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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change and the Joy riders

 Astounding is the only way one can describe some Americans, especially their clueless politicians, all of which benefited from 300 years of European Barbarian  genocidal Afrikan slavery, and free labor.
First we had to endure the likes of  Civil Rights back riding,white  female ,Affirmative Action  beneficiary in Chief , in   Airhead Palin,& now   this   political opportunistic  Congresswoman Tea Bagger, Bachman  creature.If as she claimed that  John Quincy Adams was  a Founding Father, then maybe so was trickle down , Voodoo Economic head guru , Ronald Reagan, the great non communicator Bob Dole, and lifetime warmonger,  John Mc Cain. Would someone, anyone tell them to quit this penchant of revisionism  , and glorifying  these regular joe blow who so happened to lead the nation back in the days. Here is their track record Michelle, as you too , was enrolled in the mentally challenge , college for the brain dead, that Mama Grizzly Palin  likewise  seem so ecstatic about .  AH HA, and just in case we forgot, this Alaskan Governor claimed that Afrika is a country, en route to becoming VP  Candidate for  her party. 
 Tom cat Jefferson  had 600 slaves,including Sally Hemings ,an Afrikan slave he repeatedly raped,to produce several  bastard kids,then to compound his immoral stance , refused to free any ,upon leaving  office. James Madison owned 316,&  your first Commander in Chief George Washington  had his 106. By the way, the ancestors are today still awaiting the returns from the 40 acres and a mule they were promised by Obama most admired Illinois log cabin guy turned emancipator ,  Abe Lincoln. For the record, if any of those noble Founding Fathers were caught by the European British cousins  loyal to the king they would be shot as terrorist, even as they dumped their teas in Boston.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Halting 2nd Amendment adoring gun nuts,NRA Corporate bandits,&moral suspect politicians.

What’s Up Zoo York, America , and therefore  world? Did you know that everyday at least 80 Americans die from gun violence, and many of these are  our innocent kids?
Well , no one guaranteed that this business of democracy would be ever easy,especially where corporation rules the day , in Capitalist America, when even my favorite Founding Father , that unfortunately ,never became President Alexander  Hamilton , died at the hands  of a   fellow gun nut  , and then Vice President , Aaron Burr  ,back when childish , testosterone induced ,'pissing contest,' were settled by duels, just like it's done daily across America today. 
Now we know, who  or what, influenced ,  modern  day Neo con ,gun nut  ,a nd politically immoral militant millionaire , opportunist,and  GW's  right hand mentor ,VP Dickey Chaney, who only almost  accidentally killed his alleged friend during Quail hunting Texan maneuvers.

    Remember  people ,when the suburbs was once a place one clamored to in effort to escape the savagery committed by those uncivilized  mainly third world immigrant bunches of  lawless folks, as well of as the national ebonics adoring post slavery parasites  that still clamors for  the once promised 30 acres and mules?  Well , I guess , no more. Not a day goes by without us encountering some uncontrollable , gun nut  animal , that instead of simply ending their own miserable life , would instead choose to place their foresight / cross hairs on the  innocent. 

   Take 31 year old Jason Beller ,can you believe this  gun nut , spree shooting , angry guy, is the son of   an oral surgeon, and not some backward trailer park , low end high school drop out ,'met head junkie looser?
 Ok , he lost his job, but so has close to 9 million Americans to date during  the present  economic depression , the result of the 'sterling stewardship,' of , first time MBA President, in Harvard educated,Yankee  elitist Blue Blood ,Skull & Bones  Yale Yuppie ,Texan , ‘born with a gold shovel in his mouth ,’ George .W. Bush. It is alleged that  just before his outrageous attacks, this obvious pro sports  hunting  with automatic  machine guns character , recently attacked his wife, but  well you know such works in those  more peaceful, god fearing religious  homes , she failed to report it. 
  Now here is the typical apologist jig and dance, to protect  the  opaque reputation of a people , we have come to know. His next door neighbor was quoted as saying that ‘he did not look violent, and his kids played with their  kids.’  Well I’ll be! Then to add further fire to the fuel , he was on prescription drugs?
