin America Middle East , and we’ll just throw in Moon, unknown  life force,  just for good measure,in  the unlikely event that Commander Mark Kelly , Astronaut  ,and or adoring husband  of Arizona Congresswoman   Gabrielle Gifford, still  decides  to do the unthinkable , and  leave her bedside to join his twin brother ,languishing somewhere in outer space, as planned before her shooting tragedy. 
       However I digress. So here on the one hand was tough talking pro human rights advocate  Uncle Obama ,daring to play steely  nose, hard ball , by scolding his guest  President Hu Jintao  about their atrocious Human Rights records .Note  however, his precarious dilemma, in trying to play this  game , with  hands outstretched , begging for a shift in balance of trades  fortunes, between an economically shell shocked   Super Power still reeling from a depression , and that of economically savvy China with the Midas touch , but lacking  much support from  high end members of his own party, desperate Republicans, more keen to be  political spoilers ,as many remained  pissed at the fact that since the Arizona gun nut shootings of a Jewish fellow member of the House of Rep , the President’s  numbers, has escalated profusely , in due measure because ,  uncontrollable  political novice , Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin ,  continues  to ‘shoot from the lip,‘ either to outsell GW Bush  in the book department ,boost herAlaskan  reality TV ratings about her dysfunctional family ,  or solidify  that fast depleting base ,that is guaranteed to loose  embarrassingly ,  in  that upcoming 2012 Presidential electoral . Again I digress.
     The Chinese President , simply smiled or perhaps more appropriately silently smirked , in that  Confucian manner  that was perfected so well by Chair Mao , and Den Xiaping, then told  Nobel Winner  Uncle O ,in not so subtle form ,where to get off  his own hypocritical stage, and handle Pax Americana’s revolting unequal justice  business instead , where  Human Rights track record, as holder of the largest Prison Industrial Complex , Afro Genocidal empire stand’s supreme- thank you very much Mr Hypocrite in Chief. 
    He then pointed over his shoulder in the direction of Guantanamo Cuba ,where thousands of innocent civilians from unmentionable places across the globe , are kept like animals for the slaughter in trumped  up charges , where it becomes difficult to accept their testimonies extracted after relentless vicious acts of water-boarding tortures  , and similar unknown  measures  within the confines of friendly less law abiding enclaves - take your useless glorified  Human Rights, globally accepted  treaties and light bonfires to warm the hearts of your 2 million and counting homeless without a fine voice like Ted Williams  , fugetdaboutit, here I come .

Compound that with the fact that America unlike most civilize industrial holds on dearly to her death penalty , under some distorted delusional notion that it somehow curbs crimes ,in a society where systematic racism exist across the length and breath of a corrupt , antiquated , and in most cases elitists  judicial system .
 Not sure if President   congratulated the President on his fine speech to appease the nation that he was on top of his game when paying homage to shot Congresswoman Gifford in the State of Arizona that leads the nation as far as , for want of a new word in the lexicon of the Inglis lingo . Not sure what the score will eventually be at the end of the day , and how much concessions will be made , but we can expect the spin doctors, and partisan corporate media element to give us some idea , if they can spare the time from feeding us the usual escapist foolishness that passes as journalism  , but that’s a different story for another occasion. 
       Let us now move across to another much media hyped event that has garnered attention since it involved one of many  Afro American  budding sport elites , playing  one of my favorite games basketball. I am talking about a proposed  trade from Denver of  upcoming free agent Carmelo Anthony , to somewhere in  the Tristate , possibly New York , or their  small  time , insignificant  Garden State neighbor  ,where one of the owners is a nuvo rich ,post Communist com Putin much favored  Capitalist   Russian  billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov , along with  Hip Hop icon ,Jay Z , a serious player ,that moved from drugs to riches , without spending a second in jail , then only was able to  snag the most  sexually covered R&B singer in the history of America ,in bootilicious Beyonce- Good lord ,please explain  how two   guys can  be so lucky in one swoop.   Again I digress. 
  Disgusted with the media frenzy and the distraction for his  already loosing team , the Russian tycoon, did the impossible ,proving that like most Russians ,he learned to play the game of chess ,from the moment he left his mom’s womb ,was unable to speak a single word.
 He publicly announced to the surprise of the Balling world, that New Jersey was no longer interested in pursuing confused , and greedy  Carmelo, a Brooklyn native  from coming to join his team , so as to play with players on the verge of retirement , and a prospective 20 people turning up to watch the unwatchable games in  Brooklyn come 2012. 
Your move Denver , or it will be Checkmate Russian style. 
 Once more two classic cases of new aged political and business operations that will obviously leave old school players scratching their collective heads in consternation as to how much the world has change , as new players are set to change not only the name of the game , but the way it is played , in the 21st century and beyond. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Battle of the Hegemonic Rivals

