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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making it Work

Can’t help but love Black folks , even with all our problems, flaws, foibles, missteps , and dysfunctions. Like many of our Afro founding fathers , I have profound faith in them , and believe we can get it right some day , with  concerted efforts, and drive , as indirectly taught to us by great, resilient ,  and noble ancestors  that led the way through thick and thin. One of the major fact that they must recognize as they seek to assume real power after centuries of playing second fiddle, is that they are not a monolithic bunch of childlike souls, as portrayed  . Never should they attempt to  fit only into some symbolic,  one size fit all  tight squeezing shoe. Instead, they accept that they   remain a  beautiful, and  diverse mosaic ,that brings different things to the table, which in the end, can be quite beneficial.They  need to build on  their different taste, expectations, dreams , and passion , and simply make it work. 
       So take the question of professions and career choices , such as law. A neo Conservative like Justice  Clarence Thomas, should be  encouraged, and not ostracized , as is the case , because he refuse to walk a particular Afrocentric  line 365 days  He can be of some use for the cause , if encouraged, at appropriate times over the next 50 or more years he can serve on the Supreme Court, maybe then affirmative actions be be acceptable as a way for trying to make  historical social wrongs right for his people. 
    How about Uncle Obama , and Wife?Yes, they both could have moved on to the Wall Street, or a Chicago, Fortune 500 company ,and make millions per day ,due to those ivy education they acquired,way back after much sacrifices by guardians and parents. Tell me guys , are we worst off , due to the career choices they took instead? We'll , be the judge by the end of his second term of office ,come 2016.
     Finally , one of my own City’s hero , and fellow CUNY graduate , in Bronx DA  Robert  Johnson. Well , all he did was decide that as long as he is District Attorney in this New York  City, no one would be subjected to the American historically racist,  barbaric,  in humane ,post slavery, genocidal Death Penalty. That’s fine with me , and the thousand of Black men ,that could have found themselves wallowing on death row , due to the actions of unmentionable others , with evil , revenge , and destruction in their hearts.
        What do you know , we have another case of  a victimless crime being elevated into front page fiefdom , by over zealous judges, and  District Attorney , with  obvious delusions ,of running some day for higher office- of course at the expense of another Black male. Nothing wrong with that one might say , for if you do the crime , blah , blah , blah....
  So why am I getting my jockstrap in a twist  ,you asked over an egomaniac like Barry, that would never give me, or any other human on earth , a penny if I was down on my luck , homeless , or eating garbage from the streets of San Francisco?
      Let’s just say,that  I despise the fact that a criminal is being used to give evidence against another , in efforts to bolster his own image , and perhaps prevent  himself from undergoing future  prosecution - especially when the evidence may be fabricated , based on  innuendos , and conjecture.  Darm , that sounds good, could have been a lawyer myself, if I had the patience for LSAT, but that’s a different story.  
       Former MVP ,Jason Giambi ,and brother Geremi , is giving evidence to prove perjury was committed by Bonds , towards a Federal Grand Jury, about his drug use , since,  his paid for silence trainer ,is in jail and refusing to rat him out , no matter how the state might promise to string him up for the benefit of the viewing public, and world at large. 
   Let me add, this , a few millions can go a long way to keep a Rap star like Piddy from taking a gun Rap , or sporting hero from doing time. We could add, the threat of jail , can work well to ensure that the fragile Giambi , do his civic duties to sink another ,in the same sinking boat . Quite sad, but maybe justice would prevail , and most of the jurors are MLB fans, who loved cantankerous media haters ,  Barry Bonds, as they could  Ty Cobb.    
      The moral of this blog is that more law school grads make judges, defense lawyers, DA prosecutors,legislators,  and  maybe CEO’s in sporting organizations like the MLB ,who can shift the barometer one way or the other in terms of justice  towards the benefit of Black folks. This principle applies to education, banking,entertainment, business,media , real estate, health care , and the list on , and on. Widen your horizons my people , as the returns can be tremendous. 
    Hey Barry , we feel your pain , and could almost read your mind as you try to put on a calm composure, wearing your $8,000 a pop , expensive Armani suites, throughout this ordeal.  ' I did not sign on for this , like Uncle Willie Mays , and my  dad. Giambi was a pill pumping ,over priced, New York Yankee, failing slugger , an avid  juicer , who once revealed that he occasionally wore unwashed , women's bikinis underwear , as  some good luck charm, and yet no sanctions, so why me?' 
     If Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle,Joe DiMaggio , the great Babe Ruth , and even Ken Griffey Jr,had to contend with  the severe media  scrutiny , and unwarranted public  venom,that I had to, en route to my  record , then they would have all   ended up either in mental asylums , or engaging in much more frequent drunken stupors, as opposed to cherished stars they become. We feel your pain Barry. Stay up , change is on the way. 

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