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Friday, April 9, 2010

The waste factor

"It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste." In a recent study , it was revealed that "more young black men have done prison time than military service or earned college degree." “The risks of prison incarceration rose steeply with lower levels of education. Among blacks, 30.2 percent of those who didn't attend college had gone to prison by 1999 and 58.9 percent of black high school dropouts born from 1965 through 1969 had served time in state or federal prison by their early 30sOver the past 30 years the risk of incarceration has grown for both blacks and whites, but has grown the fastest among men who have a high school diploma or less."
So not only is education critical , but so is race, and gender it seems as far as who goes to prison.
No need to ponder what that translates to in terms of post incarceration employment opportunities, huh

Who benefits , and is change possible ?

There is indeed a problem , that eventually affects us all. The challenge is to collectively work together so as to find a meaningful solution.
Lets get it on.

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