Ever heard of the Monroe Doctrine ? If not ,here it is in a nutshell , and you might not know , but it kept all interlopers at bay , close to home at least, for centuries. In his 1823 , State of the Union Address,President Monroe ,stated the following :- “… the American continent, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power …” Not sure how much weight such carry today, strongest military in the world notwithstanding. 
    I read somewhere that as of January  2011, American  accumulated debts  were  some 14 Trillion dollars , of which perhaps as much  3 trillion, was owed to China .Now you chew on that , Jesus , Hail Mary, mother of Christ, that just can’t help them in any shape or form.
 Hey folks , I may not be an  Ivy league economist like the past 50 year lifetime serving Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan ,or the 50 Treasury Secretaries he advised , and never  ever aspired to be one , for not only do I refuse to believe half of what they say , but think that most do not have a clue as to what they are talking about , since I was never able  to hear, or see two, publicly   agree  on any one issue, as to correct  future projections of a country  . If you have, then  I will personally sell you the Moon.   Irrespective of where it stands , we can guess that this spells trouble  for the world, no matter how one tries to slice and dice it.
It is why Uncle Obama’s proposed   visit  to China, on some long anticipated summit , has  many claiming it to  be laden with  serious  implications  , and likewise can be perhaps the most crucial in history , as far as  both country’s relations. They probably never heard about Nixon and Ping pong Diplomacy , one can be sure. This today however  , might well be the case if 99, out of 100 manufactured items, from Michael Jordan , and Nike ,over priced shoes, to your apple phone  purchased, by consumers here in the premier capitalist haven  America , was  made by mostly cheap, borderline slave labor ,in emerging industrial giant China, where democracy is just as likely to occur, to the same degree as NASA astronauts being able to  one day soon  find  human life forms on Mars , after wasting trillions of dollars in escapist adventures , since Neal Armstrong’s famous walk ,”one step  for mankind .”Let's just agree  for the record folks , it just ain’t happening , on both scores. 
     Speaking about emerging giant  China ,versus US loosing a step as  the world  sole hegemonic power, the motto with resource starved China , can well be, ‘if we cannot wheel and deal to acquire our underground environmental unfriendly , quickly depleting ,liquid  Black Gold , then we’ll use guild, and international brawn in every which way , in efforts to  justifiably our ends  via our concept of a meaningful way- hate us or love us.
    From Latin America, to Middle East  Gulf region Iran , Sudan ,and  Nigeria , the Chinese are leaving their closest rival  America ,in the   shades with every opportunity , and the funny thing is that it is not done at the expense of her fighting citizens.
With America locked in two  traditional , George W. Bush initiated ‘never can win  wars ,’in both Afghanistan ,and Iraq,  along with an unending ,mysterious ,phantom 'global war on terror ,'.and don’t  ignore ,venomous  , disgruntled ,ideological driven ,angry anti government , anti immigrant , and anti everything progressive citizens , on  the domestic  front,  willing to die , and kill in efforts to someday acquire their piece of the elusive American pie,and take America back to what they naively believe the noble  Founding Fathers envisioned , China’s task becomes quite easy.Just go where no American Washington  politician  cares about, if it is not linked to a clear traditional  alleged national interest. 
   She has therefore become emboldened on every front from east ,to west , north and south , close to home and far afield. She  has flexed her muscles ,at every turn in oneupmanship ventures  ,at  contentious ,trouble spots   from North Korea , to  Sudan . 
   Some think that the USA has squandered her post Cold War opportunities, and has gotten a bit soft , after defeating the Soviet Bear, especially if she has abandoned prudent multilateralism, in favor of go it alone bullying tactics ,disguised as prudent international relations. As  the President ,and his entourage goes ‘hand in gloves-reminiscent of past US/ Japanese  trade imbalanced adventures -now to  Beijing , the sole remaining Superpower , should remember that they alone, do not hold bragging  rights  re wars , on the ideological front, as the billion and counting folks from China ,all learned their lessons well in curbing the power of Soviet rivals, long before it was vogue during ,and after Mao ‘s  pro People,Cultural Revolution.  
It will be interesting to see going forward , how that blatant  discrimination penchant ,that historically exists  domestically , in both countries, for and against  Afro Diaspora folks ,  in both countries , will continue to shape  future foreign policies ,within the countries and regions that serves both  economic interests so well today. 
 Was it not an  Irish American Democratic  House Speaker, Tip O’Neil , who once stated that  ,”all politics is local ?” 
Your call Uncle Obama, likewise President Hu Jintao, as the world is watching , starting on this  here  MLK  birthday.Many are aware of imperial  old Europe  expansionisms, over most of the world for centuries,and the havoc that was caused in the process. We the socially conscious ,watch with much trepidation ,as the new competing hegemonic power brokers, aim to divvy up  the spoils once more , using economic natural resource grabs , and cheap corporate manipulation capitalist schemes, interwoven with footloose political jig and dance, in the process. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

