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Monday, January 17, 2011

Battle of the Hegemonic Rivals

Ever heard of the Monroe Doctrine ? If not ,here it is in a nutshell , and you might not know , but it kept all interlopers at bay , close to home at least, for centuries. In his 1823 , State of the Union Address,President Monroe ,stated the following :- “… the American continent, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power …” Not sure how much weight such carry today, strongest military in the world notwithstanding. 
    I read somewhere that as of January  2011, American  accumulated debts  were  some 14 Trillion dollars , of which perhaps as much  3 trillion, was owed to China .Now you chew on that , Jesus , Hail Mary, mother of Christ, that just can’t help them in any shape or form.
 Hey folks , I may not be an  Ivy league economist like the past 50 year lifetime serving Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan ,or the 50 Treasury Secretaries he advised , and never  ever aspired to be one , for not only do I refuse to believe half of what they say , but think that most do not have a clue as to what they are talking about , since I was never able  to hear, or see two, publicly   agree  on any one issue, as to correct  future projections of a country  . If you have, then  I will personally sell you the Moon.   Irrespective of where it stands , we can guess that this spells trouble  for the world, no matter how one tries to slice and dice it.
It is why Uncle Obama’s proposed   visit  to China, on some long anticipated summit , has  many claiming it to  be laden with  serious  implications  , and likewise can be perhaps the most crucial in history , as far as  both country’s relations. They probably never heard about Nixon and Ping pong Diplomacy , one can be sure. This today however  , might well be the case if 99, out of 100 manufactured items, from Michael Jordan , and Nike ,over priced shoes, to your apple phone  purchased, by consumers here in the premier capitalist haven  America , was  made by mostly cheap, borderline slave labor ,in emerging industrial giant China, where democracy is just as likely to occur, to the same degree as NASA astronauts being able to  one day soon  find  human life forms on Mars , after wasting trillions of dollars in escapist adventures , since Neal Armstrong’s famous walk ,”one step  for mankind .”Let's just agree  for the record folks , it just ain’t happening , on both scores. 
     Speaking about emerging giant  China ,versus US loosing a step as  the world  sole hegemonic power, the motto with resource starved China , can well be, ‘if we cannot wheel and deal to acquire our underground environmental unfriendly , quickly depleting ,liquid  Black Gold , then we’ll use guild, and international brawn in every which way , in efforts to  justifiably our ends  via our concept of a meaningful way- hate us or love us.
    From Latin America, to Middle East  Gulf region Iran , Sudan ,and  Nigeria , the Chinese are leaving their closest rival  America ,in the   shades with every opportunity , and the funny thing is that it is not done at the expense of her fighting citizens.
With America locked in two  traditional , George W. Bush initiated ‘never can win  wars ,’in both Afghanistan ,and Iraq,  along with an unending ,mysterious ,phantom 'global war on terror ,'.and don’t  ignore ,venomous  , disgruntled ,ideological driven ,angry anti government , anti immigrant , and anti everything progressive citizens , on  the domestic  front,  willing to die , and kill in efforts to someday acquire their piece of the elusive American pie,and take America back to what they naively believe the noble  Founding Fathers envisioned , China’s task becomes quite easy.Just go where no American Washington  politician  cares about, if it is not linked to a clear traditional  alleged national interest. 
   She has therefore become emboldened on every front from east ,to west , north and south , close to home and far afield. She  has flexed her muscles ,at every turn in oneupmanship ventures  ,at  contentious ,trouble spots   from North Korea , to  Sudan . 
   Some think that the USA has squandered her post Cold War opportunities, and has gotten a bit soft , after defeating the Soviet Bear, especially if she has abandoned prudent multilateralism, in favor of go it alone bullying tactics ,disguised as prudent international relations. As  the President ,and his entourage goes ‘hand in gloves-reminiscent of past US/ Japanese  trade imbalanced adventures -now to  Beijing , the sole remaining Superpower , should remember that they alone, do not hold bragging  rights  re wars , on the ideological front, as the billion and counting folks from China ,all learned their lessons well in curbing the power of Soviet rivals, long before it was vogue during ,and after Mao ‘s  pro People,Cultural Revolution.  
It will be interesting to see going forward , how that blatant  discrimination penchant ,that historically exists  domestically , in both countries, for and against  Afro Diaspora folks ,  in both countries , will continue to shape  future foreign policies ,within the countries and regions that serves both  economic interests so well today. 
 Was it not an  Irish American Democratic  House Speaker, Tip O’Neil , who once stated that  ,”all politics is local ?” 
Your call Uncle Obama, likewise President Hu Jintao, as the world is watching , starting on this  here  MLK  birthday.Many are aware of imperial  old Europe  expansionisms, over most of the world for centuries,and the havoc that was caused in the process. We the socially conscious ,watch with much trepidation ,as the new competing hegemonic power brokers, aim to divvy up  the spoils once more , using economic natural resource grabs , and cheap corporate manipulation capitalist schemes, interwoven with footloose political jig and dance, in the process. 


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