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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enlightened Self Interest - A Reinterpretation

"Every nation that has ended in tyranny has come to that end by way of good order. It certainly does not follow from this that peoples should scorn public peace, but neither should they be satisfied with that and nothing more. A nation that asks nothing of government but the maintenance of order is already a slave in the depths of its heart; it is a slave of its well-being, ready for the man who will put it in chains.

        There are many today that are nostalgic over a distant past era , of the globally divisive ,Cold War,when two militaristic , out of control , competing, Super Powers, in the likes of  USA , & USSR , played out their proxy wars, and foolish pretense of peaceful, Nuclear coexistence ,for the benefits of naive,often  fearful , and mostly ,psychologically comatose , respective citizens ,too numb from misplaced ,patriotic zeal , to resist. Incidentally,such follies saw an  estimated  22 million lives destroyed ,in some 291 conflicts ,across the globe - chiefly in poor, developing countries, caught up in ideological Capitalist vs Socialist ,propagandist , superlative ,mantras.  
      Unfortunately ,typical unnecessary Triumphalism, as played out by it’s sole winner USA, has led to obvious  missteps,& squander of  golden opportunities ,to move the world forward,via prudent manifestations of moral leadership.One need not be some lofty Social Scientist , to recognize that since that historic occasion last 1989, at that President G. H. Bush comically referred to as , "the end of History,", maybe twice that amount might  have died via ethnic , racial , and  tribalistic conflicts ,disguised  sometimes as religious intolerance , and economic  frustrations, but in reality , a final tail end fall out of four decades of ideological wars.  
    Fast forward to 2011,and unless one was living under a rock on Jupiter, over the past 6 months or more , we would be bombarded by a barrage of sometimes organize , but more often, disjointed hodgepodge of pro  Islamic turmoils, by    various  underrepresented , abused , and neglected peoples,across several Middle Eastern , and North African States, as many  make their paltry attempts, at some semblance of political , and social change ,that can be likened to what we often playfully refer to as Democracy. 
    I am curious as to whether you have the confidence that present leadership,  led by Uncle Barrack . Hussein Obama, can get it right, unlike his many previous counterparts starting , let say with "Richard , I am not a crook Nixon ," all the way  to G.W , your country’s first , and hopefully last ,Harvard MBA , Compassionate Conservative President ,that left  you  in the worst economic state of affairs  ,since the  Great Depression? 
    Uncle O , did after all , run on a platform of “change , we can believe in.” Now since  he is only one individual , and  might be simply rowing along  a piranha infested ,rapidly raging creek ,in a porous  canoe , with a broken paddle, what role can  both you ,and I play, to ensure that our  diverse interest are achieved, and not only the 1% or less elites that dominate the political and economic landscape for too long? 
    You know the selfish creatures that benefited from the that fast talking ,Gipper ,California Cowboy,  Voodoo , trickle down economics, corporate gains, and tax breaks for the rich  , that took jobs overseas , and hold large overseas bank accounts they can check out occasionally ,with their private jets. 
    Yes, I am talking about those who benefited from continued G.W Bush taxs breaks , that were extended by Uncle O , or got the exorbitant bail outs while most of you wallowed on the precipice of  jobless,suicidal despair , still unable to pay your mortgage, or the braces for your indulgent kids. But I digress. 
   Speaking  of the Middle East , Peaceful co existence, and prudent International relations during the Cold War, and it’s long term implications today , as played out in one of the major countries Egypt. It was  former diplomat, Canadian PM ,and  1957 Nobel  Peace Prize winner ,Lester B. Pearson, who said  the following: “We must keep on trying to solve problems, one by one, stage by stage, if not on the basis of confidence and cooperation, at least on that of mutual toleration and self-interest.”  Many  credit him , as being the father of modern UN Peacekeeping , as he help defuse a one time Suez crisis, by encouraging , competing powers, to rally together in support of their vested interest ,re the natural resources surrounding the Suez Canal.
       Maybe  soon , a coherent  a,nd more coordinated  policy of support ,would be put into place , by one , or all leaders of influence , to aid and assist the struggling people of the Middle East , and pro Arab North Africa, who are also clamoring for the same socio - economic , com political justice, that white European brothers and sisters across Eastern Europe and the former USSR ,yearned for , and obtained during the waning days of the much dreaded ,Cold War, when the Soviet Union , as once constituted, became no more.
  Let me  steal a phrase from neo Capitalist head guru , Adam Smith,and it’s called "Enlightened   Self Interest," as I fervently believe that same is quite applicable presently. Our interests ,are inextricably tied up in the success of each other , yes? 
I stand corrected. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making it Work