9 Lives

       There was a time when I would have thought that George W. Bush  was the luckiest President in  America, based on the  many close shaves he was able to meander, away from   without even a scratch. That was until his successor Barrack Obama entered upon the political scene. For the record ,the stark difference between the two was that the former did not have to use much of his own initiatives to forge ahead, whereas the latter ,was required to with every breath he took. Former  Texan governor Ann Richard might if still alive, refer to the G W Bush situation, as the gold spoon in the mouth syndrome, but that’s a different story, as her accounts on baby Bush , might   just be unnecessary class envy. Here is a look at their records. 
   G.W from since he was a tiny bitty Yankee Texan ,always had   daddy close by to cater to  his every need. I am almost certain he failed at the paper route he was given, as well as the ability to tie a perfect knot at his Sea Scout jamboree finals when papa was a lowly Congressman, or could not even beat the 6 year old street kid in table tennis , when  pre democratic China was  attempting to engage the USA in Ping Pong Diplomacy , and who else was running the show , but  papa Bush was his country’s  Ambassador. 
   He failed in the secret Yale  Skull and Bones business , and that prevented him from being able to hide the once concealed  records exposed by Dan Rather , which revealed that G.W  partied  like a rock star , and did not even  complete his service at home ,  in the Texan  National Guard as requested  , when Papa Bush was CIA head. He failed in the oil business, as well as Texan Baseball business , but guess what ,  everything was uphill  since then .
 There is  first the lovely Laura , two rambunctious daughters , the Governor mansion,where he led the nations in signing off in resplendent  fashion,  on sending  more questionable , chiefly Black, repentant  convicts, to   contemplate their fate on the Texan State,  death squad machinery. 
   This bolstered his Conservative   credentials so well, that he was a virtual   shoe in almost out of left field ,to run for the job as President of these United States. There he beat off two stalwart ,much smarter, lifetime politicians such as Al Gore and John Kerry for the converted job. It was while in power for the next eight yeas that this President proved his mettle, as problems, accusations , and catastrophes   rolled off his back like water on a duck’s beak.  These ranged from 9/11, Haleburton  corruption coverups , VP Cheny  attempted miss shooting  mistake of a friend, while hunting Quayle on the infamous Crawford Ranch, preemptive wars  water-boarding torture of military prisoners,illegal invasions of  Iraq, control of his two drunken out of control young daughters while in the White house, rubbing the neck of the female German Chancellor, while she was debating NATO world’s peace,and the list goes on. 
  Where ever he appeared to want to fail , someone  such as  a friendly  media editor, a papa Bush  past confidant, close  political advisor   , or  brain of a drinking pal was very close by ,to clean up his ugly  mess , and so have him looking like a splendid rose , for  the consumption  of the gullible public. Did I mention CIA outing scandal coverups , of political enemy's wife? 
 Not so Barrack Obama  , that brother  cannot get a break no matter how much he tries. Even when he wins, he fails , essentially .   Here in contrast  is his success ,Faux Paus.  African dad , Caucasian Kansas mom , Indonesian father , Kenyan sister , Indonesian sister, Harvard, Columbia ,smoke pot , outstanding Harvard law review President ,  basketball scholarship,no kinky college orgy scandal , volunteered with  Black liberation theology head guru Rev Wright ,in soup kitchen on the poor side of Chicago, Married Princeton , and Harvard black beauty , two lovely daughters, steam rolled Chicago corrupt politics ,to emerge unsoiled  ,as a Senator, then in record time before swearing in ,took a chance to run for US president , and able to defeat one of American royals in Hilary Clinton, as well as a millionaire, military ex War vet,and life long respected Senator . 