    Now stage right to item number two, as four perfectly innocent folks were murdered in cold blood in Strong Island ,Zoo York, at a pharmacy no less , by a well armed gun nut , who then  filled his backpack with prescription pain killing drugs, then made  good his escape from the scene of his ghastly  crime. 
   The victims , are well what’s new? A  45 year old Afrikan  childless ,family man , who was a trained pharmacist , and along with his beautiful wife , was  on the verge of celebrating a10 year  wedding anniversary. It included 17 year  old female ,high school senior, a 71 year old male , collecting  prescriptions for his ailing heart patient wife,and finally ,33 year old , engaged ,single mom. Such hope , pain and lost you say? I agree, but maybe Rene Mejia , the destraught father of 17 year old  victim Jennifer, is correct when he naively proclaimed that  “ God will take care of it?”That is until the trial of the gun slinger . 
   Now for the coup de grace of my entire blog . I continued to scourge the various media entities on these two respective stories , and much to my none surprise,not a single word about the  destructive role of an overabundance  of  deadly weapons  that are strewn across gun loving America , to benefit  2nd Amendment adoring citizens ,in the continual gun  mayhems , that we the sensible , with certain levels of  decency , finds so deplorable.  By the way , reports were released, that police have stepped up surveillance across pharmacies in the area,and as a precaution warned folks on Long Island to remain on alert. Yes , my sentiments like wise - simply laughable, and right up there with  fake terror experts  security gurus , demanding 95 year old airline passengers to take off their shoes , and  succumb to piercing ,strip searches , while well known, pseudo religious thugs, are allowed f to roam freely - including maybe, the cousins of  those  well known 9/11 high-jackers . 
 By the way did I mention that a once popular Zoo York NFL star just completed 2 years imprisonment for indulging in a victimless crime of shooting himself in the foot ? Well, I just did. Need I mention that he was Afrikan? Nope , I am certain,as you most likely, suspected such was the case , unless you were living under a moon rock for the past 50 years. 
   Stay vigilant my friends , as it remains a jungle out there , particularly in suburban quarters such like  Long Island Zoo York , and we might throw in just for convenient  Tuscan Arizona.  Ahhhh,so this explains the growing gentrification in America!   Oh ,by the way ,I  am almost certain that now famous Jewish ,Blue-dog Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords ,was also a soft  on  white criminals , pro gun nut , and voting  sympathizers?  If  not ,then I must have indicated that  her compadre,in  suburban ,Strong Island Zoo York's  Congress woman  superstar ,Carolyn McCarthy, first sunk  her teeth into politics , after her husband was murdered  via  the use of deadly guns, 14 years  ago, but for obvious reasons, has done absolutely nothing of real  substance ,to make America any  safer by taking a serious , and firm stance  in halting the efforts of NRA Corporate bandits, child killers , and yes, pro second amendment gun nuts.  
   We know why , as even during the worst recession ,only one industry remains fool proof , and it is not the hunting industry, but rather the  one directly connected to guns production. 
Let the debates begin, as the appeasement continues unabated , some say, but can we remain silent , as likely, future innocent victims of wanton savagery?  Should child soldiers , gang bangers shoot outs,  competing drug and mafia cartels operation in friendly developing countries ,that absorb the millions of American produced guns , then produced un welcome blowbacks with negative implication for foreign policy , global concerned be looked at using a this, new  fresh prism ?  Maybe so. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Equal Rights ,& Justice - A prerequisite for Global leadership,& Human Security

      It’s Fathers day again , so yepeeeee, all is well , especially in the land of the free, that leads the globe when it comes to incarceration of  human beings , to the tune of some 2.6 million. Now, that you say is not a bad thing , for a country that prides itself in maintaining  high levels of peace , and tranquility via enforcing it’s laws, and protecting all citizens against crimes, and abuses , both domestically and internationally? True , true , I would say , but the sad reality  speaks volumes , more so for it stark ugliness. Most of the folks that are there , are not only of Afrikan  descent, but lower class folks , many of which are in dire need of psychological  health needs, and due in great measures ,because they could not work the system as prudently as others  with the means so to do.  
