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Friday, April 9, 2010

The waste factor

"It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste." In a recent study , it was revealed that "more young black men have done prison time than military service or earned college degree." “The risks of prison incarceration rose steeply with lower levels of education. Among blacks, 30.2 percent of those who didn't attend college had gone to prison by 1999 and 58.9 percent of black high school dropouts born from 1965 through 1969 had served time in state or federal prison by their early 30sOver the past 30 years the risk of incarceration has grown for both blacks and whites, but has grown the fastest among men who have a high school diploma or less."
So not only is education critical , but so is race, and gender it seems as far as who goes to prison.
No need to ponder what that translates to in terms of post incarceration employment opportunities, huh

Who benefits , and is change possible ?

There is indeed a problem , that eventually affects us all. The challenge is to collectively work together so as to find a meaningful solution.
Lets get it on.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Battle of the Bulge

After much cajoling for close to eight weeks , I finally got my 13 year old 6ft.2” , 248 pounds son to put down his addictive XBox live and head to the park for a power walk . He was back within the hour , with no noticeable perspiration streaming down his face in keeping with someone who had just exerted himself. When questioned he claimed that the battery for his IPod was about to run out. “Yes I did five laps,” he too forcefully retorted ,after I reminded him that part of the deal I made with him before the purchase of his IPod was that he would do a five lap power walk every day until he could step up his game to running. Perhaps I am too rough on him , kids been kids and need free reigns to know themselves and all such neo psychological Dr. Phil media driven babble and all. I’ll give the guy a break , after all at one time he wanted to be the next NBA future Kevin Garnnet , now his sights are firmly set on making it in the “less strenuous NFL -” his words. Was this after viewing the movie BlindSide? Of this I cannot remember.
Darm , JHud just lost 30 post baby pounds, en route to replacing ‘her royal highness Sarah Fergie, as new spokesperson for the billion dollar business conglomerate. Better yet , our big bone gal can now fit into her pre teens jeans all , while still claiming to follow a strict weight watchers, calorie counting regiment. Just made my task difficult , when I was trying to show the young man the merits of exercise. The next you know is that this TV obsessed budding NFL star would want me to use my expensive Health Care reform insurance and pay for a gastric bypass lazy way out procedure just like famous morning weatherman Al Rocker ,or one time ABC View TV personality , Ms. Star Jones did .Heavens forbid , for we know how those ended for both .,,20138518,00.html

Hopefully the truth would emerge as to what our favorite black media sensation Jennifer is doing to not only take it off the excessive weight, but keep it that way.
Don’t we love it when these modern celebrities dabble with noble charity causes after the fact? Madonna, George Cloney, Brandjolina , Al Gore ,and now Usher sweet ex soon to be millionaire Tameka , as well as American idol /Oscar/ Grammy sensation ,everything I touch turns to gold JHud ? Is it a Chi town thing , I wonder?Oprah, MJ, Obama, DWade , and finally J Hudson.
These projects works both ways it seems . They are good PR opportunities for all concern, help push record/ movie ticket sales , increase ratings , and simply induce fine ‘inner child feelings for participants .’
Former President Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter are two of the most noteworthy masters of that ‘do good game,’ at that high political angle. The former makes more prime time media airplay than the top ten presidents of the free world, and the latter snagged a Nobel for his post presidency efforts, thus achieving some vindication against his ardent critics for loosing Iran to nutty theocratic Mullahs , USSR 1979 Afghan invasion , and we’ll throw in Vietnam war ,just for argument. As for Al Gore our Environmentalist new aged Guru, he won on all levels with his own Nobel prize , and the opportunity to see George W muck it up and become -in the estimation of more intelligent folks than my self -the worst President ever in the history of the United States.

My boy Don Cheadle was never the same after Hotel Rwanda.

Post Grays Anatomy star Isiah Washington is now recognized that he was suddenly an African from Sierra Leone , thanks to getting fired from the famous TV medical show, and this exhaustive list goes on.
The fundamental question for me however is this , who is really watching these folks from Bono to Mia Farrow that claims to be seeking the interest of the poor, desperate, and needy?
While we know that Uncle Obama made his political bones on the poor , south side of Chicago, and is today the President for the most caring nation on earth for his troubles,what can we expect from Jhud and others like her ?

Brother Wyclef, wea re watching, and have your back.
Meanwhile , you should stand by and expect more from me on these and similar ‘weighty issues,’ down the road.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mars and Venus syndrome

For all this idle talk by so call experts about gender, racial, and class differences , with every passing day I am fast becoming more convince that we human beings all share the same basic habits and characteristics ,and will practice and display them all once the opportunity presents itself. Now hold on a bit I say to you so well convinced that all men are dogs , insatiable sexual predators ,or better yet some form of criminal inducing gene lurks in each ,due to some imbalance amount of testosterone they possess unlike their more kind, reticent , sisters of the fairer sex.
I also beg that you restrain yourself before pressing the delete button on this here blog , those of you my intransigent readers , that cannot be dissuaded from the common view that the poor , illiterate , down on their luck folks in the lower classes of societies are the only ones capable of committing the most dehumanizing atrocities , as compared to society”s more sophisticated ,wealthy , educated , privileged .
A few years ago I was contemplating doing some sociological research on an assignment piece on polygamy , as I was convinced that like other creatures of the animal kingdom , all humans thrive for sexual freedom , and can never be satisfied with one lifelong partner , no matter how beautiful, loving , or satisfying. Unfortunately I did’nt , and today I miss out on an opportunity to be an expert o sexual addiction as exhibited by head hunchos such as Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, David Patterson ,Reggie Bush, Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sandford, James Mc Greevey,Jesse James ,Steve McNair, and sex deprived ,goatee wearing ,bored Brad Pitt.
I feel your pain Brad, for who wouldn’t be tempted to either run off and or exhibit strange, bohemian styles ? What a tragedy indeed , for the man unfortunately dumped his high maintenance , aging , yet self absorbed wife J Aniston, for Jolie the global savior, who already had five adopted, racially diverse kids, then within three years, had five of her own, Sex should never be always about procreation I say , for each time it looks as if Pitt the Hollywood hunk ,‘looks at the enticing afrocentric lips,’ of Angela aka Mrs Smith , the once most desirable white female on earth , she in turn ,becomes pregnant.
Think about the amount of careers I could have kept in tact, heartaches prevented, and even lives saved , had I push through courageously on this study to understand a practice favored by our more uncivilized counterparts in places such as Africa, Middle East , Asia ,and selective parts of Bible belt Texas.
Had I followed through and looked at dominant majorities of God fearing Mormon Utah where a Senator, businessman, Judge ,and down on his luck farmer ,will marry his ten year old niece at the drop of a hat ,just like if he was living in some backward Arab bedouin enclave, or tribal African bastion of social tolerance, today I too would be on CNN speaking with authority to Larry King ,or even media Queen and lifetime neo independent high priestess Oprah , as to the merits of this lifestyle, as opposed to our fixation on boring relationships .

On matters of crimes , let’s just say that Martha Stewart,
Private Lynndie England, along with General Janis Karpinski her Abu Garib commander ,Professor Army Bishop ,Susan Smith , Christine Wilhelm , and several other noteworthy cases proves that men, particular class ,or race do not have a monopoly on criminality.
Stay tuned , as I the voice of reason is still here to offer insights as to prevailing realities that conveniently escapes , main stream media , and dominant power circles .In the mean time , care to guess how this impact policies on Mars ,Venus, or even earth ?

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