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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Equal Rights ,& Justice - A prerequisite for Global leadership,& Human Security

      It’s Fathers day again , so yepeeeee, all is well , especially in the land of the free, that leads the globe when it comes to incarceration of  human beings , to the tune of some 2.6 million. Now, that you say is not a bad thing , for a country that prides itself in maintaining  high levels of peace , and tranquility via enforcing it’s laws, and protecting all citizens against crimes, and abuses , both domestically and internationally? True , true , I would say , but the sad reality  speaks volumes , more so for it stark ugliness. Most of the folks that are there , are not only of Afrikan  descent, but lower class folks , many of which are in dire need of psychological  health needs, and due in great measures ,because they could not work the system as prudently as others  with the means so to do.  
So can we simply  quit patting each on the backs , while pretending that all is well in the land of the free ?  I personally love it when ever so often, a few  characters  across this good land ,would  be spurred into action, as they dare to address this gross, blatant, manifestation of man's inhumanity , against each other. 
Since one should not 'look any  gift horses in the mouth ,' I say  thank you  for those  stuck in the underbelly of social depravity  with little hope of returning to a decent life, simply because they made a mistake by maybe indulging in a drug related victimless crime,desperately  accepted a plea deal , when a juvenile that returned to haunt them later, or worst yet , has just given up all rights to  full independence , as they repeatedly indulge in destructive lifestyle that’s destined to destroy their lives. 
   While we ponder this , let us never fail to remember how social construct  started , as well as  why, and here  is a hint.   
This jib creation , profiteering policy   initially began  ,then  was encouraged by morally suspect  , neo racial Europeans , masquerading as law abiding pseudo Christians. 
    On that fateful day way back in 1850 , when free labor via  slavery ,finally ended , and Afrikan folks decided that they would not settle for the social crumbs ,that were proffered by still extremely greedy slave masters, the embryonic  walls of the now famous Prison Industrial Complex were then constructed , to house Afrikans with the audacity to be free, educated , employed  humans ,like their European  Caucasian counterparts who alone  it would appear ,were 'born free , with inalienable  Rights. '
  As free Afrikans , became an economic , competitive liability, a  systemic  genocidal , terroristic onslaught  began in earnest, coupled with a policy of full immigration ,to replace their departing  free service, and the rest we shall say is history. 
   It is imperative therefore, that on this special Father's Day ,as we  also  proudly celebrate America's most famous dad , in Uncle Obama,along with his lovely wife , and two beautiful daughters , or commend ourselves when it comes to our abilities to follow nationally acceptable norms ,we  remind him,& similar other  power brokers, of this sad reality,of continual national injustice , and breach of internationally  supported Human Rights principles.
    America  has continually attempted  to be that beacon of light , and hope to growing masses of desperate folks across various Continents- many fleeing tyranny  from within their own border. America's  politically driven   various leaders  , must know that  the great country has the potential for doing much better , if all it’s citizens across the color lines  ,whether Black , Red, Brown, Yellow , or White , are treated equally. Most importantly, this great Bastion of Democracy , will never be as great as it can be , if a huge proportion of it’s people , are left behind ,due to an obvious  historic ,Socio- Political  , anomaly  where white color thugs, the rich, socially  privileged ,and  politically influential ,can abuse  laws with impunity , while expecting  no more than a pat on the wrist , then reclaim their lives, to be productive citizens, but others  are deprived of that opportunity.

 Equal Justice ,& Global  leadership, when it comes to Human Rights ,can be a distinct possibility for the world’s sole remaining Superpower , but only if the will exist. In ending ,let me add the following :- As much as this problem remain's  vast  in that white majority , suffers equally , since they naturally leads the country in  being victims of the criminal justice system, by virtue of possessing  the highest statistical ratio across the nation.  We should still  however recognize, that no matter what the negative fall outs  for them may be , it remains worst for Africkans for obvious reasons. It therefore remains morally repugnant for any  like myself with  a heart ,to see policy makers, politicians , and social leaders across America,repeatedly , only spring into action politically , when they think that a particular problem , is deemed as approaching crisis point  ,only when Euro Americans think it is, and or are affected adversely. 
National Security has never been more threatened, and so the time for action is now, so let's do the right thing, yes? Happy Fathers day  to everyone, unable to have a happy one , due to the curtailing effects of a prison wall-real , and imaginary.


21st Century Teachers said...

I agree with most of what you said about society and the downfall of Afrikaans. However I must ask the question: what are Afrikaans doing to removed some of the stigma, dogma and social injustices that has been dished out to them since slavery days and is still predominant in that way we run our families, business and pursue our own happiness? I would like to see Afrikaans move forward in a big way to create a change that would rock this world. I sometimes feel sad when I see people of other races who maybe challenged, fighting for each other in this game of survival, to ensure that their people become a success and then I look at my own people and see us fighting for all the wrong things.We are like crabs climbing on one another's back. Even our dearly beloved President Obama, a so called Afrikaan whom everyone seem to love yet what has he done to contribute significantly to the upliftment of His own people. And their are many others just like him...its a sad day when black people cant find nothing in themselves that they can truly love and be proud of. I thank God for the few of us who are are trying to lift ourselves from the gutter and help others along on the journey as well.

RyeoHope said...

Thanks for your response my ever conscious ,& empathetic Sistaz. Your warm ,sensitive sentiments, are welcome,as it points to the challenges we face as fellow , progressive,pragmatic humanist, conflicted over the debilitating impact of ignoring factors, with the capacity of inducing insidious decay.
I am often reminded of the story of the stalk and the jar - that am certain you as a teacher told to your precious students, on numerous occasions in the past-who being very thirsty for a small pittance of water it observed in the jar, sprung into action,& repeatedly placed a pebble therein, with the long term goal of raising it to an appropriate level,it could reach to then drink,& the rest we shall say is history, as this objective was eventually met, thanks to the savviness of this symbolic bird. Well, to your question,1st off the agenda,it is just what we both are doing presently,& that's trying to awaken the sleeping / comatose masses,then organizing them ,in constructively , so that we can march forward & remove any yoke that inhibits our progress. Find ways of fostering self love , that is a fundamental key to change. For the record , I am not referring to the mamby,pamby , sappy luv ,favored by naive,pimple faced teenagers ,that would dissipate with the drop of a pin , once the passions has receded,or the first onset of problems.No siree, true ,sustainable long term love , that requires sacrifices, & full commitment of resources - especially that of time, to encourage the elevation of 'the other.' Less adulation of fake leaders,ways of enhancing the lives of our less war like females,full investment in our kids,& a better appreciation of networking & formation of prudent alliances / solidarity, with others in similar - though not exact- struggles.'1 Hand cannot clap.'says the wise ones,yes?

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