So can we simply  quit patting each on the backs , while pretending that all is well in the land of the free ?  I personally love it when ever so often, a few  characters  across this good land ,would  be spurred into action, as they dare to address this gross, blatant, manifestation of man's inhumanity , against each other. 
Since one should not 'look any  gift horses in the mouth ,' I say  thank you  for those  stuck in the underbelly of social depravity  with little hope of returning to a decent life, simply because they made a mistake by maybe indulging in a drug related victimless crime,desperately  accepted a plea deal , when a juvenile that returned to haunt them later, or worst yet , has just given up all rights to  full independence , as they repeatedly indulge in destructive lifestyle that’s destined to destroy their lives. 
   While we ponder this , let us never fail to remember how social construct  started , as well as  why, and here  is a hint.   
This jib creation , profiteering policy   initially began  ,then  was encouraged by morally suspect  , neo racial Europeans , masquerading as law abiding pseudo Christians. 
    On that fateful day way back in 1850 , when free labor via  slavery ,finally ended , and Afrikan folks decided that they would not settle for the social crumbs ,that were proffered by still extremely greedy slave masters, the embryonic  walls of the now famous Prison Industrial Complex were then constructed , to house Afrikans with the audacity to be free, educated , employed  humans ,like their European  Caucasian counterparts who alone  it would appear ,were 'born free , with inalienable  Rights. '
  As free Afrikans , became an economic , competitive liability, a  systemic  genocidal , terroristic onslaught  began in earnest, coupled with a policy of full immigration ,to replace their departing  free service, and the rest we shall say is history. 
   It is imperative therefore, that on this special Father's Day ,as we  also  proudly celebrate America's most famous dad , in Uncle Obama,along with his lovely wife , and two beautiful daughters , or commend ourselves when it comes to our abilities to follow nationally acceptable norms ,we  remind him,& similar other  power brokers, of this sad reality,of continual national injustice , and breach of internationally  supported Human Rights principles.
    America  has continually attempted  to be that beacon of light , and hope to growing masses of desperate folks across various Continents- many fleeing tyranny  from within their own border. America's  politically driven   various leaders  , must know that  the great country has the potential for doing much better , if all it’s citizens across the color lines  ,whether Black , Red, Brown, Yellow , or White , are treated equally. Most importantly, this great Bastion of Democracy , will never be as great as it can be , if a huge proportion of it’s people , are left behind ,due to an obvious  historic ,Socio- Political  , anomaly  where white color thugs, the rich, socially  privileged ,and  politically influential ,can abuse  laws with impunity , while expecting  no more than a pat on the wrist , then reclaim their lives, to be productive citizens, but others  are deprived of that opportunity.

 Equal Justice ,& Global  leadership, when it comes to Human Rights ,can be a distinct possibility for the world’s sole remaining Superpower , but only if the will exist. In ending ,let me add the following :- As much as this problem remain's  vast  in that white majority , suffers equally , since they naturally leads the country in  being victims of the criminal justice system, by virtue of possessing  the highest statistical ratio across the nation.  We should still  however recognize, that no matter what the negative fall outs  for them may be , it remains worst for Africkans for obvious reasons. It therefore remains morally repugnant for any  like myself with  a heart ,to see policy makers, politicians , and social leaders across America,repeatedly , only spring into action politically , when they think that a particular problem , is deemed as approaching crisis point  ,only when Euro Americans think it is, and or are affected adversely. 
National Security has never been more threatened, and so the time for action is now, so let's do the right thing, yes? Happy Fathers day  to everyone, unable to have a happy one , due to the curtailing effects of a prison wall-real , and imaginary.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The politics of illness

   It was while on a short stop over in Lubbock Texas recently , that I was reminded once more of the dreaded impact of mental  illness, and the role that the criminal justice system system , medical profession, and regular actions of good old bureaucratic civil servants , with an eye on the  economy, came to fore. I was informed by my female Taxi driver , of a recently released  Afrikan American prisoner , who took matters into his own hands and murdered his aging mom , by virtue of him burning down the building in which they both lived at the time. As later confirmed by the daily local newspapers, this was a troubled individual , that authorities were warned about that he needed help , but cries of the families were ignored. 
