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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Scores : AGlobal archival, neo progressive perspective

       Is there much hope for America , and does the  developments , via personnel changes in the ideological , 'body politick  landscape,' of the country ,prove that no progressive economic, and social agenda ,would be forthcoming  to benefit  the millions of poor , lower caste , and middle class across the nation? What then does it say about the international arena , where  most Americans believes they still have some influence as a leader, since historically  corrupt  Russian hierarchy pirates , Britannia led ,decrepit ,clueless Europe ,and politically immoral ,natural resource desperate China , are in lockstep  across the corridors of Multilateral power arenas , with sole intent to continue global mayhems , as they divvy up the  economic spoils, extracted at the expense of, or rather , stolen from   similarly  desperate global folks - often with the prudent help of  suspect Aid agencies, and multilateral corporations ? 

    Need we say Sudan,Congo ,Cote d Ivore ,Somalia , Middle East Gulf region ,The  Koreas, South Asia ,all of Latin America / English speaking  Caribbean , and Afghanistan? 
   What do you say when a new Congress is taking over , with what on the surface appears to be ,the sole plan of repealing every policy of the present President -whether beneficial for their constituents or not- after some of their members  work to distract us repeatedly ,until 2012 , about questions of his  origin , since he was unfortunately saddled with an African father?

      As a suffering New Yorker myself  , maybe I can  bring home more vividly for your appreciation ,  this socially debilitating crisis , starting with  the situation which has transpired recently via the peaceful handover of the State governorship , and Senatorial seat . A Black governor named  David Patterson, took power in the midst of serious controversy ,and sexual impropriety by his elitist high monied  predecessor, Elliot  Spritzer , and ran up against every   political stumbling block- David Dinkins post Koch  fashion - imaginable , even from his own ‘shoot in the feet Democratic party,‘ led by  who else ? A  fellow Black  brother, in the White House, in Uncle Obama. His popularity was compounded by the fact that he had to take some of the most draconian measures to balance the  budget, of one of the most important, yet job deficient  , economically stagnant  States  ,in the entire country. 

Score(1)one ,against our future , and the kids mostly of color ,that will suffer as a result of these ,and similar ghastly acts  . 
    To further add to his woes,  he hated American royalty so much ,that he decided to  unfortunately , try to be his own man -Al Gore style -by choosing   Kirsten E. Gillibran , over a orally challenged  Irish ,Kennedy clan member in  Caroline, so as to replace another female Royal member in pseudo  Feminist Queen, Hillary Clinton. 
  The new Senator’s claim to fame is that outside of Mama Grizzly , reality TV freak  Sarah Palin , she in turn, is  perhaps  more Conservative on many  issues , as the most ardent incoming Tea Bagger, except on matters that can bring greater appeal, or   political  returns ,such as ‘Gay Rights,’  a few hundreds 9/11 Firemen ,and  emergency responders ,and ... ...well, your guess is as good as mine- but that’s a different story.   
Score (2) two, against the economically poor , and the kids that would be deprived  as a result. 
    Enter stage right , and 2011  New Yorker's most eligible bachelor , in Italian American  come good, new Governor , and opportunistic,  ecstatic political Royalty Andrew Cuomo , son of a flaming liberal Mario Cuomo. Most New Yorkers- especially the city folks - remembered dad , as the smooth talking guy, who could not walk the walk , especially when it comes to jobs , and the interest of their socially crumbling towns. His claim to fame in case you forgot, was to be a lackey  agent for the  neo racial corporation lobbyist , of  national Prison Industrial Complex , as he constructed hundreds of prisons all across upstate New York , to house the thousands of  low caste ,mostly  illiterate ,Black , Brown , Yellow , and Red inmates  from their  crumbling neighborhoods.
 Score( 3)three against education , schools, kids , and the future of America. 
Not even a day in office , and already the fast talking son of an original fast talker  , almost like an evolved Texan Blue blood  Yankee Bush , is sounding more like he is camping for the VP spot in 2012, about less government, cutting  State's agencies , but  most importantly, enhancing by not touching the Prison  Industrial Complex  political  pork cash cow  , but taking a severe dig on Education, and other social needs, at every opportunity. .

Score (4)four , against our future and the kids that will be deprived by self serving leaders  more fixated on their own interest, as led by evolving  immigrant royal elites. 
 , All in all , a score of 4 zip, against American economically  poor ,desperate, and struggling lower caste . Now if charity begins at home , can we say 4 zip,  as well, across the global community , where .... you know where I am heading with this ... America claims to  still be a  potent force , yes? 
  You be the judge of the  feasibility of such foolhardy , lofty goals. Long live the Republic, long live transparent government, long live global peace and security ! 

Stay tuned for these and similar socio - economic / com political intrigues ,on cleverly disguised machinations ,of ideological , neo racial / global domination fraudsters  , as exposed  by   yours truly- a ‘socially progressive, global  humanist, and  small voice crying out in the wilderness ,  voice of reason .’
 I wish you well dear friends!

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