Can’t help but love Black folks , even with all our problems, flaws, foibles, missteps , and dysfunctions. Like many of our Afro founding fathers , I have profound faith in them , and believe we can get it right some day , with  concerted efforts, and drive , as indirectly taught to us by great, resilient ,  and noble ancestors  that led the way through thick and thin. One of the major fact that they must recognize as they seek to assume real power after centuries of playing second fiddle, is that they are not a monolithic bunch of childlike souls, as portrayed  . Never should they attempt to  fit only into some symbolic,  one size fit all  tight squeezing shoe. Instead, they accept that they   remain a  beautiful, and  diverse mosaic ,that brings different things to the table, which in the end, can be quite beneficial.They  need to build on  their different taste, expectations, dreams , and passion , and simply make it work. 
       So take the question of professions and career choices , such as law. A neo Conservative like Justice  Clarence Thomas, should be  encouraged, and not ostracized , as is the case , because he refuse to walk a particular Afrocentric  line 365 days  He can be of some use for the cause , if encouraged, at appropriate times over the next 50 or more years he can serve on the Supreme Court, maybe then affirmative actions be be acceptable as a way for trying to make  historical social wrongs right for his people. 
    How about Uncle Obama , and Wife?Yes, they both could have moved on to the Wall Street, or a Chicago, Fortune 500 company ,and make millions per day ,due to those ivy education they acquired,way back after much sacrifices by guardians and parents. Tell me guys , are we worst off , due to the career choices they took instead? We'll , be the judge by the end of his second term of office ,come 2016.
     Finally , one of my own City’s hero , and fellow CUNY graduate , in Bronx DA  Robert  Johnson. Well , all he did was decide that as long as he is District Attorney in this New York  City, no one would be subjected to the American historically racist,  barbaric,  in humane ,post slavery, genocidal Death Penalty. That’s fine with me , and the thousand of Black men ,that could have found themselves wallowing on death row , due to the actions of unmentionable others , with evil , revenge , and destruction in their hearts.
        What do you know , we have another case of  a victimless crime being elevated into front page fiefdom , by over zealous judges, and  District Attorney , with  obvious delusions ,of running some day for higher office- of course at the expense of another Black male. Nothing wrong with that one might say , for if you do the crime , blah , blah , blah....
  So why am I getting my jockstrap in a twist  ,you asked over an egomaniac like Barry, that would never give me, or any other human on earth , a penny if I was down on my luck , homeless , or eating garbage from the streets of San Francisco?
      Let’s just say,that  I despise the fact that a criminal is being used to give evidence against another , in efforts to bolster his own image , and perhaps prevent  himself from undergoing future  prosecution - especially when the evidence may be fabricated , based on  innuendos , and conjecture.  Darm , that sounds good, could have been a lawyer myself, if I had the patience for LSAT, but that’s a different story.  
       Former MVP ,Jason Giambi ,and brother Geremi , is giving evidence to prove perjury was committed by Bonds , towards a Federal Grand Jury, about his drug use , since,  his paid for silence trainer ,is in jail and refusing to rat him out , no matter how the state might promise to string him up for the benefit of the viewing public, and world at large. 
   Let me add, this , a few millions can go a long way to keep a Rap star like Piddy from taking a gun Rap , or sporting hero from doing time. We could add, the threat of jail , can work well to ensure that the fragile Giambi , do his civic duties to sink another ,in the same sinking boat . Quite sad, but maybe justice would prevail , and most of the jurors are MLB fans, who loved cantankerous media haters ,  Barry Bonds, as they could  Ty Cobb.    
      The moral of this blog is that more law school grads make judges, defense lawyers, DA prosecutors,legislators,  and  maybe CEO’s in sporting organizations like the MLB ,who can shift the barometer one way or the other in terms of justice  towards the benefit of Black folks. This principle applies to education, banking,entertainment, business,media , real estate, health care , and the list on , and on. Widen your horizons my people , as the returns can be tremendous. 
    Hey Barry , we feel your pain , and could almost read your mind as you try to put on a calm composure, wearing your $8,000 a pop , expensive Armani suites, throughout this ordeal.  ' I did not sign on for this , like Uncle Willie Mays , and my  dad. Giambi was a pill pumping ,over priced, New York Yankee, failing slugger , an avid  juicer , who once revealed that he occasionally wore unwashed , women's bikinis underwear , as  some good luck charm, and yet no sanctions, so why me?' 
     If Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle,Joe DiMaggio , the great Babe Ruth , and even Ken Griffey Jr,had to contend with  the severe media  scrutiny , and unwarranted public  venom,that I had to, en route to my  record , then they would have all   ended up either in mental asylums , or engaging in much more frequent drunken stupors, as opposed to cherished stars they become. We feel your pain Barry. Stay up , change is on the way. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiger Mom follies,from Chairman Mao's Playbook