        Outside of perhaps the dreaded disease AIDS, and maybe cancer , no other form of illness, has the profound stigmatizing impact than that of mental illness, be it in any advanced Industrial society , or lower echelon developing and emerging country.  The mentally ill, are often seen as lacking reason , and irrational in thinking , and so are not only in need of severe treatment, if they are not to be a threat to fellow members of society, but often due to this state , are no longer responsible for their actions, irrespective to how destructive this can be. Not surprising, is the fact that this has been used quite frequently by those who seeks to elude culpability for some major , ghastly crime , they might have inflicted on society. 
       Naturally Social Scientist , as opposed to members of the medical profession would somewhat  differ as to causes , and based on which of these power brokers holds the stronger sway on  mainstream society, the results   for punitive  actions by perpetrators of criminal activities, and or treatment for those considered ill, can  differ.  So whereas Psychiatrist, would look to physical causes , and support medicinal treatment , others such as Sociologist and similar social theorist, might focus more on the appreciation of social causes for the emerging mental illness amongst people.  In the case of the latter , socio economic causes leading to depressions, or neo feminist concerns of patriarchal oppression , and even gender related corporate , and domestic bullying might be thrown out as likely causes. Again , the degree to which one or the other would hold sway, would differ from society to society, where culture, class structure ,or even ethnic power , and race , would  help shape norms of acceptable behaviors and  so laws. 
     When it comes to the criminal Justice system , that we see the ugly face of injustices, especially as it is linked to mental Health.It is therefore my contention today, that there are numerous people that are sitting for too long in Prisons across the globe , that should be better served in a mental institution, while in many cases the opposite is also true. There are many who through , guile , privilege, maybe pity ,and other means, that should be rotting in jails, that are instead walking freely across societies, since they were able to beat the system.  
    A few unworthy news stories caught my eyes recently , and I was immediately propelled back into a reflective mood on similar events  ,and so I thought I’ll share them with you , and solicit an opinion, that would  give some insights as to the follies of the main stream , intellectually compromised , corporate media , especially as it relates to neo racial affiars,and the plight of the sane , or maybe mental ill, in sometimes not so extremely  tolerant   America. 
   It was the news that a judge  was set to rule on Jared Loughner's mental fitness for trial.’ You remember him , as the Arizonian gun loving bloke, who shot a Jewish Congresswoman in the head , at close range, after murdering and maiming a few others ,including a judge. Unfortunately , up to the time of this writing, this brave  woman , is still attempting to form words, even as the media , selective corporate mongrels ,and self serving politicians  has trotted her out , repeatedly ,for their own narrow  reasons , maybe to prove that she can audition for bionic woman , or that NRA gun loving , border state Arizonians, has poor marksmen as gun owners.,0,6263972.story 
    Ain't it interesting how mental disorder is trotted out as a defense ,as opposed to the typical cries of lack   of personal responsibility, or inability to display remorse , once a particular segment of our population is caught engaging in some socially despicable, criminal  behaviors , when compared to others in the land of the free? 
     As  indicated , this matter made me resort to flashback mood , and so here is the list , starting  firstly with Jeffery Dahmer,who only selectively murdered a whole platoon of minority kids , and eluded police with skills and guild for decades . 
Ted Kaczynski , aka the Unabomber, is the second on my list. He was an  illustrious Mathematic Professor , who maimed, and destroyed lives with impunity , until his morally complicit  brother, suddenly developed a conscience, and decided to rat him out.  
