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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Your Motivation?

       What’s your motivation?
    Ever so often a feel good  story, hits the media circuit ,  takes our collective  breaths away, and one such is that of  new national  cyber hero Ted  Williams, a formerBrooklyn  New Yorker , turned  Ohio  homeless man , with a passion  for  survival , turning his life around, and getting back on track in pursuit of  old dreams,  and  his long sheltered career, in  radio broadcasting.
The story of second, third, and even fifth chances, resonates with many across the country, and puts to rest that often erroneous depiction ,of most Americans as simply selfish , uncaring folks , solely obsessed with the successful , their social toys , and other unmentionable frivolities ,with hardly a concern for the less fortunate , weak and destitute. In case many are unacquainted with the true facts,  Americans leads the world in terms of giving to charitable causes , even as today some 9 million are presently unemployed due to a lingering  recession. 
   For me ,the story stuck me as  more a question of resilience of the spirit , in the face of overwhelming odds, and commitment to a dream. And  from a personal standpoint, what a coincident, for  just two days ago , but thankfully, without many of the demons that confronted Ted  Williams ,during his tumultuous life,  I too was putting together, one of my many paragraphs ,for a long overdue book I am writing  , and have been willing myself to complete by Spring  2011, and part of it made reference, to the impact that radio , writing , and the folks who pedal their craft,  played in my life  asa kid , and still do.
      It was not lost on me when  a colleague I did not see for quite some time , enquired as part of our New Years’s greetings , “how is that book coming along?”  To which I responded , “slowly but surely.”  “It means that  you are not writing anything ?”  He then playfully chided me  , and on we went , wishing  each other the best for 2011. 
  It was a sunny Caribbean  day some years ago,  as a naive , eager  17 year old, that I  like Ted Williams, enquired from in my case , a internationally recognized , Historian, Author , and  Radio media personality, whose work I admired , “what do I have to do to perfect the craft of writing, and be a successful author like you are?”Of which he said without missing a beat,or blink of his eyes ,the most poignant words;  “just write.” 
Thanks Michael Anthony, and thank you America , for believing in Ted Williams , by  extending a hand towards him , in his moment of need. 
 Stay hungry , my friends., and remain tuned for my  future  Bestselling motivational book entitled  , ‘Choices4Power.’ 
 I wish you well. 

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