     Now if you believe that this achievements were good turn bad , then wait until I remind you of the dilemma that faced the man since he became the First African American Commander in Chief, after inheriting the worst recession in the history of the country since FDR’s depression.  First off the bat ,those Nobel Peace Prize folks ,had to stir up the wrath of America, to give Uncle Barrack  a Nobel Peace prize, for simply showing up , before he was able to even sign a Peace treaty , send an envoy to troubled Africa or brief his Peace envoys to Israel, and Afghanistan. 
   He single handily  passed more legislations that 40 Presidents before him , both in record time , and with the most hostile House in the world. Soon after sighing into law historic measures to stop the economic , and social bleeding, and save the country, his popularity ratings dropped below that of Jimmy Carter of "I have sinned in my heart" fame ,  bumbling Ford , and "I am not a crook," Nixon all in one swoop. To compound it , he lost the House to a new political movement, led by a mentally challenge  ,Alaskan beauty Queen, turn Governor ,reality TV  star , and ideological lightening rod , still with  I believe ,40 credits short from the acquisition of an associate degree from a suspect  Community College near her place of birth.   
  Folks are referring to him as  being a fraud with suspect birth place, and to compound it he was just referred to as the worst President in the history of the country, by a victorious Congressman from Arizona , whose father Dan Quayle ,as a leading lawyer, Senator ,and one time Vice President was still  unable to spell potato , even with much prompting, and cue cards. 
 What’s so wonderful , is that each time someone digs a hole for him, they tend to fall into it instead.  Two years ago he nearly lost his bid for the Presidency when in Pennsylvania he told a group ,”You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
     Two years after ,in the aftermath of a most revolting, and ghastly shooting in one such town in Tucson  Arizona this time , he becomes the  toast of the American public once more ,when he says this time with sincerity , "At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized - at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do - it's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds," 
No wonder his  recently  victorious ,political rivals ,are now hanging  their heads in shame , while over joyed that the country did not make the mistake and vote a hot tempered Arizonan maverick ,and his Caribou in the headlights , gleeful sidekick  female VP ,into power in 2008 when they had the chance. 
  As his ratings climbs back through the charts , and the entire 50 states looks pleadingly to him for solace, do not be surprise to see   that the 2nd Amendment erased  by the middle of 2011,as guns become illegal in these United States , under the stewardship of the luckiest , or rather most savvy President the country has ever seen. 
 Are you still going to be amaze when he  ensures , complete regularization of  relationships between USA , Cuba , Venezuela,  and Iran ,before his daughter 12 th birthday. 
  Do not bet against him, that he can close down the Prison Industrial Complex and free all accused of victimless crime such as drugs , legalize marijuana, and pass the Dream Act , all in one swoop , before his 16 year old  daughter starts to date. 
Talk about  a lucky guy , with nine lives. Yes we can . Go figure!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breaking News America

