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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Blues& reflection on Scary, Contentious ,Dysfunctional , Media Whores

        In the estimation of millions globally, America remains  , perhaps still ,the greatest country , and most desirous for migrating to , on earth, but there is one fundamental truism , I am coming around to accepting , more and more lately, and it more scary, than funny anymore. I am trying to expand also on a major theory of global significant,that I believe help explain why some countries evolve to greatness, while others  repeatedly fail irrespective of wealth , intelligence of it’s leaders, education of population,and military might. This is, that , only countries that also find some way to empower their women , in all aspect can eventually rise , and for the record ,I am not referring to simply having a political leader whose papa was a President, husband was a Prime Minister, or some glorified economic business elite , but  regular women, irrespective of racial , ethnic, or initial social status .In like manner , societies that decay and finally, do so ,when their uncontrollable  women, plays a significant roll in dragging the country down , for all sorts of sociological reasons , one can add. 
      Enter, stage right,America. World War 11, allowed  her mainly Caucasian women, a chance to come into their own , and established basic rights,devoid of historically controlling men , who were busy killing Germans,and dying themselves en mass, in Europe, at the time.
    These suddenly independent women ,manned the factories, worked  tirelessly ,kept America safe , and functioning , as well as provided the necessary fuel for the war structured post depression economy, Many enjoyed also the sexual liberation , and so indulged in all sorts of activities unbeknown to many , and many were ill prepared to revert back to such dreary , pregnant every other week, Bible reading , para puritanical existence, when these men returned home, and thanks to politically progressive  FDR ,and his, europeanized , neo feminist wife  Eleanor , most , had nothing to fear along that score. 
 As for the other irrelevant women of America at the time , like  Pocahontas , the Gandchild of white man’s ,head scalper in chief ,Sitting  Bull, or worst yet, part human , Afrikan slave wives  , such as  Madame Long Dong Silver ,thy  had absolutely no rights whatsoever. . 
   Fast forward to 2011, and for over 60 years ,America remained the envy of the world, and with the help of TV , Hollywood, and finally the internet ,and  has been able to maintain that monopoly as they sold cheap trills,along with  sex,drugs , social frivolities, and empty escapism with impunity ,for all who so desire. How else do you explain how no talented, partially beautiful , emotionally insecure creatures ,such as Britney Spears,Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera,Madonna, Cheer,Angela Jolie ,  Marylyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan , Parish Hilton, Ann Nicole Smith, Nicole Richie , and to top it off,soon to be divorce after 6 weeks, Kim Kardashian ,can  assume cult status globally? 
    Each of these obviously sick , yet crafty creatures , have tried to outdo each other ,in some more outrageous way than the other ,which  is   sometimes so shocking , that  many of their acts , are  not fit for normal human consumption , especially if one is under age. 
    Take Kim, she only married what some two months, and totally  collected some 40 or more millions from royalties due to the over the top , lavish wedding, but along with her mom is planning which guy she should hook up with , after  first finding a way to get a substantial part of her soon to be ex NBA, main squeeze victim's contract, he signed on to, before they met. She recently announced on ,of all places a gay TV talk show comedian  set , that she was  fed up , while maybe looking for sympathy, from someone who sees all  male female heterosexual , intimate relations ,as rape, so go figure.  
     Paris Hilton get’s caught with more drugs , stuck  her private parts , than we can count, and won’t hesitate to flash  her inner thighs , for the world, before an ever so  conveniently  placed photojournalist, who won’t hesitate to do the honors.
 In the music entertainment world anyone  close to , or over 30 ,is considered old , so Britney and Christina are right up there, and their great grand mom Madonna, who would do anything short of walking naked , while trying to remain in the spotlight , that even their celebrity kids, are disowning across social media , and in the public , due to embarrassment.
  The two dresses , like 10 year old East Asian ballerinas, entertaining  Mao’s Red army troops during the heights of the Vietnam War, while the other dates young guys ,so young , their parents were not even born as yet when she lost her virginity at 13. Just not right Madonna, as you are confusing your daughter .
Lionel  Richie adopted  girl  Nicole ,has finally grown up from her anorexia penchant, and disgust at being second fiddle to her Black former super entertainment high flying  Father Lionel .
    Lindsay Lohan ,her friend , has breach so many probation , due to alcohol and other drug relapse , that the DA , and Judges , still trying to keep he, and crazy ,juvenile dad, out of prison , might be all vying for the Mother Theresa forgiveness  award , for all you know.  
 Not sure if after making billions in her movies , Angela has gotten over her fathers , .....what ever , he did to her ... and so she might have started speaking to him again, but she too has fallen into a seeming depression , and has lost almost 100 pounds, via some weird  crash diet.
 What more can a lady want , when she got the man of her dreams , stolen from America’s Friends  TV darling ,Jennifer Anniston . These were ,10 kids , five  adopted ,of mixed  race adopted, and five of her own ,made in what 3 years , and still fortunate not be bugged down by marriage?  
Jessica  Simpson’s problem, is the same as that of Oprah.They just cannot stay off the pork chops. Such does not count in America.  Anorexia is more sexy ,a story. 
 Are the  ‘ever -ready -bunny sisters’ of  Cheer, and Mia Farrow , to be blamed for this seeming media obsession , attention grabbers, and  dysfunctional relationship , go getting ,mainly  cuddled, entertainers? I say no. Leading actress,Audrey  Hepburn ,did exactly what Angela , and Mia have done for charity , but with a bit more class, knowing fully well that she , as a UN Goodwill Ambassador ,was a role model. The difference , was that Audrey was not  American by birth , but a naturalized citizen. Elin Nordegren , Tiger Woods wife ,lived the crazy whirlwind , rags to riches life , just like Kim , and any of the similar wild puppies that masquerade across our media, but in the end, she walked away cooly with over 100 million, her babies, found a new boyfriend, and yet on TV show , book deal or reality TV replication , and the difference maker ?  You bet . She too , was  not from here , but  instead  Sweden. Am I on a roll here? 
   Not to be outdone, are the celebrity political, and Corporate , American women , and leading the cast is none other than Hillary Tammy Wynnet Clinton. That stand by her man loyalty, made her into a millionaire global star, of epic proportion. That leaves us with the two  colorless  Rice sisters  , Condi , and  Susan  . We can then throw in  CEO  Ursula Burns , and wrap it all up with Oprah. Not bad , three Afrikan American , and one Euro American , all of which can keep their clothes on, while making an impact on the world. 
   There is hope yet for America, and more importantly, for those of us who enjoys observation of trendy influences,, the world at large , as this behavior , be it good ,bad , or ugly ,can go viral , globally. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Musing from De Progressive Social Provocateur in Chief

