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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ironies , & Domestic - com Global Politics: An international interlocking elitist dilemma

         It is claimed by some wiser than my self that  often out of evil, can emerge some good. Having said that let me add that  I never cease to be amazed , but yet  just stop short of being too amuse, by the interplay of ironies ,that continually  manifest itself via  domestic ,and international politics across the ‘Global  Village,’amongst countries , both rich ,and poor, large or small, secular or theocratic alike. Now mind you , the issues were always with us from the inception of time , but I choose today to begin my focus for your edification,  from the End of History,’ or the the dreaded militaristic , ideologically driven,Cold War ,as engaged by two once distrustful enemies  Super Powers, USA , and USSR. For the record, this ghastly four decade political overkill of proxy wars , destabilizations , and people abusing , governmental actions, has  obviously caused much mayhem and destructions across the globe , but don’t expect to hear much acceptance of culpabilities , and or apologies ,from the historical amnesiac perpetrators, anytime soon, but  revisionism  remains  an enigma , and is a different subject, for another occasion.
       Here are some examples of which I speak.The Cold war gave us  strategically important Somalia , laden with poverty , tribally tinged violence ,and economic woes. Enter G H Bush at the end of history , pretending to provide aid for desperate folks , but more concerned about political manipulations . This resulted in Mogadishu ,as American soldiers dragged through the streets , utter embarrassment of a Global power , and some say a blockbuster movie “Blackhawk Down ,” followed closely by the affectionately named  CNN Effects  fall outs ,that resulted in  800 ,000  Tutsi, and Hutu  ,Bantu Africans , massacred in inter ethnic clashes in Rwanda ,while a few sprinkling of  foreign European relief  agents, were dutifully  saved , without a single global leader, raising a finger to provide substantive assistance to the wider ,national victims.  It did not end only there , for ironically ,  in 2011, Somalian  Pirate are not uncommon , and we know what has taken place in both  resource ladened Congo and Sudan , where vast economic spoils are at stake ,and further genocides  are ignored .  
       Today , on the American domestic front, this still powerful country , as sole remaining Superpower ,is undergoing one of it’s worst economic periods in history , reminiscent of the the Great Depression. Some 9 million  of her citizens ,are unemployed, similar figures finds themselves homeless, and  most across the population  from Arizona , to  Washington , New York , or women and children abusing haven, Mormon Country  Utah ,many citizens ,finds themselves walking on egg shells as it were, ladened with  uncertainty, as to  if they are more in danger from foreign terrorist  phantom, or real  treats , or domestically ignored concrete  ones from diabolical  KKK  members ,all the way to  anti government ,border Militia ,angry  war veteran spin offs, and pseudo religious, pro life, gun  nuts , more concerned about  unborn fetuses , than living human beings in need. 
    How did it evolve to this  you ask? Then how about if we deal a blow to phony intellectual revisionism , and put some blame where it is really due. Ever ironic Hollywood , fast talking empty  head guru ,Ronald Reagan, aka the Great Communicator ,’ and alleged figure ,who single handedly end , the Cold War , introduced his now  famous deregulations, cuddled greedy Conglomerate business  entities , with a very friendly policy geared towards  job exports , tax breaks , and fancy feel good nationalistic jingoism ,Conservative ego massaging  ,laden with an un healthy tick slice of  costly trickle down , Voodoo Economics ,Star Wars , militaristic Pork barrel spending  and the rest we can say is history , but few of us are the wiser. No need to bore you with the political lightweights , and  elitist ideological suspects, that choose to grab the Reagan baton , Iran Contra criminal flip flops and all , which all further helped to sink the country into economic and political quagmires.  If you wish to get a clue then simply listen to the loudest hot air pontificators , and loud mouth brayers on the political and media front , as fingers are pointed at the sky, and beneath the surface for phantom reasons for American fast encroaching Third wordlist  debacles. 
