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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Thrill of Victory ,& The Agony of Defeat

      It’s NBA finals Basketball season once again, and many Americans are extremely excited, either because their favorite team is on the verge of capturing a coveted title, or  they remained latched to the hip of a particular millionaire player , who could care less about global unemployment, or the state of the Real Estate mortgage situation. Sports in general remains a useful escape latch for many of us , overburdened by day to day drudgery of life , and in some cases where  lofty  status can be obtained , due in great measure to the supreme skills of a particular player, and the role of technology to put such mastery on global display, with huge financial returns for owners, teams , agents, corporate  advertising geniuses , and players alike? Well , let’s just say,passions can run high,  on all sides, as was the case a few months ago .
    The Miami Heat as a team had a few tongues wagging for close to a year after they were able to stage perhaps one of the biggest sporting coup in the history of American Basketful, and maybe global  team sports in general. In case you haven't a clue as to what I am talking about , since you only watch tennis, hockey, soccer, lacrosse , and your favorite Kenyan, or Ethiopian  runner ,repeatedly win, every marathon race imaginable ,across the planet, let me refresh your memory.Friends,and one time competitors , Le Bron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh , all decided to come together as a unit , in the hope of successfully competing ,for a championship ring.
   Now , having three top notched  players in their prime , playing together under one management, was not really unprecedented as such , since LA Lakers, and Boston Celtics two of the premier franchises, did this repeatedly over the decades , with huge success, one might add. The difference here however, was stark in contrast. These three players were the ones who followed the rules , and did this all on their own , with establishment management , the media , fans , and family alike , all simply finding themselves getting carried along for a ride in the process. 
  This naturally created lots  of anger  , and revulsion, by many across the United States , more accustomed to seeing , selfish egomaniacs  Afrikan players , constantly fighting each other, brandished across the news media , as criminals, or just fighting each other , or their families  in glare of the  public, much to the delight of 24 hrs , desperate for news ,sporting , and tabloid  media. 
        So as this team  Miami Heat ,defy the odds , having worked out their personal kinks , and so found a way to hopefully in a week or two , take this all the way, I too embrace them , and  applaud their commitment to this cause. They should be commended , and not condemned , for their personal  sacrifices , and resiliency in the face of doubters , and protagonists alike , who continues to second guess the motives , foresight , and abilities of  selective folks across this great nation. 
   As the NBA ratings for the first time in quite a while ,sky rocket ,to the delight of many, we too can embrace the joys , and or trill of success of this team , and individual players,but not bask too much in delight at those that are faced with agony in their wake , having suffered defeat in any form  due to this development. 
  There are those who view sports as simply , a game , that allows over paid athletes, to have fun doing what they love, while getting rich in the process. Not me , and you for that matter , if you think of it . Whether it’s soccer, the Olympics, boxing, tennis, golf, car racing, horse racing, and in this case basketball, sports , remains a very useful tool for social historical changes , and a true barometer in the grasp for power between strong ,and weak  forces alike , across global societies , either as they choose to evolve , or for convenience  remain static in status quo ambiance. 
  For ‘ socio- political animals,’ such as myself , it provides useful fodder, for dissecting the subtle nuances of life, involving my fellow humans, as we strive  to coexist  peacefully, ion our capacity as supreme beings, on this sometimes tenuous global environment  called earth, and what a pleasure that can be? 
 Stay tuned as yours  truly, Znendrye Dyemound continues  on this mammoth , and often unwelcome task. Warm Regards. 

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