Winnie Mandela once said the following:- "The years of imprisonment hardened me.... Perhaps if you have been given a moment to hold back and wait for the next blow, your emotions wouldn't be blunted as they have been in my case. When it happens every day of your life, when that pain becomes a way of life, I no longer have the emotion of fear. ... there is no longer anything I can fear. There is nothing the government has not done to me. There isn't any pain I haven't known."

          Unfortunately , that extremely rich country , has degenerated to a very sad state ,of economic decay,political backwardness, epic  violence, and social regression,as no one could have imagined, some  2 decades ago. Having being in the belly of the beast , and seen the ugliness up close , I as your 'social provocateur in chief ,'is forced to say the following, as well.
        It's a pity that the good lady was given such a raw deal by the enemies of the people. One can only imagine how far South Afrika , would have advance , had she been at the side of the great Afrikan freedom fighter Madeba, as opposed to the numerous , self serving stooges , appears , and cowards he was cursed with. It is the people's loss. Today , Afrikans in that country , are 50 times worst off, than they were , anytime during the most atrocious period of the , western European, and American supported,racist Apartheid period.

Of course , you know you are in problem , when the beneficiaries of historical injustices, and now turning on each other.
Arise oh Afrika, as your  globally dispersed children needs you. A sick Afrika , make for a sick Planet!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Syria’s Alliance with Iran | United States Institute of Peace

Syria’s Alliance with Iran | United States Institute of Peace Divide and rule as played out by western powers , led by global hegemonic force America,as per usual, across Southern Iraq, Bahrain ,Yemen, and Syria,to curb the growing influence of historically demonized Iran , and so bolster the power instead of a major ally Saudi Arabia? What's the end game, and who seriously benefits from such tumultuous situations? Take a stand for peace, and prudent Foreign policy which can eventually lead to a much more secured world.

