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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change and the Joy riders

 Astounding is the only way one can describe some Americans, especially their clueless politicians, all of which benefited from 300 years of European Barbarian  genocidal Afrikan slavery, and free labor.
First we had to endure the likes of  Civil Rights back riding,white  female ,Affirmative Action  beneficiary in Chief , in   Airhead Palin,& now   this   political opportunistic  Congresswoman Tea Bagger, Bachman  creature.If as she claimed that  John Quincy Adams was  a Founding Father, then maybe so was trickle down , Voodoo Economic head guru , Ronald Reagan, the great non communicator Bob Dole, and lifetime warmonger,  John Mc Cain. Would someone, anyone tell them to quit this penchant of revisionism  , and glorifying  these regular joe blow who so happened to lead the nation back in the days. Here is their track record Michelle, as you too , was enrolled in the mentally challenge , college for the brain dead, that Mama Grizzly Palin  likewise  seem so ecstatic about .  AH HA, and just in case we forgot, this Alaskan Governor claimed that Afrika is a country, en route to becoming VP  Candidate for  her party. 
 Tom cat Jefferson  had 600 slaves,including Sally Hemings ,an Afrikan slave he repeatedly raped,to produce several  bastard kids,then to compound his immoral stance , refused to free any ,upon leaving  office. James Madison owned 316,&  your first Commander in Chief George Washington  had his 106. By the way, the ancestors are today still awaiting the returns from the 40 acres and a mule they were promised by Obama most admired Illinois log cabin guy turned emancipator ,  Abe Lincoln. For the record, if any of those noble Founding Fathers were caught by the European British cousins  loyal to the king they would be shot as terrorist, even as they dumped their teas in Boston.  

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