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Saturday, February 5, 2011

21st Century Bridge Building Scio - Economic & Political Solidarity Network

    It’s been a good day ,fine week , excellent start of the New Year , even would all the numerous problems we as individuals are  confronted with on a  daily basis , yes?What do you know the winds of changes are moving along quite smoothly like a raging, or more   appropriately, an  incipient  bush fire , be it from  from North African Tunisia ,to sometimes African Egypt, and beyond. This scenario means that  dictators , along with their wink/ wink  economic ,com political enablers, are huddling in fear and uncertainty , as norm like business as usual is about to end. With each passing day it is becoming more and more evident that one can never really  underestimate the powers of committed ,  organized masses of people , especially when they so happen  to be led by a  growing conscious ,Middle Class , willing to look beyond narrow self interest . These can range form disgruntled  Right wing Neo Conservative ,Tea Party  members to ..... well you can fill in the blanks ,where appropriate. 
      On the 24th January  last , I so happened to  celebrate another born day, but for the record , won’t bore you too much as to the exact figure, unless you insist, that is. There are many who look at yours truly , and shake their heads in consternation, while  sometimes asking aloud  , what exactly is he all about ? Every day I am confronted with the questions , direct, and otherwise ,by folks of all stripes . Some  of these including a few  of what I affectionately refer to as  one time ,fellow obsessed  ‘credentialists , and  others simply trying to decide whether future personal  education investments ,are  truly worth it , as claimed ,when unemployment figures are skyrocketing , not only here in these United States, aka , ‘the greatest nation on earth ,’ but also  globally. 
    Well , let’s say I am now more than ready ,to finally the take the next step to becoming  a strong  social advocate, and Political Civil Rights Activist ,on behalf of economic ,and political justice for downtrodden, and historically neglected folks, many of whom remained  victimized because of  their race , class ,ethnic background, gender ,age , or geographical origin. I know , the task would be challenging,and hence the reasons why many have shied away , and instead look inwards , while awaiting miracles , as well as  others they feel more capable to jump into the fray .I however , feels energized and excited . 
    Is there any better  feeling  than that  of seeing a new solidarity movement movement evolve, and blossom ,  that can help build the bridge to the future,  across the Global North /South Divide , where many fellow humans , rich and poor alike ,just like us in our respective  ways ,are grappling with serious  social maladies , yet unsure how to confront them , since they are unaware as to causes.  Fortunately , I have numerous others before, that ventured down this part , and made a difference. Let’s make that concerted effort fellow  progressive , and yes, pragmatic humanist , to stand up , speak the truth always , halt revisionism , and keep self serving elites at bay , as this remains a first step to peaceful coexistence amongst peoples,as well as full  security , economic viability , and political empowerment for all , far and wide. 
    Promise me that you too would always support ,and or  encourage ,’respect  for the other,’ as this would definitely contribute to many of the noble ideals that founding members of the much maligned United Nations aspired , but perhaps never fully achieved for diverse, well known , but often conveniently  ignored   reasons.  It’s a beautiful day , and  wonderful world , but most importantly ,one cannot help but feel great to be a part of it . Make a difference,and never hesitate to  use your influence  in  whatever public manner , for the common good !
Stay tuned, as the urgency  for organizing  now, towards a glorious end,  is ever so critical. Or children ,and planet  as a whole demands it. 

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