Friday, October 28, 2011


“Beware of one who has  nothing to loose.” Italian Proverb
          There is something contagious about this era we are living in today, as we see young ,old rich and poor , of all colors, and religiously tinged ,cultural background , take a stand to push back on what they perceive as social injustices,and departure of a more pure ideal that early  revolutionary leaders had in mind when they took a particular part to progress.  No one has a monopoly as to distortion of the facts , and so I for one can be repulsed at a neo liberal opportunist, in like manner to the revulsion I can develop to a far right fringe closet fascist , and their not too concealed 4th estate  agents , that are hell bent on protecting a particular corporatist interest.
      Like most forms of global trends , there is nothing new, or  nationally exclusive about it these forceful press for change , or the sometimes very violent reactions to them , often from some of the most unusual places , as history would bear out. Some deem them terrorist, rouges, dissidents,  and vagabonds,while  others ,freedom fighters,same difference, depending on who has the power to shape the rules, and who is trying to gain a piece of the pie. for want of a better word.        Two decades ago, it was the folks of the former USSR, and satellite cousins across Eastern Europe , that  aimed to remove the yoke of socialism , by pushing  back against a system they felt served them no good, as constituted. 
   This eventually  got  Vodka aficionado ,Boris Yeltsin ,a Presidency of a  a truncated Super Power led by Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev a Nobel Peace Prize and everlasting shame by his  own people now nostalgic for a past they better understood ,and for the West , former Cowboy turned actor /politician ,Ronald Reagan , into  much beloved, iconic political immortality ,in the eyes of his countrymen,Voodoo Economics , Iran Contra drug/ guns/hostages scandals, notwithstanding, but who cares about history, in the America , aka ‘the land of the free,’  beyond the last color of Paris Hilton underwear, that was purposely flashed, for  the benefit , of a conveniently place photo journalist  eyes, the age ,and race of Cougar elite ,Madonna’s , most recent ,youth inducing , love joy, boy  toy, or heavens forbid , the the width of untalented ,Kim Kardashaian’s, over publicized  rear end.
   Not to be outdone , the Chinese had their flash in the pan escapade ,which ended  tragically ,in Tiananmen  Square  around the same time. Fast forward to 2011 , and the inheritor of the experiments in Europe and Russia , is questioning the folly of their decisions, as Europe stumbles economically, and Russia  witnessed an undemocratic henchman , ex KGB puppeteer Putin, make a fool of his country , thus making them  almost ,wish that Lenin was still alive. As for China , one of the main organizers is not a big time corporatist in Taiwan , and his country on the verge of being a superpower , even as the rights of the people are trampled underfoot with impunity, and  economic exploitation  of a desperate poor , remains the norm . Still not certain who is the enemy, the millions of foreign conglomerates, seeking cheap labor fame and fortune, or the closet Socialist , pretending that the revolting stupidity that pass for progress, is sustainable. 
   What those two epic  movement towards change have in common , is the fact that it was the people themselves from those countries that took the initiatives , and made mammoth sacrifices , in effort to acquire positive changes. 
       Are there any lessons that can be derived a few decades later , as we hear of  a social movement , refereed to as The Arab Springs ,that has  ignited  the entire Islamist Arab world?  Is the  recent politically entrenched , Neo Conservative Tea Party  folks , better patriots than ,their less organized , and heavily financed , liberal  ,Occupy Wall Street bunch , that has many in America scratch  their heads in consternation, as many try to figure out if they are for real. 
I won’t even attempt to hazard a guess on that one, but one can only hope that they are , as the runaway train that is America , is on a collision course, as excitable warmongering neo corporatist politicians , and their economic handlers were having a field day keeping us all out of the loop with televised distractions . 
   Take a stand. Drums , dancing , a committed people to a cause across the allegedly backward 3rd world , and Occupy Wall Street protesters?  
     It worked for the former , so maybe there is a reason Americans would never again see a revolution , much less, see one televised- except of course, it is one  that’s  ideologically palatable? 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Color blind Justice ?

    Maybe it's just me , but ain't something dreadfully wrong with this picture America? In a period of 3 months three Euro American women all walked free ,as a  male counterpart  from  Georgia, was spared the death penalty, while his  Afrikan  American  room mate , on similar charge, was sent to his uncaring  maker,in the sky ,even after million of hours of prays and beeseachment by good intentioned folks as to his innocence?

       What caught my eye just recently ,was an accidental killing, that took place by a 12 year old  Hispanic kid  Cristian Fernandez, from Florida  , that resulted in not only him , being charged as an adult , but also his mom was implicated , for not acting promptly enough.

 So celibrity murdering victim Casey Anthony walked, due to her  apparent ,innocent pretty smile,flirtations with male jurors , as we await the follow up movie , and book deal.

 Alleged lifetime New York  victim ,Barbarah Shennan , stuck around  her dreadful, abusive  husband,for decades  , so that she can eventually  shoot him 11 times, much to the delight of their two dysfunctional kids, while he was shaving in a bathroom? Dr Phil , this one is on you, and your equally crazy pal ,Oprah,  buddy, as you both have encouraged this stupidity, for much too long. 

Cuddled American  exchange student , turn  criminal ,Amanda Knox ,walk free , due to the cowadice of pressured Italian legal authorities, and few are loosing any sleep.