 How about Texan  Andrea Yates,who only drowned her five kids, then tried to pull a fast one, along with  waco , clueless, neo feminist apologist  by claiming abuses , by her pregnancy inducing , sex  hungry husband ,who maybe raped her into post natal trauma?,8599,218445,00.html
     Remember  that adoring Black male accuser Susan Smith,who started the trend of drowning   her kids ,so that she could finally live a life of freedom with her boyfriend, but had no compunction in pointing in the direction of some innocent, maybe  illiterate Afrikan in the Christian, god fearing  South ,all the way across America’s  hanging capital , aka  Born Again  puppet ,G. W. Bush Texas.   
    Just to make the discussion fair , we will finally throw in New York for great measure , but only because it is  the State some secretly call the Capital of America. They often  tend to get worked up, when left off any important list for discussion. 
      Speaking of list , New York  just made the list of the top 10 most dangerous states in America today, that any crazy person would dare live. Guess  however,what they pinpoint as the  mammoth problems  as far as Zoo York- I take that back New York? If you said  Arab fundamentalist , Islamic terrorism , and snow storms , then you are a very smart one indeed, and should help me pick the next winning New York Powerball Lottery numbers. New  York is dangerous yes , being right up there with any large , metropolis , immigrant melting pot , and haven for over ambitious folks ,seeking fame and fortune , in these United States. 
    Take  Long Island New York ,  which  according to some studies , might perhaps  be one of the richest suburban regions in all of America, but laden with problems , such as  serial killers name  Joel Rifkin. His claim to fame was that he murdered 17 prostitutes  all over the Tri State region , then  decapitated their heads, cut them into small pieces, and drove them around in his car , for his own sadistic reasons.  Like many, who would never experience racial profiling via ' Driving while Black,' in these United States, he therefore  eluded police  authorities, for quite some time, until he got bored , with being a white privileged  American, who can occasionally give the middle finger to a State trooper , while driving 90 miles over the speed limit , anywhere within the 50 States  in desired,with little if any social consequences for his efforts.
   Not surprising , we were bombarded with stories in the news on how he was adopted , and how psychologically traumatized he possibly was as a  result.  Such folly!    

Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Slavery , Is Better Than Mine

     There is not a day that goes by , when my reflective mine  do not try to tell me that Global Afrikans are a troubled people , that just might be destined to continually play follow up, when it comes to other races, that just seems to get it together. Mind you , I am not just some self loathing fool ,that is making some bland statement , without giving it much thought  to the subject. Far from it , but I have been doing my street corner , classrooms, organizational enclaves, byways , and highways, cyber highway driving maneuvers, for as long as I can remember, soon after I mastered my kindergarden ABC ,and from the preponderance of evidence , I am returning to the same conclusion. 
    How else do you explain  this folks. The evil, Barbarian Christian German  Austrian,  Adolf  Hitler, and his gutless Nazi bunch ,murdered , what some 20 million Jews, and the good folks and descendants were able to parlay that into  a nice political movement, that help create a nation called Israel, shaped the foreign policy of every Western Country, bar none, across the globe. Guess what ,over some 300 years or more, Afrikan folks in contrast , lost some 500 million, at the hands of these same global  savages , of mainly Christian Europeans, and Arab Islamic cousins , and what did we produce as a result of this? If you said absolutely nothing , then take a bow , and a round of applaud for your astuteness.  We have no Museum in Washington, Paris, Spain, London, Lisbon, or Amsterdam ,Cairo , or  Riyadh , even if the  blood, sweat, and tears, of our dear resilient ancestors  went directly  into the creation , and development of all such capitals , and  by extensions, nations. As a matter of fact , one of the greatest achievement in these United States was only recently , converted into a public sideshow ,as America's  first colored President ,was toasted in the streets of Dublin Ireland , as the return of the country's second Irish American President, since his great , great , great Grand dad , left the Irish potato mines fields of Europe Britannia ,some 100 years ago. In the mean time , this said President, whose  own father, came originally from Kenya , is yet to return to that part of the world , except when it is to   collect royalties from his Bestselling book  on the same subject , which was written when years before his fame and glory, and what a tragedy that is!  One can guess , that Irish , and Jewish slavery is much more important. 
