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Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Slavery , Is Better Than Mine

     There is not a day that goes by , when my reflective mine  do not try to tell me that Global Afrikans are a troubled people , that just might be destined to continually play follow up, when it comes to other races, that just seems to get it together. Mind you , I am not just some self loathing fool ,that is making some bland statement , without giving it much thought  to the subject. Far from it , but I have been doing my street corner , classrooms, organizational enclaves, byways , and highways, cyber highway driving maneuvers, for as long as I can remember, soon after I mastered my kindergarden ABC ,and from the preponderance of evidence , I am returning to the same conclusion. 
    How else do you explain  this folks. The evil, Barbarian Christian German  Austrian,  Adolf  Hitler, and his gutless Nazi bunch ,murdered , what some 20 million Jews, and the good folks and descendants were able to parlay that into  a nice political movement, that help create a nation called Israel, shaped the foreign policy of every Western Country, bar none, across the globe. Guess what ,over some 300 years or more, Afrikan folks in contrast , lost some 500 million, at the hands of these same global  savages , of mainly Christian Europeans, and Arab Islamic cousins , and what did we produce as a result of this? If you said absolutely nothing , then take a bow , and a round of applaud for your astuteness.  We have no Museum in Washington, Paris, Spain, London, Lisbon, or Amsterdam ,Cairo , or  Riyadh , even if the  blood, sweat, and tears, of our dear resilient ancestors  went directly  into the creation , and development of all such capitals , and  by extensions, nations. As a matter of fact , one of the greatest achievement in these United States was only recently , converted into a public sideshow ,as America's  first colored President ,was toasted in the streets of Dublin Ireland , as the return of the country's second Irish American President, since his great , great , great Grand dad , left the Irish potato mines fields of Europe Britannia ,some 100 years ago. In the mean time , this said President, whose  own father, came originally from Kenya , is yet to return to that part of the world , except when it is to   collect royalties from his Bestselling book  on the same subject , which was written when years before his fame and glory, and what a tragedy that is!  One can guess , that Irish , and Jewish slavery is much more important. 
    Maybe 150 million Afrikan people  died during the pointless four decade Cold War, between the Stalin the butcher’s USSR, and  their European American,Christian cousins, under the guise of fake competing ,ideologies , some refer to as Capitalism , and Socialism , and towards what end, and the returns? Right again ,nothing. Notice that today as these said nations grapple,  to make ends meet , in this new politically tumultuous ,economically strangulated , resource depleted , environmentally constricted climate, the two, one time European  enemies of America, and her cousins scattered across European continent ,are having the last laugh , as none offer tangible compensations, to help make this transition easy for the new victims. In Somalia today ,we talk about young sea pirates, Libya , Quadaffi ,and his rape kits to impregnate females by his  fellow ,savage military  minions, South Africa  the overwhelming Aids epidemic, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe,well your guess is as good as mine,Rwanda ,and Burundi's   genocides .As for the  the under achieving  Caribbean , maybe sex tourism, and which of them is the best to convert into a European AIDS infested playground , while they point fingers elsewhere, as to the cause of all the problems therein. 
       Now all that I have listed above are well known problems , but dare you try and formulate some semblance of a solution , and you are in for a rough time, of this you can be assured. Ever try talking to an Afrikan  from the Virgin continent who was  never in a position to trace a direct link to slavery?  Well , let us just say that you are on much firmer grounds , in attempting to beat the laws of physics , and walk to the moon , than succeed in your noble quest. I recently gave up when not only my so called, Pan Afrikan  Kenyan ,neo tribal brother, told me in not too subtle forms , to leave Afrika  alone, and concentrate on the Caribbean where I am from, as I can never understand  his Afrikan people. I ran into a similar intransigent attitude ,from my Nigeria Housa buddy , after 3000 tousand conversations during the past 7 years , of trying  to convince  him that   the  problems lies . Need I say i, repeated actions of   their military elites , intellectual pigmies, and psychologically insecure  Middle Class ,blinded by religion , and delusional grandiose, that choose to  kiss the feet, of  fake  concerned , yet opportunistic  ,global saviors ,such George Clooney, Buno, Bill Clinton , Bob Gildoff, and Madonna, while rejecting any idea that emanated from someone that looks like they are.
     Here however  is the creme  de la creme  of my concerns , try to start a dialogue with an Afrikan American , especially if you cannot, personally  trace your direct lineage  to Thomas Jefferson, and similar national, racist 3 centuries ago , in these United States. I tried unsuccessfully to engage , pompous fake liberals , with limited luck. I have ventured to connect with clueless, so called Black Republicans , indistinguishable from lily white , brothers and sisters, with limited luck. 
     I was prepared to accept this as par for the course , until I recently ran into a phony feminist agitator online  , pretending to be an advocate for women’s rights, especially the abused.  Remember , new aged R& B Badboy ,Chris Browne , and his then 20 year old love  toy crooner Rihiana ? Yes ,you should , as both  of  these two immature , musical media  entities  ,after months of public feuds , decided to duke it out in front of  the paparazzi,to prove who loved the other more  in a dysfunctional way, and the  rest we can say is history. She appeared on the media pages ,  almost like broken rag doll, and was immediately propelled ,into further super stardom, as a public victim poster child, for  highlighting ,all that's evil ,about young fatherless Afrikan  Males, as she in turn, sold millions in CD’s , and he did likewise , after spending maybe 5 million for his white PR handlers , and lawyers , go figure!. 
    What however brought the wrath down on me ,was when I dared to  dismiss her ploy to elevate Rhianna, and her exploitative song of man down , as just that , a ploy to make money , and nothing else. This lady called me every evil name in the book , and felt , I was insensitive to the plight of women.  
      Incidentally, no one is as passionate , a person to the cause of  eradicating social abuses, and injustices involving women ,and children - not only domestically, but globally as well, -using as broad based a definition of abuse , as can be  conjured up. I have lost many , many battles on the subject of full empowerment , of an abused , maligned , neglected , and  historically demonized  Afrikan peoples, but think this is one worth fighting  for - namely the full enhancement of the fundamental human rights of both groups, where victims abounds , on all sides , victims and perpetrators. I too have looked closely into the belly of that violent beast , saw problem manifested up close , as it involved  friends , relatives , foes, and casual acquaintances  alike.  
 I say your slavery ain’t better than mine, and protection of the rights of all , be they  women, children , ethnic minority , indigenous peoples , or otherwise ,should be a priority for us all, as no society has every advanced beyond borderline primitive stages, that fails to address the needs of women , or worst yet , it future adults , children.  It is time to get moving, yes?  

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