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Monday, August 2, 2010

Roots 2010, or the Immigrant Dollar & Dreams

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

Ain’t life grand for those living in these United States of America. Well,let me preface that by saying , it depends on who you are referring to. America just experienced it’s equivalent of a second elitist ,Presidential ,Royal wedding, in the form of the beautiful , classy, Chelsea Clinton, and her Prince Marc Mezvinsky. In case you recently arrived from Mars , and so was unaware ,her wedding ,was the biggest event in all the history of Rhinebeck prestigious upscale New York, since her mom abandoned Arkansas, and hitched her political bandwagon to the Empire State, in route to independent, post Bill, political power .
Remember when this charming , once typical awkward , and emerging young teenager , experienced a barrage of attacks , from left , right and center ,as she was defined as an ‘ugly duckling,’ by mainly callous, insensitive , media types, led by the bombastic ,Conservative fraud Rush, as he and others ,attempted, in almost childish ,no holds bared fashion, to score cheap points against her dad ?
Guess those days are long gone now , as the gawky 13 year old innocent girl , Rush described as a "White House dog," is all grown up, and has captured her own version of a frog.
By the way,Rush ,and opportunist pal Newt Gingrich, collectively are on what, their fourth marriage all together, since they attempted to destroy his slickness, and her majesty Hilary, a professed lifetime , pro feminist?
Let me hasten to add , that as much as I enjoy them like the next fellow ,there is still something about these high profile political marriages ,that irks me somewhat ,though I am trilled for the eager, excitable , nuptials , ready to face the world full of hope,misplaced idealism, and like young Karenna Gore,the money grabbing ,divorce lawyers.
I had this same revolting, gut feeling when I observed G .W . Bush, the one time ‘Yale Skull and Bones , Frat boy,’ as he proudly walked down the isle with his once playful twin daughter Jenna in tow , about to give her away to her husband to be, in much the same manner, as Papa Clinton was yesterday.
It was five years ago G.W was walking down the White House lawn, hand in hand , with a famous billionaire Sheik , and political pal ,King Fahd.
His guest had that sly look on his face , as if he had just stole the canary from the West Wing, or a piece of slave, stone carved, artwork in the Lincoln bedroom ,whereas the President had his usual grin for the cameras, and along with that machismo Crawford Texan strut ,that Oliver Stone treated us to in the funny blockbuster movie W.
As I ,like many others later observed G.W. ,his daughter Jenna , her mama Laura, and the bridegroom Henry Hagar, on that beautiful day, I said to my self , the folks that landed on Plymouth Rock decades ago ,did well, as they were able to build a great democracy without the European , anachronistic groveling , favored by cousins left behind on the Continent. I then juxtapose this with his bear and grin, for oil maneuvers with Saudi King ,the pro Wahhabi, Islamist in Chief , I asked myself , do lower caste women in the Saudi Kingdom have any rights ,including even driving a vehicle?
Now folks , if the President of the United States ,do not have a problem being in bed with a leader who treats the women in his country worst than forth class citizens , then what does that say about the leader himself , especially if he is depicted as a God fearing Christian , that would quicker cut off his both arms, rather than allow such foolishness in the land of the free ,under the guise of some 12th century , pagan ideology to control his behavior.
Now fast forward to July 30th 2010 , and here again ,I,like millions of delusional fans ,obsessed with power in all it’s manifestations, were just as busy trying to get a peek at the lovely Irish American bride, and her Jewish American husband as they' tie the knot.' One could not help but feel a sense of pride to be part of this great immigrant melting pot , toss salad experiment ,called America , where capitalistic dreams can materialize via hard work, prudent networking investments ,and skillful manipulations of various social chess pieces to suit one's interest- even at the expense of others.
Imagine ,I ask myself , where the Clintons ,or Mezvinskys would be today, if America was not as welcoming to their Irish and Jewish ancestors , and quickly provided a part to full citizenship - unlike the millions that are being denied such today, as a result of faulty thinking , fear-mongering ,scapegoating, and racially skewed Immigration policy.
Immigration in this country has always been linked to labour needs , and this started the day slavery officially ended , continued to the expansion of the industrial northern, and North Eastern, regions, as well as railroad constructions, and other developmental needs in the West.
The irony of the main distinction should not be lost on anyone , unless they are awaking from a long coma. Immigrants today , are not given similar chances , and are forced to enter illegally, whereas in a distant era, all that was needed where Europeans to show up with an often unsubstantiated sad story, and they were soon repeating the pledge of allegiance as American citizens.

As a student of history , I also recalled a time where Irish, or Italians could not apply for certain jobs in ,for example ,New York City, or Jews across the length and breath of the country , were treated in similar negative, stereotypical , discriminatory ,fashion, by neo racist KKK, or similar minded ,genocidal maniacs ,like millions of Black ex slaves ,that escaped the Southern plantation- hence the reason why many are still residing together in the same communities , long after other groups have departed.
Should we have hope for the 12 million or more , chiefly brown , black , and brown immigrants in this country today ? I am an optimist, and doubt that the terminator California governor , ably assisted by his Irish American wife, or the Arizona tough talking broad , and cold hearted Governor ,will be allowed to get their way to prevent millions of American children opportunities , who like the kids of these two presidential dynasties ,along with their respective husbands were given , to be part of this wonderful experiment ,in the land of the free. Hate to say it , but where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?
GH Bush perhaps was very correct when he dismissed Ronald Reagan Trickle down , unregulated ,Voodoo Economic , as being bad in the long run for the nation,for he had the political scars to prove it when he had to do a 360 on his read my lips , no tax jig and dance. One should however , never say that the Gipper was not in the end ,a friend of immigrant .
See what it means to have a President who , in his case remembered his Dutch roots! Heavens forbid that we have to deal with ‘mama grizzles,’ who perhaps might be unable to spell immigration even if she sees it staring her in her face in Alaska.

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