                 In Glendale Arizona , there are many  folks  that are not too hesitant  to pay as much as $7000, to see a much  touted  college kids football game ,between Aubum , and Oregon’s future millionaires, while tonight 1million kids are going to sleep hungry  tonight across America?
  Well I’ll be , talk about priorities America.  Some sees no difference in terms of importance between   two young  Black Quarterbacks , such as   Cam Newton , and   Darron Thomas  as they lead their charges to sports TV ratings  super stardom ,via  a highly rated NCAA football game, and  Barrack Obama  getting on the grand  political stage of power as Commander in Chief , in  his historic victory over Arizonian military , and lifetime political elite John Mc Cain, but who  is counting,  or certain of the reasons for these and  similar obsessions , and  contradictions? 
   The game fortunately , lived up to all it’s hype ,and hopefully can be the dawn of a new future for America in terms of social opportunities as promised , as we have come a long way , but nevertheless,  is still very far from reaching the desired, idealist  levels ,as far a equal playing field  ,socio - economic justice ,and post racial developments. Hats off  to Camon's dad Cecil Newton ,as his heart was not only in the corner of his son , but indirectly for the  thousands of kids working for sporting minimum wages scholarships , without learning anything of value  , while their respective colleges , and corporate sponsors ,make billions annually off the sweat of their labor. Ok  Latina Thomas and Cecil , you guys  can now begin the task of checking your future riches.
    In the event that you  might have any doubts as to the merits of my arguments, or the state of affairs within this sports ,especially for folks who dared  to grasp for  lofty elite positions ,then you can google the names of any of the success stories of this game beginning  with once underpaid NFL star  Doug Williams , to selectively  criminalized Michael Vick , and yes Heisman winner, turn  NCAA champion   Cam Newton. 
     Just like OJ once, Michael Vick became the poster child for all that is evil in sports , as played by million dollar athletes , but if you think he was almost destroyed with hatred , because of his detractors loves for dogs , then I can also convince you that Black folks were all enslaved due to white European  christians love and need to  convert them from pagan savage ways , or that the decision to end the barbaric system was also because of loving spiritualist hearts. williams for all his skills ,or successes ,was comparatively  underpaid,  and  experienced  some of the  most blatant discrimination imaginable , that could  place a smile on the face of anti Jewish Hitler , or Stalin,  if given a chance. 
     In the mean time,  some 126 miles away in Tucson Arizona , doctors of  Blue dog Democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Gifford, are frantically , trying to save her life , as they attempt to prevent her from joining  six other victims, killed from gunshot  wounds  by 22 year old anarchist Jared Lee Loughner. Irrespective of the motives , America cannot continue loosing  83  people , each day, as is the norm.
 Millions of shameful heads bowed in silence , or post violence contritions ,from Tea party  members , and their symbolic   leader Sarah Palin , is find and dandy , but won’t halt the violence. Instead ,a spirit of tolerance ,and  understanding , might go a long way., especially in conservative, and  border  states ,such as Arizona. 
We will see who is ready to run  with  the ball, or more importantly , is  prepared to continually drop the ball when it comes to security, race . There are lessons that can be learned from sporting escapades , as it relates to power .Stay tuned, as many barbarians are still lurking,
    In the past it was Afro Americans , but  today , in addition to Africans , it’s Mexican immigrants, Jewish Congress people , and  your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned  for more breaking stories. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking

