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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Racial Love, Political Hate & Anti Terror , an American Challenge.

      Remember at time , let say, 2 decades ago , when American leaders   were  hated for the right reasons? I am talking about their support of tyrannical Right winged , neo fascist dictators across the globe such as Pinochet in Chile, as their diabolical enemies USSR , did the exact thing , but in their case for Left Wing Socialist bums , such as Castro in Cuba. Well fast forward to 2011 , and  low how much things have change with an Afrikan President in the White House, and according to the polls more than half of America hate him some think for all the wrong reasons , even though the majority voted for him just two years ago. Well, what else is new? Afrikan scapegoating I mean , but I digress. 
   Take note , an Afrikan Conservative, millionaire named Herman Cain is attempting to topple America’s first Afrikan  Nobel Peace Prize President, while   touting the virtues of Chile economic system , with his 9999 % taxation mantra , even as Chileans are still trying to find the millions ,of  victims slaughtered during the reign of American , and  suspect ,war criminal Dr Henry Kissinger’s pal, Pinochet , go figure . Strike one against ,a condescending , self loathing ,nut case, who is naive enough to think , he can be a contender , simply because his potential rival has 50% Afrikan  blood like his , but again I digress. 
       Worst yet ,in addition to Egypt,Libya, Sudan,Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia, Arab lifetime islamist ,are seeking freedom, and democracy ,after decades of oppressions, in   politically exotic  places such as Bahrain,Yemen,Saudi Arabia, Syria , and Israel controlled Palestine , but don’t tell any in the American media, lofty policy wonks, and many of the political pundits in control. 
     So what do we know , another terrorist is struck down , and one maybe can guess, that Americans can sleep a bit better at nights , knowing fully well, that their government is on the job , so to speak, and ensuring safety from the likes of crazy foreigners, that hates their country, aka the world’s sole remaining Super Power. However , let’s press the pause button a bit, as fortunately , or unfortunately , this  person is none other than Anwar al- Awlaki,who hails from  good old America. His violent CIA orchestrated death, outraged, Libertarian , GOP Candidate in chief, Ron Paul so much , that he deemed the act as akin to murder , without a trial Well, I’ll be ... Again, a new form of American hatred, for a novel form of home grown enemy.  
     Yes Dr Ron , we share your enthusiasm   for folks that threaten to do harm not only to innocent Americans , but to others across the globe. Remind me  to check the archives to see what his  views were, on the death penalty in his home state of Texas,but more importantly ,his neighboring state of Georgia’s , where murder by state is the norm , via the barbaric , dehumanizing death penalty. RIP  for an Afrikan  American , none voting citizen ,Troy Davis , and sorry world ,for some Americans treasure their laws , and are  selectively uncompromising , on who to kill for wrongs. 
      It should be noted that   President Obama ,was patting himself on the back , and commending close ally Yemen , for their support ,as it were for eliminating another global terrorist so soon ,so soon  after flushing Bin Laden, out of his  million dollar , well protected ,bat caves fortress in the  backyard of  another ,close anti terror ally, Pakistan, a few months ago. 
   So is the war on terror working,is America, and the wider global community , much safer now that another terrorist is eliminated, ,                                    billions are being spent daily for security , expensive wars are still being fought in in politically exotic  regions with future political blow back potentials ,Nobel peace prized Afrikan Presidents are in charge, and new forms of hatred are in vogue ? Not certain , as the bigger  question  for me remains ,as to who is  the enemy of the America people ,Congress, Islam, social injustice , greedy selfish conglomerates, fortunate political donors, and  well placed lobbyist  with 'mucho Dolores ,' and influence?
 Has US victorious ,Post Cold War , leaders  squandered   opportunities , to advance democracy , or has played a pivotal role is stabilizing the globe in it’s position as sole remaining Super power. Well, as we say , the jury is still out on all score, or to quote Uncle Obama ,trying to dodge a question sometime ago , “this is way over my pay grade,”but that’s me , how about you?

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