 Even Amnesty international could not save Troy Davis  from state murder.

 However ,we should note that the Georgia Clemency Board ,could BE SYMPATHETIC to  his bunk mate , Samuel David Cowe, so go figure , whose life ,since Jim Crow, American   genocides began ,has less value. . 

 Now looking forward, we know how another media frenzy, would end  in Kansas,due to the DNA of the culprits.

    Care to hazard a guess as to how immigrant  Dr Murrary ,would fare ,on the manslaughter charge re Michael Jackson , a lifetime drug using , confused ,50 year old, millionaire  kid?  Just bear in mind that he was only one of 200 doctors , that kept this character alive , and fed his obvious insatiable , addictions.

 What's that ? This is liberal state Kalifornia, and even though Crips creator turned ,globally recognized , anti gang ,Human Rights ,child activist , Stanley Tookie Williams , was not spared state orchestrated  death, by fake Republican , Austrian closet Natzi sympatizer , Arnold Schwarzenegger, that libiral , Jerry Brown , aka ,the compassionate Bhuddist Governor , today ,might intervene?

Don't hold youur breath folks ,for all 50 states  of these United States ,along with scared gloibal allies ,practice color blind justice. Take a stand for truth , fairness , and equal playing field justice. More importantly , speak up for kids , and truly desenfrachised individuals , where appropiate. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


   So how do we keep our kids motivated, as so many  still hold on to the fast fading  notion ,that they too have a chance to grow up to become something worthwhile, or rather ,can inherit a better place than their fore parents met, even if their parents aren't Barrack , and Mitchelle Obama , the Trumps, P Diddy ,or Warren  Buffet? Found my self in a recent discussion with a  young colleague  , whose country  Liberia , has seen more wars than anyone in these United States, can ever imagine. 
   Well , maybe a child soldier ,in the worst part of  Africa,is no different, to a 10 year old gang banger, wannabe recruit living in economically eroding, Chicago West Side , LA , devastated Detroit , or New  York projects , where   frustrated  Hispanic chicaquitas , and Afrikan foxy mamas dominate , still dreaming of a papa doing life for murder , or hustling 10 grams of crack, while blaming the FBI ,and a careless government ,for their  plight , and that of family.  
    Some say that they are different from young, white 18 year old kids ,that once innocent  Timothy McVeigh, David Laffer ,and  Jared Lee loughner were , before  they all joined the military to escape poverty , and seek fortune, only to then evolve  from hopeless frustrated kids , into well trained ,patriotic,killing machine, fighters for America? You remember them , as they all  eventually, retuned home ,to find an America they could  not recognize , much less live in ,after enduring  so many months of existence, in fox holes, and so  if lucky ,become abusing ,law enforcement police or prison officials, terrorist, and if not,  instead, unemployable , lonely , angry ,neo racial agitators - that are easy fodder , for  KKK bozos,pretending to be anti  Obama government,’all immigrants are evil , job stealers,’ none tax paying border  militias, called activist?  
    Fast forward to today, a few months before election, and we see an ideological battle brewing  for the hearts, and mind of American voters , with both parties attempting, along with a desperate President , hoping to bottle the mood  of agitated citizens, to good use. 
    So  what do we have in the aftermath of a bloody  US $2 billion , 8 months ,beat down of  lifetime terrorist, diabolical , oil  saturated North African dictator Mummar Quaddifi,we see the Obama doctrine come into better fruition,  and here it is. 
       Pull out most visible troops from Iraq , without really doing so, or touching the thousands of private contractors that will remain, thus to  satisfy the corporate interest.
       Immediately sending a few military personnel to suddenly oil rich Uganda, under the guise that  as first President of an Afrikan immigrant , is not only obsessed over Israel and  their Arab Palestinian cousins ,love feast. Instead he is   suddenly concerned about the Lords Resistance thugs , who have been terrorizing kids for what two decades , turning the males to child soldiers , and the females wives of fake military  barbarians? 
   Multilateralism , has never been so  good  some think , especially when oils , gas ,and other lucrative benefits ,are for the taking. In the mean time ,Yemen, Syria ,Saudi Arabia , and Bahrain , where rights of individuals, are trampled underfoot? Well , your guess is as good as mine, especially if American dissidents are treated , ...not so terribly?
         As for the domestic front , the President would not get his jobs bills passed, as his Republican rivals , with a 2012 elections to win , won’t support any more government, jobs  stimulating  spending , on teachers, police , and other law enforcement officials, or  help rebuild decrepit, crumbling  infrastructures, as they wish for government to get off the people’s back , unless it’s in injecting underage kids with drugs to curb inconclusive diseases, destined to destroy them long into the future , when pharmaceutical corporate lobbyist  ,makes billions ,experimenting , from drugs tested on  lab rats.
      Is it fair to conclude that security for kids will remain an elusive dreams ,  be they white, red , black, yellow , or brown living in Afrika, Middle East, China, latin America ,  Europe, Russia, or USA? Maybe so.  Sing  with by late
    ' Afrikan ,Socratic ,Philosophical Brothaz ,' Tupac, but what a pity  he too, could not be as astute to see much less . prevent an untimely , early demise via , what else the bullet of a gun created in capitalist fiefdom , America. 