       Big day in America, that can make us either laugh with joy and happiness , or  cringe in horror , and despair ,depending on our perspectives, but hopefully it’s more of the former, as opposed to the latter. The much anticipated snow carded to strike the country, and again cause post Xmas havoc once more , did not materialize, and that’s a joyous thing , thank goodness , since New York, was well prepared this time , GPS laden snow removal trucks and all ,if  we are to believe  multi millionaire Mayor Bloomberg. 
     Ah well hurray for  sophisticated technology , and  New York, the undisputed media, and  financial , capital of the world. Hey ,some  even say ,  that if New York sneezes , not only does 49 other unfortunate states across America ,get’s a pneumonia , but also most others across the rest of the planet.
      Speaking about New York , how is Ted Williams, our new found  national  star , and  former
 Brooklynite, doing since getting15 minutes of fame , a meal ,  hair cut ,fine  clothing , a warm bed,and most importantly ,  a chance to see his 89 year old ostracized mom, along with  countless  promises of jobs , and other lifetime support , as a result of the  excellent work of  a savvy videographer , now on his way to Hollywood himself, to compete with the likes of    ‘socially conscious movie directors,’ such as Spike Lee , and Clint Eastwood? 
     Let’s just say that Ted is doing just fine, if he can survive long enough under the barrage of media attention , orchestrated mainly by white liberal , guilt ridden elites, who hope to engender social changes, without tackling the root causes of the maladies , and self righteous Far Right ideological obsessed nuts  , more determined to maintain an severely unfair, dominant status quo that economically skewed in their favor , while feigning nostalgia, for an era when America was lily pure ,puritanical Christian, and culturally sound. I am of course referring  to that period before Brown ,Yellow , Red, and Free Black folks ,emerged on the scene to muck it up for present, and future generations, as insinuated by in not so subtle fashion by  numerous  disgruntled , KKK, turned border and cross states  Militia ,com Tea bag political opportunists.
      It is my hope that when all the dust is settled, some elitist,   intellectual ,policy wonk advisor  , career politician , or better yet ,progressive social leaders, would spare a though for the millions of poor ,homeless , drug addicted, primarily demonized, victimless blue color  petty crooks and bandits criminals , that roam these streets daily in search of help to excoriate the long held poisons, and unmentionable century long traumas. 
  ‘Don’t let me down,’as was done  for the past 20 years, you dragged our good name and honor down the gutter ,’was all I heard his dear old, God fearing mom ,say to him as the TV cameras shined on. I  could not help but smile , as she reminded CBS Meredith , how much she daily prayed to her  heavenly , forgiving God , for her only son’s  return to respectability, as well as family that loved him . 
        There it is , if Lindsay Lohan , Courtney Love ,  Robert Downey Jr , and Yankee icon Darrel Strawberry ,can overcome their drug demons , with limited help , except from savvy lawyers , business giants, and celebrity star stuck Judges , and their family can remain at their sides irrespective , then Ted likewise deserves love from all. If he does not relapse as dear mom suspects he just might , unless he finds  her Jehovah  god as his savior also , I  hope to one day  read his  future Bestselling  memoirs , as to how he was able to miraculously  kick his addictions,  stay  sober, and clean ,for two and half years, and eventually develop the foresight to make his turn  embryonic around .The clock is ticking Ted, as Rodney King proved , many folks are unable to capitalize on tragedies ,and resultant fame for a wider good. 
 Are you the exception? 
     On the Pennsylvanian Avenue front  where Uncle Obama ,and once highly feared , or  anticipated Angela  Davis sister ,Michelle, are large and in charge , we can add that  things are moving along just fine and dandy , and there is much cause for joy and happiness, especially for the Obama White house job core team , eager to work the angles to ensure their boss reelection come 2012, based on all the magnificent things he did for segments of America. Talk about change , some on main street America wish to know . When is their going to be a color line  drawn in the socio - economic com political sand , to push a different agenda that does not entail the interest of  Wall Street, high end Tax cuddled high end , global conglomerates , Ivy league intellectual naive , out of touch technocrats ?
Now if you are a poor , desperate , low income , down on you luck creature , or a member of a insignificant resourceless , pro democratic country , of limited strategic value  to competing global hegemonic powers  , are you expected to cringed in horror, and despair , or continue to be joyous, happy and optimistic knowing that thing must of necessity get worst before they perhaps get better. 
 Your call.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Scores : AGlobal archival, neo progressive perspective

       Is there much hope for America , and does the  developments , via personnel changes in the ideological , 'body politick  landscape,' of the country ,prove that no progressive economic, and social agenda ,would be forthcoming  to benefit  the millions of poor , lower caste , and middle class across the nation? What then does it say about the international arena , where  most Americans believes they still have some influence as a leader, since historically  corrupt  Russian hierarchy pirates , Britannia led ,decrepit ,clueless Europe ,and politically immoral ,natural resource desperate China , are in lockstep  across the corridors of Multilateral power arenas , with sole intent to continue global mayhems , as they divvy up the  economic spoils, extracted at the expense of, or rather , stolen from   similarly  desperate global folks - often with the prudent help of  suspect Aid agencies, and multilateral corporations ? 