     This is  the recipe for success according to Tiger Mom high priestess Chinese American ,  Amy Chua , from her acclaimed book  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I prefer to view it as again, another lonely female soul , living  sorry lives vicariously through their kids - mainly girls of course- in efforts ,to compensate for their own failures, and or miserable existence as kids once ,but then, I could be wrong, as I have often before. Listen to her Mantra :- 
  "Here are some things my daughters  Sophia and Louisa were never allowed to do .
attend a sleepover
Have a playmate
be in a school play
complain about not being n a school play
watch TV or play computer games
choose their own extracurricular activities.
get grades less than an A
not be the #1 student in every subject except gym and drama
play any instrument other than the piano or violin
not play the piano or violin" 
   My only reason for trying to get this book one day is to find out what the consequences might be for such unfortunate kids.  Are we surprise that Chairman Mao thrived in China, a Nobel winner cannot travel to Europe to collect his winning  Prize,Google was banned, most of the internet is censored , and millions are prepared to live in abject poverty , while their  under regulated ,socialist country pretends to the world, that it is a developed capitalistic  emerging power,  since resistance to their autocratic rule is virtually non existent?  Failure to always adhere to  any rule , can  often get one incarcerated , or worst yet ,a bullet in the back of the head in China . Not surprising, China , and it's various  sometimes primitive leaders , would use it's international clout , and  influence ,to support some of the most abusive leaders ,across the globe , all under the guise of pushing their own version of development, but in reality , furtherance of a  narrow national interest agenda. To return to our subject , let's just  say, that the parenting styles as played out by this mother , and hundreds of others , even after living for several generations in America ,  the land of the free ,is astounding to say the least.
       Here is another  female concentration  camp driver ,Hei Liu's , gleeful ,victorious cries ,on Far East ,Oriental ,parenting supremacy that is being gobbled up by clueless middle class parents with way too much time on their hands . "All my kids  have  to finish what they  supposed to do within time limit. If not, they will  get  to do 30 push ups automatically, if they resist , the 30 push ups will  become 60  push ups, and eventually  goes up to 90 push ups. I do believe in strict discipline is the foundation  for anyone who wants to be successful." 
   The conclusion from such twisted thinkers would naturally be, that all unsuccessful folks were therefore part of  an indiscipline environment, and should not only be chastised , but left  to struggle , and figure out where they and succeeding generations, within their tribal milieu  went wrong. 
    Certainly ,a curious  interpretation of success , one would think. It almost reminds one of the sadistic pleasures that some dog trainers derive, when one of their grateful ,loyal ,our legged fury  creatures, do their biddings , for a pat on the head ,maybe a kiss on the slobbering mouth , and a choice bone. 
 Well , it could have been much worst , as the traditional view point by some  main stream adherents , is that all behaviors are psychologically driven , and are inherited, from some crazy  gene pool, that is closely linked to one's race, or ethnic  fabric. All concept of history is therefore thrown through the window, and the role of prudent  necessary social and political policies to effect positive changes discarded.  Occasionally , one of the super kids listed in these modern experiments tend to push back, unfortunately, and we the innocent get caught in the cross fires , as seen in the two school tragedies I  am about to show.

