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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiger Mom follies,from Chairman Mao's Playbook

     This is  the recipe for success according to Tiger Mom high priestess Chinese American ,  Amy Chua , from her acclaimed book  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I prefer to view it as again, another lonely female soul , living  sorry lives vicariously through their kids - mainly girls of course- in efforts ,to compensate for their own failures, and or miserable existence as kids once ,but then, I could be wrong, as I have often before. Listen to her Mantra :- 
  "Here are some things my daughters  Sophia and Louisa were never allowed to do .
attend a sleepover
Have a playmate
be in a school play
complain about not being n a school play
watch TV or play computer games
choose their own extracurricular activities.
get grades less than an A
not be the #1 student in every subject except gym and drama
play any instrument other than the piano or violin
not play the piano or violin" 
   My only reason for trying to get this book one day is to find out what the consequences might be for such unfortunate kids.  Are we surprise that Chairman Mao thrived in China, a Nobel winner cannot travel to Europe to collect his winning  Prize,Google was banned, most of the internet is censored , and millions are prepared to live in abject poverty , while their  under regulated ,socialist country pretends to the world, that it is a developed capitalistic  emerging power,  since resistance to their autocratic rule is virtually non existent?  Failure to always adhere to  any rule , can  often get one incarcerated , or worst yet ,a bullet in the back of the head in China . Not surprising, China , and it's various  sometimes primitive leaders , would use it's international clout , and  influence ,to support some of the most abusive leaders ,across the globe , all under the guise of pushing their own version of development, but in reality , furtherance of a  narrow national interest agenda. To return to our subject , let's just  say, that the parenting styles as played out by this mother , and hundreds of others , even after living for several generations in America ,  the land of the free ,is astounding to say the least.
       Here is another  female concentration  camp driver ,Hei Liu's , gleeful ,victorious cries ,on Far East ,Oriental ,parenting supremacy that is being gobbled up by clueless middle class parents with way too much time on their hands . "All my kids  have  to finish what they  supposed to do within time limit. If not, they will  get  to do 30 push ups automatically, if they resist , the 30 push ups will  become 60  push ups, and eventually  goes up to 90 push ups. I do believe in strict discipline is the foundation  for anyone who wants to be successful." 
   The conclusion from such twisted thinkers would naturally be, that all unsuccessful folks were therefore part of  an indiscipline environment, and should not only be chastised , but left  to struggle , and figure out where they and succeeding generations, within their tribal milieu  went wrong. 
    Certainly ,a curious  interpretation of success , one would think. It almost reminds one of the sadistic pleasures that some dog trainers derive, when one of their grateful ,loyal ,our legged fury  creatures, do their biddings , for a pat on the head ,maybe a kiss on the slobbering mouth , and a choice bone. 
 Well , it could have been much worst , as the traditional view point by some  main stream adherents , is that all behaviors are psychologically driven , and are inherited, from some crazy  gene pool, that is closely linked to one's race, or ethnic  fabric. All concept of history is therefore thrown through the window, and the role of prudent  necessary social and political policies to effect positive changes discarded.  Occasionally , one of the super kids listed in these modern experiments tend to push back, unfortunately, and we the innocent get caught in the cross fires , as seen in the two school tragedies I  am about to show.

   That's however ,  another subject ,for a different day. For the record , I am not saying that crazy , over zealous moms ,like this book peddling, snake oil sales woman  indicated by Tiger Mom guru Amy Chau  , is the cause for some kids from this community - mainly males one should add- pushing back  violently , against such mediaeval practices , that's purported to be good parenting, aimed at producing allegedly good  , successful kids.  
So, let's go Tiger Moms, delusional as you may be!

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