Police brutality at Occupy oakland

Saturday, October 22, 2011

War Mongrels, Fake religious , pro terrorist ,& the American Cash Cow

         One cannot help but be amused ,when hearing the lamentations of naive , young, desperate , directionless American protesters, who loudly , cries out for economic justice from Wall Street corporate thugs , and the politicians that cuddle them.
   Would any have the guts to demand that their leaders quit supporting, alleged victimized ,war mongrels in Israel, who would never do anything to prevent this lucrative cash cow that will continually come their way , so long as they pretend to be victims, or Arab ,as well as  South Asian bandits ,  pro terrorist  miscreants ,that will pretend to adore Americans,  as long as  it means, mucho dollars in aid?
   If  due to divide and rule ,  one political  fraction of  a socially   traumatized  people ,can come to the international community , and get the middle finger, by influential power brokers , and the opposing pro terror fraction , can simply free one  kidnapped victim, and in return get 1000 prisoners ,then what does that say about anyone's quest for meaningful peace , as opposed to maintenance of a convoluted, status quo, where deception remains  the norm.
      Likewise , as two stupid, expensive , non- winnable  wars ,rages on,with hidden body bags returning home daily with no one to see them . In case you did not already know , some $US2billion,  was just spent ,to simply murder, a rabid , undemocratic , Islamist ,North Afrikan  political thug called Qaddafi, but do Americans see the connection to their ghastly economic state, where military elites,& oil obsessed corporate entities ,control the political agenda, and  overall fortunes of their lives, as their own  cities crumble?
  If even with these over the top spending , and misguided fixation on foreign oil, and gas , Nobel  Peace prize winning President , can think about  another possible war with Iran , under the guise of nuclear compliance, or send troops to a recent oil  rich Uganda , under the guise of finding a child abusing , military criminal , that has been terrorizing that region for two decades, and the American people , via phony patriotism, still  remain silent, then  what should one conclude?
     Who knows? Hey  CNN media elites ,Wolf Blitzer, and flavor of the year , intellectual ,soft porn journalism head   guru ,Anderson Cooper, do any of  you care? No,you said , and  I would be better served to enquire  from  your other , phony liberal friends, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough ,and Ed Schultz,at MSNBC, or  Rupert Murdoch's , Right winged comedians O 'Riely, and Sean Hannidy, that prattle away nightly, on Faux 5, make up news , on nothing of substance ? Should we email some questions as to whether Americans are safer , in all three wars once thugs take over , be it  Afghanistan, Iraq , and now Libya , once the two legged weapons of mass destruction of their country departed?
     Now here is the bigger question , and or tragedy. Who suffers most , during post conflict reconstruction, the countries left with the carnage , or the traumatized ex soldiers returning home to their safe enclaves in America , and parts of Europe, where unemployment ,uncaring officials ,  violence , and social mayhem is the norm ? Maybe we should allow the charade to continue  unabated ,while victims- real , and imagined- as well as , blatant  perpetrators, of moral wrongs , pretend  to..., well fill in the blanks. 
 Who will be the next enemy, one should enquire? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