    Maybe 150 million Afrikan people  died during the pointless four decade Cold War, between the Stalin the butcher’s USSR, and  their European American,Christian cousins, under the guise of fake competing ,ideologies , some refer to as Capitalism , and Socialism , and towards what end, and the returns? Right again ,nothing. Notice that today as these said nations grapple,  to make ends meet , in this new politically tumultuous ,economically strangulated , resource depleted , environmentally constricted climate, the two, one time European  enemies of America, and her cousins scattered across European continent ,are having the last laugh , as none offer tangible compensations, to help make this transition easy for the new victims. In Somalia today ,we talk about young sea pirates, Libya , Quadaffi ,and his rape kits to impregnate females by his  fellow ,savage military  minions, South Africa  the overwhelming Aids epidemic, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe,well your guess is as good as mine,Rwanda ,and Burundi's   genocides .As for the  the under achieving  Caribbean , maybe sex tourism, and which of them is the best to convert into a European AIDS infested playground , while they point fingers elsewhere, as to the cause of all the problems therein. 
       Now all that I have listed above are well known problems , but dare you try and formulate some semblance of a solution , and you are in for a rough time, of this you can be assured. Ever try talking to an Afrikan  from the Virgin continent who was  never in a position to trace a direct link to slavery?  Well , let us just say that you are on much firmer grounds , in attempting to beat the laws of physics , and walk to the moon , than succeed in your noble quest. I recently gave up when not only my so called, Pan Afrikan  Kenyan ,neo tribal brother, told me in not too subtle forms , to leave Afrika  alone, and concentrate on the Caribbean where I am from, as I can never understand  his Afrikan people. I ran into a similar intransigent attitude ,from my Nigeria Housa buddy , after 3000 tousand conversations during the past 7 years , of trying  to convince  him that   the  problems lies . Need I say i, repeated actions of   their military elites , intellectual pigmies, and psychologically insecure  Middle Class ,blinded by religion , and delusional grandiose, that choose to  kiss the feet, of  fake  concerned , yet opportunistic  ,global saviors ,such George Clooney, Buno, Bill Clinton , Bob Gildoff, and Madonna, while rejecting any idea that emanated from someone that looks like they are.
     Here however  is the creme  de la creme  of my concerns , try to start a dialogue with an Afrikan American , especially if you cannot, personally  trace your direct lineage  to Thomas Jefferson, and similar national, racist 3 centuries ago , in these United States. I tried unsuccessfully to engage , pompous fake liberals , with limited luck. I have ventured to connect with clueless, so called Black Republicans , indistinguishable from lily white , brothers and sisters, with limited luck. 
     I was prepared to accept this as par for the course , until I recently ran into a phony feminist agitator online  , pretending to be an advocate for women’s rights, especially the abused.  Remember , new aged R& B Badboy ,Chris Browne , and his then 20 year old love  toy crooner Rihiana ? Yes ,you should , as both  of  these two immature , musical media  entities  ,after months of public feuds , decided to duke it out in front of  the paparazzi,to prove who loved the other more  in a dysfunctional way, and the  rest we can say is history. She appeared on the media pages ,  almost like broken rag doll, and was immediately propelled ,into further super stardom, as a public victim poster child, for  highlighting ,all that's evil ,about young fatherless Afrikan  Males, as she in turn, sold millions in CD’s , and he did likewise , after spending maybe 5 million for his white PR handlers , and lawyers , go figure!. 
    What however brought the wrath down on me ,was when I dared to  dismiss her ploy to elevate Rhianna, and her exploitative song of man down , as just that , a ploy to make money , and nothing else. This lady called me every evil name in the book , and felt , I was insensitive to the plight of women.  
      Incidentally, no one is as passionate , a person to the cause of  eradicating social abuses, and injustices involving women ,and children - not only domestically, but globally as well, -using as broad based a definition of abuse , as can be  conjured up. I have lost many , many battles on the subject of full empowerment , of an abused , maligned , neglected , and  historically demonized  Afrikan peoples, but think this is one worth fighting  for - namely the full enhancement of the fundamental human rights of both groups, where victims abounds , on all sides , victims and perpetrators. I too have looked closely into the belly of that violent beast , saw problem manifested up close , as it involved  friends , relatives , foes, and casual acquaintances  alike.  
