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Friday, January 28, 2011

Economic & Social injustice ,in the face of Twisted Pro Realist , National Interest

     Ever wondered why many elitist  backward  dictators ,often keep their citizens clueless and uneducated , while continuing to ensure that  their close relatives , and cronies, both  domestic, and international, are taken cared of ? If so then look no further than first North African Tunisia , then Egypt ,Yemen ,  Jordan , and Lebanon,  so as to  observe why , as often these present realities as revealed across our media, are the real  consequences , for doing otherwise. The  oppressed masses  at the bottom of the socio economic ,and political ladders , would finally get some relief , as those  middle class with the means  , and abilities to effect changes , would be agitated enough to stand up and push back  oppressors , once they recognize that their narrow interest are inextricably intertwine with those historically left behind. It is a wonderful wind of change that’s blowing across  North Africa , as well as a few choice spots in the Middle East,and it’s welcome indeed. 
  Some how we do not know how things would work out , but never the less are excited , and optimistic about the outcome. Now if only a few of our intellectually lazy political Science , International Relations , Foreign policy  experts, and Media editors sitting on their lofty pedestals in the Globally developed North ,could quit sleeping , so as to lend moral support to these noble struggles , like was done in 89 when places like Czechoslovakia  had their  Velvet revolution to end 40 years of pro Communist  oppressions under the USSR. If only we could see them lick their chops as when that Berlin wall was about to fall , to make Ronald Reagan into a global hero ,for as claimed,single handily ending the reign of the folks that dominated the evil Red empire. Well, we eventually saw how authentic non revisionist historians more impressed with Gobachev's Glasnost , and perestroika thought about such American revisionist folly. 
      We saw them get excited when  Boris Yeltsin a  half drunk, stood on a tank and defied the military  of his country ,that was set to do what Egyptian American supported generals under 90 year old Mubarak , are close to now doing against innocent civilians ,once they get the green light perhaps from their Washingtonian  benefactors on Pennsylvania Avenue. Again ,in 1989 , we remembered how they danced in eager anticipation of the collapse of the entire  Maoist enchilada ,during the June 4th Tienanmen Square China youthful uprising.  Now as we continue to bite our nails and watch this event unfold , the big question would be what will be the outcome , another Iranian disaster, or Tienanmen square  1989 massacre ?
    The Egyptian and Tunisian people would not be deceived anymore . The world at large is hip to the fear-mongering anti Islamist political driven propagandas, that has been continually  used from Egypt, to Algeria, Turkey , Lebanon, and  Palestine  to justify decades of  financial, and military supports to undemocratic leaders, and why. 
   Unlike their more sophisticated, and allegedly peaceful Western democratic friends in North America ,and Europe, who tries to spread their brand of Democracy with billions daily on useless , non winnable wars in places such as Iraq, and Afghanistan, Pro Muslim leaders, have shown  us a much different side to their way of ensuring democratic rights , and no thanks to traditional media , but due credit to regional social media entities,  we are the beneficiaries.
Once again , it seems as if complicit corporate western non objective  traditional media  is playing the embedded game ,as Wikileaks founder contemplate's  his fate. 
 It’s a good day thus far in the world  in the cause of freedom, as we await either President Mubarak ,or  recent benefactor Barrack Hussain Obama , to see who would first break the  silence, and stand up in favor of economic and political justice on behalf of freedom hungry folks.
   Just wish someone could send an SOS and inform President Obama , Joe Biden , or Hillary Clinton of one major fact, and here it is. The Chinese were maybe entitled to stand up against their people  will, and might have gotten away unscaled back in 89  as the oppressed were attacked publicly ,  since  it was their own military, and  paid for  by their own dollars. Egypt in contrast -second only to Israel in terms of exorbitant aid from exasperated US Tax payers - are dependent on some 2.5 to 3 billion dollars annually from the US government , and one can bet,as to who  would eventually be blamed, as the blood shed inevitably  flows. 
 Long live democracy, and may the people’s will  always prevail.

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