                 There  is , in my estimation, absolutely  no one worst than a fraud. In short, a phony , or someone who profess to be something that they are not deep inside , but continues along a particular part because of some short term gain. We see them everyday , at work,close  neighbors, with celebrities ,the pseudo spiritual world , and of course, the most important arena  of all, that has implication for all of us , politics. 
      Ooooh yesss, I can hear you exclaim , I know one or two , too many of such creatures.  Speaking of which, there on the top stories in  one of my favorite papers , is a smiling Hilary Clinton , lapping up the adulation's in Cris  Cristi fashion of being a savior of the Democratic party, while vehemently  exclaiming to the world that she is finished with politics , in 15 months , after her tenure as Secretary of State during the Obama  1st term . 
    Mind you , she has that fake grin , we have all  gotten so accustomed to , as she try to put that spin on a subject for the consumption of too many of her gullible fans . You know the type,, as also practiced so well, by  a shelty fox  in a hen house . 
What do you know , the contagious spirit of pro democratic 'Arab Springs,'  protesters ,catching on like wild fire all across America  beginning in New York. Since actions  ,speak louder than words, here is a quote to prove my point, as Hillary Tammy Wynnet , tries not too hard to ingratiate herself with struggling Americans. As the country titters on the brink of total anarchy , collapse , and civil war due to unemployment, and failed governmental policies and selfish greed by over cuddled , vision less business entities, she said the following:- “ China has been gaming the system  to hold down the currency  to give it’s companies a leg up,Brazil and India , growing economies have transformed them into world powers, , have put economics at the center of their foreign policies. We have  to position ourselves to lead in a world where security  is shaped in the boardrooms and on the trading floors, as well as our battle field.” 
     Really Hillary, and what were you doing for the past two years as you traverse the globe, giving Israel the green light  to build more settlement, and the middle finger to Palestinian Arabs seeking justice? The last time I checked , no one was making any bold step including you to tell China to join the 21st century and end it’s blatant Human Rights abuses , child labor pirating , and infringement of copyrights laws , as they steal American inventions, produce sub par products , with no adherence to globally acceptable standard , to then flood the markets for  desperate Americans. Do you dare to tell one of the thousands of companies that support your husband fancy economic development initiatives , that they should start being patriotic , and invest in America , so as to offer employments to Americans ? 
  Since you were” ready from day one,  “ to support G.W. Bush wars , and so did nothing more than support further escalation in Afghanistan, and Iraq , because you did not want history to show 50 years from now, that America lost another war against war ,or help emboldened radical Islam , while an inexperience ,disingenuous female ,one time young Republican ,Secretary of State,called Hillary ,was in charge,should we take you seriously?.
      Well naturally , Hillary as an American herself ,is playing into a phony culture of 50 million pieces , of still disgruntled fans  of  people , that would support her run again for the Presidency  , this time against her present  boss Obama, without admitting that had he been white like the previous leaders before him , this would not be the case. So embedded is the phoniness. 
   The phoniness of the national 4th estate media establishment is legendary, as too many try to hide behind psyco babble , jargon , and suspect ideology by speaking out forcefully on everything that ills America today, but were all silent as the country’s first MBA  President G.W. Bush systematically destroy his country via wasteful spending, political mismanagement, cronyism , and blatant corruption , via lack of prudent regulations on agencies that were in trusted in protecting the people that voted him into power. 
       OK , I take   back my previous comment that politicians are the 'crem la crem,' of the phonies  ,as they have strong rivals in the 1% ultra rich capitalist  business community. Tell me New York, that  you don’t feel like kicking  Mike Bloomberg , and Donald Trump in the face every time you hear them open their mouth, about getting government off  business back, even as they both exploit the system at every chance to advance their private cause , and economic war chest? 
    I swear, if I here Warren Buffet prattle away on TV , on the rich need to pay more taxes , I personally would find the TV studio he is talking on and punch him in the face, as both him ,and pal Bill Gates, has taken greed to different levels , and is living proof as to what is exceedingly wrong with American capitalism, where a small percentage  of folks ,hold all  the wealth , does % percentage of the labor , and continually screws the working masses. 
           Speaking of greed , and phoniness , RIP Steve Job. He is dead at  what 53, and has acquired billions , due in great measure to having the majority of his companies, scattered across the globe, in exotic places ,such as China, where cheap ,sweatshop , none unionized labor,  abounds, and Americans  jobless ,continually starve,while trying to purchase his products. 
  Let truth prevail, and it's a beautiful day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Desperate Fights for Hearts & Minds

    Moral Conservatism ?Sorry Governor Perry, we’ve been down that part before, and look what it got us, G.W Bush ,aka the MBA President, for eight years,  two ill conceived ,un -winnable wars, a national, and eventual  global recession, and a whole lot of disgruntled , unemployed Americans in the wake, looking expectantly to Obama , more certain of becoming  the next white ,Miss America , than maybe winning a 2nd term in office, even with the lack of any viable competition. 
  'Changes we can believe in,'  he said again, on another of his well attended , not too subtle ,2012 , re election speeches ? Sorry Uncle Obama, you too trotted out that fine line, two years ago , and the results are most despicable. It’s your fault , and so the people ain’t buying anymore buddy, for look what they got for their faith in you, as opposed to the evil ,  fringe lunatic , military elite , of bomb , 'bomb , bomb, Iran' fame, in John Mc Cain?  