   That's however ,  another subject ,for a different day. For the record , I am not saying that crazy , over zealous moms ,like this book peddling, snake oil sales woman  indicated by Tiger Mom guru Amy Chau  , is the cause for some kids from this community - mainly males one should add- pushing back  violently , against such mediaeval practices , that's purported to be good parenting, aimed at producing allegedly good  , successful kids.  
So, let's go Tiger Moms, delusional as you may be!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Live life, be Grateful, & Give Back

                                                   It’s been a beautiful month for many of us , but obviously a bit sad for a few in between , as can be expected. Our first Black President for example , created history having allowed himself to be pushed into a corner  to  start his first war, in Africa of all places, and just like a few of his white predecessors , choose to find a way to obtain his objective and score points on many fronts , all simultaneously.Now that the pandora's box is open, look out, here comes Syria, Bahrain,  Jordan, Yemen, recurring Egypt, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia .So far ,knock on wood, and  score one or two for  lofty ,Ivy educations , and prudent lobbying by oil conglomerates pretending to care about North African Islamist . For many of my fellow Buddhist , and  unfortunate folks of Japan , our hearts reach out to them in this their moment of  natural environmental tragedy. When the figures are counted up , and the PR spin doctors have  completed refining their stories , I am certain the death toll would make the debacle in Haiti, look like a Columbine shooting scene in comparison. 
      Speaking of spin doctors , let’s just say that they are doing a terrible job when it comes to the pending , or according to them insignificant radiation , future cancer forming ,nuclear disaster , some think can rival Chernobyl , but that a different story. Like US,  their  proud counterpart , and  global benefactors, back in the heady days of New Orleans Katerina hurricane, levee flooding , and  mainly Afro American ,refugee fall outs, officials in Japan   are refusing most aid . Well , what can one expect from a country with such a great economy , as well as 53 nuclear plants , and no interest in nuclear weapons,  like North Korea, Iran , and Libya , because  they have the full protection of the greatest country on Earth? 
      There were a few American Royal deaths as it were , and that can be sad depending ... First there was a Hollywood royal death in Elizabeth Taylor . Generally, a well loved woman , who amidst many of her emotional dysfunctions, extravagances , and  marital problems ,took the time to give back to others in need , by her sterling efforts to draw attention to the fact that AIDS was a problem in these United States , or that  it was not limited to  white  bohemian ,Gay  San Francisco men ,starving  Africans , and Haitians , or 2.6 million  prisoners, serving time across 50 States, unwilling to become members of in house gangs, to protect themselves from abuses by testosterone laden males , unable to get close to their outside female mates . Thanks you Liz , for also showing some love to the loneliest millionaire in the world , Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, with the black impediment . 
     We lost a Political Royal ,in lifetime Liberal thinker ,feminist fighter , and champion of women’s rights in  Geraldine Ferraro. As the country's first female  VP candidate ,Geraldine Ferraro was a political pioneer , that paved the way for many other women interested in entering the contentious world of politics. Both her, and her fans too caught up in the throes of rabid ‘men hating , all sex is rape feminism ,‘would like to think that her  political failures ,had more to do with her gender than the fact that she was an Italian , or was someway linked to Italian families, but that’s their right, and who are we to argue. In typical fashion , she had to come kicking and screaming around to the side of a Black candidate in Uncle O ,as she felt the Clinton Royal dynasty was more important, score one for sometimes ungrateful liberals , who eventually saw the light.
    Finally, Nate Dog , an R&B crooning, Rap royalty  icon, that  passed away too early one might add-from natural causes and not two bullet in the chest ,and one in the head as is the norm . We wish his family well. His skills in part help make Rap , or Hip Hop, into the globally accepted art form it is today , even if still laden  with sometimes misogynistic , and anti establishment ,fighting , contentious lyrics, not palatable for some. 
   If  however, we can  accept Mozart, Beethoven, Pavarotti,Elvis, George Michael, Kiss, and all the other sometimes unwholesome characters across the broad spectrum of music , then we can also live with Rap ,and all it’s post slavery characteristics. We’ll miss you Nate, and thanks for blessing us with fine music ,and warm mentoring spirit   to the 'young gunz,' that you displayed  in your own way. 
     On a personal level , it was a few weeks full of  inspiration for me , as I continued my ethnographic  studies of much maligned ,'BlackSunGod Folks,' across the Diaspora, to see how they grapple with life , and try to make a difference where feasible, against much odds .
    Two of my Kenyan buddies ,comes to mind , as they refuse to get caught up in the social, and political neglect , and underlying  neo tribal conflicts ,that affects their country . They are instead playing a role to making a difference in lives   of their country men, and women. One guy is collaborating with  several American Universities, to ensure that some of his young country folks can get sports scholarships , but with one caveat,which is, that they return home and give back to the community from which they emerge. 
       The other , has used his own money , influence ,and resources, to try and build homes for poor families , and send several girls to high school -whose parents died of Aids-since high school education is not free in his country. In addition, he is on the verge of starting an NGO ,geared towards addressing Sickle Cell , and Malaria , within his country- and as I encouraged him to think about the wider global community as a whole, as this problem remains a major problem , especially ion global African  families .
       This he does willingly ,while confronting personal ,severe challenging  problems of his own. The lessons I take away , is that there are numerous ways of tackling social problems ,but  the important part forward , is to be committed to a cause ,avoid procrastination,and make bold  steps . Thanks all guys, for your inspirational lives , in being the best you can , and giving back, under the best, and worst circumstances , without looking out for personal rewards.
 As I said  again, a beautiful month thus far, and life is great, of which one can be grateful. Continue to use your  influence towards good, as  it  makes for a much better world. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peaceful Changes we can Believe in

