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Monday, March 28, 2011

Live life, be Grateful, & Give Back

                                                   It’s been a beautiful month for many of us , but obviously a bit sad for a few in between , as can be expected. Our first Black President for example , created history having allowed himself to be pushed into a corner  to  start his first war, in Africa of all places, and just like a few of his white predecessors , choose to find a way to obtain his objective and score points on many fronts , all simultaneously.Now that the pandora's box is open, look out, here comes Syria, Bahrain,  Jordan, Yemen, recurring Egypt, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia .So far ,knock on wood, and  score one or two for  lofty ,Ivy educations , and prudent lobbying by oil conglomerates pretending to care about North African Islamist . For many of my fellow Buddhist , and  unfortunate folks of Japan , our hearts reach out to them in this their moment of  natural environmental tragedy. When the figures are counted up , and the PR spin doctors have  completed refining their stories , I am certain the death toll would make the debacle in Haiti, look like a Columbine shooting scene in comparison. 
      Speaking of spin doctors , let’s just say that they are doing a terrible job when it comes to the pending , or according to them insignificant radiation , future cancer forming ,nuclear disaster , some think can rival Chernobyl , but that a different story. Like US,  their  proud counterpart , and  global benefactors, back in the heady days of New Orleans Katerina hurricane, levee flooding , and  mainly Afro American ,refugee fall outs, officials in Japan   are refusing most aid . Well , what can one expect from a country with such a great economy , as well as 53 nuclear plants , and no interest in nuclear weapons,  like North Korea, Iran , and Libya , because  they have the full protection of the greatest country on Earth? 
      There were a few American Royal deaths as it were , and that can be sad depending ... First there was a Hollywood royal death in Elizabeth Taylor . Generally, a well loved woman , who amidst many of her emotional dysfunctions, extravagances , and  marital problems ,took the time to give back to others in need , by her sterling efforts to draw attention to the fact that AIDS was a problem in these United States , or that  it was not limited to  white  bohemian ,Gay  San Francisco men ,starving  Africans , and Haitians , or 2.6 million  prisoners, serving time across 50 States, unwilling to become members of in house gangs, to protect themselves from abuses by testosterone laden males , unable to get close to their outside female mates . Thanks you Liz , for also showing some love to the loneliest millionaire in the world , Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, with the black impediment . 
     We lost a Political Royal ,in lifetime Liberal thinker ,feminist fighter , and champion of women’s rights in  Geraldine Ferraro. As the country's first female  VP candidate ,Geraldine Ferraro was a political pioneer , that paved the way for many other women interested in entering the contentious world of politics. Both her, and her fans too caught up in the throes of rabid ‘men hating , all sex is rape feminism ,‘would like to think that her  political failures ,had more to do with her gender than the fact that she was an Italian , or was someway linked to Italian families, but that’s their right, and who are we to argue. In typical fashion , she had to come kicking and screaming around to the side of a Black candidate in Uncle O ,as she felt the Clinton Royal dynasty was more important, score one for sometimes ungrateful liberals , who eventually saw the light.
    Finally, Nate Dog , an R&B crooning, Rap royalty  icon, that  passed away too early one might add-from natural causes and not two bullet in the chest ,and one in the head as is the norm . We wish his family well. His skills in part help make Rap , or Hip Hop, into the globally accepted art form it is today , even if still laden  with sometimes misogynistic , and anti establishment ,fighting , contentious lyrics, not palatable for some. 
   If  however, we can  accept Mozart, Beethoven, Pavarotti,Elvis, George Michael, Kiss, and all the other sometimes unwholesome characters across the broad spectrum of music , then we can also live with Rap ,and all it’s post slavery characteristics. We’ll miss you Nate, and thanks for blessing us with fine music ,and warm mentoring spirit   to the 'young gunz,' that you displayed  in your own way. 
     On a personal level , it was a few weeks full of  inspiration for me , as I continued my ethnographic  studies of much maligned ,'BlackSunGod Folks,' across the Diaspora, to see how they grapple with life , and try to make a difference where feasible, against much odds .
    Two of my Kenyan buddies ,comes to mind , as they refuse to get caught up in the social, and political neglect , and underlying  neo tribal conflicts ,that affects their country . They are instead playing a role to making a difference in lives   of their country men, and women. One guy is collaborating with  several American Universities, to ensure that some of his young country folks can get sports scholarships , but with one caveat,which is, that they return home and give back to the community from which they emerge. 
       The other , has used his own money , influence ,and resources, to try and build homes for poor families , and send several girls to high school -whose parents died of Aids-since high school education is not free in his country. In addition, he is on the verge of starting an NGO ,geared towards addressing Sickle Cell , and Malaria , within his country- and as I encouraged him to think about the wider global community as a whole, as this problem remains a major problem , especially ion global African  families .
       This he does willingly ,while confronting personal ,severe challenging  problems of his own. The lessons I take away , is that there are numerous ways of tackling social problems ,but  the important part forward , is to be committed to a cause ,avoid procrastination,and make bold  steps . Thanks all guys, for your inspirational lives , in being the best you can , and giving back, under the best, and worst circumstances , without looking out for personal rewards.
 As I said  again, a beautiful month thus far, and life is great, of which one can be grateful. Continue to use your  influence towards good, as  it  makes for a much better world. 

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