         As a way of putting an informed  contribution to the discourse on the wonderful , yet conflicting political affairs, that is emerging in the always political Arabic world, I have paid much attention to some of the media pundits, in both traditional , and new aged media , and must say that I find  most of their opinions and analysis, at time quite appalling.  You know the world is in trouble when nations that profess to be pro-democratic , are demanding  that  conscionable people  across the globe , should continue to give a dictator a pat on the butt, since they suspect that his more disgruntled  successor , might not be too  beneficial for the interest of his benefactors far, and close. 
Yes folks, America as leader of the free world is heading down a precipice , when it’s female Secretary of State , and once    
Show me your companion , and I will tell you who is a peace lover , or flame thrower. Hey Jimmy Carter , the American people ,in their own twisted manner , probably love you now as much as  they could,  for any other alleged great President  throughout their history. Not sure about Haitians and   their Kidnapped,  democratically elected President  Aristide . 
     Speaking about Jimmy Carter, and  other American Cold War Presidents , post Cold War follies,and subsequent fall outs, what do we have? For the record, Jimmy Carter , did not cause the Iranian revolution. 
    By providing military  aid and support to pro Islamic   guerrilla fighters , as a result of  Leonid Brezhnev directed ,  Soviet 1979  invasions, he  did not   create the seed for  Bin Laden Al Qaida modern  terrorism , as played out in Afghanistan, and Iraq today. That came later due to repeated missteps   towards  once , proud ,victorious  Arabs, South Asian , Europeans , Turkish, Sudanese, Indonesians ,or  Persian Muslims sympathizers . Such preposterous proclamations would really be  right up there with the views that  bearded, sophisticated Afghan Mujaheddin defeated  the USSR on their own, America is a fine integrated,immigration  melting pot,and  racially dominant majority leaders can  finally win any  war ,much less ‘the war on terror ,’  or end international social problems , solely by unilateral actions . In most cases today, that translate to flushing  out every Muslim on  the face of the earth,and or bomb  them  back to the Mohammedan bat cave  they belong, in most estimations.. Another resultant irony , as to what can befall brown , black , yellow , and red immigrants that decides to become part of the American toss salad , aka melting pot , and yet fail to become politically engaged to the extent that they too can have some meaningful influence on national , com international; affairs. 
      Never thought I would in this lifetime see a poll , that showed the mentally challenged , and media cuddled ,Yale / Harvard Fratboy ,Crawford Texan President G.W Bush ,get a higher image approval rating in these United States , than any other living ,or dead President , based on his atrocious ,and  readily unforgettable Presidial stewardship for eight years , but there it is. That title was recently given to Barrack Hussain Obama  -after only what ,three years in power , and more domestic legislative successes that his past 20 predecessors. Unfortunately , this current leader has a few things going against him  such as  the fact that no one can still find his Hawaiian birth certificate , or figure out his lower middle class , Black, White , Asian, religious , national , or foreign agenda  , outside of enhancing the  dominant status quo. 
  Well, G. W has been very good for the Muslim world ,   China , and a host of  pro Reagan  dictators, across the globe , that  it now cease to be even funny any more.  Against the advice of more informed  thinkers, he tried to either be his own man , or maybe in his twisted soul ,tried to  prove  that he was he  was  more  of a  misguided Right Wing  ideologue ,and tough cowboy, than his liberal minded papa G H , or the idolized  Californian Actor turned President, Ronald  Reagan, by invading Iraq. As a result Iran ,without even gaining a sweat, is now the biggest  independent ,yet threatened  political  force in the Gulf region , without a nuclear arsenal at their disposal  to ward off encroaching enemies - as yet  
 Ironies , of ironies  exist in the recent pro democratic  moves taking place ,since  Egypt  ,might soon have a new  leader  -if all goes well-in savvy UN International Diplomat , American  critic, and  one time IAEA  head , Mohamed El Baradai.  
    It never ends folks , but stay tuned , as I your humble ‘ political animal,’ continues to roam , explore , and attempts to put his own spin on what prevails for politics , by a glaringly deceptive ,‘ Global interlocking elite.’ 
   It’s  a beautiful day for  sustainable peace , environmental security , socio economic  justice, and political empowerment of the weak- irrespective of where they reside, yes? 

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