 I say your slavery ain’t better than mine, and protection of the rights of all , be they  women, children , ethnic minority , indigenous peoples , or otherwise ,should be a priority for us all, as no society has every advanced beyond borderline primitive stages, that fails to address the needs of women , or worst yet , it future adults , children.  It is time to get moving, yes?  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Thrill of Victory ,& The Agony of Defeat

      It’s NBA finals Basketball season once again, and many Americans are extremely excited, either because their favorite team is on the verge of capturing a coveted title, or  they remained latched to the hip of a particular millionaire player , who could care less about global unemployment, or the state of the Real Estate mortgage situation. Sports in general remains a useful escape latch for many of us , overburdened by day to day drudgery of life , and in some cases where  lofty  status can be obtained , due in great measure to the supreme skills of a particular player, and the role of technology to put such mastery on global display, with huge financial returns for owners, teams , agents, corporate  advertising geniuses , and players alike? Well , let’s just say,passions can run high,  on all sides, as was the case a few months ago .
    The Miami Heat as a team had a few tongues wagging for close to a year after they were able to stage perhaps one of the biggest sporting coup in the history of American Basketful, and maybe global  team sports in general. In case you haven't a clue as to what I am talking about , since you only watch tennis, hockey, soccer, lacrosse , and your favorite Kenyan, or Ethiopian  runner ,repeatedly win, every marathon race imaginable ,across the planet, let me refresh your memory.Friends,and one time competitors , Le Bron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh , all decided to come together as a unit , in the hope of successfully competing ,for a championship ring.
   Now , having three top notched  players in their prime , playing together under one management, was not really unprecedented as such , since LA Lakers, and Boston Celtics two of the premier franchises, did this repeatedly over the decades , with huge success, one might add. The difference here however, was stark in contrast. These three players were the ones who followed the rules , and did this all on their own , with establishment management , the media , fans , and family alike , all simply finding themselves getting carried along for a ride in the process. 
  This naturally created lots  of anger  , and revulsion, by many across the United States , more accustomed to seeing , selfish egomaniacs  Afrikan players , constantly fighting each other, brandished across the news media , as criminals, or just fighting each other , or their families  in glare of the  public, much to the delight of 24 hrs , desperate for news ,sporting , and tabloid  media. 
        So as this team  Miami Heat ,defy the odds , having worked out their personal kinks , and so found a way to hopefully in a week or two , take this all the way, I too embrace them , and  applaud their commitment to this cause. They should be commended , and not condemned , for their personal  sacrifices , and resiliency in the face of doubters , and protagonists alike , who continues to second guess the motives , foresight , and abilities of  selective folks across this great nation. 
   As the NBA ratings for the first time in quite a while ,sky rocket ,to the delight of many, we too can embrace the joys , and or trill of success of this team , and individual players,but not bask too much in delight at those that are faced with agony in their wake , having suffered defeat in any form  due to this development. 
  There are those who view sports as simply , a game , that allows over paid athletes, to have fun doing what they love, while getting rich in the process. Not me , and you for that matter , if you think of it . Whether it’s soccer, the Olympics, boxing, tennis, golf, car racing, horse racing, and in this case basketball, sports , remains a very useful tool for social historical changes , and a true barometer in the grasp for power between strong ,and weak  forces alike , across global societies , either as they choose to evolve , or for convenience  remain static in status quo ambiance. 
  For ‘ socio- political animals,’ such as myself , it provides useful fodder, for dissecting the subtle nuances of life, involving my fellow humans, as we strive  to coexist  peacefully, ion our capacity as supreme beings, on this sometimes tenuous global environment  called earth, and what a pleasure that can be? 
 Stay tuned as yours  truly, Znendrye Dyemound continues  on this mammoth , and often unwelcome task. Warm Regards. 

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