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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Color blind Justice ?

    Maybe it's just me , but ain't something dreadfully wrong with this picture America? In a period of 3 months three Euro American women all walked free ,as a  male counterpart  from  Georgia, was spared the death penalty, while his  Afrikan  American  room mate , on similar charge, was sent to his uncaring  maker,in the sky ,even after million of hours of prays and beeseachment by good intentioned folks as to his innocence?

       What caught my eye just recently ,was an accidental killing, that took place by a 12 year old  Hispanic kid  Cristian Fernandez, from Florida  , that resulted in not only him , being charged as an adult , but also his mom was implicated , for not acting promptly enough.

 So celibrity murdering victim Casey Anthony walked, due to her  apparent ,innocent pretty smile,flirtations with male jurors , as we await the follow up movie , and book deal.

 Alleged lifetime New York  victim ,Barbarah Shennan , stuck around  her dreadful, abusive  husband,for decades  , so that she can eventually  shoot him 11 times, much to the delight of their two dysfunctional kids, while he was shaving in a bathroom? Dr Phil , this one is on you, and your equally crazy pal ,Oprah,  buddy, as you both have encouraged this stupidity, for much too long. 

Cuddled American  exchange student , turn  criminal ,Amanda Knox ,walk free , due to the cowadice of pressured Italian legal authorities, and few are loosing any sleep.

 Even Amnesty international could not save Troy Davis  from state murder.

 However ,we should note that the Georgia Clemency Board ,could BE SYMPATHETIC to  his bunk mate , Samuel David Cowe, so go figure , whose life ,since Jim Crow, American   genocides began ,has less value. . 

 Now looking forward, we know how another media frenzy, would end  in Kansas,due to the DNA of the culprits.

    Care to hazard a guess as to how immigrant  Dr Murrary ,would fare ,on the manslaughter charge re Michael Jackson , a lifetime drug using , confused ,50 year old, millionaire  kid?  Just bear in mind that he was only one of 200 doctors , that kept this character alive , and fed his obvious insatiable , addictions.

 What's that ? This is liberal state Kalifornia, and even though Crips creator turned ,globally recognized , anti gang ,Human Rights ,child activist , Stanley Tookie Williams , was not spared state orchestrated  death, by fake Republican , Austrian closet Natzi sympatizer , Arnold Schwarzenegger, that libiral , Jerry Brown , aka ,the compassionate Bhuddist Governor , today ,might intervene?

Don't hold youur breath folks ,for all 50 states  of these United States ,along with scared gloibal allies ,practice color blind justice. Take a stand for truth , fairness , and equal playing field justice. More importantly , speak up for kids , and truly desenfrachised individuals , where appropiate. 

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