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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Halting 2nd Amendment adoring gun nuts,NRA Corporate bandits,&moral suspect politicians.

What’s Up Zoo York, America , and therefore  world? Did you know that everyday at least 80 Americans die from gun violence, and many of these are  our innocent kids?
Well , no one guaranteed that this business of democracy would be ever easy,especially where corporation rules the day , in Capitalist America, when even my favorite Founding Father , that unfortunately ,never became President Alexander  Hamilton , died at the hands  of a   fellow gun nut  , and then Vice President , Aaron Burr  ,back when childish , testosterone induced ,'pissing contest,' were settled by duels, just like it's done daily across America today. 
Now we know, who  or what, influenced ,  modern  day Neo con ,gun nut  ,a nd politically immoral militant millionaire , opportunist,and  GW's  right hand mentor ,VP Dickey Chaney, who only almost  accidentally killed his alleged friend during Quail hunting Texan maneuvers.

    Remember  people ,when the suburbs was once a place one clamored to in effort to escape the savagery committed by those uncivilized  mainly third world immigrant bunches of  lawless folks, as well of as the national ebonics adoring post slavery parasites  that still clamors for  the once promised 30 acres and mules?  Well , I guess , no more. Not a day goes by without us encountering some uncontrollable , gun nut  animal , that instead of simply ending their own miserable life , would instead choose to place their foresight / cross hairs on the  innocent. 

   Take 31 year old Jason Beller ,can you believe this  gun nut , spree shooting , angry guy, is the son of   an oral surgeon, and not some backward trailer park , low end high school drop out ,'met head junkie looser?
 Ok , he lost his job, but so has close to 9 million Americans to date during  the present  economic depression , the result of the 'sterling stewardship,' of , first time MBA President, in Harvard educated,Yankee  elitist Blue Blood ,Skull & Bones  Yale Yuppie ,Texan , ‘born with a gold shovel in his mouth ,’ George .W. Bush. It is alleged that  just before his outrageous attacks, this obvious pro sports  hunting  with automatic  machine guns character , recently attacked his wife, but  well you know such works in those  more peaceful, god fearing religious  homes , she failed to report it. 
  Now here is the typical apologist jig and dance, to protect  the  opaque reputation of a people , we have come to know. His next door neighbor was quoted as saying that ‘he did not look violent, and his kids played with their  kids.’  Well I’ll be! Then to add further fire to the fuel , he was on prescription drugs?
    Now stage right to item number two, as four perfectly innocent folks were murdered in cold blood in Strong Island ,Zoo York, at a pharmacy no less , by a well armed gun nut , who then  filled his backpack with prescription pain killing drugs, then made  good his escape from the scene of his ghastly  crime. 
   The victims , are well what’s new? A  45 year old Afrikan  childless ,family man , who was a trained pharmacist , and along with his beautiful wife , was  on the verge of celebrating a10 year  wedding anniversary. It included 17 year  old female ,high school senior, a 71 year old male , collecting  prescriptions for his ailing heart patient wife,and finally ,33 year old , engaged ,single mom. Such hope , pain and lost you say? I agree, but maybe Rene Mejia , the destraught father of 17 year old  victim Jennifer, is correct when he naively proclaimed that  “ God will take care of it?”That is until the trial of the gun slinger . 
   Now for the coup de grace of my entire blog . I continued to scourge the various media entities on these two respective stories , and much to my none surprise,not a single word about the  destructive role of an overabundance  of  deadly weapons  that are strewn across gun loving America , to benefit  2nd Amendment adoring citizens ,in the continual gun  mayhems , that we the sensible , with certain levels of  decency , finds so deplorable.  By the way , reports were released, that police have stepped up surveillance across pharmacies in the area,and as a precaution warned folks on Long Island to remain on alert. Yes , my sentiments like wise - simply laughable, and right up there with  fake terror experts  security gurus , demanding 95 year old airline passengers to take off their shoes , and  succumb to piercing ,strip searches , while well known, pseudo religious thugs, are allowed f to roam freely - including maybe, the cousins of  those  well known 9/11 high-jackers . 
 By the way did I mention that a once popular Zoo York NFL star just completed 2 years imprisonment for indulging in a victimless crime of shooting himself in the foot ? Well, I just did. Need I mention that he was Afrikan? Nope , I am certain,as you most likely, suspected such was the case , unless you were living under a moon rock for the past 50 years. 
   Stay vigilant my friends , as it remains a jungle out there , particularly in suburban quarters such like  Long Island Zoo York , and we might throw in just for convenient  Tuscan Arizona.  Ahhhh,so this explains the growing gentrification in America!   Oh ,by the way ,I  am almost certain that now famous Jewish ,Blue-dog Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords ,was also a soft  on  white criminals , pro gun nut , and voting  sympathizers?  If  not ,then I must have indicated that  her compadre,in  suburban ,Strong Island Zoo York's  Congress woman  superstar ,Carolyn McCarthy, first sunk  her teeth into politics , after her husband was murdered  via  the use of deadly guns, 14 years  ago, but for obvious reasons, has done absolutely nothing of real  substance ,to make America any  safer by taking a serious , and firm stance  in halting the efforts of NRA Corporate bandits, child killers , and yes, pro second amendment gun nuts.  
   We know why , as even during the worst recession ,only one industry remains fool proof , and it is not the hunting industry, but rather the  one directly connected to guns production. 
Let the debates begin, as the appeasement continues unabated , some say, but can we remain silent , as likely, future innocent victims of wanton savagery?  Should child soldiers , gang bangers shoot outs,  competing drug and mafia cartels operation in friendly developing countries ,that absorb the millions of American produced guns , then produced un welcome blowbacks with negative implication for foreign policy , global concerned be looked at using a this, new  fresh prism ?  Maybe so. 

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