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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unconscious , Black Middle Class : An American tragedy.

Well, what do you know . Just picked up Condi Rice memoir of her family entitled " Extraordinary , ordinary  people." No controversy whatsoever, or more importantly, some  sexually salacious scandals, but that's Condi for you, keep everything under cover , and leave it all to our imaginations.Very overpowering father , and mom , well , perhaps more proud of her Cherokee heritage.  Quite an interesting revelation however.
  According to her, "Radical, Civil Rights activist ,Stokly Carmichael , was a good friend of the family," and occasionally  spoke at her father's courses ,and adult educational seminars , at all white institutions such as Mount view Boulevard Presbyterian  Church in Denver. Very interesting indeed. I just would not have guessed that, but then Clarence Thomas once rebuked his close Conservative friends on TV  , for engaging in "a high tech lynching ,"in efforts to stall them , when grilling him , re his sexual maneuvers of  neo feminist tool Anita Hill. Never could understand the mindset of folks who personally suffered so much at the hands of white America , and yet , more prepared to stand on the sidelines , in grateful acceptance of their 40 pieces of silver, as they too help to strengthen the status quo position.
 The tragedy indeed of the confused Afro American Middle Class, desperately trying to be accepted, but lacking the courage to stand up and speak out against racially  motivated,  overt , and covert discriminations, by dominant majority.
 There is still much work to be done folks.

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