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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Confession of a reform Herbivore

Well ,here it is again, back to my total abstinence on all forms of destructive carnivore lifestyles.This is my pledge folks. With immediate effect, I shall from henceforth .’refuse to eat anything that swims, flies ,or crawl.’ I began this journey during the famous 1996 Bovine Spongiform , al la British Mad-Cow disease debacle-a fall out that nearly destroyed our favorite Black talk show Queen Oprah career.
This story you might recall, eventually forced her to settle for soft , non threatening , pro Eurocentric, feminist empowerment , titillating stories ,ever since .

Again I then reaffirm my commitment during the pseudo capitalist , post socialist ,non regulation adoring Chinese, and their orchestrated Asian Bird flu .
Who can forget the Mexican Swine flu ,that sent the world into a vicious tailspin,and somehow made the then violent pro democratic Iranian protests look like a Hiphop , or rock concert extravaganza,in comparison.

Finally it’s this. There goes my sea foods, .It’s day 44 ,of BP’s 19,000 barrels per day oil spill disaster , as the regulation agencies, politicians, and oil executives squirm and turn while trying to feed the public the usual cock and bull story,as to who is guilty, but guess what we do not care at the moment.
Tell me good folks , what does it mean for regular John public , so dependent on the golf region costal waters and lands for socio economic survival? I am speaking about fishermen, restaurants, water tourist , real estates developers and other commercial companies?
Is this really big business, capitalism, pork barrel politics, environmentalism ,or large scale organizations gone awry -from complicit media , to political parties, and trusted regulatory bodies?
Is America unique in this regard, or is more expected from the global leader, and leading industrial oil consumer on the globe?
How can America prevent future disasters , and is it morally responsible for it to shift the source to poorer countries in the global south bearing in mind the negative impact on the lives of citizens in such countries?

These and similar matters can be address down the road, as the legislators , legal teams for BP as well as local state , and Federal government get moving.
In the mean time , I have come full circle , and finally decided as my pledge stated ,to become a life time herbivore. Thanks Britannia,China, Mexico , and once more BP of Britannia- if I may dare say that.

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