You know it, corporate Wall Street bandits, flipping young, unemployed kids , and now homeless  parents,the bird, as they move around in their chauffere  driven , expensively tinted ,foreign made cars , across  the City of New York, and  gratefully expanding nationally, where no sell out ,clueless , Tea Party  member, dare enter again.
  Expansion of wars , in regions where hearts ,and minds of allies , and foe alike ,are being lost as we speak, business as usual ,in the racially insensitive American  Justice ,and law enforcement system, so much so ,that a white confessed , and convicted murderer, can be spared the death penalty in Georgia, while a  death row convict ,that looks a bit like you ,is murdered by the State, even as many soundly touted his innocence across the globe. Maybe some day , you can have the courage to do the right thing , away from your pollsters, and close advisors, by ending the death penalty, and so bring America into the 21th Century, UN Millennium   arena ,of more civilize countries, being this one time community activist for the Afrikan American poor , the result of your exalted, Harvard constitutional legal  training and all, yes?
     How about ,that recent , incomprehensible slap in the face  response , to desperate Palestinians seeking some political support , on the most important Global Stage  imaginable, a la the United Nations General Assembly. The typical ,butt kissing , and pandering to a selective forceful lobbying voice , across the Jewish community,was reprehensible , as it was so obviously political in nature.  I am almost certain  that presently, those well intentioned,Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee members , are finally bowing  their heads in shame , for even considering, much less giving you, that coveted prize some two years ago , when you never did anything tangible to show that you too ,was not an educated elitist , war mongering , phony Christian ,pro genocidal maniac , just like your immediate successor, G.W Bush. Their fault , for not doing proper vetting , I guess.  
         On a lighter note, an  ex Marine , ardent poker , gambling fanatic ,and colleague ,Johnny Chad, had made fine plans upon your election  ,as he expected some quick  regularization in relations between Cuba and America , so as to now  enjoy Havana  excellent weather ,exotic  girls , and tourist oriented casinos , but what is he seeing  instead ,that has him still pissed? A still angry , and defiant  ,octogenarian  named Fidel Castro,his Military henchman  brother Raul ,holding on for dear life to prop up that stupid ,illogical socialist  legacy, millions of desperate Cubans suffering in that country , with no food , but  great  hospitals, and a small , wealthy minority, of anti Castro expats ,divvying up their often ,  ill gotten spoils , to politicians of both camps of the Republicans, and  Democratic party , to see who want’s Florida most , while continual disenfranchisement of ,who else , people that looks like you , takes place , not only in Florida, but anywhere folks might vote for  Democratic candidates.Your call , along with Mr Holder , your Justice Department , sleeping , all talking , head guru , to finally do something about such electoral injustices, as started by diabolical agents ,of  fake Texan cowboy , Yale  frat boy , and East Coast , gold shovel in the mouth , elite G.W. Bush. 
           Cannot say that I am not looking forward keenly to the next  pivotal Republican debate tomorrow , as the Elephant   race is getting a bit muddled , as to who really wish to be the big enchilada ,come 2012 November.Herman Cain , the rags to riches businessman executive  , turn flavor of the month 'politicos,'  Love the death penalty , State murdering Governor, Rick Perry, aka G.W Bush11,or  his ultra wealthy ,much despised Mormon , Liberal Conservative rival Mitt  Romney, aka the 'flip flopper in Chief ,' depending on the polls?   Let the best man win , and thank goodness , American politicians,though adoring their 2nd Amendment guns, have advanced a bit more, since the days of their less  civilize founding fathers ,such as  one time West Indian  immigrant , turned Treasury Secretary ,Alexander Hamilton, and  shooting rival  Mr Aaron Burr, or the morally repugnant , Afrikan woman rapist , Thomas Jefferson, who  only bedded his female slaves , impregnated them , and refused to free any, upon leaving office.
 Hey Rick Perry , it’s your call, as Herman Cain is looking for an invitation to your ever  popular ,‘Texan Nigger Ranch,’ so don’t discriminate, when he , as the eventual RNC Presidential candidate winner, may be forced to come  looking for a likely VP , to balance his ticket, yes? 
   We certainly  know how much you , and the rabid ,Southern Christian , Far Right bunch, despise Mormons, and think they do not believe in Jesus , but the fundamental question is ,  should    Jews ,naively  continue to  feel ,equally safe in supporting you , if they know  , that deep within the inner recesses of  your wicked , anti Afrikan  heart, that the lingering thought remains as to the fact that they were indirectly responsible for murdering  your blond , blue eyed Jesus? 
  More interestingly, can  desperate , politically confused ,Hispanic voters ,again allow themselves to be fooled by another wannabe cowboy ,who  back then ,spoke  two words in  Spanish , simply because you allowed some grateful low wage ,  Mexican worker’s kids into school , as opposed to sending them to prison ,which was your really intention ? Uncle Obama , a word of advise please? As1st Afrikan Mayor of New York ,David Dinkins would tell you, if interested , the loyalty of most Hispanic voters, are very freckle ,as snow flakes in August, so take your Supreme High Court  Justice nomination, of  Sonia Sotomayor ,and do what you wish  with her, as your tentative , baby steps on immigration reform , is sending most in that camp loco, mi Amigo . 
    Since in the words of Tip O’Neal , “all politics is local ,” therefore , let the race begin, or rather continue ,for the hearts ,and minds of a folks , both international, a la Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Egypt,Israel, Sudan, Cuba, Libya , and of course domestic, in  these United States, yes? 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Racial Love, Political Hate & Anti Terror , an American Challenge.

