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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribal wars

So you naively think immigration is a Mexican /Hispanic problem only , or that the entire politically charged affair should only be viewed from a typical white/black angle as depicted on CNN and Fox5 , yes? Think again , and look closely at divide and rule realities , as played out within segments of global African Diaspora ,tribal groups in the land of the free. While others are busy consolidating power, via vibrant,interest developmental networking, in these United States of America,folks with African DNA instead ,choose to go for each other jugglers.

“Marvin Dunn, chairman of the psychology department at Florida International University in Miami, says: "Whether you talk to Haitians, Bahamians, Jamaicans or Africans about African-Americans, you hear the same things: They are violent, they don't respect their elders, they have no sense of family, they don't want to work, they depend on welfare. When you talk to African-Americans about the immigrants, you hear: They're here to take our jobs. They'll work for nothing. They're cliquish. They smell. They eat dogs. They think they're better than us." “A Haitian-American who became the first elected black mayor of North Miami was attacked by as an interloper by some US-born Blacks. In New York City, one-third of Blacks were born abroad. The recent contest between a Jamaican-American and a US-born black American for a Congressional seat was an unusually bitter electoral battle.

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