        As the late Bernie Mac might say , so what’s new across the global village America? Well what do you know ,another miscalculating , pro islamist  political idiot ,is about to get his butt kicked ,all because he lack the foresight to quit while he was ahead , grab his millions ,and run some  ‘tyrant accommodation enclave,’ with his harem , and 55 kids, yes?There is just something about these guys who survived in power for  too long , that always irritates me, be it life time socialist Castro, and now Pan Arabist , or is it Africanist ,Quadaffi? How long do you calculate before the North African Beduin ,goat header, folds his tent , since he finds himself alone , defending his  kingdom , since all his military commanders , got a peak of reality ,then abandoned him for more lucrative pastures, in far off cities such as London , Paris, New York, Havana , Ottawa and Caracas? My guess is another face saving week ,or two maximum. Inshalla , yes? We’ll see. 
    Tell me ,aren’t you as pissed off as yours truly is ,  to see all these Sunday morning quarterbacks, so call military turned political experts , falling out of the woodwork to throw daggers at , and second guess , perhaps the greatest Commander in Chief, this country has ever  seen since , maybe FDR? Sorry Slick Willy Clinton, you might have had a chance for that title, but your insatiable sexual predilections, towards girls that reminded you of your then 15 year old daughter , did you in. Did someone say , that Monica recently graduated with a degree from Oxford? Well , I’ll be darm , for the standards of that noble British institution ,has sure fallen. I for one won’t like to know what she did to boost the scores of that entrance exam. However I digress. 
   The disgusting  machinations of the Washingtonian ideological barracudas , that won’t give our first Black President, a chance,  to take a stab at being the world’s super policeman, all under the watchful eyes of the International community’s premier Multilateral  organ , in the United Nations, along with  the Arab League,and Nato. It just feels good , to see a real ‘coalition of the willing,’ going to battle , with a clear legally binding, mandate, to deal with preventing a barbaric megalomanic henchman , as he tries to run roughshod over the rights of his suffering people. 
   Just for the record, it was not only Quadaffi that was surprised at the swiftness of the action , after the Egyptian  uprising debacle , but so were  these conservative  diversionary  political folks , or fake liberal Dixiecrats ,yearning for blood ,come 2012 election. 
   Oh  they exclaim in the lead up to the 102 million dollar ,Tomahawk showdown ,’he was too slow to take action, but sorry,the  American Congress did not give the- 3 months necessary -green light ,to endorse a no fly zone aka war, after sanctions failed to budge  the kingpin yes , but it’s an act of war we can ill afford, then why is he in Latin America , at this critical period, we have no strategic interest, however, we are going to be dragged into another costly war, and finally, ahhhh, how dare him ,put our soldiers in harms way, by promising not to take the lead , then hand over full control for the actions to some Frenchman , English , Canadian ,or Arab Brigadier? 
    Mind you these are the same  ideological cretins , that stood idly by and allowed America’s first Harvard & Yale fratboy ,MBA President , to drag this country to war against two  innocent , countries , after September 11 th 2001, and to what end ? Yes , a 6 ft 5 beaded Arab is allegedly , still rolling around the deserts of terror Friendly Pakistan ,unscratched , while the Iraq Mushroom cloud ,turned pro democratic war mongering  ideas ,go to his head, as advocated by the intellectual Chickenhead Condi, and other Neocons such as obvious economic Backwater security  bandit Dick Cheny, as well as war criminal, torture Chief  Donald Rumfield. The same , economic pundits , and media minions , who silently stood by as a surplus was eroded , and the introductionof huge deficits, that led to a mammoth recession emerge, while questioning every policy attempts to rectify the ship of state, with well thought out , though sometimes slow, progressive , bipartisan  policies.  
   Can someone please tell , the media hound dogs  , and prognosticators, that there is a new Sheriff in town , and his name is Barrack Obama?  
The Arizona hot head Octogenarian ,”‘Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran ,” Marvrick guy Jonny Mac ,is at home counting a certain  beer heiress millions, and his Alaskan , female ‘Mama Grizzly sidekick ,Sarah Palin,’ is busy selling books , pimping her kids on reality TV, and or, perhaps , building up her fragile foreign policy expertise , by visiting Kibbutz in the Israeli deserts, while ignoring slaughtered Arab Palestinians in Gaza . Go figure.  
     Obviously , no one with a brain is fooled into believing that the interest of the Libyan people are paramount, in this critical moment as efforts are fostered to force Quadaffi out of power into the chains of a UN World Court tribunal  , since that of the Cote de Ivorians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Algerians,Baharainans, Syrians, Tunisians, Lebanese, Jordanians , Sudanese ,hopefully Saudis ,or any other Muslim for that matter means squad diddle dook , to tenuous democratic minded Western power mongrels  , since the Berlin wall fell in 1989 , and the great  Soviet ,Evil Empire was no more. However , here is a wake up call for all tyrants the world over . Your citizens are tired, of your half baked acts , the world is watching , and perhaps moral leadership will again become the norm. 
Let peace reign, I say, and so should you.  This might be “change you can believe in,” who knows? It’s a beautiful world. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Cry for Justice & Human Decency