      Remember at time , let say, 2 decades ago , when American leaders   were  hated for the right reasons? I am talking about their support of tyrannical Right winged , neo fascist dictators across the globe such as Pinochet in Chile, as their diabolical enemies USSR , did the exact thing , but in their case for Left Wing Socialist bums , such as Castro in Cuba. Well fast forward to 2011 , and  low how much things have change with an Afrikan President in the White House, and according to the polls more than half of America hate him some think for all the wrong reasons , even though the majority voted for him just two years ago. Well, what else is new? Afrikan scapegoating I mean , but I digress. 
   Take note , an Afrikan Conservative, millionaire named Herman Cain is attempting to topple America’s first Afrikan  Nobel Peace Prize President, while   touting the virtues of Chile economic system , with his 9999 % taxation mantra , even as Chileans are still trying to find the millions ,of  victims slaughtered during the reign of American , and  suspect ,war criminal Dr Henry Kissinger’s pal, Pinochet , go figure . Strike one against ,a condescending , self loathing ,nut case, who is naive enough to think , he can be a contender , simply because his potential rival has 50% Afrikan  blood like his , but again I digress. 
       Worst yet ,in addition to Egypt,Libya, Sudan,Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia, Arab lifetime islamist ,are seeking freedom, and democracy ,after decades of oppressions, in   politically exotic  places such as Bahrain,Yemen,Saudi Arabia, Syria , and Israel controlled Palestine , but don’t tell any in the American media, lofty policy wonks, and many of the political pundits in control. 
     So what do we know , another terrorist is struck down , and one maybe can guess, that Americans can sleep a bit better at nights , knowing fully well, that their government is on the job , so to speak, and ensuring safety from the likes of crazy foreigners, that hates their country, aka the world’s sole remaining Super Power. However , let’s press the pause button a bit, as fortunately , or unfortunately , this  person is none other than Anwar al- Awlaki,who hails from  good old America. His violent CIA orchestrated death, outraged, Libertarian , GOP Candidate in chief, Ron Paul so much , that he deemed the act as akin to murder , without a trial Well, I’ll be ... Again, a new form of American hatred, for a novel form of home grown enemy.  
     Yes Dr Ron , we share your enthusiasm   for folks that threaten to do harm not only to innocent Americans , but to others across the globe. Remind me  to check the archives to see what his  views were, on the death penalty in his home state of Texas,but more importantly ,his neighboring state of Georgia’s , where murder by state is the norm , via the barbaric , dehumanizing death penalty. RIP  for an Afrikan  American , none voting citizen ,Troy Davis , and sorry world ,for some Americans treasure their laws , and are  selectively uncompromising , on who to kill for wrongs. 
      It should be noted that   President Obama ,was patting himself on the back , and commending close ally Yemen , for their support ,as it were for eliminating another global terrorist so soon ,so soon  after flushing Bin Laden, out of his  million dollar , well protected ,bat caves fortress in the  backyard of  another ,close anti terror ally, Pakistan, a few months ago. 
   So is the war on terror working,is America, and the wider global community , much safer now that another terrorist is eliminated, ,                                    billions are being spent daily for security , expensive wars are still being fought in in politically exotic  regions with future political blow back potentials ,Nobel peace prized Afrikan Presidents are in charge, and new forms of hatred are in vogue ? Not certain , as the bigger  question  for me remains ,as to who is  the enemy of the America people ,Congress, Islam, social injustice , greedy selfish conglomerates, fortunate political donors, and  well placed lobbyist  with 'mucho Dolores ,' and influence?
 Has US victorious ,Post Cold War , leaders  squandered   opportunities , to advance democracy , or has played a pivotal role is stabilizing the globe in it’s position as sole remaining Super power. Well, as we say , the jury is still out on all score, or to quote Uncle Obama ,trying to dodge a question sometime ago , “this is way over my pay grade,”but that’s me , how about you?

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