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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking

       Big day in America, that can make us either laugh with joy and happiness , or  cringe in horror , and despair ,depending on our perspectives, but hopefully it’s more of the former, as opposed to the latter. The much anticipated snow carded to strike the country, and again cause post Xmas havoc once more , did not materialize, and that’s a joyous thing , thank goodness , since New York, was well prepared this time , GPS laden snow removal trucks and all ,if  we are to believe  multi millionaire Mayor Bloomberg. 
     Ah well hurray for  sophisticated technology , and  New York, the undisputed media, and  financial , capital of the world. Hey ,some  even say ,  that if New York sneezes , not only does 49 other unfortunate states across America ,get’s a pneumonia , but also most others across the rest of the planet.
      Speaking about New York , how is Ted Williams, our new found  national  star , and  former
 Brooklynite, doing since getting15 minutes of fame , a meal ,  hair cut ,fine  clothing , a warm bed,and most importantly ,  a chance to see his 89 year old ostracized mom, along with  countless  promises of jobs , and other lifetime support , as a result of the  excellent work of  a savvy videographer , now on his way to Hollywood himself, to compete with the likes of    ‘socially conscious movie directors,’ such as Spike Lee , and Clint Eastwood? 
     Let’s just say that Ted is doing just fine, if he can survive long enough under the barrage of media attention , orchestrated mainly by white liberal , guilt ridden elites, who hope to engender social changes, without tackling the root causes of the maladies , and self righteous Far Right ideological obsessed nuts  , more determined to maintain an severely unfair, dominant status quo that economically skewed in their favor , while feigning nostalgia, for an era when America was lily pure ,puritanical Christian, and culturally sound. I am of course referring  to that period before Brown ,Yellow , Red, and Free Black folks ,emerged on the scene to muck it up for present, and future generations, as insinuated by in not so subtle fashion by  numerous  disgruntled , KKK, turned border and cross states  Militia ,com Tea bag political opportunists.
      It is my hope that when all the dust is settled, some elitist,   intellectual ,policy wonk advisor  , career politician , or better yet ,progressive social leaders, would spare a though for the millions of poor ,homeless , drug addicted, primarily demonized, victimless blue color  petty crooks and bandits criminals , that roam these streets daily in search of help to excoriate the long held poisons, and unmentionable century long traumas. 
  ‘Don’t let me down,’as was done  for the past 20 years, you dragged our good name and honor down the gutter ,’was all I heard his dear old, God fearing mom ,say to him as the TV cameras shined on. I  could not help but smile , as she reminded CBS Meredith , how much she daily prayed to her  heavenly , forgiving God , for her only son’s  return to respectability, as well as family that loved him . 
        There it is , if Lindsay Lohan , Courtney Love ,  Robert Downey Jr , and Yankee icon Darrel Strawberry ,can overcome their drug demons , with limited help , except from savvy lawyers , business giants, and celebrity star stuck Judges , and their family can remain at their sides irrespective , then Ted likewise deserves love from all. If he does not relapse as dear mom suspects he just might , unless he finds  her Jehovah  god as his savior also , I  hope to one day  read his  future Bestselling  memoirs , as to how he was able to miraculously  kick his addictions,  stay  sober, and clean ,for two and half years, and eventually develop the foresight to make his turn  embryonic around .The clock is ticking Ted, as Rodney King proved , many folks are unable to capitalize on tragedies ,and resultant fame for a wider good. 
 Are you the exception? 
     On the Pennsylvanian Avenue front  where Uncle Obama ,and once highly feared , or  anticipated Angela  Davis sister ,Michelle, are large and in charge , we can add that  things are moving along just fine and dandy , and there is much cause for joy and happiness, especially for the Obama White house job core team , eager to work the angles to ensure their boss reelection come 2012, based on all the magnificent things he did for segments of America. Talk about change , some on main street America wish to know . When is their going to be a color line  drawn in the socio - economic com political sand , to push a different agenda that does not entail the interest of  Wall Street, high end Tax cuddled high end , global conglomerates , Ivy league intellectual naive , out of touch technocrats ?
Now if you are a poor , desperate , low income , down on you luck creature , or a member of a insignificant resourceless , pro democratic country , of limited strategic value  to competing global hegemonic powers  , are you expected to cringed in horror, and despair , or continue to be joyous, happy and optimistic knowing that thing must of necessity get worst before they perhaps get better. 
 Your call.

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