    Need we say Sudan,Congo ,Cote d Ivore ,Somalia , Middle East Gulf region ,The  Koreas, South Asia ,all of Latin America / English speaking  Caribbean , and Afghanistan? 
   What do you say when a new Congress is taking over , with what on the surface appears to be ,the sole plan of repealing every policy of the present President -whether beneficial for their constituents or not- after some of their members  work to distract us repeatedly ,until 2012 , about questions of his  origin , since he was unfortunately saddled with an African father?

      As a suffering New Yorker myself  , maybe I can  bring home more vividly for your appreciation ,  this socially debilitating crisis , starting with  the situation which has transpired recently via the peaceful handover of the State governorship , and Senatorial seat . A Black governor named  David Patterson, took power in the midst of serious controversy ,and sexual impropriety by his elitist high monied  predecessor, Elliot  Spritzer , and ran up against every   political stumbling block- David Dinkins post Koch  fashion - imaginable , even from his own ‘shoot in the feet Democratic party,‘ led by  who else ? A  fellow Black  brother, in the White House, in Uncle Obama. His popularity was compounded by the fact that he had to take some of the most draconian measures to balance the  budget, of one of the most important, yet job deficient  , economically stagnant  States  ,in the entire country. 

Score(1)one ,against our future , and the kids mostly of color ,that will suffer as a result of these ,and similar ghastly acts  . 
    To further add to his woes,  he hated American royalty so much ,that he decided to  unfortunately , try to be his own man -Al Gore style -by choosing   Kirsten E. Gillibran , over a orally challenged  Irish ,Kennedy clan member in  Caroline, so as to replace another female Royal member in pseudo  Feminist Queen, Hillary Clinton. 
  The new Senator’s claim to fame is that outside of Mama Grizzly , reality TV freak  Sarah Palin , she in turn, is  perhaps  more Conservative on many  issues , as the most ardent incoming Tea Bagger, except on matters that can bring greater appeal, or   political  returns ,such as ‘Gay Rights,’  a few hundreds 9/11 Firemen ,and  emergency responders ,and ... ...well, your guess is as good as mine- but that’s a different story.   
Score (2) two, against the economically poor , and the kids that would be deprived  as a result. 
    Enter stage right , and 2011  New Yorker's most eligible bachelor , in Italian American  come good, new Governor , and opportunistic,  ecstatic political Royalty Andrew Cuomo , son of a flaming liberal Mario Cuomo. Most New Yorkers- especially the city folks - remembered dad , as the smooth talking guy, who could not walk the walk , especially when it comes to jobs , and the interest of their socially crumbling towns. His claim to fame in case you forgot, was to be a lackey  agent for the  neo racial corporation lobbyist , of  national Prison Industrial Complex , as he constructed hundreds of prisons all across upstate New York , to house the thousands of  low caste ,mostly  illiterate ,Black , Brown , Yellow , and Red inmates  from their  crumbling neighborhoods.
 Score( 3)three against education , schools, kids , and the future of America. 
Not even a day in office , and already the fast talking son of an original fast talker  , almost like an evolved Texan Blue blood  Yankee Bush , is sounding more like he is camping for the VP spot in 2012, about less government, cutting  State's agencies , but  most importantly, enhancing by not touching the Prison  Industrial Complex  political  pork cash cow  , but taking a severe dig on Education, and other social needs, at every opportunity. .

Score (4)four , against our future and the kids that will be deprived by self serving leaders  more fixated on their own interest, as led by evolving  immigrant royal elites. 
 , All in all , a score of 4 zip, against American economically  poor ,desperate, and struggling lower caste . Now if charity begins at home , can we say 4 zip,  as well, across the global community , where .... you know where I am heading with this ... America claims to  still be a  potent force , yes? 
  You be the judge of the  feasibility of such foolhardy , lofty goals. Long live the Republic, long live transparent government, long live global peace and security ! 

Stay tuned for these and similar socio - economic / com political intrigues ,on cleverly disguised machinations ,of ideological , neo racial / global domination fraudsters  , as exposed  by   yours truly- a ‘socially progressive, global  humanist, and  small voice crying out in the wilderness ,  voice of reason .’
 I wish you well dear friends!

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