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
Calvin Coolidge 
      Yes, I know , we are all caught up in the Japanese Tsunami , and pending Nuclear  tragedy, and as such other matters that afflicts the world ,has conveniently gone unnoticed. The military buffoon in Libya has continued to publicly murder his people, with the international community , led by the great United States , still dragging it's feet, in the face of wanton human rights abuses by the self anointed  African Arab, oil king pin, with a penchant for nepotism. The elites in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan , and strategically important, but poor Islamist states , have been paid off , and are back in their offices , checking suddenly expanded banks accounts, with happy militaries, and global benefactors ecstatic about their respective  role in slightly tweaking said political realms towards  some semblance of  acceptable democracy. 
    Now here we go to my beef. The  United States supported crooks, and bandits that make up the Bahrain fiefdom, has also unleashed their expensive military arsenal on defenseless people , with the help of the immoral pro Whahabbist from the corrupt , abusive  Saudi Kingdom.
   Lest it slipped your attention , since you were too busy reading ,and watching the clownishness that 's perpetuated  daily ,as news ,by clueless , intellectually dishonest talking head media gurus, of   CNN , Faux 5,MSNBC,  and  other emerging jokers, from  across  most of  ideologically skewed , coo-opted  social medias . It's a minority Sunni government ,that has ruled this oil haven since George Washington was in diapers folks. The victims are a vast Shiite majority, that looks and behave like the elephant in the Middle East Room Iran.

 Does this development ring a bell? Yes, it's called Iraq,and if like me you too are fully outraged by Secretary of State Hillary, and her trying too hard to prove that he is a loving , hard nose , yet caring Christian Commander in Chief President - still ready to rule from day one.
 Stay on point, and informed. Today it's the other, tomorrow it might  just be you. Well, Wisconsin , does not count, for who cares about trade union rights, and callous , uncaring political bohemians from the land of the free?  Did you say barbarians? 

Just for the record.Let it be known, that these folks, whether  across the vast majority of undemocratic , western backed countries, or at home in these United States , all knows fully well ,who their enemies are . We should therefore continue to brace ourselves for any possible negative blowbacks.
I repeat, stay engaged, and informed, and remember ,Solidarity Matters!
 Your voice of Reason

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